Chihuahua Mix: 30+ Adorable Chihuahua Mixes You’ll Love

Chihuahua Mix Dogs Guide

Many people love Chihuahua Mix dogs due to their small size and overall cuteness. These characteristics are the reasons why there are many different Chihuahua Mixed breeds.

Chihuahua Mixes come in different sizes and shapes, and each Mixed breed has a unique personality, which will make every dog owner love them even more.

Chihuahua Mixes are small, affectionate and lovable dogs who make great family pets.

Check out the various Chihuahua Mix dogs in this article and get ready to have your heart stolen!

Chihuahua Mixed Breeds

So what happens when you cross the Chihuahua with other dog breeds?

Well, the possibilities of Chihuahua crossbreeds are almost endless, but the following are the most popular Mixes around.

1. JackChi (Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix)

The JackChi is a cross between the Jack Russell and the Chihuahua. A dog full of affection and fun, this Mixed breed dog has won the hearts of dog lovers the world over.

These intelligent dogs are also known for their loyalty, energy and spirited nature. Contrary to common belief, JackChis are also loving and happy dogs. However, his doesn’t mean that they cannot be stubborn and a little wary of strangers.

The JackChi is a short-haired dog, so they have minimal grooming demands. However, they are fond of digging in the dirt and therefore, regular bathing may be necessary.

The Chihuahua and the Jack Russell are both generally healthy dogs and hence, they should pass their healthy genes on to their offspring. A healthy JackChi can live up to 14 years.


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2. Shi-Chi (Chihuahua Shih Tzu Mix)

Also affectionately known as the Chi-Tzu or Chi-Shi, the Shi-Chi is a cross between the Shih Tzu and the Chihuahua.

The Shi-Chi has grown in popularity in recent years, mainly because of the attractive combination of the Chihuahua and Shih Tzu’s spirited personalities.

Although it is a crossbred, the Shi-Chi is officially recognized by up to five different breed registries, including the Designer Breed Registry and the American Canine Hybrid Club.

The Shih Tzu’s old name loosely translates to ‘lion dog’. These canines were originally used to guard monasteries and palaces in Asia. Therefore, the Si-Chi has the potential to be a great watchdog.


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They have a big personality and enjoy being close to their loved ones. They are sweet-tempered dogs who get along well with kids and strangers.

Their friendliness makes them excellent pets for the right family, especially if you can provide proper training and socialization to help control this dog’s natural territorial instincts.

Your Shi-Chi will weigh anywhere between 5 and 12 pounds based on the size of his Chihuahua parent (teacup or toy).

These dogs have an average lifespan of around 12 to 15 years.

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3. Chorkie (Yorkie Chihuahua Mix)

The Chorkie is the name of the cross between the Chihuahua and the Yorkshire Terrier. This sweet little dog is perhaps the most popular Chihuahua Mix out there.

The good news is that this crossbreed inherits the best traits from both parent breeds. Although both parent breeds are known to be quite vocal and aggressive, this crossbreed is known to be friendly.

In fact, most owners and breeders report that their Chorkies are just as pleasant as any other canine in the world with few of the typical Chihuahua traits that many people don’t like.


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The Chorkie is said to be a very friendly dog that will do whatever it takes to please their owner, which makes them easy to train. This dog has a very good personality and a very nice attitude.

Chorkies have an average lifespan of around 16 to 18 years.

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4. Chi-Poo (Poodle Chihuahua Mix)

Chihuahua Poodle Mixes can be quite large since the Poodle comes in three different sizes: Toy, Miniature and Standard. However, most Chi-Poo dogs are a cross between a Chihuahua and a Toy or Miniature Poodle rather than a Standard Poodle.

Both the Poodle and the Chihuahua are active, loyal, loving and affectionate dogs, so you can expect your Chi-Poo to inherit the same traits.

Both parents can be aggressive or reserved around strangers, making proper training and socialization extremely important.

A Chipoo will vary in size from around 5 to 20 pounds based on the size, height and weight of the Poodle parent.

Their average lifespan is about 12 to 15 years.


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5. Labrahuahua (Labrador Retriever Chihuahua Mix)

The Labrahuahua is a sweet and pleasant dog that is a cross between the Labrador Retriever and the Chihuahua.

This mixed breed takes after both parent breeds by being very lively and intelligent. Their size and other physical characteristics are also a perfect blend of both parent breeds.

This sassy pup also gets along well with people of all sizes. They love both small kids and older children provided they get a lot of attention and affection.

They make great family companions since they are very loving and affectionate.

Labrahuahuas will need plenty of exercises since they have tons of energy. Generally speaking, these dogs are easy to groom, train and care for.


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6. Chiweenie (Dachshund Chihuahua Mix)

Also nicknamed the “Mexican Hotdog”, the Chiweenie is a mix between the Chihuahua and the Dachshund.

Originally bred in the 1990s, this Chihuahua mixed breed dog quickly started becoming popular due to its loving and affectionate nature.

These dogs form strong bonds with their owners and are the perfect companions for seniors or singles.

However, you need to keep in mind that these dogs are not suitable for homes with children.


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Due to the fact that the Chiweenie is a mixed breed, it can be difficult to predict exactly how your puppy will look like once fully matured. In most cases, they have a large head, large ears and a long body.

A Chiweenie is commonly short-haired and comes in a range of colors, including black, brown and/or tan.

Like the JackChi, the Dachshund X Chihuahua is known for his tendency to dig. If you are considering adding a Chiweenie to your family, make sure you have a secure and well fenced-in yard for your dog to play and run around.

These dogs also enjoy doggie games such as chase and fetch.

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7. Chug/Pughuahua (Chihuahua Pug Mix)

Also known as the Pughuahua, the Chug is a cute and sassy mix between the Chihuahua and the Pug.

This cross is funny, but in a sweet or pleasant manner.

Both parent breeds will pass the best traits on to the Chug, making it a great pet for anyone who doesn’t have children or other pets at home. This is because chugs are extremely territorial and aggressive towards larger dogs.

However, some of these dogs may still get along with kids and other pets, especially if they have been introduced to each other from a young age.

The Chug can also be a great companion, and perhaps better suited to homes with older children.

chihuahua pug mix puppy

8. Chizer (Miniature Schnauzer Chihuahua Mix)

Also known as the Chizer, the Chihuahua X Miniature Schnauzer is one of the cutest Chihuahua mixes around. However, these dogs can also be very varied; some will take after the Chihuahua parent while others will get most of their traits from the Schnauzer parent.

Unfortunately, most Chizer dogs are very jumpy and do not get along well with young children.

They are either short or long-coated dogs. Their tail is normally docked. Moreover, these dogs are stronger than they look.

The Chizer can reach up to 14 inches tall and weigh around 2 to 15 pounds.


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9. Pomchi/Chimeranian (Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix)

Also referred to as a Chimeranian, the Pomchi will always be a toy-sized dog, since both the Pomeranian and the Chihuahua are toy dog breeds.

Depending on the parent breeds your Pomchi takes after most, you might end up with one that looks like a Chihuahua or one that resembles a Pomeranian. However, you might also end up with a pup that is a nice combination of both. Unfortunately, you won’t know until you get your dog.

When it comes to temperament, the Pomchi can be a very sweet and playful dog. They can also be quite active with plenty of energy.

Therefore, proper training and exercise will be vital. While it is not easy to predict the temperament of a mixed breed dog like the Pomeranian X Chihuahua, you can transform his behavior and train your pup with some suitable obedience techniques and a consistent approach of teaching him to learn and obey.

PomChi dogs usually weigh around 5 to 12 pounds and have an average lifespan of approximately 12 to 18 years.


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10. Chat Terrier /Rat-Cha (Chihuahua X Rat Terrier)

The Chat Terrier is a mix between a purebred Chihuahua and a purebred American Rat Terrier. This mixed breed dog has tons of energy and is very loyal to his owner and family.

The Chat Terrier, also known as the Rat-Cha or Rat-Chi, is playful and can be very protective of his family.

Owners can help prevent aggressive or unwanted protective behaviors by timely socialization with different kinds of people, places and other animals.

This adorable and frisky Rat-Cha tends to form strong bonds with one member of the family and tends to enjoy spending a lot of time on their favorite person’s lap.


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The Chat Terrier has an average height of 10 to 16 inches and weighs around 10 to 15 pounds.

These dogs are quite easy to maintain and usually have minimal grooming demands. They are moderate shedders, and weekly brushing can help get rid of any dead or loose hair.

While they are not a hypoallergenic breed, weekly brushing can help keep the allergens at a minimum.

11. Cohuahua (Chihuahua X Pembroke Welsh Corgi)

Also known as the Chi-Corgi or Chigi, the Cohuahua is a cross between the Chihuahua and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

This designer dog makes a good pet for families with older children or kids who know how to handle a dog carefully.

The Cohuahua looks like a smaller version of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. A full grown Cohuahua can weigh up to 13 pounds.

The Cohuahua makes a great companion dog. They are extremely loyal but can also be needy. This dog craves attention and affection.

These dogs are also very agile and unbelievably fast runners. They do require a moderate level of physical activity to channel their Corgi parent’s herding instincts and to keep them happy and healthy.


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12. Chipin/Min Chin (Chihuahua X Miniature Pinscher)

The Chipin is a small dog that is half Chihuahua and half Miniature Pinscher. Although only standing at around 8 to 12 inches tall, these little dogs have a huge personality.

The Chipin is extremely intelligent thanks to their Miniature Pinscher parent dogs. This makes them quick learners that respond well to positive training methods.

Their friendly nature makes them excellent pets for families with children and other animals. Since these dogs can be protective, it is advisable to socialize them from a young age.

Chipins are also easy to maintain and do not require excessive grooming or vigorous exercises.

When it comes to food and nutrition, go for high quality dog food that has been specifically formulated for the Mini Pin or the Chihuahua.


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13. Chibo Terrier (Chihuahua X Boston Terrier)

The Boston Terrier Chihuahua Mix has many nicknames. This relatively new crossbreed is also known as the Chibo Terrier, Chibo, Bochi, Boston Huahua and Bohuahua.

The Chihuahua was developed to be a watchdog and a family companion. The Boston Terrier, on the other hand, is a relatively new dog breed that was developed to hunt and fight rats. Despite its hunting background, however, this canine is so gentle that he has earned the moniker the “American Gentleman”.

When you cross the Chihuahua with the Boston Terrier, you end up with a very confident, yet friendly dog.

The Chibo will weigh around 10 to 15 pounds and has a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years.


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14. Chi Chi (Chihuahua X Chinese Crested)

The Chihuahua Chinese Crested Mix, also affectionately known as the Chi Chi or the Mexican Crested, is a cross between the Chihuahua and the Chinese Crested.

The beautifully unique Chinese Crested Chihuahua Mix brings the exceptional appearance of the Chinese Crested together with the sassy personality of the Chihuahua to produce a confident dog with a lively personality.

Loyalty to their master coupled with an alert nature means that these pups have the potential to be great watchdogs.

The Chichi is expected to weigh around 6 to 10 pounds. He can live anywhere between 10 and 15 years.


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15. Chi Chon (Chihuahua X Bichon Frise)

The Chi Chon is half Chihuahua and half Bichon Frise. These beautiful dogs have a fluffy coat, large round eyes and are so small that they can fit into a purse.

These adorable Chihuahua mixes are also very gentle, sweet, and friendly, but never aggressive.

These cheerful and good-natured dogs are also great playmates for children and make great family pets.

The only negative issue you should be aware of is their barking. However, these dogs will only bark to get your attention, so be sure to give them plenty of attention and avoid leaving them alone for far too long.


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16. Cheagle (Chihuahua X Beagle)

The Chihuahua Beagle Mix is also known as the Cheagle, Chibeagle or Beagle Chi. These small-sized dogs are a mix between a Beagle and a Chihuahua.

One of the most popular Chihuahua mixes, the half Chihuahua half Beagle Mix is a combination of the best characteristics from both parent breeds. They are friendly and affectionate dogs, yet as confident as the Chihuahua parent.

The Cheagle also has tons of energy. They love to play fetch, but do not require a lot of physical activities.

They don’t require a lot of maintenance either, but it’s important to keep in mind that they are vulnerable to eye problems and heart disorders.

Since they are very small, they will be excellent lapdogs and companions for families and individuals alike.

Cheagles will vary in height and weight, and have a life expectancy of approximately 10 to 14 years.


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17. Chipaniel (Chihuahua X Cocker Spaniel)

Also known as the Chi-Spaniel or Chipaniel, the Cocker Spaniel Chihuahua Mix has one Chihuahua parent and one Cocker Spaniel parent.

These dogs are becoming very popular due to their small size and overall cuteness. They are also known for being bold and alert in nature.

Your Chi-Spaniel will stand between 12 and 16 inches tall and weigh around 12 to 18 pounds.

These small and slim dogs do not require a lot of exercise. They are always active and playful, often playing and running around the house all day long.

However, they love walking and jogging, so make sure to take them out for short walks or jogging each day to help keep them in shape.


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Chi-Spaniels have excellent traits that make them truly lovable to any family. They are friendly dogs that enjoy spending quality time with their owners and family.

They are social and good-natured dogs and will mingle well with children. These canines are also good with other household pets, and will also adapt themselves quickly to any kind of environment.

18. French Bullhuahua (Chihuahua X French Bulldog)

The French Bullhuahua is a relatively new cross between the French Bulldog and the Chihuahua.

Their unique appearance and medium-size has made these dogs quite popular. This designer dog bears the distinctive stubby limbs of the French Bulldog as well as the small size of the Chihuahua parent.

French Bullhuahuas also come in a variety of colors, but they are often seen in black.

The French Bulldog’s taller and more muscled body combine with Chihuahua’s snarky attitude to produce a more assertive and confident pup.

These hybrid dogs are very loyal, intelligent and easy to train. Overall, the French Bullhuahua doesn’t require vigorous exercises or a lot of maintenance.


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19. Chion (Chihuahua X Papillon)

The Chihuahua Papillon Mix has some sweet names, including the Chion, ChiPap and PapChi.

Both the Chihuahua and the Papillon are people lovers and were bred to be companion dogs.

The petite Chion dog is known to be active and playful. This hybrid dog can benefit from proper training and early socialization in order to stay calm around your guests and other dogs.

A full-grown Chion will weigh around 4 to 10 pounds. Their life expectancy is around 12 to 15 years.


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20. Italian Greyhuahua (Chihuahua Italian Greyhound Mix)

As the name suggests, the Italian Greyhuahua is a cross between two very different breeds, the Chihuahua and the Italian Greyhound. This small mixed breed dog has talents in agility and racing events.

He is a loyal and devoted designer dog who can also be very alert and curious about everything happening around him.

This dog is ideal for singles, couples or families with older children.

You will need to take proper care of him, socialize him and train him at a young age to help prevent behavioral issues from developing.

The Italian Greyhuahua has a typical lifespan of around 13 to 16 years.


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21. Chin-Wa (Japanese Chin Chihuahua Mix)

The Chin-Wa is the result of crossing a Japanese Chin with a Chihuahua. This combination makes for a very adorable little dog.

This tiny dog has an average lifespan of about 10 to 12 years.

The Chin-Wa is very social and enjoys being the center of attention. This toy dog comes in a wide range of colors, including black, white, red, grey, brown and cream.

Some of these dogs will inherit the ears of the Chihuahua parents, and others the ears of the Japanese Chin.

The Chin-Wa doesn’t require vigorous exercises and makes a great lapdog. Just keep in mind that this crossbreed can be quite stubborn, so early training is a must.


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22. Chimation (Chihuahua Dalmatian Mix)

The Chimation is the offspring of a Dalmatian and a Chihuahua. Despite both parent breeds being very popular breeds, the Chimation is quite rare and its history isn’t well documented. However, this hybrid dog tends to acquire the best traits from both parent breeds.

The Chihuahua Dalmatian Mix has lost the working and hunting instincts of its Dalmatian parent breed and is currently used as a family companion, just like the Chihuahua. Your Chimation should be a loyal companion to you and your family.

Just be aware that these dogs are wary of strangers and might not get along well with small kids, so early socialization is extremely important.


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23. Boxachi (Boxer Chihuahua Mix)

The Boxachi is part Boxer and part Chihuahua. This relatively new crossbreed is not as popular as many Chihuahua mixes on this list.

There’s little information available about these dogs, but you can expect them to acquire traits from both parents.

Boxers are usually playful and inquisitive, while the Chihuahua parent is known to be sassy and intelligent. These two breeds combine to produce a gorgeous toy-sized Boxachi that resembles a stuffed animal.

The Boxachi comes in different sizes, with their weight being anywhere from 6 pounds to 40 pounds.


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24. Bolo Chi (Bolognese Chihuahua Mix)

The Bolo-Chi is an offspring of the well-liked Chihuahua and the not-so-well-known Bolognese. The main issue you can expect is where to find this breed, as there aren’t many breeders that produce this mix in the United States.

Both parents are considered to belong in the Toy breed category and were developed for companionship, so the Bolo Chi can be a good choice for anyone living in an apartment or a small house.

The Bolognese side gets along well with strangers, but the Chihuahua is somewhat wary of strangers. Therefore, the friendliness of your Bolo-Chi puppy could go either way.

However, these hybrid dogs are very loyal and affectionate. They are also hypoallergenic dogs, so they would be suitable for people with allergies.

25. Chi Apso (Lhasa Apso Chihuahua Mix)

The Chi Apso is an interesting cross between a Chihuahua and a Lhasa Apso dog. These sweet-tempered dogs make excellent companions for virtually every dog lover.

The Lhasa Apso breed was originally used as watchdogs by Buddhist monasteries in Tibet. These canines were bred for this purpose due to their loud bark and their small, compact size.

The Chi Apso may not be as small as the Chihuahua, but they still weigh just 10 to 20 pounds. They have a long, double coat that needs to be brushed weekly to prevent matting.


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26. Bullhuahua (English Bulldog Chihuahua Mix)

While not particularly rare, the English Bulldog Chihuahua Mix is not as popular as the JackChi or the Chorkie.

These canines are small to medium in size. They weigh around 20 to 30 pounds and stand between 9 and 12 inches tall.

The Bullhuahua dogs are more difficult to train than many other dogs. This is because both parent breeds are quite strong-willed.

Once properly trained, Bullhuahuas make great family dogs, especially if you have children.

They are moderate shedding dogs, so you need to invest in a quality vacuum to prevent loose hair spreading around your house.

A Bullhuahua dog can live up to around 14 years.


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27. Scotchi (Scottish Terrier Chihuahua Mix)

This popular hybrid is a cross between the Scottish Terrier and the Chihuahua. Like the Shi-Chi, the Scotchi has been officially recognized by both the Designer Canine Registry and the American Canine Hybrid Club.

Scotchis makes excellent family companions, but sometimes do not get along well with kids. However, enough training and early socialization can help them adjust.

They are loyal dogs with a spunky attitude. They also crave attention and enjoy taking part in family activities.

They are also very small and stand at just 8 to 11 inches tall and weigh around 16 to 20 pounds.


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28. Silkyhuahua (Silky Terrier Chihuahua Mix)

When you combine the Silky Terrier and the Chihuahua, you end up with this adorable toy-sized crossbreed.

These dogs grow up to 10 inches high and will normally weigh around 5 to 10 pounds.

Their thin, smooth double coat is usually acquired from the parent breeds, but their fur is quite easy to groom.

Loyal and loving, Silkyhuahuas make great family dogs. However, you should watch out for their aggression and stubbornness if they aren’t properly socialized or trained.

They don’t get along well with kids. They also don’t tolerate being left alone for extended periods of time. If you don’t give your Silky Terrier Chihuahua Mix plenty of attention, they will end up barking a lot or destroying your furniture and other belongings in the house.

So, be sure to give your Silkyhuahua lots of love and attention.


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29. Toxirn (Carin Terrier Chihuahua Mix)

Although the name Toxirn somehow leaves out the Chihuahua part, it is still a cross between the Chihuahua and the Carin Terrier.

Toxirn dogs are extremely loyal and tend to develop strong bonds with their owners.

However, ongoing training is extremely important since they are sometimes territorial and very protective. Although they dislike strangers, they love their owners unconditionally.

Toxirns are very tiny lapdogs that don’t weigh more than 6 to 8 pounds or grow taller than eight inches.


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30. Affenhuahua (Affenpinscher Chihuahua Mix)

The Affenhuahua is a result of crossing the Affenpinscher with a Chihuahua. This mixed breed is sometimes known as Affen Chi.

This toy mixed breed has talents in agility and tricks. Despite his size, the loyal and fearless Affen Chi is also a good watchdog.

This petite dog stands 6 to 11 inches tall, and weighs just one to six pounds. He has a lifespan of around 15 years.


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31. ChiPit (Pitbull Chihuahua Mix)

More commonly known as the ChiPit, the Chihuahua Pitbull Mix is definitely not the best choice for everyone.

If you want to get a better understanding of what you can expect from this crossbreed, it’s important to learn more about the Chihuahua and the American Pitbull Terrier and know that this mix could by anything in between the two.

Both parent breeds have very strong personalities, making them hard to train. Some people think that Pitbulls are aggressive and dangerous dogs, but that is only true for breeders who produce and raise their puppies improperly.

The ChiPit can be a great mix to own if you have the time to train your puppy how to behave, and raise him properly.

The ChiPit has an average height of around 12 to 18 inches and weighs anywhere between 15 and 30 pounds.


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32. Cheenese (Chihuahua Havanese Mix)

The Cheenese is a mix between a purebred Chihuahua and a purebred Havanese dog. This cross will inherit different traits from each of these parent breeds. He will also be small in size, just like both parent breeds.

They have a unique appearance, as they are tiny with long hair. This dog also has talents in tricks and agility, and is a lively, playful and friendly crossbreed.

The Cheenese has an average height of around 6 to 9 inches.


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33. Malchi (Maltese Chihuahua Mix)

The Malchi is a result of mixing the Maltese and the Chihuahua purebreds. He is also called a Chihuahua Maltese Mix, a Maltechi and a Malachi.

The Maltese purebred weighs no more than 7 pounds, with anywhere between 4 and 6 pounds being considered the most common size. Since the Chihuahua is also very small, the Malchi is one of the smaller Chihuahua crossbreeds.

The Malchi has a lifespan of around 12 to 15 years.


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34. Chi Staffy Bull (Chihuahua x Staffordshire Bull Terrier)

The Chi Staffy Bull is a mixed offspring of the Chihuahua and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

This hybrid dog is typically small and weighs around 10 to 30 pounds on average. Its average height is around 11 to 12 inches tall.

This dog’s coat comes in different colors, including black, red, brown and silver. The coat could also be short or long, and it doesn’t require a lot of grooming.

The Chi Staffy Bull may not be the easiest dog to train, but he is normally a loving dog that is ideal for families with children. However, this hybrid is not the best choice for a watchdog.


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Buying a Chihuahua Mix

No matter what type of Chihuahua Mix you’re considering, you should always purchase your puppy from a reputable breeder.

As mixed breeds, there are a lot of unethical breeders and puppy mills out to take advantage of the popularity of the Chihuahua mixed breeds, so you need to be cautious.

There are a number of ways you can differentiate between good and bad breeders.

One of the best ways is to meet the breeders and their parent dogs. A breeder that allows you to meet the parent dogs and the litter is a good sign.

Once you meet the breeder, be sure to ask a lot of questions about the puppies, how they are raising their pups and what training or socialization the puppies have had.

Keep in mind that these Chihuahua mix pups will be very small and fragile, so it is important to be careful when handling you puppy. The puppy must be at least 8 weeks old before leaving the mom, but certain breeders may ask you to wait until at least 12 weeks.


Chihuahua mixes come in different shapes and sizes, and have many different personalities to suit different pet parents.

They can do well in different homes, since they are very adaptable. Some may not be the easiest dogs to train, but most of these Chihuahua mixed breeds are worth the hassle.

Their grooming needs will differ between the various Chihuahua mixes, but overall, they are relatively low-maintenance dogs.

Each of the Chihuahua mixes discussed above will have some excellent traits that you’ll love.


Passionate lover of dogs and proud owner of a friendly, mischievous and energetic golden retriever named Beethoven! I’m incredibly excited to share my experiences on how best to care for your beloved pet. The more we know, the happier we and our canine friends will be!

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