Introducing The Hyper, But Handsome Boston Terrier Jack Russell Mix

boston terrier jack russell mix

Terriers can be quite the handful. They have energy for miles and playful natures, but the best breeds are also great companion dogs due to their size and loyalty.

Those that are drawn to the terrier group often have their favorites, for one reason or another, and stick to that breed.

Others will be drawn to hybrids that bring together key features of two terrier dogs. One such option is the Boston Terrier Jack Russell mix.

This dog – also known as the Bojack – is a handsome, medium sized terrier with some interesting traits.

This guide will discuss different characteristics of their personality and physicality, as well as health and breeding. From there, you can see if this dog is right for your family.

The personality of this Bojack dog

There are some immediate concerns about the temperament of this Boston Terrier cross Jack Russell.

Many dog lovers will be aware of the hyperactive side and hunting skills of the Jack Russell, as well as the fighting heritage of the Boston. With the wrong stock, this could lead to an aggressive dog that is a little difficult to handle.

With the right stock, you can get pups that are more gentle and playful. The Boston genes tend to calm down those of the Jack Russell. This means they are typically less likely to exhibit barking or biting.

There is still a lot of energy in these dogs, so careful handling and a good exercise regimen are vital.


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Training Bojack puppies

Training can be a little difficult because of the temperament and energy levels of the dog. They want to please and learn, but the independent streak can lead to a little stubbornness.

Their hyperactivity may also make it a little difficult to keep them focused and engaged with the task.

These dogs therefore require a strong, training regimen from an early age, but with small sessions where the dogs can’t get bored.

There are two ways to help provide this:

The first is to use an online training guide such as Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer. This guide can help with anything from housebreaking to leash training.

The other is to use a range of interactive dog toys. This can make games of fetch and obedience more interesting, or act as a reward. Strong mental stimulation should work with that hyper nature.

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Then there are physical characteristics of this dog

Jack Russells are quite small, compact little dogs, while the Bostons are taller and more muscular.

Therefore, we can expect a Jack Russell Boston Terrier mix weight of around 10-20 lbs and a height of 13-15 inches. This can depend on which parent the pup most takes after, as well as their sex.

The looks of this dog can vary. There are plenty of online pictures of Boston Terrier and Jack Russell mix dogs that highlight that black and white mask of the Boston. This comes through quite often, but there are other colors such as the more typical reds of the Jack Russell.

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Grooming isn’t a big deal with this short-coated dog. They will require some brushing, but nothing too intense. There is also bound to be some shedding, although nothing too excessive.

This means that you may need a pet hair vacuum, but not anything extreme like a Furminator. It may also help to purchase some dog deodorizing wipes and other tools, especially when taking care of those big ears and their nails.

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Health issues and other considerations when taking care of a Boston terrier and Jack Russell mix

Important health problems to consider here include the dislocation of kneecaps, eye problems and deafness.

Unfortunately, these issues are possible problems in both parent dogs, so may not be bred out with this hybrid pup.

These pups are going to need a good diet of healthy dry dog food for all that energy. Fish oil is also a good idea as this can help with those potential joint problems. Try them on fish flavored food, or add in some supplementation.

They generally have a lifespan of 12-13 years, but could live as long as 15 years.

How to find the best Jack Russell Boston Terrier mix puppies for sale

Anyone that wants to try raising one of these pups needs to find responsible Jack Russell Boston Terrier mix breeders.

Responsibility works in two ways:

There is the knowledge and care that goes into safe breeding and raising the litter. Then there is the choice of breeding stock.

A working Jack Russell and more aggressive Boston could have pups that are difficult to handle. Parents that are softer, companion dogs are better choices.

It helps to meet the parents and litters when choosing a puppy. This gives an idea of physical traits, personality traits and any health issues.


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The alternative to buying from a breeder is to turn to adoption.

This is a great way to give a needy dog a second chance, and is also less expensive. The problem here is finding a dog with true breed heritage and no issues.

The first question to ask here is why were they given up. Is this a hyper dog with aggression issues that is hard to handle. Or, are they sweet, manageable dogs that were just unlike.

The second question here is are they a true Bojack dog? One way to make sure is to use an at-home testing systems like the Embark Breed Identification Dog DNA Test.

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Is this Bojack puppy right for you?

There is a lot to love about this Boston Terrier x Jack Russell, but also a lot to keep in mind.

Make sure that you understand precisely what it takes to raise one of these Boston Terrier Jack Russell mix dogs. That research and effort will shape these pups into great dogs.

This really is a pup for more experienced owners because of those issues with energy levels, hyperactivity and training.

Those with the confidence to keep working on training, and the time to spare, should find that this Bojack pup becomes a calm, playful member of the family.

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