All About The Valley Bulldog: Facts/Information

valley bulldog information

The Valley Bulldog is an athletic dog, very healthy species and is also very affectionate.

Here are a few fascinating facts about the Valley bulldog that you ought to know.

1. Breed History and Origin

The Valley Bulldog owes its existence to the parent breeds, the Boxer and the English bulldog. Even though it is now a pure breed, there are still some features of the parent breeds in the present Valley Bulldog.

The Valley Bulldog originates from the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia, Canada where they are still very popular and common among the locals. The Valley Bulldog is said to have been around since the mid-1990s.

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2. Characteristics of the Valley Bulldog

a) Personality and Temperament:

The Valley Bulldog is a favorite to many because of its sweet personality. It is a loyal dog that is also very intelligent and affectionate.

The English Bulldog Boxer mix also boasts of having a good sense of humor and a stable temperament. They get along well with other dogs and are not aggressive. The Valley Bulldog will therefore make a good guardian for your children.

The valley bulldog puppy can be fun and hyperactive until when they get to at least a year old, and then they get to be pretty chilled and laid back.

The English bulldog mix is particularly known for its mad moments when they can randomly decide to dash around your house at incredible speed for no apparent reason.

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b) Appearance:

You might be wondering what does an English bulldog boxer mix look like?

The Valley bulldog, being a hybrid of an English Bulldog and a Boxer, it can either be as tall as an English Bulldog or a bit shorter like the Boxer.

Whatever the outcome, this dog generally has a sturdy, muscular build with a broad head, thick neck and quite a broad chest and shoulder area.

valley bulldog weightImage Source

They have adorable round eyes and a snout that is pushed in to resemble the English bulldog. The ears are button-shaped and their legs are firm and sturdy.

The valley bulldog has a short stump or a quite a small tail. This dog is available in a number of colors, black, white, tan, fawn or red.

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c) Height and weight:

The Valley bulldog can grow up to 25 inches tall. Their average height is between 12-25 inches. The weight of this dog species ranges between 50-125 pounds that is approximately 23-57 kgs.

d) Life expectancy of the Valley Bulldog:

The Valley bulldog has a life expectancy period of about 10-12 years. However, this is dependent on a number of variables like the absence of diseases and other conditions, dietary matters as well as grooming and overall hygiene.

Make sure that you take good care of your furry friend in order to increase his life expectancy.

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3. Grooming needs of a Valley Bulldog

a) Shedding and cleaning up:

The Valley bulldog is a low maintenance dog compared to other breeds. This is because of their short stiff coat that does not shed much either.

You can simply give your dog a spot clean and spare them the whole body scrub in the bath tub.

You need to be particular about cleaning their skin folds around the face, tail and genitals of the female species. Clean and make sure that they dry in the sun to avoid the risk of infections.

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b) Exercise and dietary requirements:

You need to give your Valley Bulldog enough exercise to keep him fit and healthy. You can take him for long walks or outdoor sporting activities too.

Remember this breed is an athletic one and they are quite active too. Give him mental exercises by giving him interactive dog toys like dog puzzles to help exercise his brain too.

Feed your Valley bulldog on high quality dry dog food and give adequate fresh water to keep him well-hydrated. Investing in a quality automatic dog feeder and water dispenser could be a great idea too.

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c) Training:

The Valley Bulldog is a very intelligent breed that will almost immediately learn all that he is expected to learn. This makes the training and general socialization of the English bulldog boxer mix puppies very easy.

Be consistent in your training and show strong leadership qualities for your Valley Bulldog to follow. Be firm and gentle and never spank or shout at your dog, instead reward him with his favorite treats when he gets something right and he will always seek to repeat the good behavior.

Engaging the services of a qualified dog trainer can also be an option. This will help prepare your family for the new addition and how to take good care of him.

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d) Health problems:

The English bulldog boxer mix is generally a healthy breed with minimal health conditions.

The valley bulldog might suffer from breathing issues depending on the size of the snout. Make sure to keep your dog hydrated during hot weather to avoid the risk of overheating.

If the Bulldog genes are more dominant, your dog might have an issue with snoring and flatulence. Most Valley Bulldogs may also experience skin irritations, always ensure that you thoroughly clean the folds on their skin.

Avoid over feeding your dog because they can easily become overweight which can bring about health issues. You can avoid all these by simply ensuring that you take good care of your puppy by giving him a good balanced diet, preferably high quality dog food, lots of fresh water and plenty of exercise.

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In a nutshell, the Valley Bulldog is an amazing breed to have because of his sweet temperament, warm personality and protective nature.

The breed is also a very intelligent one and very obedient to strong leadership. You can get the Embark DNA test kit to help you identify your dog’s breed and also make sure that the dog you would like to adopt has no health issues.

The price of Valley bulldog puppies may vary depending on the breeders and where you opt to purchase your puppies. Conduct a thorough background check on the breeders, ask for referrals if you need to before identifying a good breeder that will sell you quality breed.

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