All About The Corgi Husky Mix: Facts/ Information

husky corgi mix

There are some breeds of dog that we immediately fall for whenever we see them out in the park.

Huskies and Corgis are high on that list because they always seem like such beautiful, happy dogs that want to be our friends. They are adorable, attractive and generally good-natured.

Both are desirable pure breeds, even if they both carry some concerns over health, temperament and general care.

Then there is the idea of the Corgi Husky mix. Is this cross breed a great way of bringing together the best of both breeds, or a terrible idea?

In this guide we aim to provide lots of helpful Corgi Husky mix information to help you better understand this hybrid.

There are some understandable queries about the looks and demeanour of this dog. How big does a Corgi Husky mix get and which parent does it most look like?

Then there are all the issues of health and daily care, such as exercise needs and important Husky Corgi mix health issues. The temperament of this cross breed is also an important factor, so we will look at potential pros and cons to their personality, as well as training issues.

Finally, we will look at where to get Corgi Husky Mix dogs. Before all that, there is one other important question to answer…

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What is a Corgi Husky mix called?

There are many different names that have been created to describe this hybrid.

[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=””]Many sites and breeders will refer to them as a Horgi, although this isn’t the most attractive of names. [/thrive_text_block]

A cuter name is the Siborgi, which takes the Siberian part of the Husky’s name and mixes it with the Corgi. Although, some may feel that it is a little too close to “cyborg-i”. This is too independent and high spirited to be anything close to a robotic dog.

Others prefer to call it a Corgski, much along the lines of the Pomski.

Whatever you decide to call it, make sure that you are on the same page with breeders, buyers and vets about precisely what the parentage is with this dog.

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Siborgi corgi husky mixSource

What are some of key physical Corgi Husky mix characteristics to look out for?

Essentially, the main purpose of this designer cross breed is to create a smaller version of the Husky. Something with many of the same physical features, especially around the face, but with the short stature of the Corgi.

For some, this simply makes the dog cuter than a large, working dog. For others, this is a practical compromise for those that aren’t able to handle the large Husky they had dreamed of owning.

corgi and husky mixSource

There are many Siborgi pictures online that showcase how this works. Many really do look like Huskies placed on shorter legs.

The Husky genes appear more dominant in some ways, as we tend to focus in on faces, but there are clear Corgi traits too.

One thing that you can be sure of is a pair of large, erect ears and pretty almond shaped eyes.

The main physical characteristic that sets the Horgi apart from other dogs is the size.

A Husky Corgi mix full grown will be a pretty short dog and nowhere near the size of the parent Husky.

Their heights tend to stick around the 13 to 15 inches mark, but a Corgi Husky mix weight can vary depending on genetics. They are found at weights between 20 to 50 pounds.

what is corgi husky mix calledImage Source

The other standout physical feature with this dog is the Corgi Husky coat.

Again, there are some traits of the Husky that immediately stand out when looking at photos of these hybrids. The greys, blacks and whites of the Siberian dog come out in many pups, with many also keeping the trademark markings around the muzzle and brows.

There are also dogs displaying lighter or darker tones, blues, reds, and even brindle marking. It all depends on the coats of the parents.

You will also notice that many of these dogs appear to have a pretty thick coat, but not all. The Husky is famed for its beautiful thick coat that keeps it warm when working in tough wintry conditions. The Siborgi could easily inherit this.

This leads us to a very important question about the care and maintenance of these dogs:

What sort of shedding problems can you expect with a Husky and Corgi mix?

Husky Corgi mix grooming considerations can vary depending on the coat type of the dog. Some will need regular attention and some will be heavier shedders than others.

Unfortunately, there is no doubt that shedding will be an issue because both the Corgi and the Husky are heavy shedders.

It all come down to the amount. Frequent grooming to deal with the dead hair is a must. Think of it as bonding time with your affectionate friend and a great way to maintain what is undoubtedly a beautiful coat.

If you don’t brush everyday, you will need to vacuum everyday. One is clearly much more fun than the other.

The type of coat and regularity of the shedding means that this is not a good breed for anyone with allergies.

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On the subject of Husky Corgi general care, it is important to consider the best type of home for a Corgi Husky mix dog and their basic requirements.

The Corgi Husky Mix General Care and exercise needs

These dogs can get on in many homes because of their size and adaptability. However, they are not great in hot climates because of that coat.

One reason that this cross breed is so popular is that it is like having a mini Husky that is able to handle apartment living. While this is true, it is better to home these dogs in a property with a yard because of their activity requirement. If not you will need plenty of trips to the local dog park.

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husky corgi mix characteristicsImage Source

The Corgi Husky mix size means that it would appear that they may not have as many requirements when it comes to exercise.

However, the worst thing that you can do is assume that this isn’t an active dog. These pups still need plenty of space to play and run around and a good walk everyday.

In fact, an active lifestyle with regular walks is essential with these dogs because they do have a tendency to overeat.

There is something about Corgis where they don’t seem to know when enough is enough. Unfortunately, there is a good chance that this will be passed on to their offspring. Regular exercise helps to ward off risks of obesity, which could have serious health implications.

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The next thing to consider with these dogs is their health care needs

This issue of obesity is definitely one to keep in mind as extra weight can put unwanted strain on bones and joints and have terrible implications for cardiovascular health. It could also shorten their life expectancy.

The Corgi Husky mix lifespan is generally around 12- 15 years, so it’s a pretty long-lived dog compared to some breeds. This is important to consider when determining the long-term Husky Corgi mix costs.

As for Corgi Husky mix health problems, there are some potential issues to watch out for here.

The biggest issue is the risk of back problems. Corgi regularly suffer back issues due to their stature and the shape of most Corgski dogs means that this is likely to become passed on.

It is therefore advisable that Corgis are not encouraged to jump too much or made to do anything that might strain or damage the spine.

Other issues to watch out for include DM, epilepsy, PDA, Von Willebrand’s Disease, hip dysplasia, eye problems and skin problems.

Your dog may deal with none of these in its lifetime, but it is always worth getting them checked out and maintaining check-ups with a vet to be on the safe side.

Hybrids may have a reputation for being healthier, but there are no guarantees, especially if parent dogs have a poor medical history.

What about their personalities?

There are sure to be plenty of high expectations of the Corgi Husky mix temperament simply because we have that image of the happy, playful Corgi and loyal, sweet Husky in our heads.

In general, you can expect your little Siborgi pup to exhibit the following Corgi Husky mix personality traits.

[thrive_text_block color=”note” headline=””]This is a very sweet, friendly dog with an outgoing nature. It is more likely to want to make friends with everyone it meets than try and protect its family – so don’t rely on them as any form of guard dog. [/thrive_text_block]

For better or worse, many also love to be the center of attention, so may seem a little needy if your attention is preoccupied.

Are there any potential behavioral problems in a Corgi and Husky mix?

Genetics mean that a pup could inherit lots of positive traits from its parent dogs, exhibiting all these beneficial personality traits.

[thrive_text_block color=”note” headline=””]These dogs can be very sociable and playful and are great with children, with the right training. [/thrive_text_block]

However the gamble of the breeding process mean that they could also inherit all the bad traits. If the parents Husky and Corgi have behavioral problems, the apple may not fall too far from the tree.

Huskies can be independent minded dogs with a tendency towards aggression when not handled properly. Clearly this is dealt with at an early age with the right training, but the primal instincts of Huskies may be inherited to a degree in Corgski pups.

The thing with cross breeds is that you never really know what the dog will be like. You can observe the parents and get an idea, but the genetic cocktail creates a new, individual dog with its own personality.

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Husky Corgi Mix Training

The good news here is that the act of training a Husky Corgi mix puppy doesn’t have to be too difficult with the right approach

The intelligence of these dogs can work in your favor, and there is a good chance that they will pick up new behaviors and commands fairly quickly.

Make sure to work on socialization training from an early age. This is how you can be sure that your dog will grow up to be a gentle, loving pet around the whole family.

Whatever trait or command you are aiming for, it always pays to focus on positive reinforcement for all training sessions.

However, make sure to be careful with food-based treats because of that potential for over eating. This smart pup may figure out an easy way to get some tasty, unhealthy snacks and you find their weight beginning to increase.

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The problem comes from the slightly more stubborn nature of the Husky genes. Corgis are a lot more easy going and keen to please.

Many Horgi owners will find that the same is true of their dog and that training is not that difficult at all. Others will quickly notice the Husky genes emerging.

If your pup falls into the latter category, and you find yourself struggling with some areas of training, there is help out there. Obedience schools may not be the best approach for these pups. Their outgoing nature is great for wanting to play with the other students, but they may struggle to follow the class at the right speed.

The great thing about online courses, such as Doggy Dan the online dog trainer and the Secrets to Dog Training online program is that they encourage Husky Corgi puppies, and their owners, to go at their own pace.

The step by step guides are easy to use and cover lots of issues that your pup may encounter.

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Finding a Husky Corgi mix for sale

There are clear pros and cons here, but there will be no discouraging some potential owners once they see those cute photos and learn about the potential benefits of Horgi ownership. Chances are that you have already looked at ads for Siborgis for sale and this is just justification.

How much does a Corgi Husky mix cost?

[thrive_text_block color=”note” headline=””]This can depend on the breeder, but be prepared to pay a large sum for these popular dogs. Some dogs are priced as low as $300 while others have been seen for sale at $700. it’s really up to the breeder. [/thrive_text_block]

These dogs are in demand and breeders know it. Be careful with anyone claiming to have cheap Corgi Husky pups for sale because they may not be a reliable breeder.

Finding the right Husky Corgi mix breeders is essential to be sure of getting a healthy dog that you can bring into the family home. First of all, you need to see the pups and the parents to be sure that they really are Siborgis for sale, and this is not a con with another cross breed.

A visit to the home and to see the parents also offers the chance to see the traits that your pup may inherit. Are the parents well-behaved, healthy and good natured? A good Corgi Husky mix breeder will inform you of everything you need to know.

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husky corgi crossSource

The alternative option here is to find a Corgi Husky mix for adoption.

Pet shelters are full of dogs in need of a loving home and many are cross breeds that were either unwanted or that the owners couldn’t properly care for.

There is a chance that somewhere near you there is a shelter with a sweet Corgi mixed with Husky that needs a home.

Visit the shelter, learn about the pup’s past and any health or behavioral problems. If they seem like a good fit, you may just save a life.

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Finally, you need to come up with a good Corgi Husky mix name.

Sometimes a name comes to you on seeing certain qualities in their appearance or their personality.

Sometimes it can be harder to find something suitable. There is no right or wrong name for Corgi Husky puppies, as long as it is something you can call to them and that they will respond to.

Perhaps something regal to reflect the Corgi side, or perhaps something Siberian or wolf like for the Husky.

[thrive_text_block color=”red” headline=””]Just avoid cute toy dog names. This may be a small version of a Husky, but it is far from being a delicate little designer dog. [/thrive_text_block]

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What have we learned about this Siborgi?

Hopefully all of this Husky Corgi mix breed info has helped you better understand this hybrid.

There is a lot to love about this dog as it really is a beautiful animal with the potential for a great personality.

However, the Husky Corgi mix price and some of the potential health and behavioral concerns could be an issue. Take the time to really consider what it means to mix a Corgi and Husky together before you choose to buy one.

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Is the Corgi Husky mix right for you?

There are some considerations about this dog that mean that Husky Corgi puppies aren’t the best choice for all homes. This is particularly true for those with allergies, or those that can’t keep up with the grooming or exercise demands.

However, if you feel you can offer this dog all the time, care and love it deserves, it is sure to repay you in kind as a long-lived, loyal, affectionate pet.

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