Is The Pitbull Lab Mix Really The Friendliest Dog Around? 

labrabull Pitbull Lab Mix

The Labrador is one of the most common and popular family pets in the whole world. There is something particularly adorable about these playful, sweet pups, and their temperament remains lovable and engaging into adult life. Many that own and raise Pitbulls would say the same thing.

Therefore, many of those that love both breeds will be interested in the potential of the Pitbull Lab mix.

Does this cross bring the best elements of both dogs together into a great family pet? Or, are their issues that we should be worried about?

In this guide to the Pitbull mixed with Lab we will look at all of the important information. This means key Pitbull Lab mix characteristics that we need to consider before bringing one of these dogs into the family home.

We will start with the personality of these dogs, because there will be some with preconceptions about the Pitbull that wonder how its genes will affect the sweet Labrador. This will lead into an important discussion on behavior and training issues to contend with.

Then there are they physical characteristics of the Lab and Pitbull mix – such as the build, coat and general look of the dog. This will lead into some important information on how to care for these dogs with an emphasis on grooming, exercise and diet. This is followed by a look at finding a Pitbull Lab mix puppy from a breeder or shelter.

In the end, you should have a clearer idea whether this is a good breed for you.

Before all that, let’s take a moment to look at the name of this dog.

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What should we call this half Pitbull half Lab?

Every cross breed dog needs a good name for when we show off our new companions to friends, family and other dog lovers.

The name Pitbull Labrador is a bit of a mouthful compared to some of the other, cuter names that these cross breeds receive.

There are two choices here, and their use varies between owners and breeders.

The two that you will see more commonly are Labrabull and Pitador. The latter is perhaps a little more effective as the former sounds like it could be a Bulldog cross. As long as you are sure of the true parentage, the name isn’t that important.

Is it true that this Pitador puppy grows up to be one of the friendliest dogs around?

Anyone researching these crosses will find plenty of tales from owners about a great personality and friendly nature.

In fact, there are some that say that they are the friendliest dogs around. This may come as a bit of a surprise to those that are unfamiliar with the true nature of the Pitbull.

The truth is that a well-bred, well-trained Pitador cross has the potential to be a great family dog that will play with other dogs, love the kids and be incredibly protective.

Play and rewards are essential to this dog and they can bring plenty of joy in the right family.

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What about all those stories of aggression with Pitbulls? Are there any risks with this Pitbull Lab mix temperament?

Stories of aggression come from those dogs that are bred for fighting where aggression is prized. This is a big problem for the animal, and the reputation of the breed.

Those that train these dogs well from an early age will find that they are sweet, loving and obedient. This works brilliantly with the traits of the Labrador.

It really is important to start Pitbull Lab mix training from an early age for the best results. This is especially true with socialization. The sooner they learn to get along with other animals and people, the better their nature.

The good news here is that the eagerness of the Pitbull and intelligence of the Lab lead to a dog that isn’t too difficult to train. Those that put in the hard work with a consistent regimen of positive reinforcement should see quick results.

Even so, there will be inexperienced owners that struggle with the task of how to train a Pitbull Lab. This is where an online guide like Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer or Secrets to Dog Training can really help.

This simple step-by-step approaches make all sorts of training issues approachable and manageable.

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What about the physical Pitbull Lab mix traits that new owners can look out for?

The look of these dogs will vary depending on the dominant genes and type of Pitbull.

Some will have the broad head and look of a Pitbull, with a build of a Lab, while others will barely look like a Lab at all.

Remember that the skin will vary too as this is either a red nose Pitbull or blue nose Pitbull Lab mix.

When we talk about the build of the pitbull, we have to consider the size of the dog.

How big does a full grown Pitbull Lab mix get?

The Pitbull Lab mix size will vary depending on genetics and sex. They can weight anything between 45-90 pounds and reach an average height of 24 inches.

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The coat of the Lab Pitbull mix and grooming needs

As you will see from Pitbull Lab mix pictures, the color of the coat will depend on the genetics of the parent dogs.

Some will have a more uniform color, like the lab, and others more of a pattern like the Pitbull. The latter is especially true with a brindle Pitbull.

It will also depend on the type of Lab that breeders use. Are the breeders advertising a Chocolate Lab Pitbull mix puppy or a Yellow Lab Pitbull mix? Some may not specify.

Then there are some dogs that look really dark all over, with a typical Pitbull chest marking, if they are Black Lab Pitbull mix.

On the subject of the coat, these brings up some important questions about grooming needs of these crosses.

The good news is that this short coat doesn’t require too much maintenance, other than a brush now and then.

There will be mixed opinions when it comes to the Pitbull Lab mix shedding. Some will say low, others moderate. It all depends on your experience with Labs and other dogs. It is definitely not hypoallergenic, but not the worst either.

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Other important information about Pitbull Lab Mix Care

We cannot underestimate the Lab Pitbull mix exercise requirement.

This is a fit, medium sized energetic dog. This means that they will need plenty of walks and play time to keep them happy and in shape. This is especially important for all those that struggle with the diet issue below.

Give them the time and attention they deserve and they should be a joy to live with.

Don’t keep them cooped up in a small apartment with no where to go and no yard to play in. Play time is essential to keep up that bond and ensure a happy, loving, obedient pup.

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The importance of a good diet for this Labrador Pitbull mix

Diet is an important issue for these dogs for two reasons.

First of all, this is an active dog that needs the right portions and nutrients to maintain its physique and stay healthy.

It is vital that owners look for the best dog food for a Pitbull Lab mix, with a good source of protein and vitamins, such as the Purina SmartBlend Formula.

The other reason that diet is so important is because of a gene in Labradors that causes them to put on weight. They overeat because they don’t realize that they are full. This is why there are more obesity issues in labs than some other breeds. There is risk that this will be passed down to the offspring of these crosses.

Pitbull and Labrador mix health risks and life expectancy

There are many owners and breeders that will brush off the idea of health issues with this dog for two reasons.

Firstly, there are few major health issue in the parents to watch out for in terms of inherited health problems. Secondly, hybrid vigour can make this a pretty healthy, vibrant animal.

However, this does gloss over that issue of weight and some of the minor issues to consider. There is the risk of allergies and skin complaints from the Pitbull side and joint problems from the Lab side. Regular health checks for eyes, ears, teeth and other disease are vital, as are injections.

Those that have further concerns should check out The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health for further information on basic health care needs and healthy lifestyles.

We also need to remember that the Pitbull Lab mix life expectancy is 10-14 years. This could be a beloved member of the family throughout a someone’s childhood with the right love and care.

Where to find Pitbull Lab mix puppies for sale

There are sure to be many lab pit mix breeders out there because there are so many owners of Pitbulls and Labs that will happily try and breed the two together.

There are pros and cons here. On the plus side, this means availability and options in local breeders where the cost may come down a little. We don’t have to travel far and pay extortionate prices for a rare designer mix.

However, there is the issue that anyone may try and set themselves up as a breeder of these two dogs if they feel there is money to be made. This could lead to lots of irresponsible breeders with bad practices and unhealthy litters.

All new owners are advised to take the time to research options and visit the homes of the puppies. This way you can get all the information on the litter, see the parents, check their health and make sure that this is a purchase you can make with a clear conscience.

Adopting a Pit Lab mix from a shelter

The alternative option here is to look for pitbull lab mix puppies for adoption.

Adoption is a great alternative for those that are wary about going to breeders and paying money to the wrong people.

Shelter provide second chances to dogs in need, including adults that have been mistreated. Some of these animals will be from litters that didn’t sell, others may be former fighting dogs that lost too many times.

Then there are the healthy, friendly pups where heartbroken owners simply had no choice but to give them away. This background means that these dogs are a gamble.

A rescue Labrabull could be difficult to handle if poorly trained, abused or unhealthy. But, the experience of treating and saving them will be highly rewarding.

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When talking about adoption and buying a Labrabull puppy, we need to consider the cost

These dogs are unlikely to be that expensive because of the parent dogs involved and their availability.

However, there will be variations that could jump between price points significantly.

Some will try and charge more for their litter for different reasons. Some may feel that they have a rare mix, perhaps a Red Labrador Brindle Pit mix with some interesting looking offspring.

Others will charge more based on the stock of the parents. Then there are those that will seem like they aren’t charging enough. This could be a sign of an unhealthy litter or a breeder desperate to sell.

When it come to adoption, the costs are lower with these fees. Yet, some of these dogs will need further training and health care attention that could be costly in the long run.

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Is this Pitador dog a good choice for your family?

Hopefully all of this Labrabull info paints a good picture of what we can expect with this dog.

There is no reason for Labrador lovers to be alarmed by the idea of those Pitbull genes because this is still a great natured dog with a lot of potential.

Those that receive the care, attention and training they need from a young age will thrive as sweet, loving, playful family members.

Take your time when researching Pitbull Lab mix needs and breeders and enjoy this great dog.


Passionate lover of dogs and proud owner of a friendly, mischievous and energetic golden retriever named Beethoven! I’m incredibly excited to share my experiences on how best to care for your beloved pet. The more we know, the happier we and our canine friends will be!

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