The German Shepherd Boxer Mix: Is It Right For You?

German Shepherd Boxer Mix Guide

There are some dogs that immediately go together when thinking of designer dogs.

Some are bred for cute looks, like the Pomsky. Others have traits from parent dogs that ensure they are gentle, loyal family dogs.

Then there are clear working dog crosses like the German Shepherd Boxer mix.

When you have a Boxer mix with German Shepherd, you are sure to get some strong, interesting pups, but are they good pets?

In this guide to this interesting hybrid we will look at some of the most important German Shepherd Boxer mix information that you need to know.

Boxer mixed with German Shepherd Dog

There are some obvious red flags about the Boxer Shepherd mix temperament,  given the nature of the parent breeds, so we will look at the personality, behavioral issues and German Shepherd Boxer mix training problems that owners may experience.

Along the way, we will also look at some of the physical features of this cross, as well as health issues and general care concerns.

Finally we will look at ways of obtaining German Shepherd Boxer mix puppies before offering out final verdict.

Few Facts About The German Shepherd Boxer Mix

Weight:65 to 95 pounds
Height:23 – 27 inches long
Good Guard dog:Yes
Lifespan:10 to 13 years
Apartment living:No
Tolerate being alone:No, best suited for active families
Suitable for new owners:No
Coat:Dense short coat but sometimes double coated like the German Shepherd
Coat color:Brown, tan, gray, black, white
Level of shedding:Moderate to heavy shedding tendencies
Temperament:Energetic, hardworking, protective, loyal, alert, intelligent, outgoing
Exercise needs:High, should be outside for at least 90 minutes every day
Cat friendly:Early socialization is required
Dog friendly:Moderate, early socialization is required
Kids friendly:Suitable for families with older kids, socialization is required
Price:$500 – $1500

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What does a German shepherd boxer mix look like?

If you have been looking at German Shepherd Boxer mix pictures online, you will have seen that the offspring of this breed can vary in their looks.

Some have the flatter head of a boxer with the body shape of a GSD while others have a GSD muzzle and a more muscular build.

Either way, many owners are in agreement that this is one of the most handsome cross breeds out there. Not so much cute, but a strong, good looking working dog.

German Shepherd Boxer Mix Size, Height & Weight

They tend to weight anywhere between 65 to 95 lbs, depending on the body shape and genetics. This means that some will get pretty big.

In fact, some have found that these pups can reach as much 70 lbs within their first year. They also tend to grow to an average height of between 23 and 27 inches. 

What sort of coat can you expect from a German Shepherd mixed with Boxer?

Color variations are minimal with these parent breeds, and it is no surprise that the majority of dogs bred from brown boxers and brown GSDs will be a golden brown in color.

The shapes vary in these online photos, but the colors less so. Many will also keep the black muzzle and darker patches of the GSD.


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Clearly, a black GSD and darker boxer will produce a darker pup and a white boxer and pale GSD with produce paler pups.

It may also be worth looking for brindle markings as these can often occur with Boxers as well.

German Shepherd Boxer mix Grooming Needs

The parent breeds of this cute hybrid clearly have very different coats and it is a gamble precisely what will happen with the offspring.

The biggest concern comes from the fact that the GSD parent will undoubtedly be a heavy shedder with seasonal moults, which can lead to increased grooming needs on occasion.

So is the same true with Shepherd Boxer mix shedding?

If your German Shepherd Boxer Mix has this GSD gene and a thicker coat, there is unfortunately no getting away from the shed hair.

Embrace the challenge of the seasonal moult and enjoy the quality of the coat throughout the year.

It’s important to brush your Boxer German Shepherd dog one to two times each day during the heavy shedding seasons. Otherwise, make it a habit to brush your dog’s coat at least once a week for at least 5 minutes.

Regular brushing and bathing can help to maintain the coats of these pups, even if it has the shorter, more manageable coat of the Boxer.

Additionally, give your Boxer German Shepherd mix three to four baths per year and use deodorizing wipes for dogs regularly to keep him clean and smelling fresh and sweet.


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Diet and Feeding Requirements

A high protein diet is recommended for this active crossbreed.

GSD Boxer puppies should be fed regular but small portions that are easy to digest, so feeding them ½ a cup of high quality dog food about three times per day should suffice. Full grown adults should do well eating 3 to 4 cups of high quality dog food, provided that this amount is divided into two meals per day.

Keep in mind that due to the size and energy levels of these dogs, their nutritional requirements can change from time to time, so it’s advisable to obtain a specific recommendation about your dog’s diet from your vet. Their weight and health condition might also require particular portions, so it’s a good idea to get the correct recommendation from your vet.

When checking various brands, keep an eye out for antioxidants, fibers, omega fatty acids, probiotics and glucosamine, among other minerals and vitamins that will help boost their overall health. It’s also important to supplement your GSD Boxer’s regular diet with wild Alaskan salmon oil to support their joints and improve coat and skin health.

Additionally, make sure there is fresh water available throughout the day.

Also, always make sure your pup has a healthy weight. Once they begin to look overweight, reduce the amount of food you feed them.

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Important considerations for creating the best possible home for a German Shepherd Boxer Mix puppy

As this is a big breed with a lot of energy to burn, you need to make sure that they have the space to run around and plenty of exercise.

This means that apartment living is out. They need a yard to play in – as mental puzzles are important too – and plenty of time for walks.

Some say that a Boxer GSD dog need one good hour long walk a day, but this really should be seen as the minimum. If you can’t meet this requirement, you don’t have the time to dedicate to this breed.

They can also be wonderful companions in your regular outdoor adventures. Take your dog with you when going out jogging, running or hiking.

They tend to develop destructive behaviors if they don’t get the right amount of exercise. This is because they are constantly looking for something to keep them active and busy.

These intelligent dogs will also enjoy playing with you or with their interactive dog toys. Since they have such intelligent minds, they need challenging activities from time to time; otherwise, they can develop destructive habits and start chewing your furniture and shoes to keep themselves entertained.


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Another interesting issue here is the presence of young children. There are lots of owners that say that the cross is great with kids, but they will require training to get them to this point.

If you are a first time owner, they may not be the best choice with a very young family.

This is a particular problem if they get too eager in play, overpower children or struggle to understand boundaries. Training will fix this, and advice on this is mentioned below.

Those that are brought up well with kids make great family guard dogs thanks to the genetics of the parent breeds.

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German Shepherd Boxer Mix Health Issues

There seem to be some mixed opinions between owners about the health care needs of these dogs.

Some say they are a joy to look after, with minimal issues across course of their lives. Others meanwhile will point out the threats from the genes of the parent dogs.

The Boxer German Shepherd Mix is prone to allergies and elbow and hip dysplasia. In addition, they can suffer from degenerative myelopathy, cancer, bloat, pancreatic insufficiency and heart disease.

Your Boxer German Shepherd mix may or may not inherit those health conditions, so it’s recommended to buy your puppy from a good breeder.


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To help ensure you end up with a healthy dog, you should consider DNA or genetic testing in order to determine whether there are any concerns that both parent dogs have experienced.

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What is the Life Expectancy Of A German Shepherd Boxer Mix?

The good news here is that the German Shepherd Boxer mix lifespan can be pretty long.

A happy, healthy dog, with the care needs addressed in the way mentioned above, can be expected to live to between 10 to 13 years.

Naturally, there is the potential that these dogs will develop some illness that shorten their lives. The idea of the GSD Boxer dog being healthy probably comes from three key areas.

Firstly, there are many owners that have had no problems with their own pet, so assume that this is standard. Secondly, many cross breeds tend to be a little healthier than their parent dogs.

Finally, Boxers themselves come with few major issues. The problem is that there are major concerns with the GSD, and minor issues with the Boxer.

Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD), Cardiomyopathy Subaortic Stenosis (SAS), Elbow Dysplasia, Gastric Torsion and Colitis can appear. If you know that the parents suffered with any of these, be prepared to get your pet checked out.

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Boxer German Shepherd Mix Temperament & Personality

The German Shepherd Boxer mix personality will appeal to some pet owners but not others.

There are lots of great attributes that these hybrids can adopt, as the parent breeds are both alert, intelligent, protective and outgoing.

Boxers are often more friendly and cheerful in nature, so that could come out, while the GSD is much more gentle.

As with all puppies, you never really know what personality they will have until they start to grow up.

One reason that they are so well loved by families is that they are also loyal and protective. This makes sense when we think back to the idea about them being great guard dogs.


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Are there any clear Boxer Shepherd mix behavioral issues that owners need to watch out for?

As was mentioned above, concern over personality traits, like aggression and energy levels can put some people off from getting a Boxer GSD cross.

Like all hybrids, the Boxer and German Shepherd mix can have some issues.

The main concern for many is not aggression, which seems to be diluted with these crossed genes, but rather those energy levels.

This seems to be a strong trait that is passed down from Boxer parent to pup. When handled correctly with activity and exercise, this can be controlled. When it isn’t, these big dogs could get too boisterous and a bit destructive.

This is a concern for those with small children or that have to leave the pups unattended at home.

On the subject of unattended pups, there is also the potential for separation anxiety here.

The final issue comes in socialization. Pups that are socialized with family and other animals early are far less likely to be a problem.

Boxer German Shepherd Training

The issues above are a concern for many first time owners.

The idea of having a large pup with the intelligence of a GSD but the energy of a Boxer can seem like too much of a handful. This is completely true for some owners where this dog just is suitable.

However, it is possible to learn how to train a German Shepherd Boxer mix if you embrace its personality.

The high level of intelligence is a good thing, it means that they are smart enough to pick up tricks and commands quite quickly.

The problem comes with the energy and attention span as they may not focus on the task at hand for very long.

Short, frequent training sessions with strong rewards will help here. This can be an issue when working on separation anxiety, but perseverance does pay off.

Early socialization and training will also help create a peaceful environment with children and other household pets.

Housetraining and obedience training should be done by an experienced dog trainer. If you’re experienced in handling dogs with a working background, then this might be a good pet for you.

If you’re overwhelmed, make sure to seek the assistance of a professional dog trainer.

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Finding German Shepherd Boxer Mix Puppies for Sale

German Shepherd Boxer mix puppies can be found with some reliable breeders, but you do need to do your homework. The last thing you want is a pup bred from poor stock or from a puppy farm.

If you see an advert for a Boxer German Shepherd mix for sale, go to the home of the breeder to take a look at the puppies.

Spend time with them, talk to the owners and take a look at the parents. The more information they can provide, the better equipped you are as the dogs reach maturity.


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How Much Does A German Shepherd Boxer Puppy Cost?

Since German Shepherds and Boxers are extremely popular, the GSD Boxer Mix price can be anywhere between $500 and $1500.

If you do decide to buy your puppy from a breeder, make sure that they are able to answer any questions you may have about the parent breeds as well as the mixed breed itself.

Finding a Boxer German Shepherd Mix for Adoption

Adoption is great option for anyone that wants to rescue an unwanted mix breed.

There are all kinds of dogs in shelters that will make great pets with the right love and care.

The potential behavior problem of this GSD Boxer hybrid mean that some may get a cute puppy and find that they cannot handle it. You could rescue that dog and give it the home it needs.

This might mean some extra work to get it trained up properly, but the rewards are worth the effort.

In case you have decided to adopt a dog, please fill free to check these websites:

German Shepherd Boxer Hybrid

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What have we learned about this Boxer German Shepherd mix?

Hopefully this German shepherd boxer mix info has given you a good impression of what to expect with this hybrid.

There will be potential obstacles on the horizon with this cross breed in terms of training, energy levels, attention span and some health issues.

On the other hand, there are great benefits in their personalities and capabilities as working dogs and guard dogs.

If you feel that the German Shepherd Boxer mix shouldn’t be overlooked because of size and temperament, and are willing to put the work in, you should find that you get a lot of pleasure out of owning this hybrid.

Many owners start out with Boxer German Shepherd mix puppies and are won over by their cute looks and playfulness. Soon enough, they realize that they have a loyal, loving, intelligent dog that makes a much-loved family pet.



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