Is The Australian Shepherd Lab Mix Really One Of The Best Hybrids In The World?

australian shepherd lab mix

The Australian shepherd lab mix is an adorable looking dog that comes about as the mix between the Labrador Retriever, one the most popular family dogs in the world, and the Australian Shepherd, which is beloved for its sweet nature and good looks.

The result is the Australian shepherd lab mix dog – or Aussiedor – which is an interesting hybrid for anyone looking for a friendly, family pet.

Unsurprisingly, there is a high demand for Aussie lab mix puppies. Are they really as great as everyone says?

In this guide, we will look at important Australian Shepherd lab mix information to get a better idea of what to expect with these dogs.

australian shepherd lab mix puppyAustralian Shepherd Lab Mix Puppy – Image Source

This means key facts on physical traits, general care and grooming as well as the Aussie lab mix temperament and training issues.

We will also look at the options for a lab Australian shepherd mix for sale before providing a final verdict.

What can we expect with Aussie lab mix physical characteristics?

The lab Aussie mix shares many of the physical features of the parents, with a strong frame, cute floppy ears and a build that is somewhere in the middle of the two parent breeds.

The Australian shepherd lab mix size is fair, with many considering this to be a strong, mid-sized dog that is ideal for family homes with enough space.

The only issue here is that both the Australian shepherd lab mix weight and Australian shepherd lab mix height can vary. It all depends on the dominant genes at work.

Some say that these dogs can be as light as 30-40 pounds, while others will be much stockier with lab genes.

The other important physical factor here is the range of Labrador Australian shepherd mix coat colors.

There are many Australian shepherd lab mix pictures of very cute pups that look similar in shape and size, but have very different coats and markings.

This is because of the variety within the parents. Australian Shepherds have a tendency towards spotted, merle or brindle coats and this can be reflected in the coat of the pups.

Color combinations range from light colors with whites and golden fur to browns and blacks.

The simple reason here is that the breeding of a black lab Australian shepherd mix and an Australian shepherd yellow lab mix are going to result in very different dogs.

aussidor puppyAussidor puppy – Image Source

What does this coat mean for Australian shepherd lab mix shedding?

Many owners would agree that these pups exhibit moderate shedding, but there are variations based on the quality of the coat.

There are some dogs that will have a straight coat and others that are a little wavy.

Some Aussie labs will have a denser coat, which means more hair to lose. On top of this, some will also be pretty water-repellent with the Labrador DNA.

Regular grooming is required in either case in order to control shedding and keep the coat in good condition.

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General care needs of the lab and Australian shepherd mix

A good diet and pretty of exercise are important with this dog.

They need a good hour of physical activity each day to stay trim and fit and to burn off energy.

This is a very active breed that needs to be able to run around and play games. This is is another reason why a yard is essential.

A good walk in the park is a must, but fetching games and frisbee are also great idea for these hybrids of working dogs.

It is also a good idea to have plenty of toys and games indoors to keep their brains working.

As for food, a healthy diet of meet and vegetable with 3-4 cups of dry food a day should be fine.

australian shepherd mixed with labImage Source

Are there any important Australian Shepherd Lab mix health issues to be concerned about?

As with any hybrid dog, there is the chance that they could develop issues seen in the parent breeds through inheritance.

The good news for owners of this Australian lab mix is that they are usually pretty healthy.

The cross breeding weakens risks of major problems and there are few dangerous conditions to be concerned with. Naturally, this can all depend on breeding and conditions with the breeder.

There is the potential for hip dysplasia, cataracts and autoimmune thyroiditis, but neither are all that strong.

It should also be noted that you should expect your dog to live for between 10-13 years. 

What do new owners need to know about the Australian Shepherd Lab mix temperament?

If the good looks of Australian Shepherd Lab mix puppies are one of the main reasons why people are so keen to buy one of these dogs, the sweet nature of the Australian Shepherd Lab mix personality is the other.

There are few owners that have a bad word to say about these dogs because they are generally such gentle, affectionate pups that fit into family life brilliantly.

There is a strong sense of loyalty with these dogs that means that they will stick by owners and look after them.

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australian shepherd mixed with black lab Australian Shepherd black lab mix – Image Source

There is also the fact that the Australian Shepherd Labrador Retriever mix is a hard working cross breed because of the linage of the Lab and Aussie Shepherd parents.

Some may expect to find some Australian shepherd lab mix hunting dogs here. This all means that they can be put to use in a number of roles.

Some will continue to use them in agricultural, herding situations or as retrievers.

Many of these Aussiedor dogs will also make great service dogs. This is partly due to this great temperament around people and that strong loyalty.

They make great companions that are keen to help. This professional also comes about because they are bright and pretty easy to train.

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Secrets to dog training solution

Australian Shepherd and Lab mix training

One of the other great things about this Aussie Lab hybrid is its intelligence.

Both parent dogs are smart, quick to learn and therefore pretty easy to train. The result of this is that there is a very strong chance of Aussiedor puppies inheriting the same traits.

Many owners will find that these shepherd lab mix dogs are quick to learn, requiring few repetitions of commends and processes, and that they are pretty obedient once they know what to do.

Those that find that their pup is struggling with certain training issues or has behavioral problems can turn to an online resource like Doggy Dan the online dog trainer.

Doggy Dan is great for problem lab Aussie mix pups because he provides trusted information on a range of subjects in a step-by-step guide. It is easy to follow wherever and whenever you require it.

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What are these potential Australian Shepherd Lab Mix behavior problems?

Many of these lab Australian Shepherd mix dogs are good as gold with the right handling and training, but there are some issues to watch out for based on their genetics and temperament.

The first is the fact that the Aussie Shepherd was bred as a herding dog. Some hybrid pups can inherit this instinct and develop the desire to herd their “flock”.

This can be a problem with a family of young children. Socialization and training can easy nip this in the bud.

The loyalty and close bond between an Australian Shepherd lab mix and its owner can also lead to some dependency issues.

This is not good if the dog has to be left alone for long periods. This separation anxiety can lead to destructive behavior, especially if they are bored. This type of behavior can also emerge if the dog hasn’t had a chance to burn off all that energy.

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eliminate dog problems

Finding Australian shepherd lab mix puppies for sale

If you decide that the Aussiedor pup is the right choice for your family, you have two choices on how to get one:

The first is to look into Australian shepherd lab mix breeders that are responsibly breeding the parent dogs to produce healthy, happy pups.

This is the best option if you want to be sure of the precise linage of a dog as you can visit the home and see the parents.

It also means that you can shop around if you specifically want a darker dog, such as from a chocolate lab Australian shepherd mix.

The alternative is to look for Aussie lab mix for adoption.

There is more of a gamble on parentage, and the potential for behavioral issues.

However, you would be saving a dog in need and the easy of training means that they should fit into a family home.

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Chocolate lab australian shepherd mixImage Source

Is the Aussiedor breed right for you?

It is easy to see why there is so much love for the Australian shepherd lab mix.

There is the potential for some behavioral issues due to their temperament and genetics, but the ease of training soon corrects them.

These hybrids are beautiful, sweet-natured, intelligent dogs that can be loyal, protective family dogs in the appropriate household.

Give them the right training and health care provisions and you will have a dog that is close to being the perfect pup with that great nature, working dog linage and beautiful looks.


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