The Ultimate Guide to the German Shepherd Greyhound Mix (With Pictures)

German Shepherd Greyhound Mix

The German Shepherd is one of the most intelligent dog breeds while the Greyhound is one of the fastest dogs in the world. So what happens when you cross-breed the two?

You end up with a very large dog who is extremely cute, itching for a run, but also quite easy to train.

Also commonly known as the Shephound, the German Shepherd Greyhound Mix is a large, athletic, loyal and intelligent mix between a German Shepherd and a Greyhound.

This designer dog may be gentle and reserved or he may be spirited and domineering.

Since Greyhounds and German Shepherds are totally different breeds, however, there’s potential for variations in terms of physical characteristics and personality traits when you combine the two.

In this comprehensive guide to the German Shepherd Greyhound Mix, you’ll find everything or need to know about this hybrid dog.

So if you’re considering getting a German Shepherd and Greyhound Mix, keep reading. You’ll be glad you did!

Few Facts About The German Shepherd Greyhound Mix

Other names:Shephound, Greyhound Shepherd, German Greyhound, Greyhound Shep and Shep-a-Grey
Breed Type:Mix, Hybrid or Designer Dog
Weight:50 to 110 pounds
Height:24 to 30 inches
Good Guard Dog:No
Suitable for first time owners:No
Lifespan:7 to 13 years
Suitable for apartment living:No
Coat:They mostly have short fur and a thick coat
Coat colors:Black, red, brown, tan, gray, fawn and brindle
Grooming needs:Moderate
Temperament:Intelligent, affectionate, loyal family dog, active and playful
Exercise needs:Moderate, at least 45 minutes of exercise each day
Cat friendly:Yes, early socialization is required
Kids friendly:Yes, early socialization is required
Price:$1000 – $4000

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What Is a Shephound or Greyhound Shepherd?

A Greyhound Shepherd or Shephound is a mix between a Greyhound and a German Shepherd.

In addition to Shephound and Greyhound Shepherd, this crossbreed has a few other names, including German Greyhound, Greyhound Shep and Shep-a-Grey.

Both Greyhounds and German Shepherds are large canines, and so is their offspring, the German Shepherd Greyhound Mix.

Every Greyhound Shepherd will be different. It’s virtually impossible to predict which characteristics each German Shepherd Greyhound Mix puppy will inherit from each parent breed. However, most Shephounds share many physical characteristics and personality traits.

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Both Greyhounds and German Shepherds are medium to large dogs, so their offspring will be a medium to a large pooch as well.

A Greyhound Shepherd’s coat will also be in between the shorter coat of a Greyhound, and the thick, coarse hair of his German Shepherd parent.

Both Greyhounds and German Shepherds are known to be athletic canines. The Greyhound is particularly very strong and muscular and is known for his ability to run extremely fast. Therefore, your German Shepherd and Greyhound Mix should also be athletic and most likely more muscular than the average German Shepherd dog.

Both German Shepherds and Greyhounds are very loving, loyal and affectionate dogs. This means that whether your puppy takes after his father or mother, you can expect him to be playful, loving, loyal and affectionate.

German Shepherd and Greyhound Mix History

Originating in Germany, the German Shepherd (GSD) demonstrated to be a great watchdog and herder of sheep. Compared with many other breeds, the GSD is a fairly young breed of dog, having been developed around 1899.

They are known for their strength, intelligence and trainability. Initially presented and considered to be a standard dog breed by Captain Max Von Stephanitz, the GSD has gone on to fill roles in police and military work. They have also been trained to perform other duties, including disability assistance and search and rescue.

German Shepherd Running

On the other hand, Greyhounds were introduced to the UK between the fifth and sixth centuries BC. The name ‘Greyhound’ is derived from the word ‘grighund’. ‘Hund’ means dog but the actual meaning of the word ‘grig’ is not known.

Compared to GSDs, the Greyhound is ancient. This breed is thought to have been developed in Celtic mainland Europe.

Greyhounds were cherished for their eyesight and were commonly used for coursing and hunting. They are also closely related to herding dogs.

Greyhounds are considered to be one of the most elegant dog breeds on the planet. Today, these dogs are bred mainly for Greyhound racing and also as family dogs.

Thousands of dog lovers around the world own Greyhounds. All of them believe that they have the best dog breed in the world, and if you happen to come across one, they will amuse you with stories about their beloved hounds.

picture of Italian Greyhound Puppies

But what about the German Shepherd and Greyhound Mix?

As we’ve already stated, a Greyhound Shepherd is a cross between a thoroughbred Greyhound and a thoroughbred German Shepherd.

The German Shepherd and the Greyhound are popular dog breeds, so it’s no surprise that dog breeders decided to combine the two breeds together.

Dog owners love the German Shepherd Greyhound Mix since they tend to give them the best of both parent breeds.

The Physical Characteristics of the German Shepherd Greyhound Mix

With the German Shepherd Greyhound Mix, it’s difficult to predict what they will look like. The two parent breeds are quite different in appearance and every litter can vary.

However, two things are for sure. You should know that this will be a cute dog and he is also going to be very large.

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How Big Will A German Shepherd Greyhound Mix Get?

Since the German Shephound is a crossbreed, their appearance and personality depend on the dominant genes.

This means some German Shephounds will look more like the Greyhound while others will look similar to the German Shepherd. In rare cases, however, you can get a perfect combination of both.

Just like the parent breeds, their size will range from medium to large.

Greyhounds are generally tall and their average height ranges from around 25 to 30 inches. They have an average weight of around 55 to 75 pounds.

On the other hand, German Shepherds have an average height of around 20 to 26 inches. They weigh between 60 and 95 pounds.

The Greyhound German Shepherd Mixes can grow to reach 24-30 inches tall and weigh anywhere between 50 and 110 pounds.

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Coat and Coat Colors

Again, it’s difficult to predict the exact appearance of a Shephound’s coat since Greyhounds and German Shepherds are very different.

German Shepherds have thick, coarse hair. Greyhounds, on the other hand, have a thin coat.

Most German Shepherd Greyhound Mixes will be anywhere in between. They mostly have short fur and a thick coat.

The German Shephound comes in a range of colors. These include black, red, brown, tan, gray, fawn and brindle.

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German Shepherd Greyhound Mix Temperament

Like his parent dogs, the German Shep Hound will likely be an intelligent, affectionate and loyal family dog.

Since both the Greyhound and the German Shepherd are very active dogs, you can expect your German Shephound to be equally active and playful.

GSDs are moderately active but they are also happy spending some time lazing around. While Greyhounds are extremely fast and have great athletic abilities, they can also be quiet and easy-going.

Both German Shepherds and Greyhounds are quiet and friendly and enjoy being around their owners and other household pets.

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The Greyhound German Shepherd mix is great with kids and enjoys playing with them. They also get along well with cats and other pets, especially if they have been socialized well from a young age.

Owners of Shephounds know that they are not aggressive or hyper pooches. Instead, they are always easygoing and friendly. And they always enjoy making friends with new people.

The dogs are also friendly to strangers. When they meet unfamiliar people, their first reaction is one of curiosity rather than protection. So if you’re looking for a guard dog, this might not be the best breed for you!

They are the kind that would meet your guests and find a safe place to stay while you chat with your guests. It is one of the best designer dogs since he is not an unruly or an off-character dog.

Although Shephounds may seem a bit reserved at first, they normally get along with other dogs within a short period of time.

These are all the personality traits of both German Shepherds and Greyhounds, so it’s no surprise they have passed this attribute to their offspring. As such, the German Greyhound is a friendly dog that makes a great family pet.

When it comes to barking, both Greyhounds and German Shepherds tend to be very vocal and can howl or bark frequently. So this is something you want to consider if you’re looking for the best dog for apartment living. You don’t want your dog to be a nuisance to your neighbors.

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Training A German Shepherd Greyhound Mix

The Greyhound Shepherd is trainable if you are ready to dedicate at least 30 minutes each day in training your puppy. They are not particularly easy to train, but they are also not so challenging. They are generally somewhere in between.

GSDs are intelligent and easy to train. Greyhounds, on the other hand, tend to be stubborn and can be difficult to train. That’s why the German Shepherd Greyhound Mix is somewhere in the middle as far as trainability goes.

Therefore, you should start housetraining your Shephound as soon as you bring them home. You should actually dedicate some time to housetrain them each day.

Training your German Greyhound early will help prevent behavioral issues from developing in your pup.

With patience and consistency, you can successfully train your Greyhound Mixed with German Shepherd.

But if you are not confident enough, you can always seek professional advice and training. A good dog trainer can successfully train your dog so you end up with a well-behaved family pet.

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Exercise Needs

It is difficult to know how much each German Greyhound will require.

Generally, the German Shepherd requires more exercise than the Greyhound. A German Shepherd needs one to two hours of daily exercise while a Greyhound will do fine with a 30-minute walk each day.

Your German Greyhound will most likely be somewhere in the middle. However, both parent breeds require more exercise than smaller dogs.

Be sure to provide your Greyhound Shepherd with enough room to play and run around. Also, take your pooch on a walk once or twice each day for at least 30 minutes.

Since the German Shepherd parent is intelligent, you also want to provide your Greyhound Shepherd with interactive dog toys to help keep him occupied and mentally stimulated.

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Grooming and Shedding

Like the German Shepherd parent, your Greyhound Shep will have a medium-length coat. Chances are that, like the Greyhound, he won’t shed a lot.

In order to know the grooming needs of German Shepherd Greyhound mixes, we need to study the grooming requirements of each parent breed.

A German Shepherd should be brushed after every one or two days. Since their coat has a soft undercoat and a coarse outer coat, they shed all-year-round and they also blow their coat twice per year.

On the other hand, Greyhounds have a short coat that doesn’t even require frequent brushing since their hair doesn’t tangle or mat easily. A simple rundown with a piece of cloth at least once a week should be enough for these pups.

Both Greyhounds and German Shepherds need a bath at least once a month. However, you should also use deodorizing wipes for dogs frequently to keep their coat clean and smooth when you’re not bathing them.

Apart from brushing and bathing, you should trim their nails from time to time to prevent them from splitting.

Also, check and clean their ears regularly for dirt or wax buildup to prevent infections. Regular tooth brushing is also essential for your Greyhound German Shepherd Mix.

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Feeding and Diet

Shephounds are big dogs, so your pup will require a lot of food to remain happy and healthy.

As with other dogs, Greyhound Shepherds need high quality dog food. You should not feed your pup table scraps since these can lead to gastrointestinal problems.

Avoid feeding them foods containing grains since these can cause bloat or GDV in dogs. Make sure your dog gets a lot of protein and calories. Also, make sure your pup is getting a lot of vitamins and minerals.

However, you should not overfeed your Shephound since obesity can cause many other health conditions, including joint issues and diabetes. It’s a good idea to feed your pup organic foods and to avoid giving him a lot of treats.

Look for quality dog food containing glucosamine and chondroitin supplements. These will help relieve joint issues.

Also, be sure to supplement your pup’s regular diet with Alaskan salmon oil to provide him with omega fatty acids, necessary for maintaining skin and coat health.

To help keep your dog’s kidney and liver active and healthy, provide him with probiotics as well.

Lastly, your German Shepherd Greyhound Mix will need fresh water each day to help prevent dehydration.

German Shepherd and Greyhound MixImage Source

Greyhound Sheep Lifespan

According to the American kennel club (AKC), Greyhounds have an average lifespan of 10-13 years. Meanwhile, the life expectancy of German Shepherds is 7 to 10 years.

The lifespan of a Greyhound German Shepherd Mix will be anywhere between these figures.

German Shepherd Greyhound Mix Health Issues

Both Greyhounds and German Shepherds are generally healthy dogs.

When it comes to health problems, you can expect this mixed breed to be vulnerable to the same health conditions as Greyhounds and German Shepherds.

These health issues include:

GSDs are also prone to a genetic bleeding condition known as Von Willebrand’s Disease. On the other hand, Greyhounds are vulnerable to extreme cold and heat since they don’t have an undercoat.

German Shepherd Greyhound Mixes should see the vet regularly for various tests, including hip evaluation, elbow evaluation, cardiac exam and ophthalmologist evaluation.

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German Shepherd Greyhound Mix For Adoption

If you are looking for a Shephound, make sure to check a nearby animal shelter or rescue center before checking out breeders.

There may be some abandoned Greyhound Shepherds at a shelter or rescue center that need a loving home.

Your veterinarian can be a reliable source of information about adoption centers near you.

Finding German Shepherd Greyhound Puppies For Sale

If you want to buy a puppy, make sure to find a reputable Greyhound Shepherd breeder. Just make sure your breeder produces all the necessary health clearances of the parent dogs and the puppy.

You may be wondering “how much does a German Shepherd Greyhound Mix cost?”

Well, Greyhound puppies are quite expensive, and quality German Shepherd puppies do not come cheap either. This makes the German Shepherd Greyhound Mix one of the most expensive mixed breeds out there.

A Greyhound Shepherd can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $4,000. The price depends on several factors, including the reputation of the breeders, the availability of puppies in your area and the quality of the puppy.

German Shepherd Greyhound Shepherds are also quite rare, so that pushes their price up as well. If you’re on a strict budget, you need to know a Shephound is not cheap unless you are looking to adopt one from a shelter.

German Shepherd Greyhound Mix dog


When it comes to mixed breeds like the German Shepherd Greyhound Mix, you can never be sure what they are going to look like.

Every puppy resembles one parent breed more than the other. However, you can bet that the Shephound will be a very cute dog and he will be quite big. That’s why they need a lot of food rich in proteins and calories.

The Greyhound Shepherd is quite easy to raise. Nevertheless, he can be a bit stubborn where training becomes difficult. In other cases, he is a great learner due to his GSD genes.

Mental stimulation is important since the Greyhound side seems to get bored easily and can develop destructive behaviors.
The Greyhound German Shepherd Mix makes a great family dog. Being gentle and loving, these dogs get along well with kids and other family pets.

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