Are There Any Risks In Choosing A Blue German Shepherd?

blue german shepherd

There are some breeds of dog that have been with us for a very long time and have a classic recognizable look. The German Shepherd is one of those, with the trademark top line, strong muzzle, pointed ear and black and brown coat.

However, not all GSDs come in this color form, and it is also possible to find a blue German Shepherd in some litters.

Dog lovers are quickly won over by blue German Shepherd pictures because of the attractive look of these animals.

In this guide, we will look at the sub-breed in a little more detail to determine just how different these dogs are and whether they are desirable.

We will also look at considerations when looking for a blue German Shepherd for sale.

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There is no doubt that these blue German Shepherd dogs can be highly attractive animals

There will be many dog lovers that will be surprised to hear that there are blue shepherd dogs out there because most of us won’t have seen one.

Yet, the blue gene is seen in a number of herding dogs and there are other breeds where blue dogs appear to be making a comeback.

It is also important to note that there are some nice color variations here with these dogs.

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blue and tan german shepherd puppyBlue and Tan German Shepherd – Image Source

The look of the coat can depend on the other color genes and the parentage of the dog.

There are many lighter dogs where a paler parent comes into the mix. Here we get the blue and tan German Shepherd and the blue sable German Shepherd.

Then there are those with black parents where we see a much darker coat in the steel blue German Shepherd.

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This blue coat and the unusual look of the animal will undoubtedly lead to some questions about the eye color of these dogs.

There is the expectation from some that a blue coated dog will lead to blue eyed German Shepherd.

There is a love of blue eyed dogs that comes out clearly with husky lovers, and many would love to see a GSD with bright blue eyes rather than dark ones.

This is not the case here, as they are not blue. However, they can end up being much lighter than those of typical German Shepherd dogs, with golden browns and ambers. This adds to that exotic look that makes these animals so sought after for those wanting a more unusual dog.

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blue GSD guideImage Source

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Many love this dog for its rarity and beauty, but there are others that are less keen on this form of blue shepherd.

There are some that see this as a negative abnormality and defect in the fur – something that should not be deliberately bred into the gene pool. This means that we need to know a little more about how this happens.

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How do we get this type of GSD?

There is a particular gene that creates this abnormality to the coat and there is a recessive allele on the fur that gives this appearance, rather than the more dominant black.

The dominance of the black gene is why we see so many brown and black GSD dogs out there. The idea of a recessive, lesser gene is one of the reasons why many look down upon blue dogs like this as something to be bred out.

The brown and black/brown shepherds are the true, healthy dogs in the eyes of many owners and they feel there should be greater control over the gene pool.

Some feel that this is a little unfair on the blue gsd when there are other colors out there with their own issues and standards.

For some the blue is the weak anomaly, and it is is not seen as a legitimate color by the AKC and other major organisations. This means it cannot be shown.

The same is true, however for the white GSD. The white German Shepherd is a sub-breed that came from paler dogs and American lines, and is almost seen as its own dog now.

It doesn’t conform to the standards of the typical GSD, as it has a different top line and build and a slightly different coat. Yet, it doesn’t seem to have the same level of hate as blue dogs.

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white german shepherds infoWhite German Shepherd

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So just how different is this blue GSD compared to the “normal” ones?

The important question for new owners of blue german shepherds is whether or not there are any real problems or major differences with this dog to be concerned about.

[thrive_text_block color=”red” headline=””]For the most part, they will be the same animal with a different color to the fur. the coat will be very similar with the same issues of shedding and grooming.[/thrive_text_block]

The recessive gene that affects the black pigment does not affect the quality and type of the coat.

There are known breeders of GSDs that have seen long-haired and short-haired dogs with this coloration. This means the same time spent dealing with shed fur and blow-outs.

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Blue Haired German ShepherdBlue Gsd – Image Source

Blue haired German Shepherd home care and health care

Aside from the grooming issues mentioned above, most dog owners should find that the day to day care of these dogs is pretty much the same as that of a “normal” GSD.

They need the same diet and exercise regimen to deal with the energy levels and keep them fit. They need the same type of home with enough space and a loving family to take care of them.

These dogs are no more delicate for being “designer” and there should be no problem looking for blue German Shepherd kennels like the [easyazon_link identifier=”B01LVTR9Q6″ locale=”US” nw=”y” tag=”howtotrainy03-20″]Sliverylake Heavy Duty Dog Crate with Tray[/easyazon_link].

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As for blue German Shepherd health problems, the needs are pretty much the same.

There are some concerns with blue dogs that they will develop blue dog alopecia. However, the coat type of the GSD means that this is rare. Instead, owners should look out for the typical issues such joint dysplasia.

It could also help to buy an Embark Breed Identification Dog DNA Test.

These helpful kits offer information on genetic traits that might lead to health risks. It offers a form of precaution for improved peace of mind.

New owners will also appreciate the helpful information on general care from Kingdom of Pet’s online guide – The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health.

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What about the blue German Shepherd temperament?

Again there should be no real issue when it comes to the behavior and personality of these dogs because the coat color has no bearing on these factors.

Naturally, all dogs have their own personality quirks and oddities that make them individuals, but a blue shepherd dog should fit within the general mold pretty well.

This means a good natured family dog that will act as a loyal, alert watchdog.

We may not see blue police and military dogs, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot be trained to be one.

On that subject, training a blue German Shepherd puppy shouldn’t be any more difficult than training a black or brown one. Their intelligence, ease of learning and general nature should still shine through.

Even so, there are still first time owners that can struggle with training. This is where a guide like Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer comes in handy.

There are step by step guides on everything from housebreaking to leash training for a great starting point.

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Finding reputable blue German Shepherd breeders

If you decide that you want to look for one of these German Shepherd blue and tan or steel blue pups, the first option is to look for a breeder with blue german shepherds for sale.

There are two ways that this can come about:

✔ There may be some GSD breeders with accidental blues in the litter that are being honest about their “defective” pup and looking for someone to give it a good home.

✔ Alternatively, there could be breeders deliberately working on a new line of blue dogs with a diluted gene pool. Some feel that the former is preferable and more ethical for the future of the dog.

Whichever route you take, you need to make sure that the animals are from a good home and good stock.

The other issue with buying a pup is the blue German Shepherd price.

As you may expect, these dogs are likely to be more expensive than other colors due to their rarity and desirability.

As the demand for these dogs grows, the price tag could increase.

The alternative approach here is adoption.

The conflicting opinions on blue dogs mean that there could well be some dog breeders and owners that see this as a lesser animals and give it up. This may mean that there are blue dogs in need of a home in a local shelter.

Also, it is not all about blue shepherd puppies here. There are some people that will love the look of these dogs and the idea of owning one, but not the idea of raising one. An adopted blue adult GSD could be the perfect solution.

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blue gsd personalityImage Source

What have we learned about the blue German Shepherd and are they worth the money?

There are sometimes plenty of red flags when it comes to alternative versions of breeds and blue dogs. Yet, there are few risks when it comes to considering blue German Shepherd puppies.

They are not as big a health risk as some other blue dogs, they are very attractive animals and they barely differ from their “normal” siblings.

The biggest drawback with these dogs is the blue German Shepherd cost and the risk that they come from a bad breeder.

With some patience and research into the right breeders and sources, it is possible to find a healthy blue GSD pup that can be a happy, loving part of the home for many years.

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