Why The Border Collie St. Bernard Mix Is A Great Family And Working Dog?

border collie st bernard mix

The St Bernard and Border Collie couldn’t seem much more different on the surface, but they share some key traits that make them lovable, appealing dogs.

These shared traits mean that there are many people keen on a Border Collie St Bernard mix.

In this guide to the Saint Bernard collie mix we will look at the most likely traits in their personalities and physical features.

This means a look at their coats, their training and their roles in the family or working environment.

What does this Border Collie and Saint Bernard mix look like?

There are many St Bernard collie cross pictures online that show how beautiful this dog can be.

Owners should expect a dog that looks a lot like the Border Collie in terms of build and face shape, with those turned over ears and long muzzle. But, there will be a larger size than your average collie, because of the St Bernard genes.

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This means a height of between 20-35 inches and a weight anywhere up to 120 lbs. It depends on which parent the dog takes after the most, as well as their sex.

Another consideration with the physical traits of this St Bernard collie mix is the coat and related grooming needs.

The collie has a long coat while the St Bernard is thick and dense. Many of these pups tend to inherit a thicker coat.

This will require a fair bit of brushing and grooming. Be prepared for some shedding. You may end up vacuuming after this dog a little more than other breeds.

The colors can vary a little, but there are often those reddish brown tones and sometime even that typical St Bernard mask on the face.

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One concern with the size of this dog is that they will need plenty of exercise

Here we have medium to large dog that will need to work off its diet and stay trim, with the added factor of the border collies energy levels.

This means that you will need to ensure that this dog gets plenty of walks and play time.

Take them to the dog park regularly and give them plenty of time to run around and have fun in the yard.

This is not a dog that will thrive in an apartment setting. They need that outside space.

Play time is important with this dog because of their intelligence.

This Saint Bernard cross Border Collie can inherit the smarts of the collie and the work ethic of the St Bernard. This means two things:

First of all, you will need to keep them occupied as much as possible. You don’t want a bored dog that will become unhappy, and possibly destructive on top of that.

There are some great interactive dog toys and brain training for dogs that can help keep them entertained.

The other thing to consider with this smart, hard working dog is their role. This is a great working dog that can fill many different roles.

Some will continue to use this dog in herding capacities on farms. Others will put them to work in search and rescue situations.

The St Bernard is famed for finding people lost on mountains. The agility of the collie means that this cross breed may be even better suited to the task.

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Is this St Bernard Border Collie mix good with children and family settings?

Of course this isn’t just a good working dog. There is also great potential with this animal as a family pet.

This is sure to be a friendly dog that gets on well with the family pack and children.

Both parents have great social skills, when trained well from an early age. However, there is also a protective side to these dogs that makes them great watch dogs.

All this talk of family protectors and working dogs means that training is essential with this St Bernard x collie.

You will want to train it early to get the best from it. This means a good regimen of housebreaking, obedience, socialization and leash training.

From there you can concentrate on other skills, such as off-the leash commands in the field, scent training and agility.

This shouldn’t be to difficult because of the temperament. They are keen to learn and please their owners, thanks to the St Bernard genes, but also quick to learn with minimal repetitions.

Those that struggle with any aspect may want to turn to an online training guide, such as Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer.

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Finding one of these Saint Bernard collie mix puppies for sale or adoption

There are two options when looking for one of these dogs.

The first is with a reliable Border Collie Saint Bernard mix breeder.

There are sure to be breeders that understand these dogs and work to breed healthy litters in the best conditions.

Take your time to find one that fits that bill. Avoid those with a high price for rare colors, as well as those that raise any concerns with the cost or practices.

The alternative solution is to find one of these crosses in a shelter.

This is great way to give an adult Bernard Border cross a second chance.

Learning more about the DNA of this dog

Some new owners may have some concerns about the true parentage of their new friend, this is especially true for those that adopt from shelters.

This is where a DNA test could help, such as Embark Breed Identification Dog DNA Test.

These tests highlight the true breed heritage of the dog, while also highlighting any genital health risks. This latter is important with this dog because there are concerns of ectropion, dysplasia and congenital heart defects.

You want to know that your pup is in the best possible health, and arrange tests and checks as soon as possible.

Ask breeder about any heart defects in the blood line before buying. Those that continue to have concerns about the dog’s health can turn to Kingdom of Pet’s The Ultimate Guide to dog Health.

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Is this Saint Bernard Border Collie mix right for you?

There is a lot to love about this dog, both in terms of the look and the personality.

They may need a little more care and grooming than a Border Collie, but they have the added benefits of that high intelligence, great work ethic and protective streak.

They are a great working or family dog with a lot of potential.

Featured Image Credit: dailypuppy.com


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