All About the Shorkie Poo: Your Complete Guide

Shorkie Poo Info

The Shorkie Poo is a small dog since it is a cross between two of the smallest breeds around.

This dog is lovable and can be a great companion for growing families, seniors and anyone who lives in an apartment.

Besides their cute looks, these little guys are a joy to have around and can be very easy to train.

Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about a Shorkie Poo dog before you bring one home.

What is a Shorkie Poo?

A Shorkie is a cross between the Shih Tzu dog and a Yorkshire Terrier. “Yorkie” is a common name for Yorkshire Terriers. This name has simply been changed to “Shorkie” to show the Shih Tzu in the mixed breed.

Keeping the naming system in mind, it’s easy to see that a Shorkie Poo dog has a Toy poodle in it. Therefore, this is a hybrid or designer dog that results from crossbreeding a Shorkie and a Miniature/Toy Poodle.

However, it could also be a result of crossbreeding a Shih Tzu and a Yorkipoo (the cross between a Yorkie and a Toy Poodle). It is also possible to have a Shorkie Poo that is an offspring of a Yorkipoo and a Shorkie.

When there are three different breeds in the mix, there’s always room for confusion. However, we’ve got the answers to all of your Shorkie Poo questions right here, so keep reading.


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Shorkie Poo History and General Information

A cross between a Shorkie and a Miniature/Toy Poodle, the Shorkie Poo is a designer dog with all the finest qualities you would expect in the perfect family dog. Designer dogs can be described as a cross between two or more breeds.

Shorkie Poo dogs have only been with us for the last 10 or so years, which means that these dogs form one of the newest breeds in the world.

Shorkie Poo dogs were originally developed to be a small dog that would be easy to take care of. This hypoallergenic dog inherits the finest qualities from each parent breed; they are small-sized, cute and truly adorable.

In fact, words alone are not enough to describe how cute and lovable these dogs are. You can check the pictures of these little guys and you’ll surely agree that they are some of the most beautiful dogs around.


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However, each Shorkie Poo dog is unique and showcases different traits based on their genetic background.

A Shih Tzu and Yorkie Poo Mix is a great family dog. They enjoy quality playtime with their owners, but are also easygoing and will happily cuddle around you in the evenings.

Despite his small size, this dog has great watchdog abilities, barking whenever he catches a glimpse of an intruder.

This dog has a charming personality and should make a great companion for you. That’s why the Shorkie Poo is a favorite among dog lovers the world over.

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Shorkie Poo Size, Height and Weight

“How big does a Shorkie Poo get?” is one of the first questions a prospective dog owner might ask.

Since the Shorkie Poo is a mixed breed, and one of the newest ones, it’s important to take a look at his parents to make an educated guess.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, mixed breeds inherit the characteristics of both parent breeds, and such traits will often fall anywhere in between.

The size, height and weight of a mixed breed like this will often vary based on the breeds in his genetic background.

The full grown Shorkie Poo will measure around 7 to 9 inches in height and weigh around 10 to 16 pounds.

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Shorkie Poo Behavior & Temperament

Active, friendly and loving are all good adjectives to describe a Shorkie Poo’s temperament.

It is important to point out here that a mixed breed’s personality can vary significantly depending on their genetic make-up. Some are more Shih Tzu while others are more Yorkie or Poodle.

No matter which parent breed they take after, Shorkie Poos get along well with people and other animals. You can expect your new Shorkie Poo puppy to enjoy any kind of human interaction.

As long as you give your Shorkie Poo enough attention, he will be one happy dog. These dogs love being the center of attention, and therefore, they are very loyal to their owners and family.

Generally speaking, the Shorkie Poo is an excellent pet for any dog lover from newbies to experienced.

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Shorkie Poo Training

These dogs are very intelligent, which means that they are a good candidate for socialization and training.

As with all dogs, starting the training process early is the way to go. Housetraining a Shorkie Poo can be a tough task since they are sometimes stubborn so it is important to make each training session short and interesting.

If your Shorkie Poo gets bored due to repetitive tasks, he will most likely repel. Therefore, you have the leeway to mix things up to make training easier and fun for both of you.

Socializing your pooch is also a smart move. Make sure to familiarize them with different people, animals, places, sights and sounds.

Although the Shorkie Poo is a very friendly and sociable dog, he is still intelligent enough to undergo training to ensure a well-behaved dog at the end of the day.

Positive reinforcement training delivers the best results, especially when it comes to smaller breeds like the Shorkie Poo.

If you keep the training sessions short and interesting, you should find it easy to teach your Shorkie Poo dog new tricks.

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Exercise Requirements

While the Shih Tzu Yorkie Poodle Mix generally does not need a lot of physical activities, they still require their regular dose of exercises.

Usually, these dogs are very active and will be happy just running around your home.

However, at least 30 minutes of daily walks is essential in order to keep your dog fit and healthy.

Known for their energetic and playful nature, a Shorkie Poo will enjoy interactive dog toys. Whether it’s a game of Fetch or Frisbee, these dogs will play until they are completely tired.

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“Do Shorkie Poos shed?” is another question that potential buyers might be grappling with.

Well, these dogs are generally light shedders and have minimal grooming needs or demands. Since the Shorkie Poo’s hair is light, it should be combed and brushed on a daily basis to prevent mats from forming.

You should also give him baths at least once a month, but it’s important to use a good dog shampoo since these dog’s skin is sensitive and can be easily irritated by products meant for human use.

In addition, make sure to clean your pup’s ears at least once a week. Moisture can get trapped in their long, flapped ears, making them more vulnerable to infection.

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Shorkie Poo Health Issues

Shorkie Poos are mostly considered to be a healthy breed. However, they are still at risk for several health problems, including patellar luxation, epilepsy, hypothyroidism, allergies and ear infections.

It also makes perfect sense that a Shorkie Poo puppy would suffer from the same conditions as its parents.

Many of the health problems experienced by a Shih Tzu are due to his trademark and highly sought-after features; they have large eyes and a short nose. Dogs with large eyes and a short nose are prone to eye issues and respiratory problems.

Toy Poodles face a number of health problems, including Cushing’s disease, skin problems and ear infections.

Your Shorkie Poo may inherit his parent dog’s health conditions, but how these issues manifest themselves is difficult to predict in a new puppy.

The good news is that it is still possible to avoid having to deal with these health issues provided you use your due diligence.

The best way to get a healthy Shorkie Poo pup is to use the Embark Dog DNA Test Kit, which helps to check for any health conditions your pup may be at risk for.

Besides, this test shows you exactly what breeds are in your mixed breed Shorkie Poo. With this dog DNA test kit, you can rest assured you’ll have reliable information about the health profile of your pooch as well as what breeds are in his genetic background.


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Feeding Information

Put 1/2 a cup of high quality dry dog food into an automatic dog feeder and some clean drinking water into a water dispenser as soon as you bring your puppy home.

Plan a proper feeding schedule for your dog. Shorkie Poos will eat a small amount of food each time, so make sure to divide his food into several meals throughout the day.

A good suggestion is to feed him 1/2 a cup of specially formulated dry dog food three times each day and increase the amount as he grows older.

Small dogs tend to have sensitive skin and the Shorkie Poo is no exception. Therefore, it is a good idea to feed your pup fish oil supplements to ensure a healthy skin and a glittering coat.

Keep in mind that Shorkie Poos have a tendency to overeat, so it’s important to monitor your dog’s food intake to ensure his optimal health.

Life Expectancy

Shorkie Poos are generally expected to live around 10 to 15 years. Proper nutrition and regular exercise are important for your pup’s well being and can help prolong his lifespan.

Shorkie Poo Puppies for Sale or Adoption

So, how do you find healthy and affordable Shorkie Poo puppies for sale?

The first thing to remember is that price is not everything. A healthy Shorkie Poo for sale with a great personality is priceless.

Make sure to do your research beforehand. Talk to reputable Shorkie Poo breeders and meet the prospective puppy as well as the puppy’s parents.

The average price of a Shih Tzu Yorkie Poodle Mix puppy will range from $400 to $1700. Otherwise, you can contact different animal rescue organizations and find out if they have any puppies or adult Shorkies available for adoption.

Once you’ve found a pup that meets your expectations, forget about the price and focus on enjoying the best of your little bundle of joy.


The Shorkie Poo is a designer breed of dogs that is made up of the Shih Tzu, the Toy/Miniature Poodle and the Yorkshire Terrier.

Generally, the percentage of each of these dog breeds present in the mix will vary depending on the genetic background of the parent dogs. Therefore, it can be difficult to predict the exact features of just a single puppy.

If the breeds incorporated in the Shorkie Poo Mix are anything to go by, however, this crossbreed should be a well-behaved, low-shedding dog with a charming personality and delightful features.

As a calm, affectionate and loyal crossbreed, the Shorkie Poo excels at being a family pet for people with children and other pets. Overall, this is an excellent pet for anyone who enjoys the company of small but intelligent canines.

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