What is a Lemon Beagle? Here are the Facts

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Are you considering giving a Lemon Beagle a home? Or maybe you just want to know more about these uniquely colored dogs?

Or perhaps you’ve been astounded by Maymo the Lemon Beagle and want to know more about this wonderful breed?

No matter the reason why you’re here, this article has everything you need to know about these sociable, gentle and intelligent canines.

Beagles are adorable, calm and smart dogs that have found a permanent place in many people’s hearts.

Let’s find out more about the unique Lemon Colored Beagles.

What is a Lemon Beagle?

To begin with, a Lemon Beagle is a Beagle, regardless of the color of his coat. However, Beagles also come in many different attractive colors and patterns.

Another fun fact about Beagles is that they are group hounds and full grown hounds display at least two different colors.

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So what does a Lemon Beagle look like?

More often than not, a Lemon Beagle is born as a white puppy and his coat changes as the puppy develops and grows up over time.

Once the coat starts to shed at approximately 12 months of age, it changes considerably.

Beagles also take a lot of time to develop into their adult coat, so you may be surprised to find that your Lemon Colored Beagle puppy looks slightly different over time.

In a full grown Lemon and White Beagle, the color often changes to red & white. The Lemon parts may remain light or assume a darker shade. In some cases, it can be difficult to predict the adult color of a given puppy because it can change as the puppy grows up.

Experts also point out that Lemon Beagle puppies can also take over other color genes from their parents.

The History of the Beagle Breed

The original Beagles were the small-sized dogs that were developed during the Elizabethan era, most likely because of Queen Elizabeth I’s love for the little pups.

The early Beagles were known as ‘Pocket Beagles’ simply because they were small enough to fit in the pocket of your jacket!

It is still not clear where the name Beagle came from. It is widely believed that the term ‘Beagle’ either came from an old French or English word meaning “to gape”.

Beagle enthusiasts claim that this is a term of fondness that relates to their adorable Beagle’s tendency towards sweet howling instead of barking.

tri color beagleTri Color Beagle

In the early 19th century, dog breeders attempted to create a standard for the breed in order to produce a more even appearance and personality. However, even the modern-day Beagles aren’t any different from those of 200 years ago.

Fine Beagles moved to the United States later on and the breed became very popular in North America. In fact, President Lyndon B. Johnson lived with three Beagles in the White House. He named them Edgar, Him and Her.

The modern-day Beagle is a friendly dog with great hunting capabilities. The breed standards state that a Beagle can assume various hound colors, including red & white, lemon and tricolor.

Lemon Drop Beagles

What is a Lemon Drop Beagle?

This is a colloquial term for a Lemon and White Beagle whose lemon patches are extremely pale. This is one of the reasons why the pup may be simply known as a White Beagle.

The Lemon Beagles have won hearts around the world after the internet sensation Maymo the Lemon Beagle started getting more and more followers!

Here’s a video showing three cute Lemon Beagle puppies:

Maymo the Lemon Beagle

Maymo is a Lemon Colored Beagle that gained instant fame on the internet. One of his most famous stunts is his capability to copy other forms of life, including deer, owls and Panda bears!

Many of his fans hope that he will continue to showcase his great skills for many years to come.

The Hunting Lemon Beagles

Lemon Colored Beagles have strong hunting instincts and many of them are still used for tracking and hunting purposes in many parts of the country.

Tracking competitions, popularly known as Field Trials, are quite common. Such competitions involve tracking rabbits in a field. Judges track the Beagles on horseback and determine the winner depending on how well they track the rabbits.

The dogs are gradually eliminated to leave a smaller number which progresses to the next round. The remaining dogs then follow the rabbit’s trail in the final when a winner is picked.

These competitions normally last throughout the day and happen in sunny, rainy or snowy conditions.

The Working Lemon Beagles

In addition to hunting and tracking tasks, these dogs are also well known for their powerful sense of smell.

They are commonly used as detector dogs and help in screening passengers. They are greatly valued for their great work ethics and the ‘Beagle Brigade’ was established in year 1984 to assist in keeping our airports safe.

Lemon Beagle Size

There are generally two subcategories of Beagles:

Those that fall under 13 inches and the ones between 13 and 15 inches tall. These are commonly known as the 13 inch variety and the 15 inch variety respectively.


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The Lemon Beagle Temperament

The Lemon Beagle is energetic, passionate, outgoing, funny, loving and great with children and other animals. These dogs are eager to please, hunt, exercise and run around.

One problem faced by all Beagle owners is their beloved hound’s urge to sniff everywhere and anywhere.

Some breeders claim that Beagles with strong hunting roots are generally difficult to train (because they can be easily distracted by various smells).

However, the good news is that Beagles are generally eager to please, whether they have been developed to be hunting dogs or house pets.

They are great cuddlers and enjoy spending quality time with their owners.

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Children and other pets

Lemon Beagles are great with children and other pets. However, they are sometimes rambunctious while playing, so proper socialization is a must.

Beagles grab things using their mouths and therefore, they should be trained in order to stop them from doing that.

It is also advisable not to leave puppies and young kids unsupervised. They can harm each other without intending to.

Due to their pack dog lineage, Lemon Beagles will enjoy being around other dogs and pets and should not be left alone for far too long. Other dogs or pets can help keep them company.

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Lemon Beagle Grooming & Exercise Needs


Shedding is moderate with these dogs, so grooming is quite easy.

Brush them regularly with a bristle brush. Check their ears on a regular basis for infection and drainage. Bathe them as needed but not too frequently.

Also, watch out for debris, cuts and fleas on your dog, especially if they perform hunting or working tasks outdoors. Clean their teeth on a regular basis, and keep their nails at a reasonable length.

You should start grooming and brushing him from a young age to ensure he enjoys the activity accordingly. You can give him treats for letting you clean his ears, feet and teeth.

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Lemon Beagle Exercise Needs

Lemon Beagles can actually gain weight quite fast, so they need to be active!

These dogs are challenging for individuals who intend to be away from home for several hours each day, as they tend to show their loneliness by barking and howling continuously.

You cannot take proper care of a Beagle if you intend to leave him alone for far too long. Like other hounds, Beagles are pack animals so if you don’t intend to spend quality time with him, it is strongly recommended to get him another dog or pet.

Moreover, Beagles are prone to obesity and meeting his exercise needs is essential. Physical activities and playtime can not only keep your Lemon Beagle pup in peak condition, but also mentally stimulated.

Beagles can also suffer from separation anxiety, so be sure to keep them busy while you are away or try to reduce the time you leave them alone.

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Lemon Beagle Dog Training

Although Lemon Beagles are intelligent dogs, they require firm and constant training to prevent undesirable behaviors such as incessant barking, biting, snapping, and guarding, among others.

Beagles are independent animals, and therefore, training can be a challenging task for first-time dog owners. However, they are easily lured by food and will do well with positive reinforcement training methods.

A Lemon Beagle puppy likes to please and behave in a manner that makes their master happy. You just need to show them how you want them to behave.

If you start your Lemon Beagle obedience training and socialization as soon as you bring him home, you’ll be rewarded with a sociable, loving, loyal and well behaved pet.

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Lemon Beagle Health Problems

Like other purebred dogs, Beagles are prone to some common health problems that are associated with these dogs.

However, this should not discourage you from buying Lemon Beagle puppies or adopting one from a rescue group as they are cute and loving family pets that will offer you unconditional love and bring smiles to your face for many years to come.

However, it is strongly recommended to know about potential health problems and consider using Embark Dog DNA Test Kit before bringing your new Lemon Drop Beagle home.

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Lemon Beagles are prone to some blood disorders and conditions, such as Immunoglobulin A Deficiency and Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency.

Moreover, obesity is quite common in Beagles. As soon as Beagle puppies start eating on their own, they tend to fall in love with food. They like it so much that they easily gain weight and become obese if their diet is not balanced and supervised.

Also, it is a good idea to provide your Lemon Beagle with plenty of exercises each day to prevent obesity.

Reputable Lemon Beagle breeders will make sure to test their parent dogs for potential health problems. These can also include cherry eye, hypothyroidism, epilepsy, glaucoma, distichiasis, corneal dystrophy, progressive retinal atrophy and certain other common Beagle health issues.

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Fortunately, the Embark Dog DNA Test kit examines over 160 different health conditions, including various genetic diseases that affect your dog’s life.

That way, you can detect any health problems early so you can work with your vet to take preventive measures, start treatment early and ensure your best friend lives longer.

In addition, Embark provides interesting breed lineage discoveries and more information about your puppy to help you become a better owner for your beloved pet.

Feeding Information

Proper diet and nutrition will have a major impact on your Beagle’s health, happiness and even prolong his lifespan.

Lack of the necessary vitamins in your pup’s diet can make him constantly exhausted and depressed.

You should give your Lemon Beagle dry dog food each day and also provide him with plenty of clean drinking water.

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It is important that you are not overfeeding your dog. As mentioned earlier, Lemon Beagles can gain weight pretty fast and become obese if you are not limiting his food intake.

Instead of giving him just filler food, you need to choose dry dog food containing the right nutrients and not just calories.

Proper diet is not enough to keep your Lemon Beagle fit and healthy. If your pup doesn’t get proper exercises each day, he will start to gain weight.

Obesity is just as problematic for dogs as it is for human beings. It can cause joint issues, spine problems and diabetes, among other health problems.

Keep track of your Lemon Beagle’s weight and provide with a proper diet to prevent such health problems.

How Long Does a Lemon Beagle Live For?

The average lifespan of a fit and healthy Lemon Beagle is anywhere between 12 and 15 years.

Where to Find Lemon Beagle Puppies for Sale?

Dog Breeders

There are quite a few Beagle breeders available today. These specialize in either Lemon Beagle puppies or various Beagle colors.

If you do decide to use a dog breeder to acquire your Lemon Beagle puppy, make sure to know them well and watch out for any signs of puppy farms. Ask for test results or health certificates for the dog parents or the puppy you are planning to take home.

Rescue Groups

Sometimes people acquire dogs without first understanding what owning one entails, and such dogs usually end up in various rescue centers around the country.

If you are considering giving a Lemon Beagle puppy or dog a home, visiting a rescue center is a smart move.

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Lemon Beagle Puppy Price

The cost of a Lemon Beagle puppy will depend on a number of factors:

  • The availability and quality of stock.
  • Whether or not the pup can be registered.
  • The cost of raising the puppy until it is ready to get a home.

You should expect to part with at least $500 for a Lemon Colored Beagle puppy. A full grown Lemon Beagle dog will most likely cost much less.


Lemon Beagles are a distinct color variety of a well known dog breed.

These friendly and loving dogs have been with us for many centuries now. They come with all the pros and cons of owning a Beagle dog.

As the above Lemon Beagle facts and pictures can show, these dogs are truly unique and very beautiful, and they can make great companions for you and your family.

If you are considering getting one of these adorable dogs, make sure to visit a number of breeders, spend time learning as much as you can about your desired pet and hopefully find the puppy that will win your heart.


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