All About The Weimaraner Dalmatian Mix (Dalmaraner) With Pictures

Dalmatian Weimaraner Mix

As the name suggests, the Dalmaraner is a hybrid dog or cross between the Dalmatian and the Weimaraner.

Both the Weimaraner and the Dalmatian are pure breeds that are recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Crossbreeds are not as popular as their purebred counterparts.

Crossbreeding dogs is a controversial topic in the canine world. Some people oppose it because they want to preserve the purebred dog’s lineage. However, others believe that it helps eliminate some genetic conditions, which results in healthier dogs.

No matter which side you support, it is an undeniable fact that mixed breeds are unique. This is because of their cute looks and the fact that they inherit the best traits from both parents.

So, which personality traits does the Dalmatian Weimaraner Mix inherit and what does this designer dog look like? Read on to discover the answers to these questions and many more.

Some Quick Facts About The Dalmatian Weimaraner Mix

Breed Type:Mixed Breed/Crossbreed/Designer Dog/Hybrid (Weimaraner and Dalmatian)
Size:Medium to Large-Sized Dog
Other Names:Dalmaraner
Good Guard Dog:Yes
Good Watch Dog:Yes
Average Weight:45 to 80 pounds
Average Height:22 to 26 inches
Lifespan:10 to 14 years
Apartment Living:Yes, only if their exercise needs are met. However, they are best suited to a large home with a fenced-in yard
Ideal for:Active Individuals, Active Families With Older Children Who Have Enough Time to Exercise & Train Them, Those Looking for a Watchdog, Experienced Dog Owners, For Those Who Enjoy Outdoor Activities, Spacious Homes
Coat:Short, Single-layered Coat
Coat colors:Grey, Black and White, Liver and White (with or without the Dalmatian’s spots)
Suitable for first time owners:Not Recommended
Trainability:Relatively Easy to Train
Shedding:Moderate to Heavy (more during spring and autumn)
Grooming Needs:Brushing should be done once or twice per week
Energy Levels:High
Exercise Needs:At least 120 minutes of exercise every day is required
Tolerance to being left alone:These dogs should not spend longer than 2 to 3 hours alone
Feeding and Diet:2.5 to 3.5 cups of high quality dog food each day, divided into two or three meals
Maintenance:When it comes to grooming they are low maintenance dogs. However they have incredibly high levels of energy, requiring active training and exercise
Possible Health Issues:Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, Allergies, Deafness, Urinary Stones, Gastric Torsion, Eye Conditions, Epilepsy, Hemophilia A, Von Willebrand’s Disease
Temperament:Loyal, Loving, Affectionate, Powerful, Energetic, Playful, Intelligent, Aloof, Stubborn, Alert, Sensitive, Friendly, Active, Outgoing, Can be Aggressive, and Eager to Please
Cat Friendly:No, They Can Be Good With Cats Only If Raised Together (Early Socialization Is Must). They have strong prey drive and are not a good fit for homes that have small pets such as rabbits, gerbils, guinea pigs, or birds
Dog Friendly:Yes, With Proper Training and Socialization
Kid Friendly:Yes, they are best suited for families with older energetic kids (Early Socialization Is Required) (They do need to be watched around smaller kids)
Recommended Crate Size:42 inch dog crate
Barking Tendencies:They can bark excessively if they feel threatened or if left alone for long hours
Price:Average $400 – $1200 USD

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Dalmatian and Weimaraner Mix: Breed Overview

As stated earlier, this is a special Mix between the Dalmatian and the Weimaraner dog. The Dalmatian is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful dog breeds around. Cross that with the striking Weimaraner, and you get a very beautiful dog.

The Dalmaraner has tons of energy and needs a lot of exercise. They also need human interaction and companionship, so they are ideal for active homes and active families with older children.

The Dalmaraner loves his family unconditionally and enjoys learning and taking part in family activities. This agile dog also makes a good working dog. They are intelligent, loyal, and eager to please.

In the following sections, we’ll discuss the Dalmaraner looks, temperament, grooming needs, health, and more, so you can determine if this designer dog is the right pet for you and your family.

But before we go any further, let’s consider the history of the Dalmaraner Weimaraner Mix.

Where Did The Dalmaraner Come From?

The Dalmatian cross Weimaraner is relatively new, so there’s little info available about their history.

However, much is known about each parent breed.

So let’s examine the origin of both the Weimaraner and the Dalmatian.

The History of the Weimaraner

Dubbed “the grey ghost”, “gray ghost”, or “silver ghost” because of its characteristic grey coat, the Weimaraner was bred in Germany in the nineteenth century.

The breed was used for hunting large game like deer, bear, or wild boar, but as large game became more difficult to find, Weimaraners were developed to hunt small game. These days, Weims are also used as multipurpose gun dogs because they are extremely versatile.

Weims are medium to large dogs that need plenty of physical activities. They normally make excellent family dogs for large homes and active families. They require early obedience training due to their high prey drive and high energy levels.

Weimaraner Dog History
The History of the Dalmatian

The stunning spots of Dalmatians make them unique and easily recognizable.

Although the exact origin of the Dalmatian is quite unclear, they are believed to have been bred in a part of Croatia originally called Dalmatia.

Dalmatians were once used as coach dogs, strolling alongside horse-driven coaches and protecting the coach at all times.

Dalmatians have enjoyed close ties with the British Nobility and the Roman people. Today, the breed is a popular fire station mascot.

cute Dalmatian dog
How Big Will A Weimaraner Dalmatian Mix Get?

The Dalmaraner is a medium-large pooch, but how big each puppy will get will depend on the parents.

When it comes to the primary breed’s size, the Dalmatian stands between 22 and 24 inches tall and weighs around 35 to 70 pounds.

The Weimaraner stands between 23 and 26 inches tall and weighs around 55 to 90 pounds.

So although you can predict how big your Dalmaraner will get, it is safe to say that he will most likely fall in the same height and weight range as the parents. However, they could also be at the Weimaraner minimum or the Dalmatian maximum size.

The General Appearance of the Dalmaraner

But What Does A Dalmatian Weimaraner Mix look Like?

No one can tell for sure. It is difficult to predict exactly what a Dalmatian Weimaraner Mix puppy will look like as a full grown dog.

It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the looks of each parent breed to understand the appearance of the Dalmaraner.

Dalmatians are medium-sized dogs that fall under the non-sporting category. Their background as coach-dogs gives them a strong, athletic and muscular frame.

They have a short coat, but their most distinctive characteristic are the liver or black spots on their body.

On the other hand, Weimaraners are muscular dogs with large ears. They have a dark grey nose and pink ears. Their coat is short, smooth and sometimes has white markings in the chest area.

The Weimaraner cross Dalmatian will most likely inherit spots from the Dalmatian parent. Their ears will also look like the Dalmatian’s. The two parent breeds have a similar body type, so the Dalmaraner will not be any different.

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Coat And Coat Colors

The Dalmaraner has inherited the attractive appearance of both parent breeds. They have a short coat and will most likely inherit the unique spotted coat from the Dalmatian parent.

Dalmaraner Temperament

If you want a loyal companion dog, the Dalmatian Weimaraner Mix can be an excellent choice. Their friendly and outgoing nature makes them an excellent choice for active families.

Both parent dogs are loyal, loving, and affectionate with families, so the Dalmaraner will soon become a reliable family member.

They are extremely loyal and can exhibit aggressive tendencies toward intruders – which makes them good watch dogs and guard dogs.

The Dalmaraner has lots of love to offer to the correct family and is very loyal and affectionate. They can be sensitive though, so owners should handle them with care, kindness, and patience.

The Dalmaraner is perfect for an experienced owner who has a lot of time to spend with him while taking him for walks every day. This dog can suffer from separation anxiety so he needs a loving home where he is not neglected or left alone for long hours.

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Are Weimaraner Dalmatians Good With Kids?

Both the Weimaraner and the Dalmatian are good with children. They are calm and patient with children, but behavior and personality can vary from dog to dog.

Are Weimaraner Dalmatian Mixes Good With Other Dogs?

The Weimaraner Dalmatian Mix may be reactive to other dogs during walks, but will enjoy playing with other dogs that he is familiar with.

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Exercise Needs

Since both the Dalmatian and the Weimaraner grow to a medium to large size, the Dalmaraner should be quite large as well. This means they need enough space to exercise, play, and run.

Your Dalmatian Weimaraner Mix should have bundles of energy, so you need to meet his physical and mental exercise needs every day.

They are not ideal for apartment living, so you should consider getting a Dalmatian Weimaraner Mix only if you have a spacious yard at home.

Dalmaraners have plenty of energy to expel, so take your dog on walks and daily playtime. This will curb boredom and keep him happy.

The Dalmaraner needs at least 120 minutes or more of exercise each day to remain happy and healthy.

Besides physical exercises, the highly intelligent Dalmaraner needs interactive dogs toys to stay mentally stimulated.

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So, Are Weimaraner Dalmatian Mixes Hard to Train?

Well, the Dalmaraner is fairly intelligent, so he should be easy to train.

However, housetraining can be challenging, so you need to start working with your dog as soon as possible.

Dalmaraners are sensitive dogs, so they respond best to positive reinforcements.

As with other dogs, timely socialization is vital to ensure your Dalmaraner puppy develops into a confident and well-behaved pooch.

If you have an issue that you really find yourself struggling with, there is online training help for Weimaraner Dalmatian mix puppies.

Two of the best resources available are Doggy Dan the online dog trainer and the Secrets to Dog Training online program. These sites provide simple, step by step guides that anyone can use at home. There is a range of subjects with accessible solutions.

Massive Change - 300 x 250

Do Weimaraner Dalmatian Mix Shed A Lot?

Since the Dalmatian can shed heavily, grooming a Weimaraner Dalmatian Mix can mean a lot of work.

Grooming Requirements

Brushing: Be sure to use a soft bristle brush to keep their skin and coat healthy. Regular brushing will help keep any loose or dead hairs off your sofa and clothes.

Bathing: Bathe your Dalmaraner when they get dirty, but wipe them regularly with deodorizing wipes for dogs.

Teeth brushing: For the best results, brush your pup’s teeth two to three times a week to avoid tartar buildup.

Ear cleaning: Check your Dalmaraner’s ears regularly and clean them using a soft cotton ball to prevent ear infections.

Nail clipping: It is necessary to trim your pups nails at least once a month to prevent breakage.

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Feeding and Diet

Being a medium-large dog, the Dalmaraner should do well consuming high quality dog food.

The most important nutrients to watch for when picking your dog’s food include:

  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fat
  • Prebiotics

Also, your dog’s diet should include the following:

Probiotics: These are living microorganisms that introduce good bacteria to the digestive system.

Wild Alaskan salmon oil: This can provide essential fatty acids to help maintain coat and skin health.

Fresh water: All dogs need fresh water to stay hydrated.

Also, frozen carrots make great chew toys for dogs while helping to improve their dental health. Moreover, carrots are a great source of vitamin A, fiber and potassium.

Follow your vet’s advice when feeding your Dalmaraner since they can consider your dog’s age, size, exercise needs, and any health problems they may be suffering from.

Dalmaraner Health Issues

It is widely believed that mixed breeds are generally healthier than pure breeds and the Dalmatian Weimaraner Mix is no exception. But just because crossbreeds are healthier dogs, it doesn’t mean they are not vulnerable to certain health problems.

To gain a better understanding of the health issues the Dalmaraner can experience, you need to consider all the health problems of the parent breeds.

The Dalmatian cross Weimaraner has a lifespan of around 10 to 14 years and is susceptible to hip and elbow dysplasia, allergies, deafness, and urinary stones, to mention but a few.

Keep in mind that these conditions are common in both purebred parents.

To keep your Dalmaraner healthy, feed them high quality dog food at all times. And remember to take your dog for regular vet checkups.

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Is A Weimaraner Dalmatian Mix A Good Family Dog?

Both Weimaraners and Dalmatians make great family dogs. You’re most likely going to enjoy raising this dog if you have a lot of time for training and exercise.

This crossbreed needs physical exercises and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy.

As with other dogs, you should introduce your Dalmaraner to kids as soon as possible.

Moreover, always ensure the Dalmaraner has a safe and comfortable place to retreat to. That’s why we recommend getting the Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Bed and the MidWest Folding Crate for Large dogs for your pet dog to enjoy some peace and comfort.

Finding A Weimaraner Dalmatian Mix For Sale

If you want to get your Weimaraner Dalmatian Mix puppy from a local breeder, you need to do thorough research.

Avoid puppy mills or pet stores since the health of the parent dogs and puppies is often neglected.

Instead, look for reputable Weimaraner Dalmatian Mix breeders who are honest and happy to let you visit the parent dogs.

Mixed breeds like Weimaraner cross Dalmatian for sale are popular because of their good reputation for being healthy.

Moreover, mixed breeds often inherit the best traits from the primary breeds.

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Rescuing A Dalmaraner of Adoption

Rescuing a Weimaraner Dalmatian Mix can be a great way of getting a loyal family dog.

If you would like to rescue a Dalmaraner, it is advisable to register with nearby rescues or animal shelters and let them know you’re looking for this Mix.

Although there aren’t many animal shelters dedicated to this specific crossbreed, you can check out centers for each parent breed.

How Much Does A Weimaraner Dalmatian Mix Cost?

The Weimaraner Dalmatian Mix price can range from $400 to $1200, but the average price is around $700. The cost varies based on the breeder’s location and the parent dogs’ pedigree.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Weimaraner Dalmatian Mix Dogs High Maintenance?

Weimaraner Dalmatian Mix dogs are relatively low maintenance because they require brushing only once or twice per week.

Can Weimaraner Dalmatian Mix Dogs Be Left Alone?

No. Dalmaraners don’t tolerate being alone for extended periods of time. They suffer from separation anxiety and can destroy your belongings when bored.

How Long Can A Weimaraner Dalmatian Mix Be Left Alone?

Dalmaraners are people-oriented dogs who thrive on attention and companionship. Therefore, they should not be left at home alone for longer than three hours.

Are Weimaraner Dalmatian Mixes Hypoallergenic?

No. Both the Dalmatian and Weimaraner parent breeds shed and can cause allergic reactions in people.

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How Big Will A Weimaraner Dalmatian Mix Get?

On average, The Weimaraner Dalmatian Mix will grow to be a medium to large-sized pup weighing between 45 and 80 pounds and standing between 22 and 26 inches tall.

How Long Do Weimaraner Dalmatian Mixes Live?

The Weimaraner Dalmatian Mix can level between 10 and 14 years.

Are Weimaraner Dalmatians Lazy?

No. The Weimaraner Dalmatian Mix has a lot of energy and strength. Be ready to provide him with plenty of exercise and interactive dog toys for mental stimulation.

Do Weimaraner Dalmatian Mixes Bark A Lot?

Since the Dalmaraner is protective, he will watch out and bark at almost everything. If you don’t want a vocal dog, then you may want to consider another breed. But while this dog is notorious for barking, early training can help curb excessive barking.

Are Weimaraner Dalmatian Mixes Protective?

Yes, the Weimaraner Dalmatian Mix is naturally loyal and protective. They can exhibit aggressive behavior toward strangers, which would make them excellent watch dogs and guard dogs.

Are Weimaraner Dalmatian Mixes Good for First Time Owners?

No. This dog is ideal for experienced owners and active dog lovers who have enough time to spend with their pets.

Do Weimaraner Dalmatian Mix Dogs Do Well In Apartments?

No. This dog is perfect for large homes where there is enough space for them to exercise. They are not ideal or apartment living unless the dwellers have enough time to commit to long runs or walks every day.

Dalmatian Weimaraner DogImage Source

Do Weimaraner Dalmatian Mixes Like To Cuddle?

Yes. Weimaraner Dalmatian Mixes are affectionate and loyal dogs who enjoy cuddling near their masters after a long day.

Are Weimaraner Dalmatians Aggressive?

These dogs have both aggressive and sensitive sides, so you need to be kind when handling your dog.

Are Weimaraner Dalmatian Dogs Dangerous?

Weimaraner Dalmatians are wary of strangers, and can be quite aggressive. Therefore, it’s best to socialize them with different people and other animals when they are still puppies.

Are Weimaraner Dalmatian Dogs Smart?

Yes, Weimaraner Dalmatian Mixes are smart dogs who are known for their obedience, loyalty, and working intelligence.

What Are Some Negatives About Weimaraner Dalmatians?

  • They are not good with cats and other small household pets due to their high prey drive.
  • They can bark excessively if they feel threatened or if left alone for long hours.
  • They can be very sensitive.
  • They are generally not ideal for first time dog owners.
  • They do shed which makes them not suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • They are vulnerable to separation anxiety.
  • They don’t tolerate being left along for extended period of time.
  • They require a lot of exercises each day.

Is A Weimaraner Dalmatian Mix Right For You?

If you want a bold and charming new family member, then the Dalmatian Weimaraner Mix dog might be a good choice for you.

The combination of stamina, alertness, and intelligence makes the Dalmaraner a good pet for the right family.

With the right combination of exercise, training, and care, the Dalmaraner can blossom into a great family dog.

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Other Dalmatian Mixes

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2. Dalmatian Great Dane Mix

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