Shar Pei Lab Mix: Is The Lab Pei Right for You?

Labrador Shar Pei Mix Dog

Designer dogs are for people who love surprises, and the crossbreed we’re going to talk about is trending at the moment due to its excellent qualities.

The Shar Pei Lab Mix, also known as the Sharpay Lab or Lab Pei dog, is the lovable offspring of the rough, confident, strong-minded Chinese Shar Pei, and the cheerful, playful, and fun-loving Labrador retriever.

The medium-sized Shar Pei Lab Mix bears some of the distinguishing characteristics of the Labrador Retriever with loose wrinkles and folds like his Shar Pei parent.

If you’re looking to add a new dog to your family, you should read more about his physical characteristics and personality traits.

It is also a good idea to check out their trainability, health issues, dog care information and a lot more before bringing him home.

In this comprehensive guide to the Shar Pei Lab Mix, we’ll take a closer look at this crossbreed to help you find out what to expect from your new puppy.

Few Facts About the Shar Pei Lab Mix

Other names:Sharpay Lab, Lab Pei
Weight:45 to 70 pounds
Height:18 – 25 inches long
Good Guard dog:No, but has great watchdog abilities
Lifespan:8 to 12 years
Apartment living:No, do well in a home with a large backyard
Tolerate being alone:No
Coat:Short and straight with a rough texture, may or may not acquire the Shar Pei parent’s wrinkles
Coat color:Black, white, brown, cream and golden
Level of shedding:Minimal to moderate, they are generally low maintenance dogs
Temperament:Intelligent, affectionate, loyal, brave, obedient, playful, aggressive, alert, protective
Suitable for new owners:No
Exercise needs:Moderate, At least 1 to 2 hours of exercise a day is required
Dog and Cat friendly:No, early socialization is required
Kids friendly:No, Suitable for families with older kids, socialization is required
Price:$750 to $1100
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What is a Shar Pei Lab Mix?

Combining the traits of a Chinese Shar Pei with a Labrador Retriever will result in the distinct-looking Shar Pei Lab Mix dog.

This designer dog is said to have originated in the United States. As we’ve mentioned earlier, this mixed breed dog is also fondly known as the Lab Pei or Sharpay Lab dog.

Although the parent dogs are very different when it comes to appearance and temperament, the offspring is just the perfect combination of both.

To get a clearer picture of how different the parent dogs are, below are some interesting facts and information about them.

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The Chinese Shar Pei

The Shar Pei was once a strong contender for the rarest dog breed in the world.

It is widely believed that the Shar Pei originated in the Dah-Let region of Southern China during the Han Dynasty (206 BC–220 AD).

These dogs were multi-purpose working dogs that were commonly used to guard temples, farms and families.

The Chinese Shar Pei was almost at the verge of extinction during the 1970’s. The breed was fortunately saved by a Hong Kong fancier who appealed to Americans to help rescue the dogs.

Approximately 200 Shar Peis were allegedly brought to America. The current population of Shar-Peis in America is a result of these 200.

Shar Peis are popular show dogs because of their heavy wrinkles that make them look as if they are always wearing an oversized suit.

3 cute Shar Pei Puppies

The Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever or Labrador is one of the most popular pet dogs in the US. Almost everyone knows what a Labrador looks like.

The Labrador Retriever breed has its roots in Newfoundland, Canada. The first Labs were developed by crossing St. Johns Waterdogs with other small breeds.

Labs were originally used to pull nets full of fish from the water. At the start of the 19th century, some of these dogs were taken to the UK for duck hunting.

Labradors have also proven to be highly successful as guide dogs. They have also excelled in working roles such as hunting, tracking & detection, and therapy work.

Labrador retriever history
People love the Shar Pei and Lab Mix because it is a cross between a famous show dog and a terrific family dog. This impressive mix combines the best of both worlds.

Appearance: What Does a Shar Pei Lab Mix Look Like?

The Labrador Shar Pei Mix’s coat can vary based on which parent dog he takes after most.

Chances are your Sharpay Lab’s coat will be short and straight with a rough texture.

The mix may or may not acquire the Shar Pei parent’s wrinkles.

Since he is a mix between two very different dog breeds, the Shar Pei cross Labrador could inherit either of his parent’s coat color.

The most common coat colors include black, white, brown, cream and golden.

Size: How Big Will a Shar Pei Lab Mix Get?

The Lab and Shar Pei share a similar physique, so you can expect your Lab Pei to grow to be a medium or large-sized dog as well.

The average height of a full grown Lab Pei ranges from 18 to 25 inches while the average weight is anywhere between 45 and 70 pounds.

Some breeders might try to sell you a smaller version of the dog, claiming that it is a Mini Shar Pei Lab Mix. Such tiny pups are most probably bred from the so-called Mini Labs, which are normal-looking Labrador Retrievers that carry the dwarfism gene.

Normal-sized Shar-Pei Lab Mixes have a strong and muscular body. Due to the size and strength of these dogs, it is a good idea to supervise them when they are around small children.

Shar Pei Lab Mixes could knock down and injure a small kid who might be too rough during playtime.

Behavior &Temperament: What Are Lab Pei Dogs Like?

Every dog breed has different personality traits and you should adopt a dog that will suit your lifestyle since this is a long-term commitment.

The Shar Pei Lab Mix acquires traits from both parent breeds. For this hybrid, the Lab and Shar Pei have different personality traits. While the Labrador is very friendly with people, the Chinese Shar Pei is quite reserved.

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So What Can You Expect from Your Shar Pei Lab Mix Puppy?

1. Intelligent

like his parents, the Shar Pei Cross Labrador is very intelligent and adapts to different situations quickly.

They are easy to train and generally obey orders from their owners. Training this mix to obey commands generally requires less effort than with a lot of other mixed breed dogs.

2. Loving and Loyal

Shar Pei Lab Mixes are very affectionate and loving dogs. They are also loyal companions who are known to make great family dogs.

But your Lab Pei dog will expect you to give them the same love in return. This is something that they have inherited from their Lab parents.

This mixed breed dog is known for his loyalty to his owner and family. Once he is familiar with his family, he will love and protect them at all times.

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3. Obedient and strong-willed

The Shar Pei mixed with Labrador is very brave. Combined with his intelligence, the willful nature of this hybrid makes for an obedient and disciplined dog.

Once the dog has identified his master, he will follow all orders to the letter.

4. Adaptable

The Lab mixed with Shar Pei can adapt quickly to new families and homes and hence, he is ideal for anyone who tends to move a lot. This is something that they have inherited from their Shar Pei parents.

5. Playful

The Shar-Pei Lab mixes enjoy playing and running around. They are quite active both indoors and outdoors.

These dogs are also known to destroy their chew toys, so you need to get him durable toys.

6. Aggressive

As devoted as this hybrid dog can be, he can be very aggressive towards strangers and unfamiliar animals.

The Sharpay Lab dog might seem to be a friendly dog at first, but he will also do everything in his power to protect his kin.

He might not adapt well to homes or family gatherings with a lot of guests. He does not get along well with unfamiliar animals either.

This might lead to problems after some time and you might even be forced to pay for injuries inflicted on others by the dog.

The only solution to this problem is training and socializing your Shar Pei Lab Mix puppy with humans and other dogs for their happiness (and yours).

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Are Shar Pei Lab Mixes Good With Kids?

The Labrador is known to be good with children, so you can expect your Shar-Pei Lab Mix to get along well with your kids.

👉 Due to the size and strength of these dogs, however, it’s extremely important to keep an eye on your Lab Pei dog when they are playing with kids.

Shar-Pei Lab dogs could easily knock down and harm a small kid who might be too rough during playtime.

Are Shar Pei Lab Mixes Good with Other Animals?

Despite being a loyal companion, Sharpay Lab dogs can be aggressive towards cats and other dogs.

They were bred for fighting and might not get along well with other dogs or unfamiliar animals.

The best way to prevent this problem is to start socializing your Shar Pei Lab Mix puppy with cats and other dogs from a young age.

Is The Shar Pei Lab Mix A Good Guard Dog?

Kind and friendly, the Lab Pei dogs typically don’t make good guard dogs. Lab Peis are loving and affectionate dogs.

Not only is this dog friendly, but the Sharpay Lab dog also lacks the imposing size or aggressive tendencies of the best guard dog breeds in the world. This Lab Pei wasn’t specifically bred to be a guard dog.

However, don’t underrate the Shar Pei Lab Mix. This dog has great watchdog abilities.

What this crossbreed lacks in great guard dog qualities is more than made up for in intelligence and alertness.

While the Lab Pei dog doesn’t bark a lot, his ears and eyes are always alert. This dog will always notice any movements at night or someone trying to break into the home.

And although the Shar Pei Lab Mix is not naturally inclined to attack an intruder, he will certainly alert you to danger, making him a reliable watchdog.

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Because of the personality traits this crossbreed inherits from both his Labrador Retriever and Chinese Shar Pei parents, the Lab Pei is very easy to train.

The Shar Pei Lab Mix is an intelligent dog who is eager to please his owner. With firm and consistent training, your Labrador Shar Pei should learn and master commands within a short period of time.

However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when training your Lab Pei dog.

First of all, you should use a lot of positive reinforcements, including treats, praise, attention and affection during each training session. You should also make the training sessions as interesting and interactive as possible.

Secondly, you should train your dog in a firm manner so your dog can see you as the pack leader. Be firm and authoritative during each training session, but be sure to reward good behavior so your pooch has fun while learning!

Shar Pei Lab Mixes can sometimes be stubborn if they sense that their master isn’t a good “pack leader”, so it is important to establish your authority early on to avoid problems later on.

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Early socialization is important for the Shar Pei Lab Mix, as this pooch needs to learn how to behave properly around people, children and other pets at home.

Obedience training might also be necessary since this designer dog can inherit his Shar Pei parent’s willfulness.

If you find it hard to train your dog or this is your first time training a dog and you are not confident enough to successfully complete the process, that doesn’t mean that a Lab Pei dog isn’t the right dog for you. You can always hire a professional dog trainer to do the job for you.

Massive Change - 300 x 250

Exercise Needs

The Shar Pei Lab Mix does not require a lot of activities to meet their exercise needs since they have moderate energy levels. One or two hours of physical activity each day should be enough to meet his energy needs.

Generally, this mixed breed dog enjoys a wide range of physical activities, including walking, jogging, swimming and playing with their family.

Mental stimulation is also necessary to help prevent destructive behaviors from developing. Therefore, be sure to provide your dog with plenty of interactive dog toys to keep him occupied and mentally stimulated.

Keep in mind that your Lab Pei dog comes from dog breeds that are vulnerable to joint issues so do not overdo it.

Too much physical activity may tire your dog out, but can also lead to joint problems that may trouble him throughout his life.

Shar Pei dogs do well in a home with a large backyard where they can play around and have fun all day long. However, make sure it’s an enclosed place or else he can get into trouble.

Supervise your pooch as you would a small kid. This will help keep him out of trouble.

Sharpay dogs also love the outdoors most, so they may not do well in an apartment with no spacious yard for them to play and have fun.

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Grooming Requirements

The Labrador is known to shed while the Shar Pei does not. Therefore, their offspring should have medium-length hair with minimal to moderate shedding tendencies.

As such, the Shar Pei Lab Mixes are generally low maintenance dogs.

As you can see, the Lab Pei dog is not hypoallergenic. Therefore, it is recommended to brush the dog at least twice a week to help control the shedding.

Proper brushing can also help remove loose hair and excess debris, and evenly distribute the natural skin oils.

If your Shar Pei Lab Mix has many wrinkles and skin folds, it is important to clean those folds regularly to help prevent bacteria and yeast buildup. Make sure to clean such folds and wrinkles during occasional baths.

As with all breeds, it is also recommended to brush their teeth regularly to maintain oral hygiene and to prevent dental issues.

You should also clean their ears regularly and check for signs of infections. Nails should also be trimmed as needed.

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Feeding Information

Keep your Lab Pei’s diet consistent and avoid giving him human food. Some human foods are dangerous for dogs. Feed them dry dog food that is suitable for their age, size and activity level.

Given his size, the Sharpay Lab dog has a huge appetite. Make sure to feed your Shar Pei and Lab crossbreed 2 to 3 cups of high quality dog food each day.

You should divide this amount of food into 3 to 4 meals per day to help prevent bloat and other digestive problems that commonly affect Labradors and other large breeds.

A protein-rich diet is ideal for the Shar Pei Lab crossbreed because it helps to strengthen their muscles, bones and joints.

Make sure to buy high quality dog foods rich in protein, glucosamine, and omega-3 fatty acids for stronger muscles and bones. This will help lower the risk for hip and elbow dysplasia.

Owners should also provide their dogs with probiotic and fish oil supplements to help keep their skin healthy. Also, giving your dog fresh water is vital to keeping them hydrated.

The good news is that there is a wide range of high quality dog foods available in the market. Ask your vet or local pet store for recommendations in order to ensure your dog is getting the right nutrients.

Remember that their huge size and hearty appetites means that these hybrid dogs are vulnerable to obesity.

Lab Pei dogs tend to gain weight quickly, so be sure to monitor their food intake and avoid exceeding the recommended amount of food for your dog.

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How Long Do Shar Pei Lab Mix Live?

The average lifespan of the Shar Pei is around 8 to 10 years while the Lab’s lifespan is around 10 to 12 years.

Therefore, the life expectancy of a Shar Pei Lab mix should be around 8 to 12 years.

With proper diet, care and attention, your dog can live even longer than that.

Shar Pei Lab Mix Health Issues: Are Lab Pei Dogs Healthy?

The Shar Pei Lab mix is generally a healthy crossbreed.

However, that doesn’t mean that they are immune to various health issues that affect their parent breeds. Generally, they tend to have lesser health problems than Labrador Retrievers and Shar Peis.

Expect a Shar Pei mixed with a Labrador to be vulnerable to the health problems that also affect the parents, including hip dysplasia, eye problems, skin problems, and bloat.

Depending on the parent your puppy takes after, he may show signs of any of the illnesses that affect that parent.

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Since it is impossible to predict the long-term health of a single dog, you need to know what to watch out for to ensure that your pup gets vet attention as soon as the symptoms occur.

We also recommend early health screening when bringing a new dog home. Early health testing can help you prevent, or prepare for any health conditions in your Lab Pei puppy.

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How Much Does a Shar Pei Lab Mix Cost?

The price of Shar Pei mix puppies would depend on quality, size and traits of the dog; the number of puppies available for sale; and how valuable the parent dogs are to the breeder.

The average price of a Lab Pei puppy is between $750 and $1,100. However, there are Shar Pei Lab Mix puppies that cost even more.

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How to Find a Shar Pei Lab Mix Puppy for Sale?

You can find a Shar Pei cross Labrador through a breeder, rescue sites or your local animal shelter.

One important tip is to avoid buying a mixed breed dog from a pet store or online site (unless you’re familiar with their breeding practices).

This is because most of these pet stores and online companies often carry out mass breeding of dogs. Moreover, their methods might be unethical and cruel to the animals.

It is recommended to look for a local Lab Pei breeder who allows customers to visit their premises.

A good breeder is honest and transparent about their breeding methods. It is important for customers to check if their premises are clean and large enough for the puppies to move around and stay healthy.

The reputation of these breeders also extends to the dog’s health records. To be on the safe side, you should ask them for the health certificates of the parent dogs and their puppies.

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Shar Pei Lab for Adoption

If you are not ready to pay a lot for a puppy from a breeder, you can consider adopting an older Lab Pei dog.

You can rescue a Shar Pei Lab Mix that has been given up from a shelter or rescue center near you. Some local shelters will have this crossbreed listed under “Labrador Mixes” or “Shar Pei Mixes.

Before adopting, be sure to ask some questions about the dog’s age and temperament, how he interacts with people and other dogs, and if there are any identified health problems.


What makes the Shar Pei Lab Mix a very popular choice among dog lovers is his intelligence along with him being low maintenance in comparison with his heavy shedding parent breed, the Labrador retriever.

The Lab Pei would do well with an owner who would be able to provide proper care and attention each day. That includes grooming and exercise.

Lab Peis are cheerful dogs that are playful, intelligent, loving and loyal. However, you need to keep your Shar Pei Lab Mix’s behavior in check to keep them out of trouble.

Use positive training and socialization to prevent behavioral issues from developing.

Overall, getting a Shar Pei Lab would brighten up your life and be a wonderful companion for you and your family.



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