Introducing The Bullypit – An American Bulldog Pitbull Mix

american bulldog pitbull mix

Pitbulls and bulldogs can have a bit of a bad reputation among those that don’t understand them so well. They can take the right kind of owner for the right relationship and results.

So what about when we breed the two dogs together?

In this guide to the American bulldog Pitbull mix we will look at some of the key issue and important info about this dog.

We will start by looking at some of the confusion about the parent breeds and their hybrid offspring.

We will then look at different physical and behavioral issues with this dog, including size, training and health care needs.

We will then look at the issue of finding American bulldog pit mix breeders with a pups at a fair price.

The difference between a Pitbull and bulldog mix and its parents

There is often some confusion between the American pit bull and American bulldog. They are both different dogs, but some often mix them up or think they are the same.

The pit bull bulldog mix is therefore a different mix breed from the two different parents.

It is also known as bullypit, so look out for that name on adverts for American bulldog Pitbull mix puppies for sale and guides.

It is also worth noting that appearances can alter depending upon whether the parent pit is a blue nose or red nose Pitbull.

Figuring out what breed or mix breed you have

Because of this confusion between the parent breeds and some of the different mix breeds that are available, there is also uncertainty over some puppies.

DNA testing for dogs is helpful in a number of situations:

First there are those dogs classed as bully pit mix dogs, that may be something else.

Perhaps a behavioral trait or physical attribute doesn’t seem quite right. These tests can separate the true American bulldog and Pitbull mix dogs with those from other stock.

Then there are those that try and sell a pure American bulldog or Pitbull at a higher price, and actually have a mixed breed.

Owners that want some answers can turn to the at home Embark Breed Identification Dog DNA Test for simple, clear results.

pitbull american bulldog mix dogImage Source

This DNA kit also proves to be an important tool when rescuing dogs via adoption.

There are lots of dogs with Pitbull genes that end up in rescue shelters for adoption. Their need for strong training regimens and careful care can be a problem for some families.

This means a range of dogs up for adoption that are either pure Pitbull, Pitbull bulldog mix dogs or something else.

The shelter staff may not know precisely what your new friend really is. DNA testing provides more conclusive proof.

What sort of dog will they grow into and how big does an American bulldog Pitbull mix get?

Once you know it is a definitely a bully pit that you have, you can learn more about their physicality.

You are sure to find plenty of pictures of muscular, compact dogs of different colors.

Both parents are pretty stocky and look like the sort of dog you wouldn’t mess with. Yet, there is that playful grin that suggests they could be a devoted companion too.

The weight is anywhere from 40 to 100lbs depending on their genetic leaning and gender. The height is usually between 21 to 25 inches.

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Then there is temperament and other personality traits with this bulldog Pitbull mix

There are two different groups of people when it comes to opinions on pitbulls and their hybrid offspring.

Some are wary of this dog and any related cross breed because of concerns over aggression and difficult handling. Others are quick to jump to their defense, claiming that they are misunderstood softies.

It is important to remember that the reality lies somewhere in the middle with pibulls and any Pitbull bulldog mix puppy.

Good training and the right approach will allow for a well-behaved, sweet family dog. Bad training and a poor approach could lead to negative traits coming through.

Those that work hard with training and look after the dogs well should find that they are a loyal, affectionate and playful dog.

These animals need plenty of exercise because of their build and some weight gain issues.

Make the most of this time with long walks and games where you can really bond.

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Secrets to dog training solution

Behavioral issues with this Pitbull mixed with bulldog

Aggression is usually only a big issue with these dogs when they are mistreated or poorly trained.

The most aggressive dogs are those bred to fight or left to fend for themselves with primal instincts.

The risk with this mix breed, and its parents, comes with the self-confidence in the dog’s own abilities, its outgoing nature and its muscular form.

Those that are poorly bred could cause harm to other animals and children.

This is why it is important to embark on strong socialization training from an early age.

This means that the dog can learn how to interact with other people and pets in a calm, friendly manner.

There are also some owners that find that they have some issues with boundary training.

Some of these dogs will test the boundaries of their territory, and may wander off.

A strong boundary in the yard will help, but boundary training is a good idea too. Also provide plenty of leash training to keep these dogs under better control while out in public and in dog parks.

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Training tips for these American bulldog x Pitbull mix dogs

It is important to act as a firm, consistent pack leader to get the best out of these dogs. This a pretty confident dog that will test that relationship.

Once they know their place and respect their master, and his family, they can do pretty well. This means regular training with positive reinforcement.

The issues above means that there has to be a strong focus on socialization, leash training and barking from an early age. Therefore, you need to establish the right regimen as soon as you bring your puppy home, and then stick to it.

Thankfully, this is also a fairly smart dog that should learn quickly, especially with the basics of obedience and housebreaking.

This intelligence should be encouraged during training and play. Interactive dog toys and programs like brain training for dogs can help.

Those that still struggle with training this pit bulldog mix – perhaps through lack of experience – can try Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer. This online guide provides accessible step-by-step guidance on many different topics.

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Health and other care needs when you have a Pitbull mixed with bully

Health care needs can vary here depending on which parent the dog most takes after.

Key areas of concern include dysplasia of the elbows and hips and some eye issues.

The lifespan of this dog is typically between 12 to 13 years.

It is also worth keeping an eye on skin conditions too. Their skin is at greater risk of allergies and their thin coat. Some can also develop mange.

Finally, there is a risk of weight gain. This means feeding these dogs a protein rich diet that suits their musclar build, but doing so in careful portions.

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A strong exercise regimen and strict rationing of treats will also help. Owners in need of further help can turn to The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health from Kingdom of Pets.

american bulldog pitbull mix temperamentImage Source: Flickr/Cassandra Karas

On the subject of that short, thin coat, all new owners need to consider the grooming needs of this bullypit and the risk of shedding.

They can shed moderately – nothing too excessive that will require much vacuuming.

Regular brushing can reduce this risk, while also stimulating oil production to help with the health of the skin and coat.

As mentioned above, that coat comes in range of different colors. There are some that are quite pale and others that have much darker tones of chocolates and blacks.

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Finding the best breeders with bully pit puppies for sale

Finding breeders takes a little careful research and patience.

You don’t want to go for the first local breeder you find, unless you are certain they are responsible.

Always meet the litter, parents and breeders in their home. This way you can see the health and care of the puppies, the personality of the parents and the attitudes of the breeders.

You can also shop around by location and price.

A well-respected breeder may live a long way out of town, but be worth the journey.

Aim for a price in the middle of the range. You should avoid cheap bullypit puppies because they may have been mistreated. Still, some are overpriced based on superficial details like eye and coat color.

If the idea of breeders is to daunting or unappealing, stick with the ideal of a rescue dog.

Is this Pitbull American bulldog mix a good idea for your home?

The appeal of the American bulldog Pitbull mix can depend on the experience of the owner and their familiarity with the parent breeds.

Experienced dog owners can train and shape these pups into sweet, wonderful members of the family. Those with limited experience may end up with a dog that is difficult to live with.

Those with the confidence to try should check out local breeders and shelters for the healthiest, well-bred puppies.

Always treat them well, while staying dominant and focused. Those that manage this will be rewarded.

Featured Image Credit: Flickr/ Cassandra Karas


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