A Complete Guide To The Miniature English Bulldog

mini english bulldog

Bulldogs are known for their fascinating looks and charming personalities.

Although Bulldogs are very popular, some dog lovers cannot help but seek a smaller version of these dogs, the Miniature English Bulldog.

In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about the Miniature Bulldog. You’ll get to know the Miniature Bulldog temperament and the kind of families that this breed may appeal to.

You’ll also find out more about the origin of the breed and how it has changed over time, to turn into the typical little canines we know today.

If you are considering adding a Miniature English Bulldog puppy to your family, then read on to learn more about the important details that go into caring for these lovable pups.

If you’re looking for a small low-energy dog that will be an ideal companion for you, you’ll learn what makes the Miniature English Bulldog the breed that many dog owners have fallen in love with.

By the end of this guide, you’ll be able to determine whether the Miniature Bulldog is a good match for you.


The name “Miniature Bulldog” is very controversial and has attracted a great deal of debate in the recent past.

Some dog breeders claim that the Miniature Bulldog is a cross between a purebred Bulldog and a purebred pug dog while others simply develop smaller versions of the English Bulldog.

The name “Toy Bulldog” is used to refer to an extinct dog breed that lived in the UK in the 19th century. This dog was created by mixing French Bulldogs with English Bulldogs to reduce their size to around 20 pounds.

However, some people still use the name Toy Bulldog to refer to the modern Miniature English Bulldog.

The reality is that the Miniature English Bulldog is a cross between a purebred English Bulldog and a purebred Pug.

The Miniature Bulldog is also known by other names, including the English Bulldog Pug Mix, Mini Bulldog, Teacup Bulldog and Bull Pug.

Due to the size of the Miniature Bulldog, some of the distinctive traits of the Bulldog are not noticeable in the mix. However, Mini Bulldogs are generally similar to the English Bulldog – but smaller. Despite their small size, they are just as docile, friendly and playful!

While puppies will be very small, some of them may grow to be the size of the English Bulldog. This means that not all of them remain as Minis.


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The History of the Miniature English Bulldog

English Bulldogs have been crossed with Pugs since the 1980’s. The criteria used to create this breed remain a top secret to lower the risks of unethical breeder’s experimentation practices.

As mentioned earlier, the Miniature English Bulldog is simply a smaller version of the full size Bulldog.

Nonetheless, English Bulldogs have undergone refinement in the UK since the 18th century. Modification was done mainly to create a healthier and high-quality breed.

The Mini Bulldog is a product of such changes and his characteristics are similar to those of the English Bulldog with the main difference being their size.

English Bulldogs were commonly used in Bull-baiting, a gambling sport that was popular in England at the time.

During the rest of the 19th century and well into the 20th century, the English Bulldog was interbred and crossbred to refine its finer qualities and develop the lovable, charming and loyal dog we know today. Thankfully, these excellent genes have been passed down to the Miniature Bulldog.

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But what about the Pug?

Here’s some detailed information about the Pug.

The Pug is a small-sized dog that has been a cherished companion to royal families in Asia for many centuries.

white pugPug Dogs

This breed is extremely old, and was first documented as a treasured companion to the ancient Chinese royalty during the Shang era as far back as 1046 BC.

These dogs were so valued that they were presented to touring royal families and high profile personalities as gifts.

They also became very popular in the UK as they were valued companions to King William III in the 17th century and also one of the many breeds of dogs that were raised by Queen Victoria in the 19th century.

The Physical Characteristics of the Miniature Bulldog

These dogs have strong, powerful bodies with large heads and broad shoulders.

They have a short face with a massive muzzle and loose wrinkled skin near the nose. They also have wide chests and short, muscular legs. Their tail is short and thick.

They coat is short and smooth with the most common colors being white, red, fawn or stripes of a solid color.

Size and Weight

The average height of a full grown English Bulldog and Pug Mix is 10 to 14 inches.

Males are slightly taller than females. They weigh anywhere between 25 and 40 pounds. Mini Bulldogs are typically 1 to 5 inches shorter than standard Bulldogs.

mini bulldog

Life Expectancy

The lifespan of a Mini Bulldog is 10 to 13 years, which is 2 to 3 years longer than the life expectancy of a standard Bulldog.

However, some of these dogs have lived until the age of 14 to 16 years.

Miniature English Bulldog Behavior & Temperament

The Mini Bulldog is friendly and fun-loving by nature. He is easygoing and gets along well with younger children and other pets.

While this dog is not particularly active, he enjoys quality playtime with his family. However, he would also be happy to rest or take a nap from time to time.

Since the Mini Bulldog is a mix between two purebred dogs, he may exhibit a combination of personality traits from each parent breed in varying degrees based on the breeding.

For instance, the Pug has a huge personality for such a small canine and they enjoy being around small kids.

Meanwhile, Bulldogs are calm and friendly, and are also known to get along with younger kids as well as other family pets.


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The Miniature Bulldog is a laid-back pup and does not require a lot of attention. Nonetheless, he is sometimes stubborn. As with all dogs, early training and socialization can help prevent behavioral problems from developing.

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The Miniature English Bulldog and Young Children

As we’ve already mentioned, this breed is gentle with both adults and young children. As such, your kids will love this dog and the love will be returned manifold.

As with any small dog, make sure to teach your children how to interact with the family’s Mini Bulldog without teasing or hurting him.

On the other hand, you should socialize your dog very early to ensure their natural patience remains the same.

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The Mini Bulldog and Strangers

The Pug and Bulldog Mix is not known to be a barker unless provoked.

When it comes to strangers, your Mini Bulldog may try to make friends with them rather than attacking them..

The Mini Bulldog and Other Family Pets

This dog is gentle with other household pets, but he has a big attitude and can be scrappy towards strange dogs.

Be sure to socialize and train your Mini Bulldog early in order to prevent such behavior.

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Neither of the Bull Pug’s parent breeds are known for too much aggression or stubbornness, so training should be quite easy.

As with all dogs, it’s highly recommended to start your Mini Bulldog training as early as possible. That way, you’ll be able to prevent problem behaviors from developing.

It is true that some breeds are easier to housetrain than others. For example, Pugs are among the most difficult to housetrain, so you need to start housetraining early as well.

These dogs can also be quite stubborn, making it more difficult to train. The Come, Sit and Stay commands require patience and persistence.

The best way to train a Miniature Bulldog is to use treats as well as positive reinforcement methods. As long as you maintain an authoritative and firm hand during your training sessions, your pup should learn quickly.

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Exercise Requirements

By just looking at your Miniature English Bulldog puppy, you can easily tell that he wasn’t meant for endurance or strenuous physical activities.

He would rather take a nap on the couch or even sleep throughout the day than play or run around for long. In most cases, 30 minutes of light exercises are enough to keep this dog happy and healthy.

Puppies are generally more active than full grown dogs. However, English Bulldog Pug Mix dogs of all age brackets will need just a short walk each day.

Miniature Bulldogs are ideal for apartment living particularly when you want to stay indoors for extended periods of time.

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Since the Miniature English Bulldog has a short coat, he doesn’t require much grooming.

Shedding is also moderate and brushing his coat at least once per week is recommended. Since these dogs have sensitive skin, it is a good idea to use a bristle brush to avoid irritation.

And since Miniature Bulldogs are vulnerable to overheating, it is also advisable to carry a sizeable spray bottle of cold water with you to cool your furry friend whenever it gets too hot, particularly on long walks and road trips.

Make sure to wipe his face with a wet piece of cloth each day to keep his wrinkled face clean and free of dirt and debris.

Bathing should be done only if he gets really dirty. You may want to get deodorizing wipes for dogs to help keep their sensitive skin properly conditioned at all times.

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Living with a Miniature English Bulldog

Having a mini Bulldog by your side can be a great way to eliminate boredom and loneliness in your life.

The temperament of a Miniature Bulldog is obedient, friendly and playful. These dogs are also charming, intelligent and outgoing.

They are cat-friendly, dog-friendly and kid-friendly. Overall, the Miniature English Bulldog is an excellent family pet.

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When it comes to barking, the Pug and Bulldog Mix rarely barks. However, they tend to snore a lot. Therefore, it’s a good idea to train your dog to sleep in a room other than yours.

This dog is a moderate shedder and is not hypoallergenic. Therefore, this breed is not the best choice for individuals with allergies and those who don’t like cleaning after their dogs.

The English Bulldog Pug Mix can adapt to living in any home. He will happily live in a small home or apartment and he will be equally happy to stay in a large mansion.

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Feeding Info

The Mini Bulldog eats more than most canines of his size.

They should be fed high quality dog food that has been specifically formulated to provide the necessary nutrition and also to meet the energy requirements of small-breed dogs.

Miniature English Bulldog puppies do well eating 3 to 4 cups of high quality dog food each day. However, you should avoid overfeeding your full grown Mini Bulldog to help prevent obesity.

Keep in mind that these dogs are not particularly active and the general lack of enough exercises can make things worse.


Mini Bulldog Health Problems

While Miniature English Bulldogs do not experience as many health problems as their normal size cousins, there are still several health risks that you should watch out for.

Just like English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Pugs, Boston Terriers and Boxers, these dogs are still Bulldogs and should be treated as such.

Mini Bulldogs are a fascinating breed. Basically, they are a smaller version of the well-known English Bulldog.

Generally speaking, they are healthier than their larger cousins. That’s why they tend to live longer. However, English Bulldog and Pug Mix dogs can still inherit a number of health problems from their parents.

The most obvious health issue for English Bulldog and Pug Mix is the breathing problem. This explains why they are constantly snoring and panting.

English Bulldogs are vulnerable to heat sensitivity, so consider keeping your Mini Bulldog indoors during those hot, summer days. Other health issues common in English Bulldogs include cherry eye, joint injuries and hip dysplasia.

Pugs are prone to similar health issues, but since they are smaller in size, they can also suffer from nostril collapse, tracheal collapse and patellar luxation.

Therefore, we can safely conclude that a Miniature Bulldog could suffer from any of these health issues. You can bet that you’ll spend a significant amount of time and money on their health, especially as they advance in age.

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The good news is that Miniature Bulldogs are known for their longevity. As stated earlier, they have a lifespan of around 10 to 13 years, which is a very long time for a pup with respiratory issues.

For many dog lovers, who decide to buy or adopt a dog with little information about their history, breed or background. Through dog DNA testing, you can learn more about your pup, starting from the breed to potential health issues.

Dog owners can now purchase the Embark Dog DNA test kit, which reveals the genetic composition of your pet and illuminates any genes that are responsible for any existing health issues.

This information is very powerful as it allows your vet to examine your pet closely for any issues, thus helping to prolong his life.

Finding Healthy Miniature English Bulldog for Sale or Adoption

The Miniature English Bulldog is an interesting breed with many pros and cons.

While this dog can be a wonderful companion and family pet, you need to be aware of its many health issues. In addition, this small breed dog is fragile and you should not leave him alone for extended periods of time.

When it comes to price, be ready to part with a whooping $4000 for a puppy from a reliable breeder.

Responsible Miniature English Bulldog breeders normally dedicate all their time and effort to developing healthy puppies, so the investment may be worth it in the end.

Buying your puppy from a credible breeder could help you save a lot of money by avoiding costly vet visits in the future.

bulldog pug mixImage Source

In addition to Miniature English Bulldog puppies for sale, there are cheaper options that you might want to consider.

The average cost of a Miniature Bulldog for adoption is approximately $1000. You can find these rescued puppies or adult dogs at various animal shelters and rescue centers around the country.

For Mini Bulldog adoptions, you may also want to check out various Bulldog rescue websites and see if they have any of these lovable dogs listed for adoption.

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Is the Miniature Bulldog the Right Pet for You?

Unfortunately, this breed isn’t for everyone. Mini Bulldogs have certain requirements that only a dedicated dog owner can meet.

The Miniature Bulldog has a friendly and charming personality that appeals to people from all walks of life. Anyone can fall in love with these pups almost immediately. They are so adorable.

However, not everyone can meet the needs of these dogs. They have delicate health issues that require special attention and a lot of resources.

If you lead laid-back lifestyle and have the resources to meet the special needs of this lovable little chap, then why not. You can go ahead and search for reputable breeders or adoption centers near you.

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Make sure to meet the parent dogs to ascertain their overall health and living conditions before you buy your puppy.

This dog gets along with adults, children and other pets. He also does well in apartments as well as large family homes.

The Mini Bulldog can be a wonderful companion for people of all ages. Kids will love his friendly and fun-loving nature while older people will love this dog for his charm and companionship.

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