150+ Greek Dog Names & Meanings (Apollo, Hector, Zeus & More..)

Greek dog names

If you are looking for a name for your new puppy, Greek dog names are a beautiful, unique choice!

This is because they recognize an ancient culture that has stood the test of time and made its presence felt globally.

It is not difficult to think of epic Greek dog names simply because Greece is one of the oldest countries in the world.

Greek mythology is arguably the most famous mythology in the world. Everyone knows about Greece and its history. Many letters in the modern alphabet originate from the Greek alphabet.

Greek dog names sound great and are suitable for almost any dog, male, female, gentle, tough, small or big. From ancient Greece to the present-day Greece, Greek dog names are unique and recognizable.

We’ve sought inspiration from different places, including Greek mythology, famous human names, geography, food and more. Hopefully, you will find a name that suits your dog perfectly!

Find the best name for your dog by browsing our list of Greek dog names below.

Male Greek Dog Names

For male dogs, we think of powerful Gods such as Hades, Hercules and Zeus, among others.

We want the best Greek dog names to represent our strong and powerful pets.

You’re in luck, because we’ve compiled a whole list of the best Greece dog names for you to choose from.

Check out our list of male Greek dog names and meanings below:

1. Achilles: In Greek mythology, Achilles was the bravest and most skillful warrior in the Trojan War.

2. Adonis: Adonis is one of the Greek god names in ancient mythology and comes with a rich history and an epic back story. The ‘Greek God of Vegetation’ fits in perfectly well with the idea of a muscle bound dog.

dog in Greece

3. Aeolus: Aeolus was the God of winds in ancient Greek mythology. This would be a suitable name for those dogs that zip quickly and leave a gust of wind behind.

4. Apollo: the intelligent God of many facets, including knowledge, prophecy, poetry and music. This name would be a great moniker for a versatile dog with many talents. If your dog is easy to train, this could also be a good choice.

5. Ares: God of war. This is good name for strong and fearless dogs.

6. Argos: Argos is a city in Greece and also the name of Odysseus’ loyal dog.

7. Atlas: The Greek Titan Atlas was charged with the responsibility of holding the entire world on his shoulders. If you trust your dog with a lot of responsibility, then this name is a good choice.

8. Chiron: In Greek mythology, Chiron was one of the centaurs famous for having the body of a human being and the legs of a horse. This name could be a suitable moniker for a tall and powerful dog.

9. Cronos: God of time, possibly the most powerful Titan in Greek mythology.

10. Damarius: means ‘calf or young bull’. This would be suitable for the handsome dog.

11. Dionysus: the God of Wine; sometimes considered to be wild.

12. Eros: the God of love and attraction considered to be the Greek version of the Roman Cupid.

13. Hector: a heroic figure of the Trojan War.

14. Helios: the God of the sun. The name would be a great choice for those dogs that bring joy and happiness into your life.

15. Hermes: the God of travelers, traders and thieves. This would be a suitable name for lightning-fast dogs.

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16. Hyperion: the God of the sky.

17. Kratos: the God of strength and power.

18. Morpheus: the God of dreams, a great moniker for dreamy and sensitive dogs.

19. Oceanus: the God of the ocean; for dogs that love swimming.

20. Orion: Orion was a talented hunter, which makes this name perfect for a hunting dog.

21. Pan: God of nature; for your adventurous dog.

22. Paros: named after the Greek island of Paros – which is renowned for its beautiful beaches and numerous traditional villages.

23. Plato: a famous Greek philosopher considered to the founder of the Academy in Athens.

24. Plutus: God of wealth.

25. Poseidon: God of the sea, this would also be a good moniker for dogs that love the waters.

26. Sirius: also known as the Dog Star, Sirius is the brightest star in the sky.

a cute small dog in Greece

27. Socrates: Another famous Greek philosopher considered to be the father of western philosophy.

28. Troy: also known as Anatolia, the city of Troy is located in modern-day Turkey. The city played a significant role in Greek history as it was where the Trojan War broke out.

29. Zelus: the God of envy and dedication.

28. Zephyrus: the messenger of spring, a good Greek name for a cool and gentle dog.

29. Zeus: the father of all Gods, the God of thunder and lightning.

Male dog names like these actually showcase your dog’s personality. With powerful figures such as Cronos, Chiron, Poseidon and Zeus, they’ll reflect your dog’s power when you call his name.

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Now let’s take a closer look at the best Greek dog names for girl dogs.

Female Greek Dog Names

Check out the following Greek dog names for your female puppy.

We’ve also added their meanings so you can understand the full scope of each name.

1. Agatha: a Greek word meaning ‘kind or good’.

2. Alcina: this Greek word means ‘strong-minded’, perfect for dogs with an independent streak.

3. Alejandra: this Greek dog name means ‘protector or defender’, making it ideal for a guard dog.

4. Amaryllis: this Greek name means ‘sparkling’.

5. Amphitrite: the Goddess of the sea.

Labrador Retriever Puppy Biting His Toy

6. Apate: the Goddess of swamps, gardens and flowers.

7. Aphrodite: the Goddess of beauty and love.

8. Athena: the Goddess of wisdom.

9. Bia: the Goddess of force and power.

10. Cassandra: the second most beautiful woman after Helen of Troy.

11. Damara: a ‘gentle girl’, a perfect name for gentle dogs.

12. Delphina: loosely translates to ‘little girl’, a perfect name for your sweet little bundle of joy.

13. Demeter: the Goddess of fertility and agriculture.

14. Eileithyia: the Goddess of labor pains and childbirth.

15. Elpis: only Elpis remained in the Pandora’s Box when it was opened, a single blessing to help humans in their suffering. It signifies hope.

16. Eos: the Goddess of dawn.

17. Europa: first queen of the Crete Island, a royal name for your furry princess.

18. Feodora: gift from God. You’ll agree this is something you could say about your dog.Adorable Siberian Husky Puppy
19. Gaia: the Greek version of Mother Nature.

20. Harmonia: the Goddess of peace and harmony.

21. Hebe: the Goddess of youth.

22. Hecate: the Goddess of the moon and magic. Dogs have always had a connection to the moon.

23. Helen: the most beautiful woman, the cause of the Trojan War.

24. Hera: the queen of all the Gods. She is as powerful as she is beautiful.

25. Hestia: the Goddess of home and the family.

26. Hygea: the Goddess of cleanliness and good health.

27. Iris: contrary to what you may be thinking, Iris is the Goddess of the rainbow in Greek mythology.

28. Iyonna: a cute name meaning ‘gracious’.

29. Leto: the Goddess of the night.

Italian Mastiff dog lying down
30. Metis: the wisdom Goddess.

31. Nemesis: Goddess of retribution for evil deeds. The word nemesis means ‘to give what is due’ in Greek. It makes great name for a protective dog.

32. Nyke (Nike): the Goddess of victory.

33. Olympia: the female version of Olympus.

34. Pandora: the first woman to be created by Zeus. The name would be a suitable moniker for a brown-coated dog.

35. Persefone: the Goddess of spring and vegetation. She was wife to Hades, the God of the Underworld.

36. Pheme: Goddess of gossip and fame.

37. Rhea: the wife of the Titan Cronos.

38. Selene: Selene was another Goddess of the moon in Greek mythology. This makes this a good name for a dog that is alert at night.

39. Thalia: the blossoming one.

40. Tyche: the Goddess of fortune and prosperity.

We must admit it; female Greek names are very beautiful and elegant. Female names such as Alejandra, Athena, and Thalia are powerful yet feminine.

This brings us nicely to cute Greek dog names.

Cute Greek Dog Names

Here are some cute and cool Greek dog names for you to consider:

1. Callisto: this names means ‘the most beautiful’.

2. Chaos/ Khaos: the void that originally separated earth and heaven.

Golden Retriever Dog In Grass

3. Chobani: this name means shepherd. Therefore, it is ideal for a herding dog.

4. Chromos: the God of time. For dogs that appreciate a regular and consistent meal & exercise schedule.

5. Dogma: a common name in the English language, Dogma is actually a Greek word. It means ‘belief’ or ‘opinion’.

6. Dottie: a unisex Greek name meaning ‘gift from God’.

7. Genie: for dogs that have a ‘noble descent’.

8. Hypnos: the God of sleep. For dog breeds that love to sleep.

9. Kyon: this word means ‘dog’ in Greek. This makes it a reasonable Greek dog name for just any other dog.

10. Opa: a very popular way of saying cheers in the Greek culture. This cute Greek dog name is short and sure to turn heads as you go by. The name is suitable for any dog, regardless of breed, size or gender.

11. Pan: the god of shepherds. This short name is perfect for a sheepdog.

12. Paxi: named after the group of small Greek islands. Therefore, this name is suitable for a small-sized dog.

13. Raki: Raki is the Greek version of moonshine. This short and sweet name is suitable for any dog as well.

Akita Inu with young woman

14. Symi: a famous Greek island known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant festivals. This makes it a suitable name for an active and lively dog.

15. Titan: a number of gods and Goddesses. Also refers to something that has great strength or power, just like your dog will have a huge influence on your outlook on life.

16. Zale: this Greek dog names means ‘bold or brave’.

Badass Greek Dog Names

Badass dog names are ideal for brave, strong and powerful dogs.

However, all breeds have the potential to become badass, from large Great Danes to tiny Chihuahuas. There’s no end to the skills and talents of your canine companion.

Fortunately, we have compiled a list of unique Greek dog names for those kick-ass dogs:

1. Andromeda: a Greek dog name meaning the ‘ruler of men’.

2. Aphrodite: the Goddess of love and beauty.

border collie rolling in wet grass

3. Artemis: the huntress and patroness of hunters.

4. Astra: derived from the word Astron, which means ‘star’.

5. Callista: a Greek dog name meaning ‘beautiful’.

6. Cerberus: a three-headed canine in Greek mythology that keeps watch of the underworld gates. You can’t find a more suitable name for a guardian dog than this!

7. Hades: king of the underworld and God of the dead. This would be an ideal moniker for a black dog.

8. Hercules: a fearless and powerful warrior in the Greek mythology.

9. Hydra: a gigantic snake-like monster with nine heads.

10. Medusa: the Gorgon or monster with snakes for fur.

11. Trojan: the Trojan horse is an epic Greek story. The Greeks would hide inside the Trojan Horse monument during the Trojan war, so it can be a great name for sly hunting dogs.

Cute French Bulldog Looking at the camera

Greek City Dog Names

Greece is home to some of the most beautiful cities in the world.

When choosing Greek dog names, you should also consider popular regions, islands and cities to take inspiration for dog names and pay homage to a wonderful location many people around the world would love to visit.

Here are popular Greek dog names inspired by geography:

1. Athens: the capital city of Greece. It one of the oldest cities in the world, often considered to be the birthplace of democracy and the cradle of western civilization.

2. Crete: the largest of the islands of Greece.

3. Kalamata: one of the largest cities in southern Greece.

4. Katerini: A popular town in Macedonia, Greece.

5. Milos: for dogs with a feisty temperament. Named after the volcanic Greek island.

6. Patmos: a popular Greek island, which is the location of the writing of the Bible book of Revelation.

7. Santorini: another Greek island located around 10 miles southeast of mainland Greece.

8. Volos: a port city located in the heart of Greek mainland.

three cute red golden retriever puppies

Greek Dog Names Inspired By Food

Here are our favorite Greek food-inspired names to give your dog. Cute Greek food names for dogs!

1. Baklava: a sweet pastry that includes filo and nuts sweetened with syrup or honey.

2. Feta: this is a brined curd cheese made from a mixture of goat and sheep milk or from sheep’s milk only.

3. Filo or phyllo: paper-thin unleavened dough for making pastries.

4. Gyro: rotisserie meat or pita sandwich.

5. Moussaka: a popular Greek dish that comprises ground beef, potato or eggplant.

6. Pita: leavened flatbread.

7. Tzatziki: sauce made of garlic, cucumber, yogurt and olive oil.

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Greece is one of the most beautiful and culturally-rich countries in the world. Giving your new dog a Greek-themed name is a great idea.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our collection of Greek dog names and that you have found the perfect name for your dog.

Whether it was a name of a brave warrior, mythological creature or a legendary philosopher that piqued your interest, we hope it was a great choice for your pup.

If you still haven’t found the right name for your dog, keep researching the various categories of names, including Japanese dog names, Italian dog names, Hawaiian dog names and more!

More importantly, make sure you enjoy the process, since naming a dog is fun and rewarding…..

cute pug dog panting with his tongue out

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