Border Collie Vs Australian Shepherd Comparison

border collie vs australian shepherd

If you are searching for a high energy dog breed, a Border Collie or Australian Shepherd will live up to your expectations.

Although there are significant differences between the two, they are both working dogs that require both physical and mental stimulation.

To help you choose between a Border Collie and a Australian Shepherd, here are the main differences between the two.

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Australian Shepherd Vs Border Collie: Intelligence

[thrive_text_block color=”note” headline=””]Both the Border Collie breed and the Australian Shepherd breed are very intelligent dogs. [/thrive_text_block]

The Border Collie is possibly the most intelligent of all dog breeds. These dogs are workaholics with rare characteristics.

The Australian Shepherd also boasts a great work ethic and a muscular body, his overall temperament is less complicated compared with the Boarder Collie.

According to the official website of the Australian Shepherd Club of America, Aussies are cool and sedate. “Cool and sedate” are not terms that can be used to describe the Border Collie as a breed.

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Australian Shepherd Vs Border: Coat and Color

The coats for the Aussies are quite predictable. They normally have thick coats in red, red Merle, blue Merle and black with or with no white spots.

On the other hand, Border Collies have even more varieties of coats. These include black, red Merle and Blue Merle Border Collies. In addition, they also have several others, including white and black, white and red, sable and more.

A Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix could inherit any of these characteristics.

[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=””]One similarity between the two breeds is that grooming is the key to managing their energetic lifestyle. Border Collies should have a weekly grooming schedule, while Australian Shepherds will do with occasional grooming. [/thrive_text_block] [thrive_leads id=’7777′]

However, they both require good training, care and attention to ensure they enjoy their preferred outdoor lifestyles.

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Australian Shepherd Vs Border: Size

Another physical difference between a Border Collie and an Australian Shepherd is their size.

Border Collies normally extend 18 to 21 inches for females and 19 to 22 inches for males. For weight considerations, females range from 27 to 42 pounds, while males normally fall within the 30 to 42 range.

Australian Shepherd females typically stand 18 to 21 inches while males range from 20 to 21 inches. On the other hand, females are typically within 35 to 55 pounds while males fall within the 55 to 70 range.

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difference between border collie and Australian shepherd

Australian Shepherd Vs Border Collie: The Eyes

[thrive_text_block color=”note” headline=””]The Australian Shepherd is a loose-eyed dog while Border Collies boast a stronger eye. [/thrive_text_block]

While the Aussies rely on their grip or the heels of an unruly sheep or cow to control livestock, the Border Collie normally controls livestock via his strong gaze.

While Aussies and Border Collies deal with different kinds of livestock, the Aussie normally herds cattle and the Border Collie directs sheep.

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Aussie Vs Border Collie: Personality

[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=””]Both Boarder Collies and Aussies are quite similar in personality. Their temperament is closely related to their uniqueness as herding dogs. [/thrive_text_block]

As stated earlier, Border Collies are workaholics and are often active. For that reason, they remain alert, lively and diligent.

The Border Collie is a dog bred that enjoys being busy and therefore, may become tired quite easily, which may lead to some bad habits such as constant barking and chasing after cars.

Collies are very zealous dogs and thrive on activity. They are often aware of their owner’s hints, even the slightest of clues will do. However, if not properly trained, they may become timid and may develop a strong personality on the wrong side.

On the other hand, Aussies are not the perfect choice for a new pet owner. Their loyalty to the family and master makes them very dedicated. Consequently, they may become very ferocious towards strangers.

It is, therefore, important to take this breed to different places, providing it with an opportunity to meet different people, see different places, and enjoy different experiences at an early stage.

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Border Collie Vs Australian Shepherd: Training

Luckily for potential dog owners, both Aussies and Border Collies are easy to train.

Generally, obedience training is a major part of adopting a pet. Another important advantage is that both breeds are eager to please.

However, that does not mean you should skip training altogether. When dealing with a new puppy, training greatly influences their future behavior.

As mentioned earlier, both breeds have high energy levels. Therefore, they need regular exercises beyond a short walk in the neighborhood. They need proper stimulation, both physical and mental.

It is also highly recommended to keep your puppy entertained. Use positive training methods with these intelligent pets, and they can ultimately reward you with a lifetime of great companionship.

If in doubt, you may want to try the Doggy Dan The Online Dog Trainer video course. His ideas and suggestions can act as a springboard for a happy and healthy lifestyle for your dog.

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Border Collie Vs Australian Shepherd: Health

For both Boarder Collies and Aussies, there are a number of health problems you need to know about.

Border collies are generally healthy, but it is advisable to pay attention diseases such as epilepsy and hip dysplasia. They are also vulnerable to deafness, particularly the Blue Merle Border Collie.

Aussies are generally prone to cataracts, thyroid disease, lymphoma, epilepsy, elbow dysplasia, and cancer.

Thorough examination of the parent dogs is necessary to rule out your puppy’s vulnerability to these serious diseases.

[thrive_text_block color=”red” headline=””]Both Aussies and Border Collies can inherit the Merle gene, which is associated with vision and hearing problems. Merle puppies born to two Merle dogs can be deaf, blind or even born without eyes. [/thrive_text_block]

Therefore, two Merle dogs should never be put together, even from two different dog breeds.

Those that struggle with care and health ideas can turn to The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health from Kingdom of Pets.

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Border Collie vs Australian Shepherd: Lifespan

Generally, the lifespan of Australian Shepherds and Border Collies fall within the same range.

[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=””]As far as Border Collies go, the life expectancy is 13.5 years while the norm for the Aussie is 13-15 years. [/thrive_text_block]

The lifespan for the Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix should fall within this range since he is an offspring of the two dog breeds.

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australian shepherd border collie comparision


Both the Australian Shepherd and Border Collie are high energy working dogs that will be a perfect companion fort anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle.

Mixed breeds are generally a fifty-fifty chance in terms of energy levels, personality, appearance and trainability.

Both Border Collies and Aussies have certain differences. These differences should give you an idea of what to expect when choosing a new puppy.


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