All About The Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix: Facts & Information

Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix

The Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix is a mixed breed dog whose parents are the Great Pyrenees and the Australian Shepherd.

This dog should weigh around 40 to 100 pounds and has an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

These designer dogs need moderate or high activity daily and will most likely form strong bonds with other members of their family.

What does the Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix look like? How do they behave? What health issues should you watch out for?

In this article, you’ll find detailed answers to these and many more questions that you might have. Read on to see pictures and learn more about the adorable Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix.

Few Facts About the Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix

Weight:50 to 110 pounds.
Height:25 to 32 inches tall.
Lifespan:10 to 15 years
Apartment living:Not the best choice.
Bark a Lot?Yes
Coat:Long-haired coat, a thick, double coat.
Hypoallergenic:No, not suitable for allergy sufferers.
Level of shedding:High
Temperament:Strong protective instincts, intelligent, good guard dog, loyal.
Cat friendly:Yes if raised together, early socialization is required.
Exercise needs:High
Dog-friendly:Yes, but early socialization is required.
Kids friendly:Yes, but needs socialization, best suited for homes with older children.
Price:800 – 4000 USD


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What is a Great Pyrenees Australian Mix Called?

The Great Pyrenees Australian Mix is also called the Great Aussie Pyrenees or the Aussie Pyrenees.

This is a mixed breed dog whose parents have a rich background in different activities, including herding. This makes them a great choice for individuals who love the outdoors most.

In addition, the Great Pyrenees parent’s background as a guard dog makes this mix a great choice for dog lovers looking for a reliable watchdog.

Another reason why this mix is extremely popular is that they tend to combine the best traits of each parent breed. If you want a dog who you can trust to keep you safe while being a loyal companion, then you should consider this particular crossbreed.

The Origin of the Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix

To get a better understanding of what to expect from this hybrid or designer dog, let’s take a closer look at the history of each parent breed.

The History of the Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is a very old dog breed. Fossil evidence shows that this pup’s ancestors existed as far back as 1800 B.C.

Today’s Great Pyrenees, also affectionately known as Pyr, is still commonly used as a working dog in many parts of the world. However, this breed is also commonly found as a companion dog.

Great Pyrenees Dog

The History of the Australian Shepherd

The name of this breed is quite misleading. In fact, the Australian Shepherd originated from the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain, and not Australia. The breed was commonly associated with the Basque Shepherd dog breed, which was introduced to the United States from Australia.

The breed became extremely popular in the United States after the First World War. They were commonly found at horse shows, rodeos and even played leading roles in mainstream movies. These dogs are known for their strong work ethics and therefore, the breed does best when he is constantly challenged.

australian shepherd history

What Does the Great Pyrenees Aussie Mix Look Like?

It is impossible to predict the exact appearance of a mixed breed dog like the Aussie Pyrenees.

However, you can expect a medium or large dog that looks more like his Great Pyrenees parent or the Australian Shepherd parent.

He might inherit most of his physical characteristics from one parent, but as he advances in age, he might start to look more like the other parent. Therefore, you might find it difficult to choose one mixed breed dog over the other since they look very different.

The Pyrenean Shepherd will be an absolute stunner with long-haired coat and dark, attractive eyes, but their beauty extends far beyond the surface.

This dog will have a thick, double coat just like his Great Pyrenees parent. These dogs also have varying shades with common colors being white, cream or a combination of these shades.


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Great Pyrenees Aussie Mix Size (Height & Weight)

So how big does the Aussie Pyrenees get?

It is important to remember that this dog inherits its genes from two large dogs with different sizes and weights.

The Great Pyrenees weighs about 30 to 110 pounds while the Aussie weighs around 35 to 75 pounds. As such, the Great Pyrenees Aussie Mix will weigh around 50 to 110 pounds.

You can expect the Great Pyrenees and Australian Shepherd Mix to be a large dog standing between 25 and 32 inches tall.

I’ve written a Complete Guide on How To Identify Your Dog’s Breed, you can check it here.

Temperament & Personality

When it comes to personality, the Great Aussie Pyrenees is a very interesting mix.

One important thing that you want to do is to meet the parents if possible. Since this is a crossbreed, the puppies tend to be a combination of the traits of both parent breeds. That should give you a good idea of the kind of pup you want to add to your family.

Great Pyrenees Aussie MixImage Source

The Australian Shepherd is one of the smartest and sweetest dogs you will ever come across and the Pyr tends to be more protective. The Pyr makes a great guard dog thanks to his size and that’s what they were developed to do. They were bred to herd and protect flocks of sheep.

Nonetheless, it’s their temperament that makes them great guard dogs. This means that your Australian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees Mix will also be a good guard dog. He will also be a large dog with strong protective instincts.

These dogs should also get along well with people and other animals, especially if they have been socialized well</u.. They are generally capable of developing an independent streak. However, they are also affectionate and hence, will enjoy spending quality time with their owners.

Don’t leave them alone for extended periods of time since they can easily get bored and develop destructive habits. They enjoy being with the pack.

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Are Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix Dogs Good with Kids?

Both the Great Pyrenees and Australian Shepherds are good with children. Although they tend to be aggressive, they can also be great playmates for your children.

However, it is important to supervise small kids when they are playing with these large dogs. That said, the Great Aussie Pyrenees will do better with older children.


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Are Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix Dogs Good With Cats And Other Pets?

If a Pyrenean Shepherd is made to see the cat as part of the family, then he will love and protect them just as he does to his owner and other members of the family.

They generally get along well with cats and other household pets. Of course, every dog (and cat) is different, but it’s safe to say that this mix, if well socialized and introduced to your cat at an early age, will get along well.

As for other household pets, these mixes should also have no issue living in the same home. Since the designer dog has herding instincts, he might want to play around with other pets, including other dogs.

However, ongoing training, and socialization will still be required when raising this designer dog.

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Do Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mixes Bark a Lot?

Due to their background as guard dogs, both the Great Pyrenees and Australian Shepherd are vocal dogs and will bark frequently.

This means they may not be an ideal choice for apartment living. Fortunately, you can prevent excessive barking with proper training and plenty of exercise.


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Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix Training

Due to their Aussie parentage, the Pyrenean Shepherd is very intelligent and ready to please. Although training is extremely important for well-mannered pups of all breeds, the Pyrenean Shepherd will be easy to train.

Positive reinforcement techniques like treats and praises are the most effective when training your great Aussie Pyrenees. So when you’re looking for your puppy you should prepare to start training as soon as you bring him home.

However, you should take the time to observe a full grown dog before bringing him home in order to ensure he hasn’t developed any negative traits. Reward your pet with treats and praises whenever he has obeyed your commands.

It is important to invest in housetraining as well as obedience training and hire a professional dog trainer to get the best out of your Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix.

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Exercise Needs

The Aussie Pyrenees Mix is a high-energy dog who needs a reasonable amount of exercise to help keep him happy and healthy. However, his exercise needs will depend on his age, size and activity level.

These hybrid dogs do best with long walks that last a few hours. This will help burn off excess energy to prevent them from becoming destructive.

It is recommended to go for regular running sessions, but you’re Aussie Pyrenees Mix will be just as happy playing fetch and other games. Moreover, you should provide them with interactive dog toys to help meet their mental exercise needs.

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This hybrid dog might shed a lot, but as a responsible pet parent, you can control shedding by brushing them two to three times per week.

Some Great Pyrenees Aussie Mixes will shed much less. It all boils down to the parent breed they take after most.

Bathing should be done occasionally, so it is wise to use deodorizing wipes for dogs now and then to help prevent skin issues and keep them clean at all times.

Their nails should be hard and strong, so regular clipping may be necessary to ensure they don’t grow too long.

Their teeth should also be brushed several times per week. Other recommended accessories for taking proper care of your pooch include a pin brush, comb, and deshedder.

If you’re in doubt, you can take your pet to a professional dog groomer. Expert dog groomers are also well equipped to take proper care of your pet.

Another important thing to note is that you should not leave your Aussie Pyrenees Mix outside during the cold days. This is because they have low tolerance to cold.


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Diet and Feeding

The nutrition that your Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd needs will depend on several variables. It will be determined by his size, weight, age, medical history, coat and skin condition, and overall health, to mention but a few.

Since this hybrid is prone to obesity, make sure not to overfeed him. If you want to ensure that you have a dog that will be happy and healthy then you need to manage portions for him using an automatic dog feeder.

Obesity can exacerbate health conditions such as elbow and hip dysplasia. These can be avoided by training your puppy to get used to quality foods that are rich in probiotics, fish oil, chondroitin and glucosamine.

Your vet can help you determine the specific nutritional requirements of your new dog. They will be able to provide you with a list of high quality dog food brands that will meet the needs of your dog and also recommend any beneficial pet supplements.

For example, providing your dog with Alaskan Salmon Fish Oil supplements can help make your pet look and feel bearish. It contains plenty of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that help to boost the canine immune and cardiovascular system and give them a luxurious, healthy coat.

The goal is to offer the best nutrition possible and for your pet to enjoy eating their food. In addition to food, you need to ensure your pet has access to fresh water. Speak to your veterinarian if you’re worried about your dog’s diet or eating habits.

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Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix Life Expectancy and Health problems

The Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix has an average lifespan of around 10 to 15 years. However, the dog is prone to a wide range of health problems, which means you should pay special attention to their health and care.

Some of the health issues to watch out for include bloating, elbow and hip dysplasia, bone cancer and skin conditions.

Another health issue to watch out for is obesity. It is important to meet your dog’s daily exercise needs and keep them on a well-balanced diet.

So pay attention to those health concerns. And if you notice anything abnormal in your dog, visit your veterinarian as soon as possible.

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Buying Vs Adopting a Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix Puppies

You may be wondering “how much does a Great Pyrenees and Australian Shepherd Mix cost?”

You can get A Pyrenean Shepherd for adoption at a much lower cost than purchasing one from a reputable breeder. The cost of adopting a Great Aussie Pyrenees Mix is around $300.

On the other hand, buying a Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix puppy for sale from a breeder can be very expensive. Their price is anywhere between $800 and $4000 depending on their traits and breeding.


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Before you start searching for these puppies online, make sure to do your research first so you can form some critical questions to ask your breeder.

A reliable breeder will provide you with all the documents of the purebred parents, including their full medical history.

In case a breeder doesn’t want to show you these records, then you need to find another one since odds are that the puppy has numerous health risks.

Meeting the parent dogs personally will allow you to gauge your compatibility with your desired puppy.

Conclusion: Is This The Right Dog for You?

A high-energy hybrid, the Great Pyrenees Aussie Mix must be physically exercised and engaged for a few hours on a daily basis.

This mixed breed dog thrives on human companionship, and doesn’t tolerate being left alone for long periods.They always want to spend time with their family.

If you can train and exercise your dog regularly while taking proper care of their grooming and nutrition needs, then the Great Pyrenees Aussie Mix might be the right pet for you.


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