Incredible facts about the beagle bloodhound mix

beagle bloodhound mix

A beagle bloodhound mix is a hybrid that results from breeding the Beagle and the Bloodhound.

This hybrid dog is most probably one of the most sweet and quite even-tempered species. This is because both the beagle and the bloodhound are adorable and even-tempered too.

The beagle bloodhound mix will most definitely make a good pet if taken through proper training by a dog expert.

Below are some amazing facts about the beagle bloodhound mix that you ought to know before getting one for your family.

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The history of the beagle bloodhound mix

Most hybrid dogs have little or no history on them. This is due to the reason that breeding only became common during the previous decades.

For us to understand the history and origin of the beagle bloodhound mix, then it is relevant to take into account the origin of the parent breeds that is the beagle and the bloodhound dogs.

Beagles are said to have existed since time immemorial. This species can be traced back to Ancient Greek, around the 5th century B.C.

Beagles were commonly bred in England in the 1700s and it wasn’t until the 1800s that the Beagles came to be found in the Southern part of the United States. Mostly the Beagles were used for hunting.

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beagle dogBeagle dogs

The bloodhound on the other hand, is said to have originated from France around 1000 A.D.

The bloodhound has a great sense of smell and was mostly kept for hunting deers. It was very useful for tracking people as well.

The bloodhound gained its popularity because of its ability to track a particular scent from a long distance. The great sense of smell combined with its aggressive tracking instinct made the bloodhound a good dog to be used by the law enforcement agencies.

bloodhound dog historyBloodhound

The beagle bloodhound mix size

You might be curious as to what size the beagle bloodhound puppy will grow into.

Well, the size of a beagle bloodhound mix is dependent on the dominant genes that it inherits from the parent species. A beagle might be approximately 13-15 inches tall, while a bloodhound could be approximately 23-27 inches tall.

]This means that your beagle bloodhound mix puppy has the potential to be at least 13-27 inches on average. This is a cute adorable height that is just perfect for your family pet dog.

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beagle bloodhound mix sizeBeagle Bloodhound Mix – Image Source

The weight of the beagle bloodhound mix

The beagle bloodhound mix has weight that might range from at least 18lb -110lb. This is due to the fact that the beagle weighs roughly 18-30lb and the bloodhound, around 80-110lb.

This weight is very ideal for you to be able to cuddle your dog or even have your kids carry him on the bicycle basket.

The life expectancy period of the beagle bloodhound mix

A beagle dog can live for about 10-15 years, while a bloodhound can live for about 10-12 years.

This essentially means that the life expectancy of the resultant hybrid should range between 10-15 years. This is largely dependent on the general maintenance and grooming of the beagle bloodhound mix and the absence of illness.

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The personality of the beagle bloodhound mix

The beagle bloodhound mix is most probably one of the sweetest dogs that you will ever encounter.

Inheriting from the parent breeds, the beagle is naturally a sweet-tempered dog that is kind and gentle, especially when it is well trained. The bloodhound has almost similar temperamental features as the beagle.

The resultant breed, the beagle bloodhound mix is most likely to also be a friendly dog that will blend into your family and within no time, he will be everyone’s darling.

The beagle bloodhound mix enjoys great company, it might not be wise to leave this dog alone for long hours.

bloodhound beagle mix personalityBloodhound Beagle Mix – Image Source

The health of a beagle bloodhound mix

It is very common for almost all dogs to develop some genetic health problems dependent on their breed.

There are certain breeds that might be more vulnerable to certain illnesses as compared to others. Therefore, it is highly recommended that as you look to purchase your beagle bloodhound mix, you can as well use the Embark Breed Identification kit that will not only help you identify the type of breed, but will also reveal to you any health problems the puppy might have.

Look for a reputable breeder that will give you assurance on the beagle bloodhound puppy’s health.

Some of the health problems that are likely to affect the beagle bloodhound mix include eye problems like cataracts and glaucoma, hip dysplasia, ear infections, epilepsy, weight gain, hypothyroidism, skin fleas and tick among others.

You can avoid skin fleas and tick by ensuring that your beagle bloodhound mix get their treatment and right dosage without fail.

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Shedding and grooming needs of a beagle bloodhound mix

The beagle bloodhound mix is expected to shed its coat in moderation. The beagle sheds pretty much more as compared to the bloodhound mix.

You need to make sure that the beagle bloodhound mix is well groomed and taken care of once they begin shedding. Ensure that you give them a nice warm bath at least twice or thrice a week. Brush their coat using a good brush with not so hard bristles.

Also make sure that you brush your beagle bloodhound mix puppy’s teeth regularly to keep her breath fresh as well.

Your beagle bloodhound puppy might also need to have her nails trimmed before they grow way too long. If you might have any issues with doing any of the grooming exercises, then you can engage the services of a skilled and professional groomer to help groom your beagle bloodhound mix puppy.

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The Exercise of a Bloodhound Beagle Mix

In order to keep your beagle bloodhound mix puppy healthy and fit, it is good to take him for long walks or let them tag along with you when you go out for your jogging routine. This will help your puppy to be fit and healthy hence increase their life expectancy period and reduce the risks of contracting certain illnesses like flu and common colds.

A good exercise will also help to reduce their levels of energy hence the beagle bloodhound mix is less likely to be destructive around your home.

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Beagle Bloodhound Mix informationImage Source

Training and socialization of a beagle bloodhound puppy

The beagle bloodhound dog can be quite challenging to train. This means that you might have to engage the services of an expert dog trainer to help you in this course considering the beagle bloodhound is quite intelligent. You can check out doggy Dan the online trainer to help you train your puppy.

If you choose to do it yourself, then you might want to break the training sessions into smaller sessions in order to have the maximum attention of the puppy. Almost all dogs will respond well to reinforcement that is positive and friendly.

A beagle bloodhound is intelligent and loves to please their owner, therefore do not hesitate to give her praise when she does something right.

Socialization of the beagle bloodhound puppy is very crucial. Take her to recreational parks and allow her to spend more time around people and also other dogs. This will make her fit very easily in her new environment.

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Feeding and Dietary requirements of the beagle bloodhound mix

When it comes to dieting, it is best to consult your vet on the right amounts of food your beagle bloodhound should consume.

It is however recommended that you feed your beagle bloodhound puppy with high quality dry dog food. This will help your puppy to grow strong and healthy hence making him fight off disease.

It is also good to incorporate a bit of fish or fish oil and chondroitin supplements in her diet.

Do not overfeed your beagle bloodhound puppy because they are most likely to get overweight.

A beagle bloodhound that is overweight has higher chances of suffering from hip and elbow dysplasia. This is also the reason why you should ensure that your beagle bloodhound puppy gets a well-balanced diet and good exercise sessions as well.

Also make sure that you keep your dog hydrated throughout the day. Have a bowl of clean fresh water at her feeding point all the time. The beagle bloodhound dog is an active dog that is likely to feel thirsty quickly.

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Adoption of the beagle bloodhound mix puppy

This type of hybrid is gentle and fun to have around your family. It does not really matter whether you take in a beagle bloodhound as a puppy or when it is already grown. All that you need to do is ensure the beagle bloodhound is properly trained by an expert dog trainer.

The professional can also take time to train you and your family on how to best handle the beagle bloodhound puppy. This will make the adoption of the puppy into the family much easier.

How much does a beagle bloodhound puppy cost?

The price of a beagle bloodhound mix varies with each breeder and the region you are in.

A good beagle bloodhound puppy in the US is likely to range between $200 USD to $2000 USD.

Be wary of breeders who offer to sell to you beagle bloodhound puppies at a throw-away price. This might sound like a good deal but in most instances, the puppy might be sick or having serious health conditions.

Conduct a thorough background check of the particular breeder and make sure that they are licensed to sell and have a good reputation as well. You can also use the Embark Breed Identification kit to test and verify the dog’s breed as well as find out any health conditions that she might have before purchasing it.

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Get interactive dog toys for your beagle bloodhound puppy

The beagle bloodhound puppy is a very intelligent and energetic one. You therefore need to get her some good interactive dog toys to keep her occupied. This will keep her busy and away from causing trouble around the house.

A good interactive toy is good for your beagle bloodhound mix puppy because it sharpens her emotional and mental intelligence as well as makes her playtimes fun.

There are dozens of games and puzzles that your beagle bloodhound puppy is likely to be interested in.

Keep her engaged because a busy dog is a happy one. Invest in good quality interactive dog toys and puzzles and trust me, your rugs and home furnishings will thank you for occupying your beagle bloodhound mix puppy.

Beagle bloodhound mix living conditions

The beagle bloodhound mix is a breed that does very well in moderate weather conditions.

If you are living in an area that experiences quite extreme weather conditions, then the beagle bloodhound mix puppy might not quite enjoy the environment. The weather conditions ought to be moderate, not too cold and not too hot. The beagle bloodhound will not do too well in such conditions hence it is advisable to get another breed.

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Will the beagle bloodhound mix make a good pet?

The warm personality and friendly nature of the beagle bloodhound mix makes her a very good pet to have in your home.

All you need to do is make sure that you train your beagle bloodhound mix puppy well in order to allow for a smooth adoption process of her into your home.

The beagle bloodhound is of medium weight and size hence makes her very ideal for your kids to cuddle and play with.

Get to interact and spend ample time with your beagle bloodhound mix puppy in order to be able to understand her needs. This will help you to be able to manage the dog well in your household, by knowing what she likes and dislikes.

In conclusion, the beagle bloodhound mix dog is one of the best breeds to keep as a pet in your home because of its sweet and friendly nature.

This puppy can also be a good protector of your home especially if it masters your scent, it will bark and alert you of any strangers because it has mastered everyone’s scent from a mile away. Keep your dog well fed and groomed in order to increase its life expectancy period.


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