All About The Jack Russell Boxer Mix: Facts/ Information

Jack Russell Boxer Mix Dog Guide

Are you thinking of getting yourself a Jack Russell Boxer Mix?

This is an amazing dog breed that is a mix of the Boxer and the Jack Russell.

In order to fully understand the origin and history of the Boxer Jack Russell mix breed, it is relevant to consider the parent breeds separately.

The Origin of the Jack Russell Boxer Mix

The History of the Boxer:

The Boxer originates from Germany and is a breed that emerged in the 19th century.

The original Boxer is a breed of the Bulldog and the German Jack Russell.

This dog was normally kept for his prowess as a hunting dog and was also a good fighter.

The Boxer was also kept because he was a great working dog and assisted the soldiers during the World Wars.

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boxer dog history

Generally speaking, the Boxer was also very playful, not very aggressive but very loyal to its owner.

If your Jack Russell Boxer Mix gets some of his traits from the Boxer, he will be a great companion and protector of your children.

The History of the Jack Russell Terrier:

The Jack Russell, also sometimes known as the Parson Russell originates from England.

They were mainly kept as working terriers and very useful hunting dogs.

The Jack Russell terrier is also known to be quite versatile and hardworking breed.

how to train a jack russell

Jack Russell Boxer Mix Personality

In order for you to determine the kind of personality that a particular hybrid is likely to have, a closer look at the parent breeds is relevant.

Both the Boxer and the Jack Russell are breeds that are strong and powerful. They have a very strong prey instinct as well.

If you socialize the Jack Russell Boxer Mix puppy well, he is likely to get along well with other animals and new people he encounters.

Jack Russell Terrier Boxer Mix puppies are capable of being independent and love to have their own alone time when it is a full house. Like all other dogs, this breed also responds very well to positive reinforcement.

They are generally social and have a very warm temperament. The Jack Russell Boxer Mix puppy does well when around a “pack” so do not leave him alone in the house for a long period of time.

Generally, the Jack Russell and Boxer Mix is an amazing companion and very protective of their owners hence will be a great addition to your family.

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What is the Boxer Jack Russell Mix Size and Weight?

The parent breed, the Boxer grows to a height of about 21-25 inches and the Jack Russell Terrier is normally at least 10-15 inches tall.

This means that averagely, the Jack Russell terrier Boxer Mix is likely to be between 10-25 inches tall depending on the genes inherited from the parent breeds.

When it comes to the weight of the Jack Russell terrier and Boxer Mix, the Boxer weighs between 55-75 lb and the Jack Russell terrier weighs between 14-18lb.

The Jack Russell Boxer Mix will weigh between 14-75 lb depending on the genetic makeup and the overall size of the hybrid.

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boxer jack russell mixBoxer/Jack Russell Mix Dog – Image Source

What is the lifespan of the Jack Russell Boxer Mix?

The lifespan of the Boxer is between 10-12 years, while the Jack Russell can live between 13-16 years.

This therefore means that the overall life expectancy of the hybrid of these two breeds will be anywhere between 10-16 years.

Of course, there are a number of factors that will dictate the number of years that your Jack Russell Boxer Mix lives and this includes dietary and personal grooming matters.

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Health Problems likely to affect the Boxer Jack Russell Mix

Just like all other dog breeds, the Jack Russell Boxer Mix is also vulnerable to some health problems.

There are health problems that are likely to affect your Jack Russell Boxer Mix due to his genetic combination.

However, these health problems can be avoided when you are looking to buy your Jack Russell Boxer Mix puppy. I would recommend that you use the Embark Dog DNA test kit that will help you to identify the type of breed and also reveal any health issues the dog might have.

It is very important to look for a reputable breeder who will sell you a good litter of puppies that have no health problems.

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Some of the health issues likely to affect the Jack Russell Boxer Mix puppy include eye problems like cataracts and glaucoma, hip dysplasia, ear infections, weight gain and obesity, epilepsy, hyperthyroidism, skin fleas and ticks.

When you have a reputable breeder, they will be frank with you and will let you know of any health issues likely to affect your Jack Russell Boxer Mix puppy.

Let your breeder also show you all the health clearance certificates that prove your puppy has been tested and cleared for some of the above health conditions.

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How to Care for the Boxer Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Grooming requirements:

The Jack Russell Boxer Mix requires good personal grooming just like any other dog breed.

You need to give your furry friend a good bath at least once or twice a week. Use a shampoo that also contains flea repellent ingredients. This will help you to avoid flea infestation and your dog will always be a happy one.

Brush your Jack Russell Boxer Mix puppy’s coat in order to give it a well-kept look and also get rid of any weak and falling hair during shedding. This breed does not shed much fur.

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Exercise needs:

The Jack Russell Boxer Mix is a very active one that needs plenty of physical and mental exercises.

You can take your puppy out for a walk at least for 30 minutes to about an hour every day. If your puppy has been cleared by a vet, the dog park can also be a great place to visit and have your dog exercise a great deal.

You can also get some interactive dog toys and puzzles for your Jack Russell Boxer Mix puppy because it is a good way to give him some mental exercise.

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Secrets to dog training solution

Training requirements:

Training a Jack Russell Boxer Mix puppy should not be a difficult task. This breed is very intelligent and is likely to grasp all the basic commands within a very short time.

It is important to teach him some commands like “take it!” “Drop it!” “Come” “Sit” and many others.

Use positive reinforcement when training your dog because dogs respond to positive reinforcement better than using force on them.

Give him his favorite treat and rewards when he does as you command. This will motivate your dog to obey every command that you give because he knows there is a treat in the offing.

boxer Jack Russell Terrier temperamentImage Source

If your puppy misbehaves or acts in a displeasing manner, you need to give him a command using a very firm and stern tone of voice. Dogs like the Jack Russell Boxer Mix are very intelligent and can read your facial expressions very well.

If he reads scorn and disappointment on your face, he will not repeat the mistake. Start obedience training as soon as you bring your Jack Russell Boxer Mix puppy at home.

Be consistent in your training in order for it to be effective on your puppy. Never set double standards for him.

If you let him walk away unpunished after having done wrong, he will repeat the mistake next time and it may be worse than the previous one.

Be his alpha and let your actions show that you are his leader. The Jack Russell Boxer Mix is a “pack” dog and every pack must have an alpha. Once he recognizes you as his alpha, he will obey every command you five.

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Feeding and Dietary needs of the Jack Russell Boxer Mix:

You need to make sure that you feed your dog with high quality dog food. A good and balanced diet will lower the risk of your dog suffering from conditions like obesity and other illnesses.

Give him the right amounts of food and make sure to give him quality dry dog food. Avoid overfeeding him so that he does not grow overweight.

If your Jack Russell Boxer Mix is overweight, he is likely to suffer from hip and elbow dysplasia. Ensure that you also give him plenty of clean fresh water in order to keep him well hydrated.

Remember that the Jack Russell Boxer Mix is a very active dog and is likely to feel thirsty quickly. I would advise that you keep a bowl of clean and fresh water at his feeding point or a place he can easily access it.

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In a nutshell, the Jack Russell Boxer Mix is a great companion to have in your home. This breed has a warm temperament and gets along well with people and other pets.

Obedience training is an important aspect that you should never neglect if you want to have an obedient and well-trained dog in the house.

Always make sure that you use positive reinforcement when you are training your dog.

Feed him on high quality dog food if you want to avoid the common health problems. Use the Embark dog DNA test kit to help you find out if there are any health issues affecting your puppy before you purchase him from a reputable breeder.

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