All About The Affenpug (Affenpinscher Pug Mix) With Pictures

Affenpinscher Pug Mix

Like many other mixed breeds, the Affenpug is growing in popularity among breeders and dog lovers alike.

But what should you expect from this crossbreed?

Will every Affenpug puppy have a smooth or rough coat? What about their temperament? And will they be good family dogs?

In this article, we’ll try and give you the answers to these questions and more. So keep reading!

What is an Affenpug?

Also known as the Affenpinscher Pug Mix, the Affenpug is a lovely cross between the Affenpinscher and the Pug.

Mixed breeds like the Affenpinscher Pug Mix are what many people refer to as designer dogs, hybrid dogs or first generation crossbreeds.

Since this little guy comes from two parent breeds that are known for their beauty and brains, it’s no surprise that dog lovers the world over are interested in them.

The Affenpug is very affectionate and loyal. This makes them great family companions. Whether you reside in an apartment or a bigger house, live alone or have a big family, the Affenpinscher Pug Mix can be a wonderful choice.

A spunky toy dog with an alert and protective personality, the Affenpug makes a fantastic watch dog. They are playful in nature, which makes them delightful family companions, as well.


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With proper exercise, Affenpugs can satisfy their curiosity to explore. These dogs will most likely have a wiry or rough coat.

If you’re interested in getting an Affenpug, it’s strongly recommended to learn everything about his maintenance requirements.

Some Quick Facts About The Affenpinscher Pug Mix

Breed Type:Crossbreed/Mixed Breed
Group:Toy Dogs
Size:Small-sized dog
Other Names:Affenpug
Good Watch Dog:Yes
Average Weight:8 to 15 pounds
Average Height:10 to 14 inches
Lifespan:12 to 14 Years
Apartment Living:Yes
Ideal for:First time owners and families with older children, individuals who need a watchdog
Coat:Most likely have a wiry or rough coat
Coat colors:Black, red, cream, fawn, sable
Suitable for first time owners:Yes
Trainability:Quite easy to train, especially if you start training at an early age
Grooming Needs:Brushing should be done two or three times per week
Energy Levels:Low
Exercise Needs:30 minutes of exercise every day is required
Tolerance to heat:Low
Tolerance to cold:Low
Tolerance to being left alone:Low, these pups thrive on human companionship
Feeding and Diet:½ cup of high quality dog food each day, divided into two meals
Possible Health Issues:Brachycephalic syndrome, portosystemic Shunt, hip dysplasia, diabetes and patellar luxation
Temperament:Loyal, affectionate, alert, protective, playful, stubborn
Cat Friendly:Moderate, early socialization is required
Dog Friendly:Yes, only with proper socialization
Kid Friendly:Best suited to families with older children
Family Friendly:Yes
Price:$1500 to $2000 or even more

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The Origin and History of the Affenpug

The Affenpug is known to be a mix between the Affenpinscher and the Pug. Although this pooch was originally bred in the 1990s, both parent breeds have rich histories.

The Pug’s loyalty has won the hearts of dog lovers for more than a thousand years. Their history began in China where they were kept as pets by Chinese emperors prior to their time in Tibetan monasteries where they lived amongst monks.

These pups made their first appearance in European courts in the early 16th century when they were, once again, a favorite amongst royal figures before making their way to North America some time in the 19th century.

On the other hand, the Affenpinscher was originally developed in farms to hunt rats. They were originally bred in Germany in the 17th century and made their way to the US in 1935.

By then, Pugs were already popular in the country since they arrived in the United States in the 19th century.


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The General Appearance of the Affenpug

Since the Affenpinscher and Pug Mix combines two different parents, their physical characteristics can vary from one puppy to another.

Size, height and weight will all vary depending on genetics and chance.

Although this doesn’t give us a precise answer to the question “what does an Affenpug look like?”, we can still get a general idea of the characteristics your Affenpug puppy could inherit by studying both parent breeds.

The Affenpinscher Pug Mix is the offspring of the Affenpinscher and the Pug, so your puppy will inherit various traits from each parent breed.

Both the Affenpinscher and the Pug are said to be brachycephalic. Brachycephalic breeds have flat faces and shortened heads.

An affenpug with a flat face will most likely suffer from the same breathing problems that affect Pugs. This also means they are highly susceptible to extreme heat and cold.

Due to this characteristic, most of these dogs have a striking squishy face. They have dark eyes and a dark nose.

The Affenpinscher has a long tail while the Pug’s tail is smaller and curled. This means the Affenpug will most likely have a medium-length curly tail. Their ears are generally floppy.


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How Big Will a Pug Affenpinscher Mix Get?

Both the Affenpinscher and the Pug are short dogs, and so is their offspring. In fact, an Affenpug could even be shorter than the average Pug.

Affenpugs stand between 10 and 14 inches tall and have an average weight of around 8 to 15 pounds.

This means that although your mix might not be the smallest toy dog around, he may still be a lovable lapdog who will also enjoy his fair share of snuggles.

Coat and Coat Colors

The Affenpug’s coat will most likely not be smooth like that of a shorthaired Pug. These dogs will most likely have a wiry or rough coat due to the Affenpinscher’s influence.

Common colors include black, cream, red, fawn or sable.


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Temperament and Personality

Combining the Affenpinscher and the Pug, an Affenpug’s personality will not not be straightforward and can only be discovered as the pooch grows. However, we can get a good idea by studying the temperaments of both parent breeds.

The Affenpinscher is a spunky, brave and funny breed of dog, which is often referred to as the ‘mustachioed devil’. They are smart, but may also be stubborn. Curious, loyal and affectionate, this toy dog is very protective. They are also very alert, which makes them great watchdogs.

Affenpinschers tend to be territorial and can get aggressive if small kids try to snatch their food. This makes them unsuitable for families with small children.

On the other hand, Pugs are intelligent, calm and non-aggressive. They enjoy being the center of attention. They tend to be lazy, so they can gain weight rather quickly. Pugs are eager to please and generally get along well with children and other dogs.

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Are Affenpugs Good Family Dogs?

Just like Pugs, the Affenpinscher Pug Mix enjoys quality playtime, even with children. However, they tend to be food aggressive, so you should teach kids how to behave around these dogs and avoid leaving them alone unsupervised.

If trained properly, Affenpugs can make great family pets because they enjoy human companionship.

The pup can also be territorial due to the Affenpinscher’s stubbornness. This means the mix is best suited to families with older kids. They mainly develop territorial habits towards their toys and food.


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Do They Get Along with Cats or Other Dogs?

Despite having a rat-hunting background, the Affenpinscher Pug Mix can be trained to live peacefully with cats and other small animals.

They are rarely aggressive, except when it involves their their toys and food bowl. They get along well with other dogs. They are highly sociable due to the Pug’s influence so they can adjust easily to other pets in the family.

What You Need About Caring for an Affenpug

After viewing all the cute pictures and learning more about the personality traits of the Affenpug, chances are you’re considering bringing one of these puppies home.

If so, you should learn as much as you can about their exercise, diet and grooming needs, as well as their genetic health problems.

Exercise Needs

So, how much exercise does a Affenpinscher Pug Mix need?

Well, the Affenpinscher Pug Mix has very low endurance levels and can tire out easily even after a brief period of less intense activities.

About 30 minutes of moderate activity each day is enough to keep your Affenpug happy and healthy.

Due to their intelligence, Affenpugs also need interactive dog toys to help them stay mentally stimulated.

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Affenpugs tend to be stubborn, so they need firm and consistent training. The trainer should establish himself as the pack leader from the get-go.

Both housetraining and obedience training must be done at an early age. Include dog games in day-to-day activities and employ positive techniques to guide them properly.

You should also socialize your Affenpug with children and other pets as soon as possible.

Avoid being harsh when training your dog as they may get aggressive or frightened. Therefore, be patient with your dog during training even when they are making mistakes.

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Grooming and Shedding

Most of these pups have the Affenpinscher’s wiry coat, and not the Pug’s heavy shedding coat. Therefore, they need brushing and wiping several times each week using quality brushes and deodorizing wipes for dogs. You should also frequently trim the hair around the eyes.

Trim their nails at least once per month to help keep their feet comfortable. Cleaning their ears at least once a week is also recommended to prevent infections.

Brushing your dog’s teeth should be done at least once per week to help maintain proper dental hygiene.

Feeding and Diet

You should buy high quality dog food that’s formulated for small breeds.

Never leave your dog’s food bowl out throughout the day, as the pet may overeat and become overweight.

Give them the proper amount of food, preferably twice per day depending on your pup’s age and activity level.

Probiotics and wild Alaskan salmon oil are important for all dogs who are prone to joint issues.

Dehydration is a matter of concern too, so make sure they get enough fresh water each day.


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Affenpugs are generally healthy, so they have a long life expectancy.

If your puppy does not inherit any health problems from his parents, you can expect him to live anywhere between 12 and 14 years.

Giving them high quality food and proper exercise can help prolong their lifespan.

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Health Issues

Small breeds like the Affenpinscher Pug Mix have small bones, so they may experience more health issues than their larger counterparts.

A product of two toy breeds, the Affenpug is vulnerable to several health problems, but some are minor issues.

The minor health concerns include skin irritation and allergies. More serious issues include brachycephalic syndrome, hip dysplasia, diabetes and patellar luxation.

You can keep such issues at bay by giving them nutrient-rich pet food, providing enough exercise and following proper grooming routines.

These dogs also need a comfortable place to stay and sleep, particularly because of their small, delicate bones and joints. That’s why we recommend investing in an orthopedic bed like the Furhaven Orthopedic dog bed.

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The MidWest Folding Crate for Small Dogs is also a great option for your Affenpug. This heavy-duty crate is considered to be one of the strongest and most durable dog crates on the market, so be sure to check it out!

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How To Find Affenpug Puppies for Sale?

If you’re searching for an Affenpug for sale, here are a few tips on how to find a healthy puppy.

First of all, do your homework.

Avoid backyard breeders who offer puppies at very low prices.

Getting your puppy from a reliable source should have a great impact on their health and happiness later in life.

Meet several breeders, meet their puppies and ask some questions. Also, remember reputable breeders have their puppies health tested and will provide the documents to prove it.

The puppies should be kept indoors, together with the mom. The mom should be gentle and friendly around humans.

How Much Do Affenpug Puppies Cost?

The Affenpug is a product of two popular breeds. This means they could be difficult to find and also quite expensive.

The price of a healthy Affenpug puppy is about $1500 to $2000 or even more. Keep in mind that the price increases or decreases depending on the breeder and puppy’s background.


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What About Adoption?

Go for it! We appreciate the role of rescues and believe there’s nothing as satisfying as giving a dog in need a new loving home!

One major advantage of going through a shelter or rescue is that the cost is quite low.

Adoption fees are generally about $50-$100.

However, you should obviously do your research beforehand.

Keep in mind that you’re not just investing in a dog, you’re getting a companion for several years, and you both want to be healthy and happy for each other.

Related Questions

Are Affenpugs Easy to Train?

The Affenpinscher Pug Mix is intelligent, so training should be relatively easy. However, the Affenpinscher parent tends to be stubborn, so you should start training them early.

Are Affenpugs High Maintenance?

Affenpugs are moderately low maintenance. They don’t bark a lot, so they can live in apartments. They also have minimal exercise needs.

Can Affenpugs Be Left Alone?

No! Affenpugs crave attention and affection, so they are not suitable for households where they will be left alone for extended periods of time.


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Due to their cute looks and playful personality, Affenpugs are a great choice for anyone who wants a small companion dog.

If you’re ready to care for this mix, he will offer unconditional love and affection for many years to come!

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