All About The Doberman Australian Shepherd Mix

doberman Australian shepherd mix

The Doberman Australian Shepherd mix, also simply known as the Doberman Shepherd, is a very large dog that is a result of crossbreeding a Doberman Pinscher parent and an Australian Shepherd parent.

Perhaps whoever initially bred this mix had in mind blending the best traits of both parent dogs (including the amazing guard dog capabilities of the Australian Shepherd and the high intelligence levels of the Doberman Pinscher), in order to get the best of both worlds.

Thanks to the excellent genes he inherits from his parent dogs, the Doberman Australian Shepherd Mix is known to do well in tasks such as sighting, racing, herding and military activities.

So, what does this hybrid look and behave like? Is it more like the Doberman Pinscher or the Australian Shepherd?

Here, we’ll try and answer these and many more questions that you might be grappling with. Read on to view pictures and get more information about the beautiful Doberman Pinscher Australian Shepherd mix.

Doberman Australian Shepherd Mix: History

As you already know, this is a hybrid or a designer dog.

The cross breeding of two pure dog breeds is something that has been practiced for many years now. However, it was not until the 1990’s that it became very popular. Some hybrids are better in certain aspects than others.

In most cases, breeders will cross breed two great dogs in order to get the best traits of the two parent dogs in the same dog. Without a clear history to take reference from, it is important to understand the traits of the parent dogs to see what the Doberman Shepherd is like.

Doberman Australian Shepherd Mix: Size, Height & Weight

An adult Doberman Australian Shepherd mix will be of large to extremely large size, reaching up to 24 inches tall and weighing anywhere between 90 and 110 pounds.

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Doberman Australian Shepherd Mix: Lifespan

A Doberman Australian Shepherd Mix should live for around 10 to 13 years, which is the average lifespan for such large dogs.

Australian Shepherd Doberman Mix: Coat

The Doberman Australian Shepherd Mix has a beautiful, smooth coat that it takes over from the combination of its parent’s coats.

In general, most Doberman Australian Shepherd mix dogs have a coat that resembles that of their Doberman parent dog, with the standard colors being black and brown.

Doberman Australian Shepherd Mix: Personality

Like other cross-breeds, you need to consider the temperament of both parents to get a good idea of how your new Doberman Australian Shepherd Mix puppy will behave.

The Doberman is a very protective dog while the Australian Shepherd is one of the sweetest dogs around.

✓ Doberman Australian Shepherd is a very intelligent, active, confident and courageous dog. This hybrid has a strong personality and requires an owner who can act as the pack leader.

✓ The Doberman Aussie Shepherd is as energetic as his parents, and can also be very adorable, charming and well mannered. He is loyal and dedicated to his master and family and very protective if need be.

✓ He can be strong-minded and needs a determined and reliable owner when it comes to training.

✓ He enjoys company and being around people and other animals, and should not be left at home, all alone, for far too long.

✓ He likes barking occasionally and he is suitable for most climatic conditions, but not extremely cold ones.

Doberman Australian Shepherd Mix: Dog Care

Grooming Requirements:

Doberman Australian Shepherd should be a moderate shedder since his parents are actually anywhere between low and moderate shedding dogs.

Therefore, minimal grooming is necessary with this dog. He also needs brushing a few times per week. These dogs may require the additional purchase of a pet hair vacuum and furminator.

Bathing once a month will work for him. You can also use deodorizing wipes for dogs when your pooch needs some freshening up between baths! These wipes can help to safely remove dust, dirt, dander and bad odors, leaving your pooch smelling fresh!

His nails also need clipping from time to time so you could ask a professional groomer to do the job for you if you don’t know the right way to cut your dog’s nails. His ears also need cleaning on a weekly basis, wiping the just the outer parts.

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Doberman Australian Shepherd Mix: Exercise and Training Needs

This dog will most likely be a very energetic dog since both of his parent dogs have high energy levels.

For such a large and energetic dog, the Australian Shepherd and Doberman mix will need both physical and mental exercises to remain healthy.

Taking your dog for hikes and walks will help keep his energy levels down and stop him from being destructive at home.

Some play time in his yard will also help to keep him entertained.

Leash training and housebreaking are all recommended at an early stage. You’ll also want to leave interactive dog toys within his reach to keep him pacified.

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If possible, you should be active yourself so he can walk with you, jog with you, run along with you and go hiking with you.

Make sure the dog games and exercises provide both physical and mental stimulation. Your dog will also need the physical exercises to prevent him from being overweight or obese.

When it comes to training, be firm and reward him with praise and treats. Make sure you socialize and train him from an early stage so you can have a well mannered pooch with his finest traits improved and his bad ones stopped.

He may be a little quicker to train than many other dogs since he is very intelligent. So, once he grasps something, proceed to the next one and so on. He will end up enjoying the exercises and training since it will keep him physically fit and mentally stimulated.

Anyone that struggles with the training of these dogs can turn to Doggy Dan the Online Dog trainer for accessible guides on all kinds of issues.

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Doberman Australian Shepherd Mix: Feeding

Generally speaking, feeding should be done based on the specific needs of your dog. Each dog is different and has unique dietary needs.

Usually, you will need to feed him with dry dog food twice per day. The recommended amount is four to five cups.

Like other hybrids, this mix is susceptible to elbow and hip dysplasia and therefore, he should be put on fish oil, chondroitin and glucosamine supplements. Overfeeding your dog is unwise as it can worsen these health problems.

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Doberman Australian Shepherd Mix: Health Concerns

All pets can suffer from genetic health problems since all breeds are prone to some health problems than others. Nonetheless, the best thing about getting an Australian Shepherd Doberman mix puppy is that it is possible to avoid such problems.

It is important for a breeder to provide a health guarantee on any Doberman Australian Shepherd Mix puppies for sale. If they are hesitant to do this, then look elsewhere. A reliable breeder will be open and honest about the health problems affected the breed and the rate at which they occur.

Doberman Australian Shepherd Mix might be susceptible to allergies, eye problems and joint dysplasia, among others. Keep in mind that these health problems are common in both parent breeds.

I’d also recommend using Embark Breed Identification Dog DNA Test kit if you want to get to know your pup better!

This user-friendly DNA test kit will tell you much more than you ever imagined about your puppy, like a comprehensive breakdown of your Doberman Australian Shepherd Mix puppy that makes him truly unique, and all the genetic health problems he may be prone to.

doberman aussie mix


While it is highly recommended to adopt all animals from a rescue, it is understandable that some owners might contact a breeder to get their Doberman Australian Shepherd Mix puppy. Regardless, you can expect an active, imposing but excellent family pet.

Keep in mind that the Doberman Pinscher and the Australian Shepherd are both powerful and protective breeds, so training and socializing your Doberman Australian Shepherd Mix with kids and other pets at a young age is very important to avoid problems in the future.

What you can expect with a Doberman Australian Shepherd Mix puppy is a pooch that will share a strong bond with you and close ones, and one that will never come short on showing love and affection.

The Doberman Australian Shepherd Mix needs an owner who will lead him properly. With proper training and care, this loving dog can be the perfect match for you.

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