All About The Weimaraner Doberman Mix (Weimarman) With Pictures

Doberman Weimaraner Mix

Also known as the Weimarman, the Weimaraner Doberman Mix is a cross between the Weimaraner and the Doberman Pinscher. Both the primary breeds are classified under the working and sporting groups, respectively.

Therefore, this Mix inherits the Weimaraner’s alertness and the Doberman’s strength and energy.

As such, the Weimaraner cross Doberman Pinscher is a large, active dog who will require a lot of physical activities. He also makes a strong, loyal watchdog and guard dog. This impressive designer dog is also known for his elegant appearance and makes a good family dog and hunting companion.

If you’re interested in getting a Weimaraner Doberman Mix, here’s everything you need to know about this interesting crossbreed.

Some Quick Facts About The Doberman Weimaraner Mix

Breed Type:Mixed Breed/Crossbreed/Designer Dog/Hybrid (Weimaraner and Doberman)
Size:Large-Sized Dog
Other Names:Weimarman
Good Guard Dog:Yes
Good Watch Dog:Yes
Average Weight:60 to 85 pounds
Average Height:23 to 28 inches
Lifespan:10 to 13 years
Apartment Living:No
Ideal for:Active Individuals, Active Families With Older Children Who Have Enough Time to Exercise & Train Them, Those Looking for a Watchdog/Guard Dog, Experienced dog Owners, For Those Who Enjoy Outdoor Activities, Spacious Homes
Coat:Short, Soft, Sleek and Shiny Single Coat
Coat colors:Brown, Red, or Blue (Like Dobermans), or Blue, Silver, or Gray Like Weims
Suitable for first time owners:No
Trainability:Relatively Easy to Train
Shedding:Moderate to Heavy (more during spring and autumn)
Grooming Needs:Brush them once or twice per week to ensure their coat is healthy and shiny
Energy Levels:High
Exercise Needs:At least 120 minutes of exercise every day is required
Tolerance to being left alone:These dogs should not spend longer than 4 to 5 hours alone
Feeding and Diet:3 to 4 cups of high quality dog food each day, divided into two or three meals
Maintenance:When it comes to grooming they are low maintenance dogs. However they have incredibly high levels of energy, requiring active training and exercise
Possible Health Issues:Dilated Cardiomyopathy, Gastric torsion, Epilepsy, Eye Problems, Spinal Dysraphism, Hip Dysplasia, Von Willebrand’s Disease (vWD), Chronic Active Hepatitis, Cancer, Hypothyroidism, Wobbler’s Syndrome
Temperament:Affectionate, Strong, Powerful, Alert, Energetic, Loyal, Intelligent, Protective, Playful, Outgoing
Cat Friendly:No, They Can Be Good With Cats Only If Raised Together (Early Socialization Is Must). They have strong prey drive and are not a good fit for homes that have small pets such as rabbits, gerbils, guinea pigs, or birds
Dog Friendly:Yes, But timely socialization is vital (the Weimaraner parent doesn’t get along with large adult dogs of the same sex)
Kid Friendly:Yes, they are best suited for families with older energetic kids (adult supervision is vital to prevent accidents)
Recommended Crate Size:48 inch dog crate
Barking Tendencies:Low. They tend to bark excessively especially if left alone for too long or when they sense danger
Price:Average $500 – $1000 USD

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What is A Weimaraner and Doberman Mix Called?

This crossbreed is called a Weimarman. It is a cross between a purebred Doberman Pinscher and a purebred Weimaraner.

To gain a good understanding of any dog breed, you need to know its history. So, where did the Weimarman come from?

Weimaraner Doberman Mix History

When it comes to today’s mixed breeds, it can be difficult to understand their backgrounds. To know their origins, we need to study the histories of the primary breeds. That’s because most of them are so new that they don’t have much history behind them.

So let’s take a brief look at the history of the Doberman Pinscher and the Weimaraner parent breeds.

The Weimaraner

This large dog breed hails from Germany and is named after the Weimar region.

Originally, these dogs were used as hunting dogs and gun dogs. Thanks to their size, strength, and intelligence, Weimaraners were also used for boar hunting.

The Weim is also called the gray ghost or grey ghost because of its coat color and grayish eyes.

The Weims made their way to the United States in the late 1920s. Their popularity has increased because of the famous individuals who have owned them over the years, including Dwight D. Eisenhower, Grace Kelly, and Dick Clark.

Thanks to their elegance and utility, people have created many Weimaraner Mixes. Weims are intelligent, loyal, and energetic dogs. Crossbreeding the Weimaraner with other dog breeds can create cute and adorable designer dogs like the Weimaraner Doberman Mix.

What About the Doberman?

Dobermans are very popular dogs because of their beauty and protective nature.

Originally developed in Germany in the 19th century, Doberman Pinschers have served in many roles, including as therapy dogs, working dogs, and family companions.

Dobermans are great dogs who combine with other breeds to produce interesting Doberman Mixes.

The loyal and protective nature of Dobermans can be softened or mellowed by crossing them together with other breeds.

doberman origin

What Does A Weimaraner Doberman Mix Look Like?

It is quite challenging to accurately predict the appearance of a crossbreed like the Weimarman.

Mixed breeds can look like any of the parent breeds, like a good blend of the two, or like one parent breed with some characteristics inherited from the other parent breed.

You can expect the Weimaraner Doberman Mix to be a beautiful canine, but one that is also very strong and energetic.

How Big Will A Weimaraner Doberman Mix Get?

Predicting the exact size of a crossbreed is also a challenging task. This is because the puppies can vary in height and weight when fully grown.

For example, the Weimaraner Doberman Mix will be a medium or large-sized dog at maturity. They generally reach around 23 to 28 inches on average. Moreover, they weigh around 60 to 85 pounds, on average.

What About Their Coat and Coat Colors?

A Doberman Weimaraner Mix will have a single coat with fine or smooth texture. The colors are brown, red, or blue (like Dobermans), or blue, silver or gray (like Weims).

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Weimarman Temperament & Personality Traits

The Doberman Weimaraner Cross is an active, energetic, and playful dog. They are always up for a challenge and enjoy going out on daily walks.

The Weimarman is also intelligent and learns fast. This smart dog will need mental stimulation to prevent boredom and destructive habits.

Due to their loyalty and protective nature, Weimarman dogs also make great watchdogs and guard dogs who will alert their owners to any threat.

While these dogs are sometimes stubborn, they are generally obedient and quite easy to train.

A Weimaraner Doberman Mix is also affectionate and enjoys spending time with his owner. Thus, they can develop separation anxiety if left at home alone.

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Are Weimaraner Doberman Mixes Protective?

Guarding behavior is a welcome trait for many dog owners. Weimaraners and Doberman Pinschers are naturally protective and wary of strangers, so the Weimarman makes a good guard dog and watchdog. Since they are very watchful, they will always notice a stranger at any time of the day.

Are Weimaraner Dobermans Good With Kids?

Both parent breeds are good with children, so you can expect the Weimarman to get along well with kids. However, proper socialization is necessary to make the Weimarman a great family dog.

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Are Weimaraner Doberman Mixes Good for First Time Owners?

If you’re interested in adopting a Weimarman, one of the factors to consider is whether this hybrid dog is easy to take proper care of.

Dog ownership is a major responsibility. Dogs need proper care and attention. If you don’t have the time or the finances to take proper care of your pup, you’re not the right owner of a Weimarman.

So one this is for sure; the Weimarman is not a good fit for first-time owners. This dog is ideal for active families and individuals who have enough time and finances to take proper care of their pooches.

Are Weimaraner Doberman Mixes Good with Other Dogs?

If you want a friendly dog who enjoys playtime and gets along well with other dogs, you can’t go wrong with the Weimaraner Doberman Mix. That said, proper training and timely socialization is a must if you want you pup to develop into a well-behaved adult dog.

Is the Weimaraner Doberman Mix Good with Cats and Other Pets?

While a Weimarman can tolerate cats and other pets in the family, we recommend keeping the Weimarman as the only pet at home.

These dogs have a strong prey drive, and might attack small pets if they mistake them for toys.

Both parent breeds are quite territorial – something that can lead to aggression. Still, you need to teach your Weimarman how to behave around other pets in the family. If socialized from an early age, these dogs can still make fantastic family dogs.

Do Weimaraner Doberman Mix Dogs Do Well In Apartments?

Although the Weimaraner Doberman Mix is intelligent and quite easy to train, they have a lot of energy and need regular exercises.

These dogs are not ideal for apartment living. Instead, they do better in a large home with a spacious yard to play and run around in.

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Exercise Needs

To keep your Weimarman happy and healthy, you need to provide him with enough exercises. Not only will your energetic Weimaraner be happy and healthy when he is active, but it will also reduce or eliminate boredom and destructive behaviors.

Weimaraner Doberman Mixes are active and energetic, so they require a medium to a high level of exercise.

These high-energy dogs will require around 120 minutes of exercise every day. This could include walking, jogging, running, and playing fetch.

Weimarman dogs are also highly intelligent just like the parent dogs, so they will need regular mental stimulation. To achieve this, give your mixed breed dog a variety of interactive dog toys to keep his mind active.

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So, are Weimaraner Doberman Mixes hard to train?

As we’ve already mentioned, the Weimarman is an intelligent and obedient dog who is quite easy to train. They will be able to master new tricks quickly, especially if you start training them early.

However, this dog can also be stubborn, so housetraining must start early as well.

Don’t be too harsh when training your Weimaraner Doberman Mix puppy. This is because the Weimarman is a gentle yet sensitive dog who will want the owner to be kind to him.

For that reason, you should include some positive reinforcements during training instead of punishing or shouting at your dog when they behave badly.

Your pup won’t know why you’re punishing them, especially if they did something wrong a few moments ago.

If you use lots of positive reinforcements, however, your dog will want to please you by carrying on with their good behavior.

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Do Weimaraner Doberman Mixes Shed A Lot?

Since this is a mixed breed, the amount of shedding can vary. Some pups shed a little amount while others shed more. However, the Weimaraner Doberman Mix is generally a moderate to high shedding dog.


If you’re interested in a Weimaraner Doberman Pinscher Mix, you also need to know their grooming demands. This is because proper maintenance and grooming are essential to keep your pup healthy and in good condition. Proper grooming will help remove dead hair, make your dog’s coat look good, and keep him clean.

The single-coated Weimaraner Doberman Mix will need weekly brushing to reduce the shedding.

A curry comb can help remove dead or loose hair and is perfect for these single-coated dogs. If your Weimarman has a wavy coat, you can trim it short.

Moreover, these dogs require occasional bathing if they get dirty. Otherwise, we recommend wiping them clean with vet-approved deodorizing wipes for dogs.

Other important parts of your dog’s grooming routine include ear cleaning, teeth brushing, and nail clipping. If you’re not confident performing any of these tasks, you should hire a professional dog groomer.

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Feeding and Diet

Maintaining healthy weight is important for your Weimarman. Your dog should eat high quality dog food for optimal health and performance.

The Weims, in particular, tend to pile on the pounds, so your Weimarman dog’s diet should include healthy proteins, fats, and veggies.

A full grown Weimarman should be fed three to four cups of food two to three times each day.

All dogs also need fresh water every day, especially if you live in hot regions.

Finally, dietary supplementation through probiotics and wild Alaskan salmon oil can also help take your pup’s nourishment to the next level.

The right diet and supplementation can go a long way to minimizing or mitigating against the severity of certain health conditions. These supplements are a great way to boost the nutrient level of your dog’s diet, ensuring that all of their happiness and health bases are properly covered.

Weimarman Lifespan

The Weimaraner Doberman Mix has an average lifespan of around 10 to 13 years. To ensure your dog lives longer, you should make sure he gets enough exercises and eats high quality dog food every day.

Weimarman Health issues

The Weimaraner Doberman Mix can suffer from the same health conditions that affect both the Weim and the Doberman.

The Doberman and the Weimaraner have many common health issues. These include:

For that reason, make sure to take your dog for regular vet checkups, even if your dog seems to be healthy.

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Finding a Healthy Weimaraner Doberman Mix for Sale

The best way to find a healthy puppy is to research ethical breeders, and ask to meet the parent dogs. Once you meet the parent dogs, check their living conditions.

Unfortunately, finding Doberman Weimaraner Mix puppies can be a challenging task. This is because there are only a few reputable Weimaraner Doberman Mix breeders available out there.

Since the Weimarman is not a purebred dog, you should not expect the Weimaraner Doberman Mix puppies for sale to be registered.

At the end of the day, you should check for a healthy Weimaraner cross Doberman for sale that seems to be well-mannered. Since dog training and socialization are vital for your pup’s development and behavior, this is something you should pay special attention to.

If you’re buying your Weimarman pup, you want to get the best puppy possible, and not one that will prove to be a challenge from the get-go.

Finding a Healthy Weimaraner Doberman Mix for Adoption

A Weimarman rescue is another great way to find a puppy or an adult dog if you want to avoid challenges down the road.

With a rescue Weimarman, you know exactly what to expect. You’ll most likely find them fully grown.

So if you have your heart set on getting a Weimarman, its best to research local rescue centers.

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How Much Does A Weimaraner Doberman Mix Cost?

Finally, you may want to know the exact Weimaraner Doberman Mix price. Well, the price of this designer dog can vary depending on factors such as:

  • The breeder’s reputation
  • The dog’s age
  • Coat color
  • Parent’s bloodline
  • Your location

Since this isn’t a very popular crossbreed, you can expect their price to be quite low. It’s possible to get a Doberman Weimaraner Mix at a cost of between $500 and $1,000.

If you want to adopt a Weimaraner Doberman Mix, you can expect to pay the adoption fee only – which ranges from $50 to $500.

However, there are many more costs to consider. Your dog will need high quality dog food, training, toys, and vet checkups – which can cost much more.

Lastly, your Weimaraner needs a quality dog bed like the Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Bed, where they can stay and sleep comfortably. Then you can gradually introduce them to a crate like the MidWest Folding Crate for Large dogs. That way, your dog can feel safe and comfortable even if you keep them in a different room.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Weimaraner Doberman Mix A Good Family Dog?

If you want a loyal companion dog, the Weimaraner Doberman Mix is for you. Their friendly and outgoing nature makes them ideal for families.

Are Weimaraner Doberman Mix Dogs High Maintenance?

Since the Weimarman is a moderate shedding dog, you can expect a low to moderate level of maintenance. They also need around 120 minutes of exercise each day.

Can Weimaraner Doberman Mix Dogs Be Left Alone?

No. Weimaraner Doberman Mix dogs do not do well if left at home alone because they can get bored and develop destructive behavior.

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How Long Can A Weimaraner Doberman Mix Be Left Alone?

It’s always important to avoid leaving your dog alone for too long. If you have to, you should not leave them alone for more than 4 to 5 hours.

Are Weimaraner Doberman Mixes Hypoallergenic?

No. Both parent breeds are known shedders. Therefore, this mix is not hypoallergenic.

How Long Do Weimaraner Doberman Mixes Live?

The average Weimarman lifespan is 10 to 13 years.

Are Weimaraner Dobermans Lazy?

No. The Weimaraner Doberman is not a lazy couch potato. These dogs can get bored easily, so physical exercise and mental stimulation are important to avoid behavior issues.

Do Weimaraner Doberman Mixes Bark A Lot?

Yes. Weimaraners tend to bark excessively especially if left alone for too long. Dobermans also bark when they sense danger.

Do Weimaraner Doberman Mixes Like To Cuddle?

Yes. Weimaraner Doberman Mixes are affectionate dogs who enjoy cuddling up with their favorite humans.

Are Weimaraner Dobermans Aggressive?

A Weimaraner Doberman Mix is a very strong and powerful dog, which is why they appear aggressive. However, all dogs can be aggressive if not taught good behavior. With early training and socialization, the Weimarman can be a great family companion. It all depends on the type of dog owner you will be.

What Are Some Negatives About Weimaraner Dobermans?

  • They can suffer from separation anxiety.
  • They don’t tolerate being left along for extended period of time.
  • They require a lot of exercises each day.
  • If bored, they can exhibit destructive behaviors.
  • These dogs do not always get along fine with other pets.
  • They do shed which makes them not suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • They can be stubborn.
  • Potential for aggressiveness towards other dogs if improperly socialized.
  • They bark a lot when bored.
  • They can be a challenge for inexperienced or first time dog owners.
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Are Weimaraner Doberman Dogs Dangerous?

Despite being a good family dog, the Weimaraner Doberman Mix can be aggressive and territorial. Despite being highly intelligent, the Weimarman can show signs of aggression. However, that doesn’t make them a dangerous breed.

Are Weimaraner Doberman Dogs Smart?

Yes. Weimaraner Doberman dogs are very smart and good at mastering new tricks. All you need to do is to start training them early and use positive reinforcements.

Is A Weimaraner Doberman Mix Right For You?

Well, this is something only the owner can know. These dogs are not ideal for first time owners. They are energetic and need a lot of commitment. You need to exercise them regularly and ensure they are well socialized.

If you know how to handle strong dogs, however, then this dog can be an amazing companion for you.

Other Weimaraner Mixes

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1. Weimaraner Beagle Mix

2. Weimaraner Dalmatian Mix

3. Weimaraner Boxer Mix

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