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There are many breeders that take the best traits of the smart Poodle and add them to other breeds. One curious example is the Saint Berdoodle.

Whatever you call this dog – either a Saint Berdoodle or a Saint Berpoo – there is no doubt that they are beautiful looking dogs with a lot of potential.

In this guide we answer some of the most important question about this cross breed.

For example, how big is a saint Berdoodle, what is the St Bernard Poodle mix temperament like, and how much does a Saint Berdoodle cost?

Along the way we will consider the genetic issues in different types of Berdoodle dogs.

By the end, you should have a better idea of whether this is still an appealing choice.

Before we look at the St Bernard cross Poodle traits, we need to understand the genetics of these dogs

There is a clear idea here of what two animals should come together for this hybrid puppy – they are the Standard Poodle and the St Bernard.

This is the best way to bring the genetic traits together as this is the largest Poodle, and the St Bernard is already a pretty large dog.

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The problem is that there are other types of Poodle, and a desire for miniature designer dogs. This means that all buyers need to watch out for the miniature Saint Berdoodle. This is important for two reasons:

First of all, some of these pups may comes from a St Bernard and miniature Poodle. They are difficult to breed responsibly.

The other reason is that many mini St Berdoodles are not 50/50 Poodle and St Bernard crosses. Many are third generation Mini Berdoodles with some Miniature Aussiedoodle in the mix.

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Finding St Bernard Poodle mix puppies with the right DNA

These different variants and miniature dogs mean some risk of confusion when choosing a puppy.

This is why it is important to talk to breeders about the animals that they have. Meet the parents and see the litter to learn more. This way you can get an idea of the size, coat type and the genetic mix.

Ideally, you will find open, honest Saint Berdoodle breeders with a pure St Bernard and standard Poodle. This will preferably be a male Poodle and female St Bernard, for the sake of the health of the animals.


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DNA testing will prove the linage of the pups. There are plenty of simple kits out there with accurate results, such as the Embark Breed Identification Dog DNA Test.

This is also a good tool for determining the heritage of any rescue dogs from adoption shelters. It also helps to highlight any genetic health risks.

I’ve written a Complete Guide on How To Identify Your Dog’s Breed, you can check it here.

Saint Berdoodle Health and Life Expectancy

This St Bernard and Poodle mix can struggle with hip dysplasia, Wobbler Syndrome, Willebrand’s disease and ear and skin issues.

They should have a lifespan of around 10-12 years. This means that they tend to live longer than a St Bernard. They are also less likely to drool than their St Bernard parent.

When you are sure you have a true Saint Bernard Standard Poodle mix, what can you expect from their physical traits?

A Saint Berdoodle full grown is a big doodle dog. We can expect a height of around 24-30 inches and weight of anywhere between 110-200 pounds.


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Online pictures of a Saint Berdoodle will showcase some of the best physical features, such as their big feet, big round heads and sweet faces.

This Saint Berdoodle size means that they are a powerful, muscular dog but not in an intimidating way. They also have floppy ears and deep almond shaped eyes.

What about the St Berdoodle coat and other care needs?

The genes of the Poodle mean that there are questions over the Saint Berdoodle shedding.

The good news is that this is a light shedder, so there is no need to go mad with a vacuum or furminator here.

This hypoallergenic dog is great for those with allergies, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t require plenty of grooming. Daily brushing and regular clipping are required.

The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health from Kingdom of Pets should help to provide more information about these care needs, as well as exercise and dietary requirements for such a large dog.

On that note, we need to know more about their exercise regimen.

Saint Berdoodle Exercise Needs

They need plenty of rigorous walks to keep them mentally and physically active.

However, this is not an active, energetic breed. They prefer a much slower pace and will probably take a good nap when allowed to.

They will happy walk in the park for a while, but aren’t going to go running or jogging. The best approach here is a couple of long walks and a few games in the yard.

Interactive dog toys for fetch, and other puzzles, are a great tool for these smart, playful animals.

They may also benefit from Brain Training for Dogs, to strengthen their mind and skills. These tools offer valuable time with your new friend, which is important when we consider the personality of this dog.


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What do we need to know about the St Bernard Poodle mix personality

The main thing that all potential owners need to know here that that this dog is usually very sweet, loyal and loving.

They can be pretty good with children. As long those children know how to play nicely. Many will find that this leads to a social dog with a protective nature. There are pros and cons here:

First of all, that social nature means that he loves to be the center of attention. This is great in families with a lot of time to spend playing with the dog, and going out on fun excursions. They will be playful, happy members of the family in this instance.

The potential problem here is that this strong attachment may lead to some separation anxiety. They can get distressed, and possibly a little destructive, if bored.

This means that this dog is not a good match for homes where owners are out at work for long periods.


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The other thing to remember with their personality is that while they are social and friendly a lot of the time, they can also be a little wary of strangers. They have a bit of protective streak because of their attachment to the family.

This means they might resort to barking when unfamiliar people come to the home. The barking rarely gets out of control, it is more like a couple of deep warning barks than any incessant yapping.

This means that this dog has some surprising potential as a guard dog.

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Thankfully, this Saint Bernard Poodle cross should be a joy to train

There is no doubt that this is a highly intelligent cross, largely due to the intellect of the Poodle.

This means that owners can expect their dog to be fairly easy to train. When we combine this with the eager to please personality, owners should find that it doesn’t take too long to get results.

They are quick to learn but also keen to show their skills.


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There are two great online guides that can help those that struggle with any of the key training issues. They are Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer and Secrets to Dog Training.

Both guides provide accessible information on a range of subjects, from housebreaking to leash training.

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The issue of cost when finding a St Bernard Poodle mix for sale

As we mentioned above, you need to be careful with the breeders of these dogs. This is partly because of the breeding standards, but also because of the price.

There are top breeders that will charge different rates based on color. For some reason the black ones are cheaper. This may be down to that annoying idea that black animals are less desirable because they don’t photograph so well.

Beware of those trying it on with high fees, but also avoid those that charge too little.

Is this St Berdoodle right for you?

There are many reasons why dog lovers adore this mix. This is one of those occasions where the two breed genetics combine to bring out the best of each dog, and inhibit the worst traits.

St Bernards aren’t as popular as they could be because of their lack of energy, drooling and low lifespan. The addition of the Poodle genes means that these issues are no longer a problem, and there are the addition benefits of increased intelligence and that hypoallergenic coat.

Others will see this as a Poodle that has been improved with that softer, friendly nature and cuddly size.


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The appeal of this Saint Berdoodle is clear. It is important that you are careful when picking one out because of the potential breeding issues and health of the pups.

? Beware of miniature St Berpoos unless you are 100% sure of safe breeding and clear heritage. Don’t get duped by expensive costs for multicolored pups either.

When you find your new companion, make sure to give them care and training they need from an early age. If you do so, they should be the sweet, friendly family watchdog that you are after.

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