All About the Rottweiler Yorkie Mix (With Pictures)

Rottweiler Yorkie Mix

It is fascinating to imagine a Rottweiler Yorkshire Terrier Mix actually exists. The first thing that springs to mind is, of course, the size difference of the two parent breeds.

But how would a Rottweiler Yorkie Mix look like? The outcome of this combination may be unpredictable. This is because this cross is quite unique and is due to the craze of crossing Yorkies with larger dog breeds.

A Yorkie Rottweiler Mix puppy is usually achieved through artificial insemination. The male Yorkshire Terrier is typically mated with a female Rottweiler.

If you love both the Yorkie and the Rottweiler, then this mix might sound like a great choice. But before you get one, read on to understand what you are getting yourself into!

So let’s jump right in!

Some Quick Facts about the Yorkie Rottweiler Mix

Breed Type:Crossbreed/Mixed Breed
Size:Small to Medium sized dog
Good Watch DogYes
Average Weight:4 to 130 pounds
Average Height:7 to 27 inches
Lifespan:12 to 15 years
Suitable for first time owners:No. Both the Yorkie and the Rottweiler are not good choices for first-time owners because of their stubbornness
Suitable for apartment living:Yes, provided they get enough amounts of exercises each day
Ideal For:Best suited to active singles and families with patience or prior canine experience
Trainability:Moderate difficulty
Coat Colors:Black and grey, black and tan and golden brown
Shedding:Low to Moderate
Grooming Needs:Daily brushing is necessary to help prevent matting or tangling
Energy Levels:Moderate
Exercise Needs:Moderate, at least 45 minutes of exercise every day is required
Tolerance to being left alone:Low, they can easily get bored, and need plenty of attention to thrive
Feeding and Diet:2 to 3 cups of high quality dog food each day, divided into two or three meals
Possible Health Issues:Cataracts, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, Von Willebrand’s Disease, hypothyroidism, bloat and cancer.
Temperament:Stubborn, intelligent, energetic, loyal, courageous
Cat Friendly:No, early socialization is must
Dog Friendly:No, early socialization is must
Kid Friendly:Yes, with early socialization.
Barking Tendencies:Yes and no, it depends on which parent breed they take after most. Rottweilers are quiet dogs while Yorkies bark a lot
Price:Expect anywhere in the $300 – $1000 range

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Rottweiler and Yorkie Mix Breed Origin

Perhaps you’re wondering how the Rottweiler and Yorkie Mix breed began. Well, no one knows for sure where and how this breed began. However, this mix almost certainly began in the United States in the 1990s.

As with other hybrid dog breeds, it can be difficult to predict what combination of genes each of the puppies will acquire from each purebred parent.

Simply put, it is often difficult to predict how large a mixed breed puppy like the Yorkie Rottweiler Mix will be, what he will look like, or how he will behave at maturity.

The best way to start studying the possible traits is to consider the history of each parent breed.

The History of the Yorkshire Terrier

Also known as the Yorkie, the Yorkshire Terrier hails from Yorkshire in the northern part of England.

In the mid-nineteenth century, Scottish workers arrived in Yorkshire looking for job opportunities. They brought a variety of small terriers, which are believed to be the descendants of the so-called Broken Haired Scotch Terrier, Toy Terrier or the Yorkshire Terrier.

These dogs were commonly used as hunting dogs and later on as companion dogs. The Yorkie breed was officially registered with the American Kennel Club in 1885.

cute yorkie puppy

The History of the Rottweiler

It is commonly believed that the Rottie descended from Roman cattle dogs.

The Romans had settled in a German town called ‘das Rote Wil’ or Rottweil in 74 AD. During the middle ages, these dogs were used as cattle dogs and for bear hunting purposes.

In the 19th century, more railways were constructed and the cattle were transported by rail. This led to a decrease in the popularity of the breed. During the First World War, there emerged a huge demand for military and police dogs. As a result, Rotties played a huge role in both the 1st and 2nd World War.

The AKC officially recognized the Rottweiler as a unique breed in 1931. They are now one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.

is a rottweiler good family dog

So what does a Yorkie Rottweiler Mix look like? Will your puppy be more of a Yorkie or more of a Rottie? Will he inherit equal characteristics from each purebred parent?

Read on to learn more about the general appearance of a Yorkie and Rottweiler Mix, including its size, height and weight.

The Appearance of the Yorkie Rottweiler Mix

One characteristic that makes the Rottweiler and the Yorkshire Terrier very different is their size. The two parent breeds are so different!
Therefore, predicting the exact appearance of a Yorkie Rottweiler cross can be a challenging task.

Nonetheless, we can use the characteristics of both purebred parents to forecast the appearance of the mix.

Size, Height And Weight: How Big Does A Yorkie Rottweiler Mix Get?

The Rottie stands between 22 and 27 inches tall and weighs anywhere between 80 to 130 pounds. Males are generally heavier and taller than females.

The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the smallest dog breeds in the world. They have a compact body and can weigh anywhere between 4 to 7 pounds. They stand comfortably at 7 to 8 inches tall.

Your Yorkie Rottweiler puppy can take after either the Yorkie or the Rottie. His full grown height and weight will most likely be somewhere between the two: i.e. between 7 and 27 inches and 4 and 130 pounds respectively.

One thing about this strange mix is that it is difficult to predict its actual appearance or size. The size and appearance will vary depending on the dominant genes.


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Coat and Coat Colors

The Rottweiler parent has a double coat that comes in a number of different colors, including black, tan, mahogany, black and tan, black and gold, blue and gold.

The most striking feature of the Yorkshire Terrier is their free-flowing, silky coat. They have a long and smooth layer that comes in black, grey or tan coloration. Some of these dogs also have a steel blue shade.

With the mix, the coat color might also vary. Nonetheless, the major colors that you can expect to see include black and grey, black and tan and golden brown.

Yorkie Rottweiler Mix Personality & Temperament

To better understand the temperament of a Rottweiler mixed with Yorkie, we need to study the traits this mix might inherit from each purebred parent.

Rottweilers are praised for their courage, loyalty and commitment. These dogs are very intelligent and hardworking. That’s why they are commonly used as police dogs.

Rotties are very active and easy to train. They are happy to learn and can master new tricks easily. The Rottie may be quite aggressive towards strangers. However, a well-trained and socialized Rottweiler is not hostile.

On the other hand, Yorkies are playful and dedicated dogs. They were originally developed to kill vermin, and they still retain their natural hunting instincts. They are also courageous and persistent. Nonetheless, they may be wary of strangers.

A Yorkie Rottweiler mixed breed dog can take after either or both of his parents. You can expect your mix to be courageous, loyal and dedicated. This means they make good watchdogs.

However, it may be hard to forecast the personality of an individual puppy. A reputable breeder will definitely provide more information about each parent dog’s behavior and also allow you to meet your puppy before you bring him home.

Socializing your Yorkie Rottweiler mix is a great way to ensure he is comfortable and confident around strangers. They also need to be socialized with cats and other pets due to the Yorkie’s natural hunting impulses.

Are They Kid-Friendly?

Yes. The Yorkie Rottweiler mix is friendly with young children due to the Rottweiler’s influence and will enjoy their company. However, it is not recommended to leave these dogs with small kids without adult supervision.

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Are They Good with Other Dogs?

Rottweiler Yorkies are not the best dog-friendly dogs around. Socializing your mix with other dogs is extremely important, especially if you intend to own more than one dog. Exposing your pup to other canines early can help prevent aggression.

Are They Good For First Time Dog Owners?

No. Both the Yorkie and the Rottweiler are not good choices for first-time owners because of their stubbornness.

Training Your Yorkie Rottweiler Mix

It is easy to train a Rottweiler due to their intelligence. However, housetraining small breeds like the Yorkie is sometimes a challenge. This is because they are unable to hold their bladders for a long period. Therefore, training should start early to achieve the best results.

You should treat your dog kindly and with understanding. Give them a reward to motivate them. If they make a mistake, don’t hit or shout at them. Doing so might make them terrified. Punishment cannot work, but giving him treats and other rewards will keep him interested in training.

Socializing your pooch is also essential if you want to end up with a happy and confident dog. This is because both Yorkies and Rottweilers are sometimes distrustful of strangers.

Therefore, early socialization is essential for a Rottie Yorkie Mix to ensure he can learn to be comfortable and confident in a group.

Massive Change - 300 x 250

Yorkie Rottweiler Mix Exercise Needs

Both Yorkies and Rottweilers are somewhat energetic canines. Therefore, their offspring will require a fair amount of exercise due to the genetic composition of the parents.

Be sure to provide your Yorkie Rottweiler Mix at least one walk each day. Playtime with interactive dog toys will greatly engage these intelligent dogs and keep them happy.

Consider dedicating one or two hours each day to keeping your pup mentally and physically stimulated.

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Grooming and Shedding

Some people think that Rotties don’t shed, but the truth is that these short-haired does shed a significant amount. They have a double coat that sheds seasonally. However, Yorkies are known to be hypoallergenic and do not shed much. Brushing their coat regularly can help reduce shedding.

Otherwise, your dog will also need bathing at least once a month with a quality shampoo and wiping with the best deodorizing wipes for dogs to keep them smelling fresh.

Brush their teeth a few times per week and trim their nails if need be.

Feeding and Diet

Your Rottweiler Yorkie Mix’s diet will depend on his age, size and metabolism rate.

For instance, a young Yorkie Rottweiler Mix puppy will need less amount of food than a mature dog.

So, make sure your Rottweiler Yorkie consumes a well-balanced diet. Consider providing them with high quality dog food rich in protein, but one that’s low in fat content.

Also, avoid giving your dog all of its food at once. Provide them two to three meals per day. Also, remember to give your mix fresh water to avoid dehydration.

A Yorkie Rottweiler’s diet should also contain wild Alaskan salmon oil and probiotics to improve their skin and coat health. Their diet should also include glucosamine and fish oil since these dogs are vulnerable to joint issues like hip dysplasia.

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If your Yorkie Rottweiler Mix is healthy, you can expect him to live somewhere between 8 to 15 years.

The proper care and attention you provide your Yorkie Rottie Mix from puppyhood to adulthood will certainly have a positive impact on their overall lifespan and life expectancy.

Yorkie Rottweiler Mix Health Issues

As with other canines – purebred or crossbreed – the Yorkie Rottweiler Mix is prone to certain health issues. As a potential owner, it’s advisable to learn as much as possible about the health problems common to Rottweiler Yorkie Mixes.

Common health issues in Yorkie Rottweiler Mixes include cataracts, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, Von Willebrand’s Disease, hypothyroidism, bloat and cancer.

The best to do to ensure your mix is in optimal health condition is to monitor his weight, eating habits, and behavior. It’s extremely important to detect early signs of health concerns so you can protect your beloved pet from further harm.

Also, make sure your hybrid dog receives all the essential vaccines and take him for regular vet checkups.

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Rescuing a Yorkie Rottweiler Mix

You could find a Yorkie Rottweiler Mix listed for adoption in a rescue or shelter. Rescuing a dog has a number of benefits. It’s a fulfilling experience to give a loving home to a pup in need.

Moreover, adopting a dog is usually cheaper than buying one from a reputable breeder. Nonetheless, there are a few cons, as well. You won’t know the dog’s history as you would when going through a local breeder.

Finding a Yorkie Rottweiler Mix for Sale

The Yorkie Rottweiler Mix comes from two popular breeds, so it may be helpful to know the price of a puppy. That’s why you need to do your research and find reputable breeders near you.

If you’ve already made the decision to get a Yorkie Rottweiler Mix, look around for good breeders to ensure you find a healthy puppy and a good price.

Yorkshire terrier Rottweiler mixImage Source

Yorkie Rottweiler Mix Products and Accessories

For an intelligent and energetic breed like this, make sure to get interactive dog toys for him.

Furthermore, you need to consider getting a dog crate like the MidWest Folding Crate for Intermediate dogs for puppy training and naptime.

You should also consider buying the Furhaven Orthopedic dog bed for extra comfort and support at home and during your travels and outdoor adventures.

Other essential pet products and accessories include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Rottweiler Yorkies good family dogs?

Yes, Rottweiler Yorkies can be great family dogs. However, it depends on how well this mix is socialized and trained.

Are Rottweiler Yorkie Mixes Aggressive?

No. Although both parent breeds are really dedicated and protective, they are not overly aggressive if trained and socialized well.

These dogs have a protective and attention-seeking personality. They are also distrustful of unfamiliar people, which could trigger territorial aggression without proper training and socialization.

Rottweiler and Yorkie Dogs

Do Yorkies Rottweilers Bark A Lot?

Yes and No. It all depends on which parent breed they take after most. This is because Rottweilers are known to be calm and quiet dogs while Yorkies bark a lot. Therefore, your Yorkie Rottie Mix may or may not bark excessively.

Are Yorkie Rottweilers Dogs High Maintenance?

Yorkie Rottweiler dogs coat may grow to be fairly long, making them high maintenance dog in terms of grooming.

Can Yorkie Rottweiler Dogs Be Left Alone?

No. Yorkie Rottweiler dogs don’t normally tolerate being left alone for too long. And even though both Yorkies and Rottweilers can stand a few hours of solitude, you should not abuse it. Otherwise, they can develop disruptive and destructive behaviors such as chewing, biting and barking at any random thing.

Conclusion: Is A Yorkie Rottweiler Mix Right For You?

The Rottweiler Yorkie Mix definitely has the potential to be a loyal companion dog. Integrating the intelligence and courage of the parent breeds, these dogs will bring a lot of personality to your life.

Being a first generation cross, however, this dog may be unpredictable when it comes to health. Therefore, you need to think twice before getting such a recent hybrid dog.

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