Are Beagles Good With Kids? Do Beagles Get Along With Children?

do beagles get along with children?

Almost everyone loves Beagle puppies because they are too adorable.

You might be wondering and asking yourself though, are Beagle puppies good with kids? Will my Beagle get along fine with my kids?

Beagles are known to be friendly in nature and they truly have lots of energy and we can say that they are mostly hyperactive dogs.

This makes them excellent pets and you need not worry too much as to whether they will get along with your kids. All I can tell you is that you need to be prepared with all the running around and the energetic training sessions.

Beagles are good with children, however, it is important to also note that they may not be perfect for every family. Beagles will get along fine especially with kids that enjoy playing outdoors.

If you want to find out more about Beagles and kids, read on!

Beagle Puppies and Children: A Heavenly Match!

If you have ever dealt with an energetic 4-year old before, you must agree that it is pretty much exhausting.

Well, for those without kids, at least you have ever babysitted before. They run around like bolts of lightning, screaming all over the place and they can make you go berserk. Now, imagine this, having an equivalent of the young child, a Beagle puppy.

This is what you sign up for when you adopt a Beagle puppy and you have a house-full of kids. Well, don’t misquote me, it is pretty exhausting but absolutely fun.

beagle and children

Beagle puppies are well known to have naturally playful attitudes and they really don’t seem to be bothered much about the troubles of this world.

I always say that if most of us could be as carefree as Beagles, then we wouldn’t have cases of depression and other mental illnesses.

Young Beagles are optimistic, they are fun to have around the house and will almost immediately brighten the mood of everyone around the room.

They are just too cute! You and I can bet on the fact that your Beagle puppy and kid are going to have a lot of fun-times together. Of course, chaotic and pretty destructive fun, so kindly put away anything valuable that might be in their way during playtime.

So, you are probably wondering, do Beagles just naturally get along well with kids?

Of course, you do have an important role to play to make sure that your Beagle puppy does get along well with your kids.

In the next segment, I am going to share with you the reason why Beagles and kids get along fine and how you can further strengthen this bond between them in a positive way.

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Where do Beagles originate from?

It is always good to find the rationale behind something. In this instance, why do Beagle puppies get along well with children?

In the history of Beagles, we find that Beagles are pack hounds in nature. There are researchers that say Beagles originated from France, others suggest Germany but wherever they originated from, the ancestors of the modern day Beagles are in England.

Why are Beagle puppies so good with kids?

You need to be aware of the fact that Beagle puppies thrive off social interactions. They find it fun to run around with children because to them they are like peers.

So children are not just a Beagle’s best friend but your little Beagle puppy needs children around to boost his social development.

I therefore think that it is safe for children to play around with Beagles. Plus, if you have a house without kids, Beagle puppies can easily grow up to be disobedient and maladjusted. They need to have kids around to drain your entire Beagle pup’s energy. 

beagle dogs

How do you nurture a good relationship between your Beagle puppy and your kids?

Every relationship takes work for it to work, this does not only apply in our normal relations as humans but also in the relationship between your Beagle puppy and your children.

Beagles love playing and so do children. At least that is one thing that they do have in common. This essentially means that getting your children and your beagle puppy to bond should not be as hard as rocket science.

Here is what you need to know about Beagle puppies and kids:

1. Beagles are really hyper and so if your kids are not the type willing to play outdoors every day but to sit and play video games then you probably should go for another dog breed.

2. Beagle puppies are known to shed a lot. This means that your kids may need to give a helping hand. Also if you have kids that are asthmatic or have breathing problems, you might need to also consider getting another dog breed.

3. It is relatively easy to please a Beagle puppy. This will make your training sessions fun and smooth. Make sure that you also train your children to always treat your furry friend with kindness. Let them not be too rough with a beagle puppy.

beagle dog running with kids

4. You need to let your kids take part in the training sessions. This will help increase the beagle puppy’s confidence in your kids.

This is a great chance to allow your kids to bond with your beagle puppy as they also get to learn a few things about handling him. You can let your kids take your beagle puppy out for a walk or just have an hour of outdoor playtime daily.

5. Teach your kids how to clean their pet. Washing him makes them well responsible because even as we said, beagles do shed a lot!

When you give your beagle puppy a good bath at least once a week and maybe let your kids do the brushing sometimes, it helps them to also bond and minimize fur on the furniture and around the house.

6. Give your beagle puppy and kids enough play time, this is really important. Let them play together as much as possible. There is simply no limit to the amount of fun they can have outdoors. There is no better way to strengthen the relationship between your Beagle puppy and your kids.

Beagles and kids that are energetic

Beagles are known to be dog breeds that are extremely friendly. You simply can’t have a dull day around a Beagle puppy.

When you are thinking of adopting a Beagle puppy, just know that they will thrive well in a full- house. A Beagle needs companionship, lots of exercise and fun!

Beagles are good dogs to have because they are extremely loyal too. You may have noticed that your Beagle puppy likes to follow you around.

Once your Beagle bonds with your kids, he will be the best guardian for them that is something that I can assure you. At least you can always count on your beagle to always have your kid’s back.

The bottom-line is, Beagles are some of the best dog breeds to have if you have a family that has energetic kids. There is a great possibility that your beagle will match your children’s energy.

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What you need to know about Beagles and Toddlers/Infants

Beagles are loyal in nature and this makes them great watchdogs.

Beagles have this boisterous and deep voice that will surely alert you if anything goes haywire. Despite this, don’t worry if you have an infant or a toddler in the house. This might be a challenge that you can help mitigate by making the baby room sound proof or something.

It is worthy to note that Beagles are pack dogs. Your beagle puppy is likely to feel the pinch of being in isolation or in separation with his siblings or mother.

Due to the separation anxiety, your Beagle may turn out to be destructive and even go around reaping things in the house. You need to give him proper attention because this destructive behavior may scare your young toddler.

beagle and toddler

You may not want to have a Beagle if you have an infant in the house because of the noise.

Beagles as we have highlighted, thrive on company. You know very well that it may be pretty hard for you to balance the attention between your new-born baby and your Beagle puppy. Just like children, beagles too can be naughty just to get your attention.

Remember that toddlers and infants are fragile and I would not recommend you to let your beagle play with them. 

It really doesn’t matter how well trained your Beagle is, they are still animals at the end of the day. This means that you really can’t predict how a beagle will react to anything a toddler does.

Train your Beagle to be Around Kids

Beagles are smart and very intelligent dogs. You need to train them well to enable them behave well around kids.

The good thing about a Beagle puppy is that he will listen, obey and follow your instructions. It is also easy to housetrain a beagle so you need not worry about obedience training.

All you need to do is be consistent when it comes to training and fortunately enough, Beagles are really smart and will quickly grasp everything that you teach them.

Teach your Beagle that you are his master, then he will be obedient to you. As for your children, your Beagle puppy will see them as his playmates. This intelligent dog knows that the young humans are vulnerable and he needs to be protective of them

beagle puppy on grass

Beagles don’t like sitting idle, they enjoy being given tasks to do. You can involve your canine friend in short learning exercises, give him feeding puzzles just to serve as mental exercise as well.

Once you keep him both physically and mentally stimulated, he is very unlikely to show any traits that can harm your child or even cause destruction around the home.

When training your Beagle puppy, make sure that you are consistent. Let the other family members be involved and also use the same commands you do to avoid confusion.

Reward your pup anytime he follows through your commands and instructions.

Positive reinforcement always works wonders and trust me dogs just like kids love when you reward and praise them for their efforts. This will keep your dog motivated and very much willing to obey your commands because he knows there is a treat in the offing.

Always exercise patience, remember that anything good and worthwhile takes time.

Socialize Your Beagle Puppy

Just like all other dog breeds, it is important to socialize your Beagle.

They naturally are great pets for kids because they have warm personalities. This will only be a reality if your Beagle puppy is used to having kids around him. This will require you to socialize your Beagle at a young age to make him accustomed to children.

As I highlighted before, find things for your Beagle and kids to do outdoors like Frisbee games, they can play fetch together and so on. This will help them bond and get along really well.

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Teach and train your kids to respect your Beagle!

Kids can be naughty at times or let me say most times. Deliberately teach your kids to respect your dog. Respect is a two-way traffic, it is mutual.

I know that there are parents who don’t want to hear this but truth be told, there are kids that can be really rowdy. They can easily make a Beagle uncomfortable.

Remember that your Beagle puppy is fragile, so the tight hugs, loud shouting some naughty kids may pull his tail. It really isn’t funny at all.

Your beagle puppy may not take this lightly so you better teach your children to also show him some respect and handle him with care.

Cute beagle dog looking at the camera

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, beagles are great pets. They have a warm and friendly personality and are very good with children.

If you have kids that are energetic, the beagle is a great match for them because beagles love to play a lot.

They are pretty good watchdogs too and so you need not worry when they are playing outside with your children. Beagles and kids are truly a match made in heaven!

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