All About the Rare Cane Corso German Shepherd Mix (German Corso)

cane corso german shepherd mix

Also known as the German Corso, the Cane Corso German Shepherd Mix is a cross between a Cane Corso and a German Shepherd.

This is a rare designer dog, so there is little information available online about it. However, you can still get a good understanding of what to expect from this mixed breed dog by studying his parent breeds.

Just like his parents, a Cane Corso and German Shepherd Mix will most likely be a large dog. So this is not the best breed for first-time dog owners.

These dogs require proper training, love and attention. They need something to do or they will develop destructive behaviors.

When it comes to Cane Corso German Shepherd health concerns, you can expect your mixed breed dog to be healthier than either parent breed. However, pet parents should still watch out for health issues like bloat and hip dysplasia – which are common in both parent breeds.

Whether you’re looking to adopt a German Corso or simply want to learn more about this rare crossbreed, keep reading.

In this article, you’ll learn more about their physical characteristics, personality traits, requirements and ideal lifestyle. That way, you’ll be able to determine if this mix is the best pet for you and your family.

What Is a German Corso?

As we’ve already mentioned, the German Corso is a rare designer dog. He is a hybrid dog, a cross between the German Shepherd and the Cane Corso.

The German Shepherd Cane Corso Mix is expected to be a wonderful family pet, especially is he is well trained and socialized early.

He can also be one of the best guard dogs considering the characteristics and traits of its parent breeds.

cane corso mix with german shepherdImage Source

The German Corso should also be a very intelligent dog because both the German Shepherd and the Cane Corso are known to be very smart.

Therefore, they should be very easy to train, but like the Cane Corso parent, they should be paired with someone who is calm and firm when training them.

We also recommend plenty of exercise and socialization to help prevent your dog from being unruly or fearful in different situations.

By studying the history of its parent breeds, you can get a good idea of how your German Shepherd Mixed with Cane Corso will turn out.

Cane Corso History

Although the Cane Corso was not officially recognized by the American Kennel Club until 2010, it is a very old breed.

The history of Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff dates as far back as the 1st century, when large Mastiff-like canines from the Greek islands were used for war and hunting purposes.

The extinct Molossus produced a group of modern-day dogs, such as the Cane Corso Italiano and the Rottweiler.

Like German Shepherds, Cane Corsos are still hard working dogs, used in military and police duties. They were also commonly used as watchdogs, for hunting, and sometimes as family companions.

Intelligent, trainable and loyal, the Cane Corso makes an excellent guard dog and family pet.

Cane Corso Italian dog

German Shepherd History

The German Shepherd was originally bred in Germany. They were developed as working dogs, guarding and herding sheep under the leadership of Captain Max Von Stephanitz.

German Shepherds were and are to this day, admired for their intelligence, trainability, boldness and stamina. They have gone on to occupy roles in herding, security, search and rescue, guides for the blind, military and police work.

Today, the German Shepherd remains a very popular dog in the United States thanks to his intelligence, loyalty and many other appealing qualities.

about german shepherds
Cane Corso German Shepherd Mix Appearance

If you are wondering ‘what does a Cane Corso German Shepherd Mix look like?’, the next section is for you. So stick with us.

It is difficult to predict the exact appearance of a hybrid dog like the Cane Corso X German Shepherd Mix.

The German Corso, like his purebred parents, is a very large and strong dog. Males tend to be larger than females and can be very muscular.

Other physical characteristics will vary considerably. Genetics influence whether their head is elongated or round, their muzzle shortened or long, their ears floppy or erect and their body shape rectangular or square.

But how big does a German Corso get? Let’s find out below.

Cane Corso German Shepherd Mix Size, Height and Weight

Both the Cane Corso and the GSD are large dogs, weighing anywhere between 70 and 100 pounds or even more.

The Cane Corso is a bit larger, standing between 24 and 28 inches tall compared to the German Shepherd’s height of around 24 to 26 inches.

Therefore, it is safe to say that a full grown Cane Corso German Shepherd Mix will grow to be around 24 to 28 inches tall and weigh anywhere between 70 and 100 pounds.

German Corso DogImage Source

Coat and Coat Color

The Cane Corso has a short, double coat while German Shepherd dogs have a medium-length, double-layered coat. Therefore, you can expect your hybrid dog to have a short to medium-length, double coat.

The two purebred parents come in a variety of colors. Cane Corsos can be blue, black, fawn or brindle in color.

On the other hand, GSDs are usually tan or tan and black. They may also come in solid colors like blue or red with or without black markings. With the prevalence of solid dark colors, the German Corso may be black, tan or brindle.

Cane Corso German Shepherd Mix Behavior and Temperament

Like his parents, the German Corso is intelligent and eager to please, but also very quick to protect his family.

It is important to use lots of positive reinforcement methods when training dogs that are prone to being overprotective and showing aggressive behavior.

Puppies that undergo proper training and timely socialization are more likely to develop into good family dogs and loyal companions.


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German Corsos are also very loyal and dependable canines, which makes them suitable if you are searching for a devoted companion.

They will be loyal to their family, and with proper care and attention, they can make great family pets. However, they may have a tendency to favor one family member over another.

Since both parent breeds were bred for working purposes, your German Corso will love to have something to do. If you don’t provide him with a job to do, he will try and find one for himself, and you might not be pleased with what he finds.

If left alone to do what he wants, he may dig holes and chew your shoes and furniture. He may also spend many hours barking. This means he may not be a good candidate for apartment living.

Moreover, this is not the best breed for first time owners. They can be too energetic for families that don’t have enough time to train and exercise them.

If they are left alone for long hours, they can get bored and develop behavioral problems.

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Behavior with Other Pets

Both the Cane Corso and German Shepherd are known to have a high prey drive and in most cases, they may not get along well with cats and other pets.

Cane Corsos are particularly known to be aggressive towards small animals. The German Corso may also have hunting and herding instincts.

Cane Corsos may get along well with large canines that they have been raised with. Some will even play with other dogs at dog parks. On the other hand, GSDs can be friendly yet sometimes aggressive towards other dogs.

Therefore, it can be difficult to predict where your German Corso puppy will fall when it comes to tolerance for other dogs. However, you cannot downplay the importance of socialization at a young age.

Both German Shepherds and Cane Corsos get along well with kids as well. However, you want to supervise your German Corso when playing with small kids to ensure they don’t hurt each other.

With children in your household, try and discourage any chasing habits.

When you add a German Shepherd Cane Corso puppy to your family, you want to ensure that she is friendly and loyal. From a young age, the German Corso should be socialized with cats, other dogs and animals to ensure he becomes friendly to them.

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Training a German Corso is extremely important. This designer dog is very intelligent, affectionate and protective, but if you don’t exercise caution, he may end up controlling you.

These pups will require training immediately when you bring them home.

With the easy trainability of the GSD and the Cane Corso’s eagerness to please their owners, your German Corso should also be quite easy to train.

However, the German Corso is not the best dog for novice owners since they require a pack leader.

There’s no doubt that your Corso Shepherd will have a strong-willed and dominant side, but he will also obey an owner who is firm, consistent and confident in his training methods.

If a German Corso is properly trained in a comfortable environment, he should not show any signs of aggression. Use positive reinforcement training methods and ensure you socialize them continuously.

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Exercise Needs

A German Corsos will require plenty of exercises each day to remain happy and healthy.

These dogs require at least one hour of meaningful physical activities each day.

Adults are extremely active and will require plenty of exercise. However, German Corso puppies should not be over-exercised.

Daily walks are very important and they also need plenty of space in a fenced-in-yard to play and run around in. Like most other working breeds, they can get bored and become destructive if they don’t get enough exercises.

Set aside time for training and exercise sessions such as playing and running. Interactive dog toys and games of fetch will do the trick.

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Grooming Requirements

Both the Cane Corso and German Shepherd shed from time to time, so expect some shedding from your German Corso.

This means that the Cane Corso German Shepherd Mix is not hypoallergenic and hence, not the best pet for allergy sufferers.

If your pup has a short coat, it’s important to brush his coat at least once per week.

Bathing them should only be done when it’s absolutely necessary. Using deodorizing wipes for dogs is the quickest and easiest way to keep your dog clean and fresh.

A professional groomer can help with other maintenance tasks, such as brushing teeth and clipping nails.


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Cane Corso German Shepherd Mix Food and Diet

The Cane Corso German Shepherd Cross is a large dog that requires a nutrient-rich diet to keep them happy and healthy.

High quality dog food is recommended for all dogs and the German Corso will require three to four cups of dry dog food each day.

Feeding him twice per day is the recommended starting point. The exact amount required will vary depending on their age, size, weight, and activity level.

High-quality kibble rich in protein is generally the best choice. You should also invest in supplements like Alaskan salmon oil, which is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, ideal for keeping your pup’s skin and coat healthy.

To keep your dog’s kidney and liver healthy, provide him with probiotics as well. Moreover, give your mixed breed dog plenty of fresh water to help keep him hydrated and cool at all times.

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Cane Corso German Shepherd Mix Health problems

When you get a new hybrid puppy, he might inherit certain health issues from either parent dog.

Both the German Shepherd and the Cane Corso are prone to bloat and hip dysplasia.

The Cane Corso is also prone to eye problems like ectropion or entropion. On the other hand, German Shepherds are also vulnerable to hemophilia, epilepsy, cataracts and Degenerative Disc Disease.

That’s why it’s extremely important to buy your puppy from a reputable breeder, while periodic health checks are performed. Bear in mind that a healthy lifestyle and regular vet checkups can also help reduce the risks.

Cane Corso German Shepherd Mix Lifespan

Cane Corsos have an average lifespan of 10 to 12 years while GSDs have a life expectancy of around 9 to 13 years.

Therefore, a healthy Cane Corso German Shepherd Cross may live anywhere between 9 and 13 years.


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Cane Corso German Shepherd Mix Adoption

If you don’t want a puppy, you can always consider an adult German Corso. Some mixed breed dogs find themselves in animal shelters through no fault of their own.

Rescuing a dog can be a very rewarding experience for dog lovers. The rescue center will help you decide whether or not a particular dog is suitable for your lifestyle.

You can start your search for a Cane Corso GSD Mix by checking with breed-specific rescue centers to find if they have this mix available for adoption.

If not, let them know that you’re looking for a Cane Corso and German Shepherd Mix and to call you whenever one is listed for adoption.

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Cane Corso German Shepherd Mix Puppies for Sale and Price

The average cost of a German Shepherd Cane Corso Mix is between $500 and $1000(or more), depending on availability, the breeder and any unique traits.

Going through a reputable breeder for German Shepherd Cane Corso Mix puppies is vital as these pups may have certain personality traits that could be difficult to handle.

Responsible breeders will only use dogs that show good character. A German Corso mixed breed dog should be intelligent, loyal, affectionate, brave and confident.

German Corso Dog InfoImage Source

Remember, puppy mills and backyard breeders only sell puppies to make money. When searching for a breeder, watch out for red flags such as premises selling puppies below the age of eight weeks and promises that puppies are always available.

Good breeders keep their puppies and dogs in a clean environment. When getting your Corso Shepherd from a breeder, ask for a thorough health examination.

Good breeders will also let you meet the parent dogs to ensure they are of good health and temperament.


Also known as the German Corso, the Cane Corso German Shepherd Mix is an intelligent, loyal, and affectionate dog that has the potential to be a great family pet. However, they are not ideal for beginners.

This is an energetic breed that requires consistent training and exercise to shape them into a faithful canine companion.

With continuous training and socialization, the German Corso can be a wonderful dog for the right owner.

The most important factor to consider should be the amount of time you can commit to socializing and training your German Shepherd Cane Corso.

If that is something you can offer your pup, then the German Corso can be a great choice for you.

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