Papillon Pomeranian Mix (Paperanian): Is This the Right Dog for Your Family?

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The delightful Papillon Pomeranian Mix is created by crossing a Papillon with a Pomeranian.

This hybrid dog is known for his small size and cute looks, usually characterized by erect ears and a fluffy coat.

As is the case with most mixed breed dogs, Papillon Pomeranian Mix puppies usually turn out to be a delightful combination of their purebred parents’ personality traits. Both the spirited Papillon and the feisty Pomeranians are small dogs with huge personalities.

Similarly, the Papillon Pomeranian Mix will be a petite pooch with a huge personality! Their adaptable and friendly nature makes them extremely popular.

When it comes to appearance, you can expect your Papillon Pomeranian Mix to be a very cute small breed dog.

In this comprehensive guide to the Papillon Pomeranian Mix, you’ll learn about temperament, health, training and care. Also, you’ll be able to view pictures and get answers to all of your questions so you can determine if this is the right dog for your family.

What Is A Pomeranian Papillon Mix Called?

The Pomeranian Papillon Mix is also known as the Paperanian. Other popular names for this mixed breed dog include the Papi Pom, Papipom, Pappom, Pomillon, and Papillon-Pomeranian Mix.

As we’ve already mentioned, the Pomeranian Papillon Mix will be a cross between a Pomeranian and a Papillon.

This means that your puppy will be a product of one Pomeranian parent and one Papillon parent, though it could also mean that the puppy is a result of two Paperanians breeding. Either way, a Pomeranian Papillon Mix will have traits from both parent breeds.

The Origin of the Papillon Pomeranian Mix

It is highly likely that the Paperanian dog existed even before the term “designer dog” was coined. However, intentional cross breeding of the two purebred parents is a much recent development.

Unfortunately, the origin of the Paperanian is shrouded in mystery. As with all designer dogs, not much is known about where and when this designer dog was developed.

However, it is widely believed that intentionally bred Papillon Pomeranian Mix puppies first appeared in the United States sometime in the last 10 or 20 years.

On the other hand, the history of the Paperanian’s parents is well known. To give you a better idea of where the Papillon Pomeranian Mix came from and what to expect from your new puppy, we’ll take a closer look at the history of both parent breeds.

Pomeranian Breed History

The Pomeranian originated from Pomerania (hence the breed’s name). Pomerania was a region in northeast Europe that has since been integrated into Poland and Western Germany.

Pomeranians descended from the spitz-like dogs. They are descendants of sled dogs of Lapland and Iceland.

These dogs were slightly larger and were commonly used for sheep herding. Over the years, they were bred down in size, becoming treasured pets of Queen Victoria, Emile Zola and Marie Antoinette.

Queen Victoria fell in love with the breed while in Italy. She soon became a breeder of these petite pooches and greatly contributed to the popularity of the breed.

Queen Victoria has also been linked to the reduction of the Pomeranian’s size from around 30 pounds to their toy size today.

Pomeranian dog

Papillon Breed History

The Papillons were also cherished pets among the royalty. They were first bred to be lapdogs for noblewomen. They were bred by crossing standard spaniels with toy breeds.

For many centuries, they were highly popular across European royal courts.

Maria Antoinette was believed to own both a Pomeranian and a Papillon. Louis XIV of France is also said to have had one of these petite dogs.

Nonetheless, they were mainly bred in Spain and Italy. The Papillon was officially recognized as a unique breed by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1915.

Papillon Teacup Dog

What Does A Pomeranian Papillon Mix Look Like?

As a hybrid, the Paperanian is a product of two different dog breeds. As such, he can inherit the appearance of one or both parent breeds.

Therefore, your Papillon Pomeranian Mix will most likely be small and fined-boned with erect ears. He will also likely be quite furry with the silky fringes of his Papillon parent.

They also have a curled tail as the dog inherits that characteristic from both parents. They have a black nose and dark colored eyes with a bright expression.

A Papillon mixed with Pomeranian will have medium to long hair and will most likely carry the typical Papillon markings since pure-colored mixes are rare.

This designer dog also comes in different colors, including white, black, black and white, white and brown, white/cream, golden/light brown or parti-colored.


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Papillon Pomeranian Mix Size, Height and Weight

The Papillon Pomeranian mix is a small-sized dog since both purebred parents are also small.

The average weight of the Paperanian is around 3 to 10 pounds.

When it comes to height, they stand about 7 to 12 inches tall. Due to their small size, they are ideal for apartment living.

Paperanian Behavior & Temperament

Loving and affectionate, the Papillon Pomeranian Mix is social and enjoys being around their family.

Friendly and loyal, they tend to form strong bonds with their owners and family. They get along with people of all ages and enjoy playing with children.

Equally, most of these dogs will enjoy the company of other dogs and animals.

They are also good with cats and other pets due to their friendly nature. They often keep themselves occupied by playing around.

Passionate about life, you will rarely find the Paperanian moping around or sulking around.


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Not ideal as a guard dog, the Papi Pom is tolerant of unfamiliar people when properly socialized and is not aggressive enough to defend his owner. While he may bark at a stranger passing nearby, he will rarely attack.

The Paperanian enjoys barking along with other canines and they are becoming more and more popular because they can easily adapt to different climatic conditions. Also, their health is not affected by cold or moderate climatic conditions.

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Paperanian Training

Both the Papillon and the Pomeranian are intelligent breeds, so this toy designer dog inherits a high intelligence from his parents.

However, just because the Paperanian is intelligent doesn’t mean housetraining will always be easy. Sometimes, these small dogs can have a big dose of attitude. Their independent and stubborn streak will often require patience during each training session.

Fortunately, the Paperanian is a people-pleaser in every sense of the word. These little dogs will do everything to ensure you are in good mood.

With positive reinforcements, you will have your Paperanian puppy trained within a short period of time. Use plenty of treats and rewards to get your pooch interested in training.

Moreover, you should pay special attention to early and proper socialization. Your Paperanian puppy might be nippy due to his Pomeranian parentage, but like other Pomeranian mixes, socialization and training can help mitigate this tendency.

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Exercise Needs

The small stature of Paperanians might fool you into thinking that they are couch potatoes. Although they are not as active as many other larger dogs, these designer dogs still have tons of energy to spend.

Due to their Papillon parentage, they are quite athletic and will enjoy every fun activity you thrown at them.

Due to their small size, however, it won’t be difficult to exercise them. That’s why Paperanians are an excellent choice for apartment living.


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They don’t require much spaces and daily trips to be happy. This means that the Paperanian has moderate exercise requirements.

Given their small bodies and short stature, walks of around 20 to 30 minutes should be enough and they generally enjoy one or two walks per day.

A short walk around their home or regular trips to a nearby dog park will be enough to keep your lively toy dog happy!

Additionally, Paperanians love to play and providing them with plenty of interactive dog toys will help keep them mentally stimulated.

Shedding and Grooming

The Papillon Pomeranian Mix is a dog who requires moderate grooming.

As you would expect of a dog with long hair, it’s important to brush their coat at least three times per week to remove dead and loose hair and to prevent mats and tangles from forming.

Shampooing should also be done after every two to three weeks to help keep your dog’s hair looking glossy and shiny.

After baths, make sure to wrap your dog in a towel to help dry your pet’s fur quickly and easily.


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Your Paperanian will be a low-shedding dog and can be considered to be hypoallergenic.

When bathing your furry family member, make sure to use a shampoo that is specially formulated for hypoallergenic dogs.

Regular attention should be paid to be dog’s ears and nails, with proper ear cleaning done with a vet-approved ear-cleaning solution, and trimming of the nails being done as necessary.

Moreover, you should pay attention to your dog’s oral hygiene. Remember, both the Papillon and the Pomeranian are small dogs that are prone to plaque buildup and premature teeth loss.

Regular teeth brushing, plaque removal and dental treats can help keep their teeth pearly white and lower the risk of disease and infection.

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Feeding Information

Providing a nutritious and well-balanced diet to your furry friend is vital. Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from digestion problems.

Proper diet will help ensure your Paperanian puppy grows into a healthy dog and promotes their overall wellbeing. Fortunately, choosing the best food for a Papillon Pomeranian Mix is not particularly difficult.

As a small dog with moderate activity levels and exercise needs, the Paperanian requires high quality dog food that is formulated with his size and energy levels in mind.

There are many popular brands currently available on the market, and choosing the right food for your dog is so important.

Moreover, you can supplement your dog’s kibble-based diet with occasional treats such as yummy dog biscuits, homemade meals or canned dog food.


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In addition to making sure that the ingredients are suitable for you small pup, you will need to follow a proper feeding schedule.

While small in size, Papi Pom dogs can be quite greedy. And because of their small bodies, they can gain weight rather easily and can result in serious health problems.

Providing your dog with omega-3 in the form of fish oil is also recommended. Omega 3 fatty acids help to improve the dog’s coat and skin while boosting their overall health at the same time.

In addition to high quality dog food, make sure your dog has access to fresh water and that their water bowl is always clean.

Papillon Pomeranian Mix Life Expectancy

As with most other small dogs, Papi Pom dogs have a relatively long lifespan. These hybrid dogs have an average lifespan of around 12 to 16 years.

Common Health Problems of a Papillon Pomeranian Mix

In general, mixed breed dogs tend to suffer from fewer health problems than their purebred counterparts.

While this is true to some extent, it doesn’t mean that designer dogs are completely healthy. Even the Paperanian, who is said to be robust, can inherit a few health issues from both parent breeds.

Some of the most common health issues among Papi Pom dogs include Cryptorchidism, Patent Ductus Arteriosus and Von Willebrand’s disease. Others conditions to watch out for are Patella Luxation, eye problems, and hypothyroidism.

When buying Pomeranian Papillon Mix puppies, it’s a good idea to ensure that the puppy and the parents have had proper health tests, vet visits and vaccinations. This will help ensure that your puppy is healthy and safe.


Ideal Home for a Paperanian

Both Papillons and Pomeranians are social dogs bred to be lap dogs and family companions.

They are active, social and outgoing pups with well-balanced temperaments. An ideal home for a Papi Pom dog will involve regular exercises and a lot of care and attention.

Although not suited for long walks, Paperanians still need playtime and human interaction to keep their happy and healthy.

Due to their small size, these tiny dogs might not be ideal for homes with other bigger dogs or small kids.

While Papillon Pomeranian Mix dogs get along well with children, they are delicate creatures. Make sure that your children understand that these small pooches are not toys and should be treated kindly, as they can be easily hurt.


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They may need regular grooming, but shedding is generally seasonal.

Keep in mind that proper training and timely socialization are extremely important to ensure your Papi Pom is a good housemate.

Finding Pomeranian Papillon Mix for Sale

Pomeranian Papillon Mix puppies are still quite new in the canine world. For that reason, it can be hard to find a good breeder.

So far, there is no registered club or breed standard for Papillon Pomeranian puppies.

However, you can find these cute puppies online being offered for sale. When you’re considering adding a new puppy to your family, it’s extremely important to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable breeder.

Pay special attention to the kind of living environment the puppies are in.


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Ask questions about the puppy and learn as much as you can to determine whether the puppy is right for your home and lifestyle.

The more information you get, the better you’ll be able to know your puppy.

It’s obviously impossible to accurately predict your Papillon Pomeranian pup’s long-term temperament and health. That’s why vet checkups, health testing, proper training and socialization are all very important.

Papillon Pomeranian Mix Price

Paperanian puppies are quite expensive since they are rare.

Expect to pay anywhere between $800 and $3000 for one of these adorable puppies, depending on the demand and location. Availability of Pomeranian Papillon Mix puppies for sale also affects the price.

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Papillon Pomeranian Mix for Adoption

If you are looking for an energetic, intelligent, loving and loyal dog, then consider adopting a Paperanian. The Paperanian is a small, cute dog with plenty of personality and love to give.

Papillon Pomeranian Mix dogs are put up for adoption for various reasons, but mainly because their previous owners were unable to make a long-term commitment to their wellbeing.

There are many organizations that have Papillon Pomeranian Mix dogs available for adoption, including animal shelters and rescues that are dedicated to finding loving homes for all kinds of adoptable pets.

Paperanians sometimes do become available in animal shelters and private rescue organizations. The best way to find a Paperanian for adoption in these shelters is to reach out to them directly and let them know you’re interested if one becomes available.

Pups available for adoption are mostly adults, which has its benefits. Adult dogs might already be trained and housebroken. The dog’s personality is fully developed, so you’ll be able to see if he is playful, friendly, shy, noisy or timid.

You can ask the rescue organization about the dog’s personality, health and training to know more about the dog before bringing him home.

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If you think a small, intelligent pup might be up your alley, then a Papillon Pomeranian Mix can be a great choice for you.

Many Pomeranian mixes like the Paperanian act like large dogs despite their petite size. This is because designer dogs tend to inherit their parent dog’s personalities.

However, a Paperanian’s loyalty, friendly nature and affectionate demeanor will have you melting. Their gentle nature and minimal exercise needs make them a good choice for seniors and couples as well as apartment dwellers in general.

However, adopting a Papillon Pomeranian mix requires careful consideration. It can end up being a wonderful experience if you know the breed well and you’re committed to providing all the training, care and love your pup needs to become a good companion.


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