The Ultimate Jack Russell Training Guide

how to train a jack russell

A Jack Russell is a small dog breed that has quite a huge personality for their size. This dog is one very intelligent breed and needs to be trained well for it to grow up well-behaved.

The Jack Russell puppy is also very energetic and playful hence you need to be very keen when dealing with one because it can be very naughty.

You need to take your Jack Russell puppy through thorough obedience training and always be clear on the instructions you give him.

When you do not manage a Jack Russell puppy well, he can turn out to be quite problematic and unruly. This is something that most dog owners overlook because they hardly expect such a small dog to be quite hard to manage without proper training.

Here are a few training tips to help you learn how to train a Jack Russell puppy.

1. Begin training as soon as possible

Once you bring your Jack Russell puppy home, you need to start training immediately.

It does not matter what age your puppy is, obedience training should begin as soon as possible. You need to teach your Jack Russell the basic commands, show them what they need to do and what they are not supposed to do.

The Jack Russell is a very intelligent dog and is able to learn very fast. Therefore do not hesitate to begin teaching your furry friend what is required of him immediately you bring him home.

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2. Show your puppy enough love

You need to know that a Jack Russell has a very warm and loving personality and they need you to show them enough affection.

That is the one thing that your Jack Russell puppy cannot live without. Take time to bond with your puppy and he will love you more.

When your puppy bonds with you, he is more likely to obey your every command and follow each instruction that you give him.

3. Socialize your dog with other dogs

The Jack Russell is a confident dog and will have no problem at all getting to interact with other dogs.

It is very crucial to socialize your dog with other dogs so that he can learn how to interact and behave when around other pets. Taking him for a walk in the dog park can be a great start to begin his socialization.

You need to know that the Jack Russell may exhibit some aggression behavior towards cats. Make sure that you take him away from such pets when he doesn’t get along well.

Failure to properly socialize your Jack Russell can turn him into a dog bully set to terrorize other small dogs and even intimidate big ones. Never underestimate the size of a Jack Russell terrier.

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training jack russell terrier

4. Be the Alpha

A Jack Russell dog, though small in size can easily take up the alpha role in your household if you are not very keen.

Be on the lookout once he begins showing signs of being an Alpha because this puppy is quite bold and fearless. In order to avoid this, you need to establish yourself his alpha.

Give him instructions that he ought to follow, teach him to walk by your side on a leash but do not allow him to lead you.

When entering the house or a room, make sure that you do so first and he follows and not the other way round. This will clearly show him that you are his leader and he has to follow your lead.

5. Give him a lot of physical exercise

The Jack Russell is a very active breed. You need to give your puppy plenty of physical exercise in order to help him drain some of this energy and help him grow healthy and strong.

Take your puppy for frequent walks at least two times every day. A walk should be for at least 30 minute duration.

Remember, a lively dog is a happy dog. The Jack Russell puppy tends to be happier when in a very lively environment. This will make it easier to train your Jack Russell puppy because enough exercise also improves the mood of your dog.

how to train a jack russell terrier

6. Be consistent in your training

The key to good training is consistency. The Jack Russell puppy is one of those breeds that will hardly miss any opportunity to get destructive and get their own way.

As the alpha, make rules that are fair and be strict in following the same. Always make sure that your rules are fair and reasonable, this will make it easier for your Jack Russell puppy to follow and obey your commands.

7. Never underestimate your Jack Russell puppy

As I already highlighted before, the Jack Russell is a very intelligent breed. You should never underestimate the ability of your Jack Russell puppy.

Teach him more than just the basic commands because he is very much capable of understanding and learning more.

Teach your puppy how to do amazing tricks, how to walk on a leash is also very important and also how to follow complex commands like bringing your car keys to you.

Maximize your puppy’s full potential and train him thoroughly into an obedient dog.

8. Get to know their natural instincts

Every dog has their own natural instincts. The Jack Russell was originally meant to be a hunting dog.

This essentially means that the Jack Russell may have the tendency of pursuing smaller animals when you are outdoors. This is just your dog acting on his natural instincts.

The best thing that you can do is to try to understand your dog’s natural instincts and train him not to chase other smaller animals, not to bark and also not to bite.

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9. Give him quality dog food

It is very difficult to learn anything new from an empty stomach. Ensure that you feed your Jack Russell puppy high quality dog food.

Wet dog food is the best because it contains enough moisture and nutritious ingredients that will make your furry friend grow all healthy and strong.

Training your Jack Russell when he is not distracted by an empty stomach is a good start to any fruitful training session.

Avoid cheap quality dry dog food because it mostly contains dog fillers that lack the essential proteins and nutrients.

10. Use treats and rewards

Positive reinforcement is essential if you want to properly train your Jack Russell terrier.

Always give your puppy dog treats when he obeys your command and does what is expected of him.

Avoid shouting at your dog or using physical punishment on him. This will make him lose respect for you as his leader and will make him more rebellious.

Many times, we pet owners like to unleash our frustrations on the poor little thing which probably does not even understand the gibberish we rant when angry.

When your Jack Russell puppy is on the wrong, talk to him in a firm voice and give him a stern look. This dog is very smart and will quickly pick up almost all your facial expressions.

11. Mark your boundaries

Once you bring your Jack Russell puppy home, you need to already have marked your boundaries.

If you do not wish to sleep with your puppy, make it known to him from the 1st day he comes home that he will be sleeping in his own separate area.

A crate or dog basket that is filled with warm and cozy rugs can be his perfect little place to get all snuggly in.

If your dog barks, growls or snaps at you for not allowing him on your bed, this is him just being a Jack Russell and you need to let him know that that is your territory as his alpha.

If you are sleeping in the same bed, if he shows any bad behavior, you can let him sleep separately as punishment.

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12. Attend Doggy Dan the Online Dog trainer’s program

If you are facing challenges when it comes to training your Jack Russell, you need to consider attending Doggy Dan the Online dog trainer’s program.

Doggy Dan runs an online dog training program that aims to help both dogs and dog owners.

There are many challenges that dog owners go through, especially if you need to learn how to train a Jack Russell puppy. This dog can be quite naughty and it needs an expert to help you handle him.

Check out some of the benefits of attending Doggy Dan the Online Dog trainer’s program.

1. Professional dog training

Doggy Dan is a skilled professional, who guarantees you professional dog training services. He has worked with thousands of dog owners and helped thousands of dogs as well.

It does not matter whether your Jack Russell has some stubbornness in him that won’t just go away no matter how you train him. Doggy Dan’s dog training program will ensure that he gets back on the right track within no time.

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2. Vast knowledge and experience

Hiring the services of a professional dog trainer is recommended because the dog trainer is more experienced in dealing with all kinds of dogs.

Dogs just like humans, have different kinds of personalities which is even more influenced by the breed and origin of the dog in question.

Doggy Dan the online dog trainer boasts of having many years’ experience and will train your Jack Russell for you pretty well.

3. Proven dog training methods

One of the main benefits of getting a professional dog trainer to help you in obedience training your Jack Russell is that the dog training program implements some of the latest and advanced dog training methods.

Doggy Dan the online Dog Training program assures you that the methods that are used to train your dog have been proven and tested.

As already highlighted, there are thousands of dogs and dog owners who have gone through this program and the dog owners have positive testimonials about the program.

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4. Cost-effective

Hiring the services of a professional dog trainer is a good idea because you will save a lot of your time and money. Most dog training programs are very affordable and pocket-friendly.

However, if you decide to personally obedience train your dog, you will have to sacrifice a lot of your time every day in order to train your Jack Russell effectively.

This might not be the case because there are those days you might come back from work too tired to spend time training your dog as expected. That is definitely a reason why you need to hire a professional dog trainer with experience like Doggy Dan.

5. Results are guaranteed

The positive customer reviews and testimonials are all proof that doggy Dan the online dog trainer program is an effective one.

Doggy Dan has worked with thousands of dogs and their dog owners and guarantees you positive results. It does not matter what age, gender or breed your dog is.

He has worked with dogs of all ages from puppies to adult dogs and all kinds of breeds as well so your Jack Russell should not be an exception.

Your dog will go through comprehensive evaluation and will be given a custom-made training program designed just to suit his needs.

doggy dan the online dog trainer program package


In a nutshell, training a dog like the Jack Russell requires skill and expertise. This dog belongs to a breed that is one of a kind.

The Jack Russell can be quite headstrong and is known to be bold and very confident. This means that you need to take him through thorough obedience training in order to install good behavior in him.

Begin training immediately you bring your Jack Russell puppy home. The earlier you start training him how to behave, the better for you.

Establish your alpha role and let him recognize you as his leader, that way he will be obliged to follow and obey all your commands.

You also need to be consistent in your training and use positive reinforcement whenever he is on the wrong. Smacking and shouting at him will not help much. Make sure you reward good behavior and shun bad ones.

Engaging the services of Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer is also advised as he will help you learn how to train your Jack Russell into a well-behaved and obedient dog that will make you a proud dog owner.


Passionate lover of dogs and proud owner of a friendly, mischievous and energetic golden retriever named Beethoven! I’m incredibly excited to share my experiences on how best to care for your beloved pet. The more we know, the happier we and our canine friends will be!

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