The Saint Bernard Australian Shepherd Mix: Facts/Information

saint bernard australian shepherd mix

A Saint Bernard Australian shepherd mix may sound like an odd cross breed to many families. Not only is that a curious mix of two pretty different dogs, neither are particularly high on the popularity list.

The Australian Shepherd is a much-loved dog in working circles, and highly appreciated by breeders and owners. Still, it doesn’t have the popularity of other shepherd dogs and collies.

The St Bernard dog had a brief spell in the limelight after the Beethoven fad, but proves to be too much to handle for many owners.

This therefore leads to some important questions about the worth of this hybrid and its potential as a pet.

In this guide to the Australian shepherd Saint Bernard mix we aim to look a little closer at the breeding and the traits of these puppies to understand more about their pros and cons.

We will start with the purpose of the cross-breed, and personalities of the dogs.

We will then look at the physical side of the dog – such as size and coat care.

We will then look at the best way to find one of these Aussie Bernard pups.

Why breed these two dogs together? What sort of family pet or working dog do we create with this blend of genes?

The first thing that all new owners need to understand with this dog is that it is pretty rare.

This isn’t one of your common cross breeds with a fancy hybrid name and lots of specialist breeders. This is one where few have taken the plunge in breeding it.

However, a comparison of the two parent breeds highlights some of the possible genetic traits and characteristics of these pups.

We have a large, gentle dog famed for rescue efforts and a smaller, more agile shepherd that is smart and loyal. Together this could create a working dog with a brighter mind, good attitude and determination to succeed.

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Other important information about the Saint Bernard Australian shepherd mix temperament and potential behavioral problems

Both parent breeders are loving, protective dogs, with the potential of an outgoing nature.

There is also the sense that the Aussie genes in this smaller Saint Bernard cross may go a long way to making these pups a little more suitable for a family home.

The nature of the shepherd makes them great with kids, and this could rub off on the offspring. There reduced size also makes it much easier to handle and home these animals than a pure Saint Bernard.

However, they are still a good sized active dog that will require plenty of exercise – so are better suited to houses with gardens.

The intelligence of the dog also means that they need plenty of games of fetch and other activities.

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What do new owners need to know about training these dogs?

The positive side to training these dogs is that they should get the intelligence of the shepherd. The negative side is that both parent dogs can be independently minded. This means that they can be quick to learn, but not always cooperative with new regimens.

As with any hybrid dog, many owners that find that they are struggling with training should turn to online guides and e-books for help.

Guides such as the ever-popular Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer and Secrets to Dog Training provide helpful information on a range of topics with easy-to-follow step by step instructions.

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What will they look like?

Moving onto the physical traits of these St Bernard Shepherd cross breed dogs, we need to consider the size and other physical features that are often found with these dogs.

We are looking at an average of between 20 and 35 inches tall depending on the gene split.

Weight can also vary greatly as the minimum of an Aussie is 50 lbs, while the maximum of the st Bernard is 200 lbs.

Essentially, we are looking at heavier set dog than the shepherd or a leaner St Bernard, depending on the genetic split.

australian shepherd saint bernard mix

The St Bernard Aussie Shephard coat and grooming needs

Both the parent breeds here have coats that require a little bit of effort in terms of grooming, and both are classed as moderate shedders.

Therefore, there is no doubt that the same will be true of the pups. These pups should have a fairly thick coat, with the potential for different shades and marking. Many online Aussie Shepherd Saint Bernard photos show some mix of red and white, but there are no guarantees.

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Where can prospective owners find Saint Bernard Australian shepherd mix puppies?

The first option to consider here is of course the Saint Bernard Australian shepherd mix breeder.

This could be tricky depending on location and the popularity of the hybrid in your area.

There will be reputable breeders out there that understand the best breeding practices and create healthy litters of gorgeous pups.

However, you may have to research for a little while to locate them. Research and patience are vital here when separating the dodgy breeders from the positive ones.

Beware of those with cheap pups that may not be all they seem. Take the time to visit the pups and parents at home and ask plenty of questions.

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Saint Bernard Australian shepherd mix dogImage Source

The other option here is adoption

Again, there are pros and cons to this approach.

The obvious benefits here are that shelters offer owners the chance to save the life of a disadvantaged animal that needs a second chance. It is also a much cheaper way of finding one of these mixes.

The problem is that these older dogs may not have had the right training for life in the family home. Also the rarity of the cross means that it isn’t all that likely that you will find one locally.

Is the Saint Bernard Australian Shepherd mix a good choice for your family?

If you are interested in the prospect of a Saint Bernard Australian shepherd mix for sale, it pays to do a little more research on both the parent breeds and the breeder selling the puppies.

Don’t run into this because they look cute or you are convinced that they will be gentle, loving family pets.

There is the potential for a good match here, but there is more to consider in the healthcare and general care needs of the animal. Talk to breeders and owners and make the smart choice.

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