All About The Border Collie Jack Russell Mix (The Border Jack)

border collie jack russell mix

Also known as the Border Jack, The Border Collie Jack Russell Mix is a hybrid dog that is developed by crossing a Border Collie with a Jack Russell Terrier.

If you are considering giving a Jack Russell Collie Mix a home and want more information, then this article will help you.


The Jack Russell Collie Mix is not a purebred dog. As a hybrid dog, this pooch will inherit the personality and behavioral traits of both the Jack Russell and the Border Collie breeds.

Nonetheless, not all puppies will exhibit the same traits even if they’re from the same litter.

border jack puppyBorder Jack puppy – Image Source

It is important to learn more about both the Jack Russell Terrier and the Border Collie if you are looking to adopt a puppy since the pooch may have more features of one parent dog than the other.

The Jack Russell Collie Mix is a courageous, clever and energetic breed. Therefore, he will need an active owner who can meet his daily exercise needs.

The Border Jack has a hunting personality and can sometimes be aggressive towards other animals, but rarely to those close to him.

However, proper socialization will help him get along well with other pets and animals. It is used for a wide range of activities such as tracking, guarding, and hunting. Your new Border Jack puppy will bring a playful and dedicated spirit to your home.

The Jack Russell Collie Mix is an energetic dog with a heart of gold and a willingness to please its owner.

That was just an overview, so read on to discover more amazing facts about the Border Jack breed.

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Border Jack History

The Jack Russell Terrier and the Border Collie are both established breeds with detailed historical backgrounds.

However, the Border Collie Cross Jack Russell Mix is a recently developed cross and for that reason, it doesn’t have a very clear history.

Like other cross breeds, it is likely that the Jack Russell Collie Mix was developed in the US in the last few decades.

To learn more about the Border Jack, let’s take a look at the origins of both the Jack Russell Terrier and the Border Collie.

Border Collie

Described as “the best sheep herder in the world” by the American Kennel Club, the Border Collie is a working breed. He herds livestock with his stalking abilities and eye contact.

This breed might even try and herd you if not properly trained. If he isn’t busy, he is a bored dog and he requires daily exercises to keep him healthy and happy.

border collie history

Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier was originally bred in the 19th century by a British priest named Jack Russell. It’s a cross-breed of numerous Terrier breeds with some Dachshund roots.

The Jack Russell is a hunting breed and its main job was previously rat catching. He is a very lively breed that also requires regular exercises to keep him fit and happy.

When it comes to temperament, he is a cheerful little pooch with a great intelligence. He is easy to train and gets along well with people and other pets.

jack russell history

Border Jack: Weight and Size

The Border Jack is a medium-sized breed.

Full-grown Border Collie Jack Russell Terrier Mix adults weigh around 22 to 32 pounds and stand between 16 inches and 22 inches in height.

When looking to bring a mix breed home, make sure you check some pictures online to get a good idea of what to expect.

jack russell border collie mixImage Source

Border Collie Jack Russell Mix Personality

Difficult to guess with a cross breed, personality and behavioral traits can vary significantly. A puppy can take after one of the parent breeds more than the other.

The Border Jack is a result of two intelligent breeds, so you can make informed guesses to know what to expect.

Some puppies will inherit personality traits from the Jack Russell Terrier and some The Border Collie. Others will have a perfect blend of traits from both parents.

Border Jacks are intelligent and independent dogs, so you need to keep them active and entertained. Training is easy provided it is not monotonous and does not bore him. These dogs make for excellent guard dogs and are fond of barking to alert you of any danger.

They have a strong working personality, which means they will be happy when they have something to do or are being mentally stimulated.

An under-stimulated and under-exercised Jack Russell Collie Mix can be troublesome. On the other hand, a well trained Border Jack is a well-behaved dog, a workaholic and a loyal friend.


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Border Jack Mix Maintenance

This is generally a medium maintenance dog. They are moderate shedders and their coat will need some brushing. They need plenty of exercises in order to remain happy and healthy.


This breed has a low-to-moderate shedding coat and needs brushing at least once per week.

To avoid dog hair accumulating on your carpets and furniture, you should use a quality pet hair vacuum. Getting the best deodorizing wipes for dogs is also recommended with this breed. Moreover, their nails should be clipped as necessary.

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This breed comes from two active dogs and will have a lot of energy that should be exercised off on a regular basis.

Daily walks are recommended, but this should be supplemented with interactive dog toys and games like flyball and fetch.

Jack Russell Terriers account for around 10 percent of the best flyball dogs and Border Collies for up to 50 percent, so it’s no wonder that breeders have mixed the two to produce the Border Jack, the ideal flyball dog.

You may want to consider enrolling your Border Jack for local flyball competitions as a way to meet his exercise needs.

To avoid separation anxiety, make sure you keep his favorite treats and toys near them. This will promote mental stimulation and also keep them entertained when you are away at work.

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As mentioned earlier, the Border Collie Jack Russell Mix is a very energetic dog. This makes training very important and you need to offer different and exciting activities for your pup to do, to sustain his interest throughout the process.

Positive reinforcement, encouragement, patience and consistency are all vital during training. Shouting at or punishing your dog will be pointless, and will end up creating a bad image about dog training in his mind.

Being an intelligent breed, though, the Jack Russell Collie Mix is a quick grasper. He will master tricks very fast and show them off with few repetitions.

This is also a very easy breed for housebreaking and leash training. Once the procedures and rules are set, the Border Jack rarely tries to resist them.


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Socialization is an integral part of training for the Border Jack since he has a tendency to develop into an anxious or timid dog.

Dog parks and daily walks can help your dog get used to meeting people and other pets. This is important to prevent behavioral problems in the future. If those negative habits become established, it is very hard to break them. And that will be hard for both you and your pooch.

That said, training a mixed breed can be quite challenging for many dog owners. Mixed breeds may inherit certain behavioral traits from the parent breeds that are quite difficult to handle.

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Health Issues

The Border Jack is a fairly healthy breed with no serious health problems reported. The only health concerns to look out for are eye problems and skin allergies.

The average lifespan of a Border Jack is 12 to 14 years.


Just like the Corgi Jack Russell Mix, a Jack Russell Collie Mix diet should include dry dog food.

The correct amount of food is 1.5 to 2 cups per day.

Fish oil should also be included in your Border Jack’s diet to prevent various health problems, including stomach issues and skin allergies.


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Buying or Adopting Border Jack Puppies

While most breeders develop pure breeds, finding Border Collie Cross Jack Russell Mix puppies for sale or adoption should be easy provided you know where to look.

When getting your new puppy from breeders, make sure they offer genetic testing to guarantee the health of your chosen puppy. If you don’t want to get a Border Jack from a reputable breeder, you may decide to adopt one from an established Border Jack rescue.

As with all mixed breeds, it is advisable to use Embark Breed Identification Dog DNA Test to find out the exact health issues that your Border Jack may be susceptible to. This innovative dog DNA test kit will help you identify dogs of mixed heritage like Jack Russell Collie Mix.

As you can see, the Border Collie Jack Russell Terrier mix is a great family dog. Now that you know what to expect, you are well prepared before adopting a puppy so that you can make some unforgettable memories together.

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