A Complete Guide to the Catahoula German Shepherd Mix (With Pictures)

German Shepherd Catahoula Mix

The Catahoula German Shepherd Mix is a cross between a purebred Catahoula Leopard dog or Cur and a purebred German Shepherd dog.

Both of these parent dogs are very intelligent and have similar temperaments. Both also have hunting and herding backgrounds.

So what does the Catahoula German Shepherd Mix look and behave like? Does he take more after the Catahoula Cur or the German Shepherd?

In this article, we’ll try and answer these and more questions. So keep reading to view pictures, and learn more about the Catahoula Leopard Dog German Shepherd Mix.

Some Basic Facts About the Catahoula German Shepherd Mix

Breed Type:Hybrid/Crossbreed
Good Guard Dog:Yes
Size:Medium To Large-Sized
Average Weight:50 to 90 Pounds
Average Height:1 Feet 8 Inches to 2 Feet 2 Inches
Suitable for first time owners:No
Lifespan:7 to 15 Years
Suitable for apartment living:No
Coat:Medium-Length, Dense
Coat colors:Black, Brown, White, Sable with Markings
Apartment Living:No
Ideal For:A good choice for active and experienced dog owners
Shedding:Moderate to High
Grooming Requirements:Medium to High
Exercise Required:High
Temperament:Loyal, affectionate, protective, willing to please
Space Requirements:A large space with a fenced-in yard is preferable (Rural homes are best suited to these dogs)
Energy Levels:High
Good with Cats and Other Dogs:Unpredictable (Early Socialization Is a Must)
Kids friendly:Yes (If trained and socialized)
Barking Tendency:Often
Price:Anywhere from $400 to $1000

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What Is a Catahoula and German Shepherd Mix?

As the name suggests, a Catahoula German Shepherd Mix puppy is a cross between a Catahoula Cur or Leopard Dog and a German Shepherd. This mix will vary in appearance since the Catahoula Cur parent dogs also vary a lot in terms of looks.


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To get a general idea of what your Catahoula German Shepherd Mix puppy might look like, you first need to know each parent breed’s characteristics.

Catahoula Leopard Dog History

Often called the Catahoula Cur, Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog, and the Hog Dog, Catahoula Leopard dogs are developed from Beaucerons, Mastiffs, wild dogs and red wolves that were owned by native Louisiana Americans.

These dogs were classified into three: the Fairbanks, the Wright and the Mcmillin.

The Fairbanks were owned by Lovie Fairbanks. These dogs were yellow or brindle in color. They weighed around 65 to 75 pounds.

Next, the Wright were owned by Preston Wright. Their weight stood at around 90 to 110 pounds.

For the Mcmillin, a man named T.A Mcmillin kept these dogs. They had blue coats and glass eyes. They were the smallest Catahoula Leopard dogs, weighing between 50 and 60 pounds.

Catahoula Leopard Dog

The three types were inbred for a long time, causing a huge variation in the breed. Today, the breed comprises the Red Leopard, the Blue Leopard, the Black Leopard, Silver or Gray Leopard, Tri-color, Quad-color, Five-color and the Patchwork variety.

Their stunning eye color is another physical characteristic of the Catahoula Leopard. They usually have heterochromia, a condition characterized by a variation in the color of their eyes. They might have gray eyes, glass eyes, marbled eyes or spotted eyes.

The Catahoula Leopard Dog normally has webbed feet, allowing them to work in the swampy Louisiana neighborhoods. These also allow them to enjoy swimming. Moreover, they have droopy ears and a curved tail.

So what about the German Shepherd?

Unlike the Catahoula Leopard Dog, German Shepherd dogs tend to look very similar to each other.

German Shepherds usually have pointed ears, brown eyes and a long, bushy tail.

Common coat colors include black, brown, tan, and white, among others. They weigh around 50 to 90 pounds.

Happy German Shepherd Dog And Puppy

Let’s now take a closer look at the physical characteristics of the Catahoula German Shepherd Mix and what you can expect from your mixed breed dog.

The General Appearance of the Catahoula German Shepherd Mix

So what does a German Shepherd Catahoula Mix dog look like?

Each puppy will look quite different from the others, even those from the same litter.

They typically have brown eyes and pointed ears. However, their overall appearance will vary depending on the dominant genes. The German Shepherd Catahoula Mix might also have glass blue eyes and droopy ears.

Size, Height and Weight

When fully grown, a German Shepherd Catahoula Mix will be a medium to large-sized dog. The height and weight of a mixed breed dog like this will depend on the size of each parent dog. The dominant genes determine the size of a hybrid dog.

The average weight of a Catahoula German Shepherd Mix is around 50 to 90 pounds. They measure between 1 ft 8 inches and 2 ft 2 inches in height.

Coat and Coat Colors

Their coat should be more solid and shed more heavily if they take after their German Shepherd parent. However, the coat could be shorter, and shed more lightly if they take after their Catahoula Leopard Dog parent.

Common coat colors include black, brown, tan and white, among others.


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Catahoula German Shepherd Mix Behavior & Temperament

When it comes to the temperament of Catahoula Leopard dogs, they tend to be shy and less aggressive than German Shepherds. On the other hand, German Shepherds are smart and intelligent dogs. They are great protectors. So, the cross between a Catahoula and a German Shepherd will be intelligent and an awesome guard dog.

They are very hard-working dogs who are always focused on the task at hand. They are always serious about their work simply because they enjoy it when they complete their job on time. They are usually wary of strangers and do not do well in crowds. They require proper training and socialization early in their life.

Speaking of intelligence, both German Shepherds and Catahoula Leopard dogs are very smart dogs, so your Catahoula German Shepherd Mix puppy will be no different. Your mixed breed dog will be very clever and will possess great problem-solving skills.

These pups are also great protectors of their home and family. This breed tends to be protective of its territory and will do everything in their power to keep you and your family safe. The German Shepherd Catahoula Mix might even think that you’re a member of it’s pack.

⚠️ They also have herding tendencies. This trait is quite strange, but your Catahoula German Shepherd may herd little children. Their natural instincts may lead them to think that they have some work to do, and start herding your children.


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Fortunately, you can train your puppy out of it, especially if you start training and socializing them with kids while they are still young.

They get along well with children but after properly training and socializing them. Dog owners should not leave them unsupervised with small kids due to the aggressive part of their personality.

Due to their herding tendencies, German Shepherd Catahoulas don’t always get along well with cats and other pets. While some of these dogs eventually learn to live harmoniously with cats and other pets, it’s vital to supervise them so that each party stays happy.

Therefore, they should also be socialized early with cats and other pets. This includes introducing them to other dogs and animals in the family.

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Do Catahoula German Shepherd Mix Dogs Bark a Lot?

Both parent breeds bark frequently, so you can expect the Catahoula German Shepherd Mix to bark often as well. Their barking tendency makes them unsuitable for apartment living.

Are German Shepherd Catahoulas Aggressive Dogs?

Both German Shepherds and Catahoula Leopard dogs tend to be aggressive in nature, especially towards unfamiliar people. Therefore, their offspring will inherit their aggressive tendencies, so they are not a good choice for first time dog owners.


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Are German Shepherd Catahoulas Good Pets?

All puppies are individuals, so any dog can be both a good pet and a not-so-good pet. Bear this in mind as you consider generalities.

Although Catahoula German Shepherds are loyal dogs and great family pets, they are not always good with small kids. Their high energy levels and herding tendencies may make them unsuitable as pets, especially if they have not been well trained.

That being said, most of these dogs are good with kids and will protect them. However, it’s always important to supervise your German Shepherd Catahoula Mix when playing with kids to ensure they get along well.

If you and your family are committed to giving them enough exercise or a job to do, then they will be good pets that are loyal and loving once they are done with working and playing around at the end of the day.

So if you want an intelligent and loyal family pet and have the time to give them sufficient exercise, then the Catahoula German Shepherd Mix could be for you.

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Are German Shepherd Catahoulas Easy to Train?

German Shepherd Catahoulas are not the best choice for everyone because they need a lot of training. Housetraining can be difficult due to their stubborn nature. This is due to their sense of independence. However, patience, kindness and consistency can lead to some great results.

These dogs require proper training and mental stimulation to remain happy. With their high intelligence, they need a way to use it so they don’t become destructive. That’s why training your Catahoula German Shepherd Mix is so important. But unless you have experience handling them, it’s always recommended to hire a professional dog trainer.


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To properly train your Catahoula German Shepherd Mix, use positive reinforcements like treats to reward acceptable behavior.

Leash training is also important because it shows your dog that you’re truly in charge.

It’s also important for dogs with aggressive habits to be well socialized. It is recommended to start socializing your Catahoula German Shepherd Mix during puppyhood, preferably within the first 3 months. To achieve this, introduce your pup to different kinds of people, sounds, places and situations.

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How to Take Proper Care of Your Puppy

As stated above, it’s a good idea to hire a professional dog trainer to train your pup, something that will cost you some money. Hiring a trainer can help with aggression, behavioral issues and allow you to form a strong bond with your dog.

Apart from enlisting a trainer, you also need to buy a good crate to help with dog training since this is a continuous process. You can buy the MidWest Folding Crate for Extra Large Dogs on Amazon.com as it is strong and durable.

German Shepherd Catahoulas are also known to be inquisitive creatures. You should ensure they have a large fenced-in yard for them to play, run and explore.

Breeds that work as hard as the German Shepherd Catahoula Mix deserve a comfortable sleeping spot at the end of the day. A quality orthopedic dog bed like the Furhaven Orthopedic dog bed (which is also available on Amazon.com) is a great way to keep your puppy happy and comfortable during bedtime.

It helps to support your dog’s tired body and eases joint pain, body aches and hip dysplasia. This bed provides the therapeutic support your hard-working companion deserves.

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Exercise Needs

German Shepherd Catahoulas are very active dogs. They need to be exercised for around one hour each day. Failure to exercise your pup can lead to aggression or behavioral issues.

Since these dogs are also extremely intelligent, you need to provide them with interactive dog toys for mental stimulation. You can also consider games such as Fetch, Frisbee, Tug of War, Puzzles toys and teaching them various commands.

Make sure not to over-exercise your German Shepherd Catahoula as this might be harmful to your dog. Your pet could become too exhausted, leading to dehydration and overeating.

Watch out for symptoms such as excessive panting, stiffness, sore muscles, lameness, confusion and foam forming at the mouth. If you notice any of these serious symptoms, it’s vital to stop the exercises so he can cool down.

It’s also advisable to carry fresh water with you when taking your dog out on walks or hikes to help keep your four-legged friend cool and hydrated.


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Grooming and Shedding

The Catahoula Leopard Dog is quite easy to groom and maintain, while the German Shepherd has more grooming demands. This is due to the differences in their coat type and length.

No matter the type of coat your German Shepherd Catahoula Mix inherits from the parent dogs, he should be brushed weekly since he will shed either moderately or heavily.

Weekly brushing will help reduce shedding and enhance the appearance of their coat.

Make sure to give them baths occasionally and to use deodorizing wipes for dogs frequently to keep their coat healthy.

Their nails tend to grow rather fast, so periodic nail clipping will be necessary.

Additionally, check their ears for dirt and debris to prevent infections since they spend plenty of time outside.

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Feeding and Diet

Both German Shepherds and Catahoula Leopard dogs are working breeds, so your German Shepherd Catahoula Mix will need high quality dog food to maintain their high energy levels.

Your dog’s regular diet should include healthy proteins, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and oils.

When choosing a pet food brand, there are some ingredients and food sources you need to avoid. These include soy, corn, wheat, meat by-products, fillers and artificial preservatives.

You should feed a Catahoula German Shepherd Mix twice per day. High quality dry dog food can help with a dog’s teeth, so it’s a good idea to avoid buying wet food brands for your Catahoula German Shepherd Mix.

Additionally, you should supplement your dog’s diet with probiotics and wild alaskan salmon oil to help keep your hard-working buddy happy and healthy due to their risk for joint issues and hip dysplasia.


The Catahoula German Shepherd Mix is a hybrid dog, so they generally live much longer than their parent breeds.

The life expectancy of the Catahoula German Shepherd Mix is around 7 to 15 years.

Health Issues

Before buying a German Shepherd mixed with a Catahoula Leopard dog, it’s advisable to know everything there’s to know about the breed, including potential health problems.

The Catahoula German Shepherd Mix may inherit any health issues that affect either parent breed. These include hip dysplasia, bloat, degenerative myelopathy, canine periodontitis, obesity, deafness and cancer.

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Finding a Healthy Catahoula German Shepherd Mix for Sale

If you are interested in buying Catahoula German Shepherd Mix puppies, avoid buying one from online stores or advertisements.

Don’t be fooled by the enticing words used or the low price offered. Such stores offer their puppies at very low prices, but they mishandle their parents and the puppies usually have some serious health problems.

Although the breeding process usually improves the characteristics of the puppy, parents with severe health conditions can pass them to the puppies.

Before buying a Catahoula German Shepherd puppy, make sure you’re doing business with reputable breeders.

Ask the breeders about the availability of medical records of each parent dog to see if they have any health problems. Ideally, take a tour of the premises to see how they are raising the puppies and their parents.

It is also important to find out whether or not the breeders are using genetic tests to identify potential health issues of their dogs.

Otherwise, you may want to consider rescuing a Catahoula German Shepherd Mix dog. Visit any nearby rescue centers or animal shelters and see if they have this mix listed for adoption.


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How Much Does A Catahoula German Shepherd Mix Cost?

This mix is very rare, so its price will be quite high. The price will vary based on the availability of puppies, the size of the parent dogs and the location.

Expect to pay around $400 to $1000 for a healthy Catahoula German Shepherd Mix puppy.

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There you have it! Our complete guide to the Catahoula German Shepherd Mix! Hopefully, by now, you’ve made an informed decision.

Catahoula German Shepherd mixes are cute, loyal, and intelligent, but they are definitely not the right choice for first time dog owners.

If you do want to buy one, make sure you are fully committed to take care of your pup.

If you’re prepared to welcome this mix to your home, then go ahead and find reputable breeders. They are hard to find, but if you do, you will enjoy having a great companion for many years to come!


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