All About The Akita Rottweiler Mix (With Pictures)

Akita Rottweiler Mix

Many people love purebred dogs, such as the Akita and the Rottweiler, for their beauty, energy, and loyalty. However, these days, designer dogs are gaining popularity.

One designer dog that lives up to expectations of dog lovers the world over is the Akita Rottweiler Mix.

The Akita Rottweiler Mix, also known as the Akita Rottie, is a mix between a purebred Akita and a purebred Rottweiler.

These dogs are dedicated, intelligent and eager to please. They require a lot of physical activity and mental stimulation, proper nutrition and regular grooming to stay happy and healthy.

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at everything you need to know about the Akita Rottweiler Mix so you can determine if this designer dog is a good match for you and your family.

What Is an Akita Rottweiler Mix?

As its name suggests, an Akita Rottweiler Mix, or Akita Rottie, is a cross between two different breeds: the Akita Inu and the Rottweiler.

They inherit their characteristics from their parents, so you can expect them to be loyal, intelligent and highly protective. They are excellent companions to either active individuals or active families with lots of love to offer.

They can also adjust to different environments with proper training and socialization.

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Some Quick Facts About the Akita Rottweiler Mix Dog

Breed Type: Crossbreed/Mixed Breed
Size: Large-sized dog
Other Names: Akita Rottie
Good Watch Dog: Yes
Good Guard Dog: Yes
Average Weight: 95 to 130 pounds
Average Height: 24 to 27 inches tall
Lifespan: 10 to 15 years
Apartment Living: No, A large space with a fenced-in yard is preferred
Ideal for: A great choice for anyone looking for a loyal, loving and protective dog + perfect for anyone who can give them plenty of both mental and physical exercise each day. Also they do best in a single-dog household
Coat: A medium-length thick double coat and they shed seasonally
Coat colors: Black, Fawn, and White, among others
Suitable for first time owners: No
Trainability: Relatively easy to train
Hypoallergenic: No
Shedding: Seasonal
Grooming Needs: You should brush them two to three times per week
Energy Levels: High
Exercise Needs: At least 60 to 90 minutes of exercise every day is required
Tolerance to being left alone: No
Feeding and Diet: 3 to 4 cups of high quality dog food each day, divided into two or three meals
Possible Health Issues: Hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism, blood disorders, eye issues, and autoimmune disease
Temperament: Loyal, loving, courageous, intelligent, highly protective, wary of strangers
Cat Friendly: No, early socialization is required
Dog Friendly: Moderate, early socialization is required
Kid Friendly: Best suited to homes with older children, unpredictable around strange children (early socialization is required)
Barking Tendencies: Rarely
Price: $700 to $2000

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The Origin of the Akita Rottweiler Mix

The Akita Rottie is a mix between two old breeds with very different historical backgrounds.

The Akita and Rottweiler were bred in different parts of the world. These two breeds seem to lend some credence to the theory about dogs evolved in various parts of the world.

The Rottweiler is believed to have descended from Italian Mastiffs that most likely existed even before the Romans moved with herds of cattle across Europe before 75 A.D. They specifically moved around the Alps with their herding dogs and herds of cattle into Germany.

When the Romans were chased by the Germans out of a town known as Rottweil, the ultimate development of this breed began.

Rottweilers were commonly used to drive herds of cattle and to pull carts of meat to the market. They were also used to guard livestock, their owners and their properties.

They mixed with native dogs and attained a wider head, bigger frame, and improved guarding instincts that enabled them to target different predators.

is a rottweiler good family dog

In the 1850’s, efforts were made to save the breed from extinction with railroads replacing them for the purpose of transporting livestock. They assumed new roles with the military and police.

German immigrants introduced Rotties to the United States in the 1920s. Their popularity increased after the Second World War.

On the other hand, the Akita Inu hails from Japan. They were originally bred to kill medium to large-sized game, including boars, bears and elk. Moreover, they were commonly used as guard dogs amongst members of the Japanese royalty.

They are considered a national treasure in the country, and a symbol of health, happiness, protection and longevity.

An American author and scholar named Helen Keller fell in love with the breed and brought the first Akitas into the United States.

The popularity of the breed increased in the country when soldiers returning home after the Second World War carried their own Akitas with them.

Akita Dog History

The General Appearance of the Akita Rottweiler Mix

Your Akita and Rottweiler Mix dog will most likely be a combination of the Akita and the Rottweiler since the parent breeds are quite similar.

Some Akita Rotties will look more like one parent breed, but you should expect to see characteristics from the other parent breed as well.

These dogs have a broad head and a medium-sized muzzle. They have brown eyes that are widely set, and medium in size. Their ears are erect and medium sized, giving them an alert expression.

Akita Rottweiler Mix Size, Height and Weight

So, how big does a Rottweiler Akita Mix get?

Your mixed breed dog should be large and compact.

They should weigh about 95 to 130 pounds and measure between 24 and 27 inches tall when fully grown. Females tend to be smaller than males.

Coat and Coat Colors

Akita Rottweiler Mixes have a thick double coat that sheds seasonally.

These dogs will most likely be tan and black with a darker face due the Akita’s melanistic mask. There are also brindle and fawn Akita Rotties with these colors also being quite common.

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Akita Rottweiler Mix Temperament and Personality

When it comes to temperament, the temperaments of the two parent breeds are almost similar. They are both known to be alpha, but caring dogs. They are very brave and do not hesitate to come to their owners’ rescue if need be.

The two breeds are also wary of strangers, but they are loving to young children and other members of the family. However, it’s recommended to teach your Akita Rottie socialization skills at a young age.

The owner must also ensure that the Akita Rottweiler Mix doesn’t develop behavioral issues like attacking other household pets. Like other dogs, your Akita Rottie will enjoy positive reinforcement for anything good he does.

Many of these dogs tend to be aggressive towards other dogs. Socialization will help prevent territorial tendencies, but most of these dogs have territorial instincts. The mix will do best with pets and other dogs he is brought up with. Avoid leaving them with smaller dogs or pets unsupervised.

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Are Akita Rotties Good with Children?

Both Akitas and Rottweilers tend to be friendly around kids, especially if they have been raised together. This mix seems to be unpredictable around strange children. However, you should never leave your dog with kids unsupervised.

Older children do much better with this mix since they understand dog behavior much better. Moreover, older children can play with larger dogs with reduced risk of injury.

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What About Cats and Other Pets?

Akita Rottweiler Mixes can be wonderful friends with other household pets or animals, provided they have been properly trained and socialized. Proper socialization is recommended because Akita Rotties are naturally protective. They are guard dogs and watchdogs at heart.

Socialization will help make your Akita and Rottweiler Mix less likely to attack cats and other animals in the family.

However, they still have a high prey drive, so you still need to be careful when your mix is around cats and smaller dogs.


The Akita Rottweiler Mix is a very intelligent crossbreed, so he should benefit from regular mental stimulation. Nonetheless, they are quite stubborn, so you should start housetraining them immediately. Their stubbornness is inherited from the Akita Inu. As an alpha dog, however, the Rottie is also known to be dominant.

You must train your Akita Rottweiler Mix puppy as soon as possible. Teaching them acceptable behaviors from a young age will make them obedient and well-behaved.

It’s important to avoid being harsh or aggressive towards your pet and instead utilize positive reinforcement training methods.

Once you teach them the basic commands and tricks, try and teach them advanced tricks. Go online and search for advanced tricks to teach your canine companion.

Hiring an experienced dog trainer can speed up the dog training process. This particular mix can benefit greatly from the services of a professional dog trainer, so don’t hesitate to contact one.

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Exercise Needs

These large dogs have a lot of energy, so you need to ensure that you can meet their exercise needs before getting one.

Your Akita Rottweiler Mix will need at least 90 minutes of exercise each day. However, do not overdo it, especially if you’re dealing with young puppies.

For instance, you should not exercise puppies below 6 months old for more than 30 minutes at any particular time.

The rule of the thumb is to exercise them according to their age, size and activity level. Training and socialization must also be an integral part of every exercise session.

For adults, around 40 percent of their exercise sessions should be high intensity activities. The rest could be a combination of training, socialization and light exercises. Some activities help to engage your dog’s mind and body at the same time. These include hiking, tracking and agility training.

With these intelligent pups, you also want to provide them with interactive dog toys to keep them mentally challenged or stimulated.

Apart from giving them a large place to play and exercise, these dogs need somewhere comfortable to rest and sleep. Owners can buy then a large crate like the MidWest Folding Crate for Extra Large Dogs or a spacious dog bed like the Furhaven Pet Orthopedic Dog Bed. This is particularly important if you don’t want to share your bed with your four-legged friend.

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Grooming and Shedding

Your Akita Rottweiler Mix should have a short to medium-length coat. This double coat will shed moderately throughout the year.

You should brush your pet two to three times per week. Bathing should only be done using a mild doggie shampoo once every 6 to 8 weeks.

If you’re concerned about doggy odour, a simple way to keep them clean and smelling good is to use the best deodorizing wipes for dogs.

Cut their toenails every six weeks to prevent them from getting too long. Check your dog’s ears regularly and clean them thoroughly to prevent infections.

Finally, accustom them to proper dental hygiene from an early age by brushing their teeth every week.

Feeding and Diet

The Akita Rottweiler Mix is quite large so you should pay attention to his diet.

Their dietary requirements will most likely range from 3 to 4 cups of high quality dog food. Depending on your dog’s age, size and activity level, you divide this amount into two or three meals per day.

In the past, Akitas and Rottweilers were fed rice, fish and sea plants. These days, however, you can feed them probiotics and other supplements that will boost their diet’s nutritional value and prevent various health problems.

A good source of protein for Akita Rotties is meat. However, you should also feed them veggies to provide them with essential vitamins and minerals.

However, you may want to feed them just high quality dog food for larger breeds, and your mix should be happy and healthy.

Since this mix is prone to hip dysplasia, consider giving them wild Alaskan salmon oil as well. You can also supplement this with glucosamine and chondroitin supplements to boost their overall health.

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Akita Rottweiler Mix Health Issues

It can be difficult to predict the health problems that affect Akita Rottweiler Mix dogs since these two parent dogs can suffer from different conditions.

The best thing to do is to learn more about the health conditions that affect each parent breed. Again, it’s important to buy your puppy from a good breeder who will help you understand each parent dog’s health history. To get a good idea of the health of your mixed breeds dog, you have to go back at least three generations.

On the other hand, you can use various treatment methods for each condition. That said, you’ll find that certain genetic issues are common in each parent breed. By learning more about each condition, you can be able to determine what to expect from your new Akita Rottie puppy.

Generally speaking, both parent breeds are prone to hip dysplasia, blood disorders, hypothyroidism, eye issues, and autoimmune disease.

With up-to-date information from your breeder, you should be able to prepare well for any health issue.

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Akita Rottweiler Mix for Sale

If you want to get a healthy Akita Rottweiler Mix puppy, you need to go through a reliable breeder. Reputable breeders will disclose any health problems that your new puppy may experience. Moreover, reputable breeders will help you know the breed better.

The right breeder will be ready to answer any questions that you may have. You also need to know what you want in an Akita Rottweiler Mix so you can get the right puppy for you.

How Much Does an Akita Rottweiler Mix Cost?

Although Akita Rotties are quite rare, they are still very affordable. The price of an Akita Rottweiler puppy is around $700 to $2000, depending on the location and the number of breeders near you.

Upfront costs for items such as a crate, bed, bowls, food, leash, collar and neutering will cost about $500.

Maintenance cost will vary and can range from $750 to $1200 for essential things such as vet checkups, emergency medical costs, toys, food, training, licensing and other miscellaneous items.

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enamel pin badges for dogs

Akita Rottweiler Mix for Adoption

Although these dogs are normally found at reputable breeders, they sometimes end up in rescue centers or animal shelters, so visit your nearby rescue centers if you want to adopt an older dog instead of buying a puppy from a local breeder.

You may not find a puppy at a rescue center unless it was obtained from a puppy store or puppy mill, but that could be a beneficial thing if you’re interested in a full grown Akita Rottie.

The best place to start your search for an Akita Rottweiler Mix is at an Akita Inu- or Rottweiler-specific rescue. Such breed-specific centers sometimes take in mixed breed dogs and you might be lucky enough to find a Rottweiler Akita Mix dog for adoption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Akita Rottweiler Dogs Dangerous?

No. Well-trained and socialized Akita Rottweiler dogs are not necessarily dangerous. Any pooch can be aggressive and dangerous if poorly trained, abused or neglected.

Nonetheless, large breed dogs are generally capable of causing injury to people or other animals.

The Akita Rottweiler Mix is a large dog with powerful protective instincts, so you want to make sure you are prepared to handle a large dog.

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Do Rottweiler Akitas Bark a Lot?

No. Akita Rottweiler dogs are a very quiet mix. They rarely bark, unless there’s a reason. The Akita parent almost never barks. If your Akita barks, there’s a genuine reason. These dogs are known to be calm and quiet.

Rotties are also known to be quiet. In fact, many Rottie owners will hardly hear their dogs barking. These dogs tend to respond quietly to anything going on in their environment.

Are Akita Rottweiler Dogs High Maintenance?

Akita Rottweiler dogs have a medium-length double coat and they shed seasonally. Taking good care of an Akita Rottie’s coat might be high maintenance. It often requires time and effort to keep it in its best condition.

Can Rottweiler Akitas be Left Alone?

No. Like most other dogs, Rottweiler Akitas are company creatures, and you should not leave your pet unattended for long as this can make them lonely, bored or distressed.


The Akita Rottweiler Mix can be a great choice for anyone looking for a loyal, loving and protective dog. These dogs are perfect for anyone who can give them plenty of both mental and physical exercise each day.

The Akita Rottie would thrive in a single-dog household, with a spacious yard to play and run around in.

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