10 Signs That Shows Your Dog Loves And Adores You

how to tell if your dog loves you?

Does your dog love you? How can you tell if your dog loves you? Maybe you’ve already asked yourself this question.

If you love your dog, you are most likely to be assuming that he loves you too.

If your dog spoke, he would probably tell you at every moment that he loves you. But since he is not a person and has his idiosyncrasy, he communicates it to you at all times through a series of unequivocal signals that prove his genuine affection for you.

This, of course, at best, if you also treat him with love and respect.

Below are 10 signs your dog loves you.

1. He receives you with much joy

When you get home if your dog is waiting for you at the door, moving its tail quickly and walking from one side to the other in search of your petting. Usually, with this sign, your dog loves you.

There are many different signs that show a dog’s love for its owner; however, this is the most common and obvious.

Dogs do not have the same perception of time as humans, and a couple of hours for them can be an eternity.

That is why when you leave home even if it is only a short time, for them, it is a lot, and when they see you, they explode with joy.

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2. He always looks for you

Like any lover, he will always seek the company of the loved one, wherever he is; whether on the sofa, on the bed, on the armchair. There you will have him trying to settle next to you to feel your warmth and words. This is among the way’s dogs show love to their owners.

He will also look for you with his eyes because he needs to have you in his field of vision, just to let you know, he will follow you unconditionally.

a lovely little girl hugging her dog

3. It sits on your feet

This gesture is very curious, and many people do not quite understand why their dog sits on their feet or lies next to them. It is a form of canine communication that expresses its sentimental bond with you.

A dog that sits on your feet is a dog that feels emotionally linked to you, and that is why it lies down or feels closest to you. It is its way of expressing that it wants to be with you.

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4. It accompanies you when you are not well

Some say that dogs cannot have more senses than humans, but many people firmly believe that dogs have a sixth sense that allows them to understand our emotions.

That is why it is very common that when you feel bad, either emotionally or for health reasons, your dog curls up next to you waiting for you to get better or just keeping you company.

They know when you are not well, they can feel it. In the same way, they can notice when you are nervous and when you put yourself in a protective mode in front of other people or animals. They have a sixth sense, no doubt.

a cute boy holding his dog

5. Lick your hands and your face

Possibly one of the most effective gestures on how to tell if your dog loves you is when it licks its owner as much as it can and without rest. It is a show of great affection that means that he loves you very much.

However, we must be careful with the licks on the face since if they touch our lips, which can be considered a kiss, we can contract various bacteria that are not beneficial for humans.

6. He loves to sleep by your side

It is no secret that dogs love to sleep, but one thing is to sleep in their bed away from all human contact, and another very different way is to sleep with you.

When a dog sleeps next to his owner, it is because he loves him very much because he feels very comfortable next to him, and in a certain way, he can protect you, and you can protect him, they are primary herd instincts.

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7. Allow you to stroke his belly

It is the test of the trust and dedication your dog feels towards you. In the canine language, this position denotes submission and vulnerability.

So, if he leaves you to caress, he likes you and is confident and happy, you already have him in the boat. Your dog loves you completely.

8. Yawns next to you

Yawns are always contagious, but are they also contagious with dogs?

The answer is yes. A dog yawning in front of you is clearly showing you that he is calm and confident that he knows there is no danger.

When a dog yawns in your presence, it is probably because he loves you and has full confidence in you. Do not disappoint; you are his family.

cute boxer dog yawning

9. Looks at you in the eye

Staring at a dog is not a good habit because in the canine language between dogs is a sign of a challenge. But if your dog looks you in the eye it is a good sign, since he is admiring you.

It is common for dogs to stare at their humans when they feel very comfortable with them; it is a way to admire you and show their affection for you.

10. Chases you all over the house

If your dog follows you, wherever you go, it is because he considers you the leader of the pack and believes that he should do everything you say and of course, follow you wherever you go. It is not a bad sign, much less, but quite the opposite.

For them, it is respectful and exemplary behavior, so look at it. This is among the way’s dogs tell you they love you.

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There are many surprising ways that dogs show affection. How much your dog likes you and how he shows it to you depends to a large extent on your dealings with him.

Also, remember to set boundaries and teach him to respect your spaces. You should do the same for him as well.

An intrusive and excessively dependent relationship with your dog is not good for him or for you. Always allow him to socialize with other dogs and stimulate his intelligence through various toys.

Purebred Beagle Dog

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