German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix (Shepnees): The Ultimate Guide with Pictures

German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix Guide

The German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix is a large and impressive cross between a German Shepherd and a Great Pyrenees.

Despite its massive size and intimidating appearance, this dog makes a wonderful family companion.

It is easy to confuse this cross for a lion because of his massive size, majestic body and thick, fluffy coat, but they generally gentle dogs.

Since the Great Pyrenees and German Shepherd mix is a cross between two powerful canines, it’s easy to see why the offspring is also such a powerful dog.

So, is this the right dog for you? Read on to find out:

What Is A German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix Called?

A German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix has several other names, including the Germanees, Shepnees, Sheppy, and Shep Py.

This is a stunning mix between a Great Pyrenees and a German Shepherd. This dog will definitely be large and fluffy.

Their coat should be dense, but its length can vary. Due to this hybrid dog’s historical background, he can be a fierce worker with high intelligence levels.

They are fun to be around because the Shepnees are sweet and gentle dogs.

For families with small children, they can be great guardians, especially if they have been socialized from a young age.


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Few Facts About The German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix

Other names:Germanees, Shepnees, Sheppy, Shep Py
Breed Type:Mix, Hybrid or Designer Dog
Purpose:Working, companion and guard dog
Weight:75 to 120 pounds
Height:22 to 32 inches
Good Guard Dog:Yes
Suitable for first time owners:No
Lifespan:10 to 12 years
Suitable for apartment living:No
Coat:A thick and fluffy coat
Coat colors:White, black and tan
Grooming needs:Moderate to high
Temperament:Loyal, affectionate, intelligent, protective, energetic, playful and sweet
Ideal for:Experienced dog owners/active families
Exercise needs:High, at least 60 minutes of exercise each day
Cat friendly:Yes, early socialization is required
Kids friendly:Yes, early socialization is required
Price:$300 – $1100

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The Parent Breeds

The best way to understand the Great Pyrenees mixed with German Shepherd is to learn more about each parent breed. Below is a brief look at the history of both of his parents, along with breed purpose, physical characteristics and personality traits.

Since this crossbreed is a large dog and can exhibit some stubborn tendencies, it is also a good idea to know the personalities of each parent breed.

The History of the German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a very popular breed that was originally used to herd livestock and as a guard dog.

Mr. Max Von Stephanitz is credited with making the GSD a success and improving this breed even further. Mr. Stephanitz thought that this dog would be an excellent worker once he saw it in a dog show in the 1880’s.

Over time, the breed purpose transitioned from herding livestock to helping the police and the military in their daily work. This is because of the dog’s high intelligence levels, which makes it easy to train.

German Shepherds also make great family dogs and companions.

German Shepherd Running
The History of the Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is a very old dog breed that originated from either Central Asia or Siberia. And like the GSD, the Great Pyrenees was bred to herd livestock.

Shepherds moved with these pups to the Pyrenees Mountains in southwestern Europe around 3000 B.C. That’s where the breed got its name from.

Soon after, the breed became very popular among the royal families of both Britain and France. The breed made its way to the United States in the 1930s.

Great Pyrenees Dog

So, What about the German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix?

The Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix a.k.a the Germanees can inherit physical characteristics from either parent dog, or look like a blend of both parent dogs.

This post will explain what you can expect from your German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix puppy. But being a crossbreed, particularly one that is so rare, you can expect that he might have inherited characteristics from either parent.

So, the Shepnees might be a great choice for you if you love both the Great Pyrenees and the German Shepherd.

The General Appearance

The Shepnees could look more like a Great Pyrenees or a German Shepherd, depending on the dominant genes.

German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mixes often inherit their stunning looks from their Great Pyrenees parents. These pups have thick, luscious coats that sometimes make them look more like lions than dogs.

Mixing this cute dog with the strong and powerful German Shepherd gives you a pooch that is incredibly gorgeous.

Some Shepnees puppies inherit the perky ears of their German Shepherd parents, while others keep the floppy ears of their Great Pyrenees ancestors.


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Shepnees Size, Height and Weight

So, how big will a German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix get?

Well, the German Pyrenees is a large dog that weighs anywhere between 75 and 120 pounds. This designer dog will reach around 22 to 32 inches tall when full grown.

Since the Great Pyrenees parent is a very large dog that can weigh more than 150 pounds, you should be prepared for a giant dog. This means they need space and proper training to thrive.

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Shepnees Coat and Coat Colors

Their coat will most likely be influenced by their German Shepherd parent’s coat. These mixes may be short haired or long haired. However, due to the Great Pyrenees parent’s coat, it should not be very short.

Common coat colors include white, black and tan. However, he could also take the rustic colors of the German Shepherd, or he could inherit the cream or solid color of the Great Pyrenees or a combination of both.


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Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix Temperament

The Germanees will be a brave dog who will guard and protect his owner and family at all times. If you’re searching for a great guard dog, look no further than this protective mix.

This is because both of its parents were either developed to be herding dogs or watch dogs. Its loyal personality combines with its protectiveness and alert instincts to make an excellent guard dog.

The Shepnees dogs are also known to alert their owners by barking when someone is around. They are also wary of strangers, always keeping a close eye on visitors in the home.

If he is alone at home and doesn’t have any unfamiliar people to worry about, this dog will be very affectionate with his owner and family.

Due to his German Shepherd parentage, this designer dog is also considered to be very intelligent. Although training at an early stage is necessary for a well-mannered dog of any breed, the German Pyrenees will be very easy to train. Positive reinforcement like treats and praises is the best way to train your German Shepherd great Pyrenees puppy.

Due to its German Shepherd ancestry, he might suffer from separation anxiety. Yet, he might be a bit more independent if he takes after the great Pyrenees. Either way, it is important to invest in a quality crate to give him a safe place to stay when you’re away from home. This is even more important if you have small kids that he might need to spend time away from.

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Is The German Shepherd Great Pyrenees A Good Family Dog?

Due to his playful temperament, the German Pyrenees is a great choice for families with children. They also get along well with cats and other pets. Just make sure that your Shepnees is well trained and socialized with children and other pets from a young age.


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As for other dogs, you can take him to the nearby dog parks, which will help with both training and socialization.

While Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mixes get along well with other dogs and other pets, he may want to herd them or chase them around, especially small pets like rabbits and cats. That’s why early and ongoing training and socialization is vital.

Shepnees Training

The Germanees should be trained and socialized at a young age. If you don’t do this early, he might become overprotective of his owner and family. This can lead to certain behavioral issues or aggression towards strangers. Introduction to a wide variety of animals is essential, as is exposure to children and adults alike.

Of course, you should start housetraining your German Shepherd Great Pyrenees puppy from a young age as well.

Depending on which breed he takes after, German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mixes might be challenging to train for novice dog owners. Keep in mind that the Pyrenees parent is quite stubborn or independent. This means the training can be a bit difficult for first time owners.

If you feel overwhelmed, consider enrolling your puppy into obedience training classes.

Fortunately though, the Germanees is an intelligent dog who will most likely pick up lessons quickly. Make sure to use positive reinforcement training techniques like treats and praises. This hybrid thrives on treats and praises from his owner.

Massive Change - 300 x 250

Shepnees Exercise Needs

The Shepnees is a high-energy mix that will need to be physically and mentally stimulated for at least 60 minutes every day. This can be done by taking him out for two walks coupled with playtime.

When walking your Shepnees, make sure he is leashed since he enjoys exploring and he may wander off if he finds something interesting.

Due to his massive body size, high energy and high exercise requirements, the Shepnees is not ideal for apartment living.

Having a fenced-in yard is important since this dog loves to explore.

With his high intelligence, this mixed breed dog will need plenty of interactive dog toys to help with mental stimulation.

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Grooming and Shedding

As we mentioned earlier, the Germanees has a thick and fluffy coat. If you hate pet hair around your house, then this large dog is not the right breed for you.

They shed heavily, but you can reduce the shedding by brushing him daily. Daily brushing will also help ensure that their coat is tangle free.

The Shepnees is a relatively clean dog who will need bathing once every two to three months. However, make sure to check out the best deodorizing wipes for dogs to help keep them clean when you’re not bathing them.

Despite the fact that their nails are very strong, make sure to check them regularly to ensure they don’t grow too long. And since these dogs are very active, their nails should be checked for brittleness and breakage.

You should also brush their teeth a few times each week. Their large ears should also be cleaned regularly to avoid infections.


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Feeding and Diet

The German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix is a very large dog that requires plenty of food to meet his daily energy requirements.

The German Pyrenees will need to eat around 3 to 3.5 cups of high quality dog food each day.

You should divide his meals into two to three portions to lower the risk of bloat. Consult your veterinarian if your pooch shows any signs of stomach distress.

Since this is a giant breed, they should be fed dog food that is formulated for larger breeds in order to meet their unique nutritional requirements. However, make sure not to overfeed your Shepnees since he is susceptible to obesity.

This German Shepherd Pyrenees Mix will do well on a raw diet with meat as the main ingredient.

It’s also recommended to add probiotics with wild Alaskan salmon oil to his diet for optimal bone development.

His diet must also contain fatty acids, glucosamine and chondroitin to help prevent joint issues.


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Shepnees Life Expectancy

So, How long does a German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix live? Well, a healthy Germanees has an average lifespan of around 10 to 12 years.

Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix Health Issues

The Shepnees is a relatively healthy dog.

Nonetheless, he is also prone to a few health problems, including the following:

  • Elbow and hip dysplasia, where their joints do not fit into the sockets.
  • Von Willebrand’s disease: this condition is also common among the parent breeds. This condition is characterized by failure of the blood to clot.
  • Bloat is another common problem among large dogs like the Shepnees. This condition is characterized by the accumulation of gases in the dog’s stomach. If you notice any stomach discomfort in your dog, take him to your vet immediately as this condition can be dangerous to a dog.
  • Eye problems like cataracts.
  • Epilepsy.
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Pros and Cons: Is The Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix Right For You?

After reading this guide up to this point, you certainly have concluded that the Shepnees is not suited to all families. Only some living conditions can offer what this breed needs to remain happy and healthy.

So, is this mixed breed right for you? Here’s a recap of what we’ve learned in this guide:


  • Loyal, protective and intelligent.
  • A great exercise companion.
  • An excellent watchdog and guard dog.
  • Intelligent and relatively easy to train.
  • Should be friendly, if trained and socialized early.
  • Great with children and other pets.
  • Comes in different colors.


  • High exercise needs.
  • Has barking tendencies.
  • Sheds a lot and requires regular grooming.
  • Could suffer from various health problems.
  • A relatively rare crossbreed, so could be difficult to find.


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Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix for Sale

If you’ve your heart set on getting a Shepnees, the next thing you need to know is the price of puppies and when to find a reliable breeder.

So how much does a Germanees cost?

The average price of a great Pyrenees German Shepherd puppy from a responsible breeder is about $1000. Reputable breeders that deal with quality Great Pyrenees German Shepherd puppies for sale might charge even more.

The location and quality of the parent stocks will also influence the initial price of a Germanees puppy.

It’s important to buy your Shepnees puppy from a reputable breeder and ensure that the parent dogs are healthy before taking your pup home.

Make sure to avoid backyard breeders and puppy mills at all costs.

The Germanees is a relatively new and rare hybrid dog. Thus, you might need to travel far to find a good breeder offering healthy puppies.

Make sure to do your own research into the breeder you’re considering, and work only with those who can show you the health certificates of both the puppies and the parents.


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Shepnees for Adoption

For the best chance of adopting a great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix from a rescue center or animal shelter, you should concentrate on breed-specific organizations. These include the Great Pyrenees Rescue Club of America and the American German Shepherd Rescue Association.


A German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix is suitable for you if you lead an active lifestyle and have a spacious fenced-in yard.

You should have time to groom and exercise your Shepnees each day, while keeping them physically fit and mentally stimulated.

These pups are great guard dogs, especially if trained properly. They also get along well with young children and other household pets.

If you live in a spacious home with an active family, then the great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix might be a great companion for you and your family.

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