All About The Husky Mastiff Mix (With Pictures)

Husky Mastiff Mix

Mixed breed dogs are becoming more and more popular with dog breeders aiming to get the best physical characteristics and personality traits from the two parent breeds.

The Husky Mastiff Mix is one such crossbreed. A designer dog, the Husky Mastiff Mix has one purebred Siberian Husky parent and one Tibetan Mastiff parent.

Siberian Huskies and Tibetan Mastiffs are two large dog breeds with huge personalities. The mix between these two wonderful dogs makes the Bullsky Mastiff or the ‘Bullsky’.

The Husky Mastiff Mix is ideal for anyone who needs a guard dog or watchdog. With high intelligence levels and a loyal, affectionate nature, the Husky Mastiff Mix is also a good choice for families with children. With high energy levels and special needs, however, this hybrid is not for everyone.

Let’s find out everything you need to know about the Husky Mastiff Mix before you take the plunge and bring one to your family.

Quick Facts About The Husky Mastiff Mix

Breed Type:Mixed Breed/Crossbreed/Designer Dog/Hybrid (Husky and Mastiff)
Purpose:Guard dog, Watchdog, Family pet, Family companion
Size:Large-Sized Dog
Other Names:Mastiff Husky Mix, Bullsky Mastiff, Bullsky,Tibetan Husky
Good Guard Dog:Yes, especially if they take after the Mastiff parent
Good Watch Dog:Yes
Average Weight:60 to 110 pounds
Average Height:20 to 24 inches tall
Lifespan:10 to 13 years
Apartment Living:Yes, provided their exercise needs are met
Ideal for:Active families and individuals, Individuals without small pets, Anyone with the time to give them enough exercises daily, People in need of a watchdog/guard dog, Homes with fenced-in yards
Coat:Double, Long, Thick
Eyes:Blue or Brown
Ears:Stiff Floppy
Coat colors:Black, white, brown, tan, golden, white, red, light, agouti, tricolor
Suitable for first time owners:Not Recommended (Due to their size and training challenges)
Training:Quite challenging; be sure to start training ASAP to prevent stubborn behavior
Hypoallergenic:No, not suitable for people with allergies
Shedding:Moderate to High
Grooming Needs:Brush them at least once per week (daily is recommended). This gentle dog can be bathed weekly up to every 6 to 8 weeks depending on his activity level and lifestyle
Energy Levels:Moderate to High
Exercise Needs:At least 60 to 90 minutes of physical and mental exercise every day is required
Tolerance to being left alone:Low (when properly exercised, they can be fine staying alone for 5 to 8 hours)
Feeding and Diet:3 to 4 cups of high quality dog food divided into 2 or 3 meals. Of course, this amount varies depending on the dog’s age, size, and activity level
Maintenance:Quite high, due to their shedding and intolerance to solitude
Possible Health Issues:Hip and elbow dysplasia, Epilepsy, Certain cancers, Eye problems, Gastric torsion, Entropion, Cardiomyopathy
Temperament:Active, Powerful, Loyal, Loving, Affectionate, and Protective
Cat Friendly:(No, due to their strong prey drive) – Your Husky Mastiff mix may get along with a cat they have grown up with, but you should always supervise them together
Dog Friendly:Yes, but with proper training and timely socialization
Kid Friendly:Yes (Early Socialization Is Required) (They do need to be watched around smaller kids)
Barking Tendencies:Low to Moderate
Prey Drive:High
Price:Average $700 – $3000 USD

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Now let’s find out more about the Husky Mastiff Mix.

What Is A Mastiff Husky Mix?

The Tibetan Mastiff Husky Mix has one purebred Husky parent and one Tibetan Mastiff purebred parent.

The Siberian Husky parent is an active dog that forms strong bonds with his family. Meanwhile, the Tibetan parent is said to be a descendant of the original Mastiff. All types of Mastiffs originated from the original Mastiff.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to predict the kind of behavior or personality traits you will get with a crossbreed like the Husky Mastiff Mix.

The best way is to check the traits of both parent dogs and consider their personality and behavior to determine your new family companion’s possible traits.

The Tibetan Mastiff and Siberian Husky are both great family pets. However, a cross between these two dog breeds might be difficult to handle for inexperienced or first-time dog owners.

The History of The Husky Mastiff Mix

The Husky Mastiff Mix is a modern designer dog. Therefore, its history is still unclear. We’ll try to understand its history through the histories of both parents.

Let’s explore some facts about the Tobetan Mastiff breed!

About The Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is a very loyal dog that was originally bred for guarding and protection. This dog can be quite territorial and has a deep bark.

Originally from the hilly parts of Tibet, these dogs have fluffy fur that gave them warmth and protected them from wild animals like wolves.

Tibetan Mastiffs are closely related to Saint Bernards and Chow Chows, but they are ancestors of several other dog breeds.


Now, here’s some helpful information on the Siberian Husky!

About The Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky was originally discovered in the Yatsuk region. These dogs were originally used in the cold regions in the north.

Siberian Huskies were first widely used by the Chukchi people. They were the main mode of transport and protection in the Alaskan region. These dogs are very efficient and are very popular around the world even today.

Red Siberian Husky dog

So what can you expect when it comes to the appearance of a Husky and Mastiff Mix? Let’s find out below:

What Does A Husky Mastiff Mix Look Like?

In terms of general appearance, the Siberian Husky Mastiff Mix is a combination of the Siberian Husky and the Tibetan Mastiff. The facial features are distinguishable with a broad head and a short muzzle.

Their ears are high set and triangular in shape. Another remarkable thing about the Husky Bullmastiff Mix is the color of their eyes. They have deep blue or brown eyes, sometimes even a blend of both.

Lastly, this dog is designed to withstand harsh conditions. They have a sturdy frame and well-toned muscles.

How Big Does A Husky Mastiff Mix Get?

No matter what, the Husky Mixed with Mastiff will be a large dog. It is by no means a small dog.

Males can reach anywhere between 20 and 24 inches tall while females are surprisingly taller on average, reaching around 21 to 24 inches tall. Their weight falls between 50 and 110 pounds for females. Males weigh around 60 and 110 pounds on average.

Coat and Coat Colors

The Tibetan Mastiff Husky Mix has a long and thick coat just like both the Mastiff and Husky parents.

Potential coat colors include white, black, tan, red, and gray. It all boils down to their parent dog’s coat colors.

Husky Mastiff Mix PictureImage Source

Husky Mastiff Mix Temperament & Personality Traits

The Bullsky Mastiff inherits the friendly nature of the Siberian Husky. This makes this hybrid dog friendly with both humans and other pets. This dog is friendly enough to stay safely around children. They are also very protective of them, but we recommend early socialization to ensure the dog and kids get along well with each other.

Another remarkable trait of the Husky Mastiff Mix is their independence. These dogs enjoy charting their own paths. They have inherited this personality trait from their Siberian Husky parents. This means training can be an unwanted chore.

That’s why we recommend training your Bullsky Mastiff from a young age with fairness and consistency.

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Here’s how the siberian Husky Mastiff generally does with others in the household:

Are Husky Mastiff Mixes Protective?

Although neither the Siberian Husky nor the English Mastiff is known to be a particularly effective guardian, the protective and loyal nature of the Husky Mastiff makes these delightful designer dogs a reliable guard dog and watchdog for families and individuals alike.

Is A Husky Mastiff Mix Child-Friendly?

If you have children at home, the Husky Mastiff Mix might be the perfect family companion for you. These dogs are loyal and protective, and enjoy playing with children.

Due to their massive size, however, they are not ideal for families with small kids. Your Husky Mastiff Mix might also not tolerate any random child, so early socialization is highly recommended.

Are Husky Mastiff Mixes Good with Other Dogs?

Husky Mastiff Mixes enjoy playing and interacting with other dogs. Proper socialization is crucial throughout their life, not just in the puppyhood stage.

If you train and socialize your Mastiff Husky Mix early, you won’t experience any issues when they are interacting with other dogs.

Are Husky Mastiff Mixes Good with Cats and Other Pets?

Bullmastiff Husky Mixes might or might not get along well with cats and other animals because they have a unique personality. Some have a high prey drive, so make sure to introduce cats and new animals to your new pup early.

Is The Mastiff Husky Mix Good for First-Time Owners?

This breed is not ideal for first-time owners because of their high energy and exercise needs. Apart from that, these dogs are ideal for both small and growing families. If you’re looking for a dog that will love and protect you, then the Mastiff Husky Mix is the right breed for you and your family.

Are They Good for Apartment Living?

The Husky Mastiff Mix is a very large dog who requires plenty of space to play and grow in. With proper training and exercise, these dogs can even do fine in an apartment.

However, you should not buy a TIbetan Husky Mix if you don’t have enough space at home. He may end up destroying your property.

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Exercise Needs

The active Husky Mastiff Mix should get out and take part in daily exercises. Engage them in long walks several times each week. Some of these dogs enjoy taking at least two walks per day. They also need a large, fenced-in backyard to play in.

The energetic Husky Mastiff Mix also needs mental exercises when indoors to keep them busy and mentally stimulated. Interactive dog toys and games are great options that you and your dog can easily have fun with.

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Each Bullsky Mastiff puppy should undergo housetraining and obedience training immediately when they come home.

Obedience training can teach your dog to become a loving and tolerant companion. These dogs can also learn to be good guards for your home, especially if you start training them early.

Activities like exercises, sledding, and agility classes can offer some additional training that can help these pooches to become fit and obedient well into their future.

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Do Husky Mastiff Mix Shed A Lot?

Yes! Since both the Tibet Mastiff and the Siberian Husky have long, thick coats, they shed their coats every year. For Tibetan Mastiffs, this occurs once per year. For Siberian Huskies, shedding occurs twice per year.

Therefore, make sure to brush your Husky Mastiff Mix every week. During the shedding season, it’s advisable to brush them more often.


Both the Siberian Husky and the Tibetan Mastiff have thick coats, so you can expect the Tibetan Mastiff Husky Mix to blow his coat once or twice per year. Your dog will require weekly brushing or daily brushing during the shedding season.

The Husky Mastiff Mix also has facial wrinkles just like the Mastiff parent. Therefore, you should clean the wrinkles every day. These parts can get wet from drinking water or drooling. If they become wet, they can easily become home to bacterial or fungal infections.

When it comes to bathing, ask your veterinarian how often you need to bathe your dog. You should not do it too often because it can cause irritation or skin dryness. Otherwise, we recommend using premier quality deodorizing wipes for dogs to help maintain your dog’s cleanliness.

Also, don’t forget to brush their teeth, trim their nails, and clean their ears frequently or as needed.

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Feeding & Diet

Husky Mastiff Mixes need a balanced diet that meets your dog’s nutritional needs. Since the Mastiff parent is prone to obesity, make sure to monitor their diet. At the same time, these dogs require enough carbohydrates and calories to get the energy they need for their day-to-day activities.

Husky Mastiff Mixes should be fed high quality dog food. Give your dog 2 to 4 cups of wet or dry dog food every day, depending on his age and activity level.

You may also feed your Husky Mastiff Mix raw meat products like beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, or fish.

Some people also opt to feed their Mastiff Husky Mixes probiotics, wild Alaskan salmon oil, and other supplements to help meet their overall nutritional needs.

Lastly, be sure to give your Tibetian Mastiff Husky fresh water to ensure proper hydration, especially if they are eating dry food.

Husky Mastiff Mix Health Issues

Generally speaking, the Bullsky Mastiff Mix dog is quite healthy. However, they are still vulnerable to health problems, such as:

One great way to maintain the health of your Bullsky Mastiff is to take them for regular vet checkups.This will allow your vet to screen the dog for any health issues. They might even detect a health problem early, making it easier to treat it.

Some illnesses are difficult or even impossible to treat if they are undetected and left untreated for a long period of time.

How Long Do Husky Mastiff Mixes Live?

Compared to many other breeds, the Bullsky is, unfortunately, not known for its longevity. The average lifespan of the Husky Mastiff Mix is around 10 to 13 years.

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Finding Husky Mastiff Mix Puppies for Sale

Remember that it’s difficult to find a Tibetan Mastiff Husky Mix for sale because the Tibetan Mastiff is a rare breed. Few people specialize in the Tibetan Mastiff Husky Mix since it is still not very popular.

However, there’s still hope! Go through different reputable Mastiff and Siberian Husky breeders to potentially find a healthy Husky Mastiff Mix puppy for sale.

Reputable Bullsky breeders are also happy to produce the health records of both parents and the puppies to show that they are healthy.

Make sure to do proper research so you know you’re taking home a healthy and quality Husky Mastiff Mix puppy.

How Much Does A Husky Mastiff Mix Cost?

To determine the average Mastiff Husky Mix price, we need to take a look at the separate costs of each of the parent dogs.

A pured Siberian Husky costs $800 to $1,500. Conversely, a Tibetina Mastiff puppy is more expensive, and costs anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000.

With these figures in mind, a Husky Mastiff Mix puppy will cost anywhere from $700 to $3,000 or even more.

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Husky Mastiff Mix For Adoption

Another great option is to check for Mastiff Husky Mixes for adoption at shelters and rescue centers. The adoption centers make sure that all dogs get proper medical attention, including vaccinations.

Plus, rescuing a dog means you are offering the dog a loving home and a second chance at life!

Apart from the cost of buying or adopting a dog, you need to consider the annual expenses involved in caring for a Tibetan Mastiff Husky Mix. These include:

Recommended Dog Bed For the Mastiff Husky Mix

The best dog bed for the Husky Mastiff Mix is the Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Bed. This amazingly comfortable dog bed comes in different color options. The memory foam offers orthopedic support that your dog needs to relax and stay comfortable after a long, tiring day.

Recommended Dog Crate For the Mastiff Husky Mix

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Is A Husky Mastiff Mix A Good Family Dog?

Yes! Tibetan Mastiff Husky Mixes are great family dogs. They are loyal, loving, and affectionate companions. They get along fine with children and can be socialized to stay safely around other dogs and animals.

Are Husky Mastiff Mix Dogs High Maintenance?

Unfortunately, Husky Mastiff Mixes are needy and sensitive dogs. They suffer from separation anxiety if they are left alone. This can make them destroy your home. These dogs need care and attention throughout the day. So do not leave them alone, unattended.

Can Husky Mastiff Mix Dogs Be Left Alone?

No. These needy dogs tend to develop anxiety if they are left alone for long. This can make them destructive. To ease stress, these dogs can chew your shoes and other belongings.

If your job requires you to be away from home for many homes, the Husky Mastiff Mix is not a good match for you.

How Long Can A Husky Mastiff Mix Be Left Alone?

Although the Husky Mastiff Mix is prone to separation anxiety and does not like staying alone, proper training can help them adjust to staying alone for around 4 to 6  hours each day. Just make sure their exercise needs are met.

If your job requires you to leave this dog alone for longer than this, please consider getting another breed.

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Are Husky Mastiff Mixes Hypoallergenic?

Neither the Siberian Husky nor the Tibetan Mastiff is hypoallergenic, so the Husky Mastiff Mix is not hypoallergenic, either.

If you’re looking for a non-shedding dog, please check out the best hypoallergenic dogs for allergy sufferers.

Are Mastiff Huskies Lazy?

No. Mastiff Huskies are active, high-energy dogs, so they require a lot of exercises each day.

Do Husky Mastiff Mixes Bark A Lot?

The Husky parent has a tendency to howl, so your Husky Mastiff Mix might inherit this tendency. Tibetan Mastiffs are also vocal barkers, so you can expect your Husky Mastiff Mix to bark a lot.

Are Husky Mastiff Mixes Hard to Train?

Many dog lovers wonder whether or not the breed they choose will be easy to train. In any case, you want a dog you can control at all times.

While this hybrid is not very hard to train, there are a few considerations you need to keep in mind.

Since this dog has the intelligence of the Siberian Husky and the natural instinct of the Mastiff, it is quite easy to train. However, you should start training them early.

Also make sure to reinforce the training from time to time since these dogs can be quite independent.

Do Husky Mastiff Mixes Like To Cuddle?

Yes! The Husky Mastiff Mix enjoys cuddling around their owners. They are loving and affectionate dogs who make great companions.

Are Husky Mastiff Mixes Aggressive?

The Husky Mastiff Mix can become aggressive toward strangers because of the Tibetan Mastiff’s natural guarding instincts. Therefore, make sure to socialize your dog early to ensure they are not aggressive toward humans and other animals.

Are Husky Mastiff Mix Dogs Smart?

Yes. Both the Siberian Husky and the Tibetan Mastiff are intelligent dogs. Due to the Husky’s independence, however, training may be difficult.

Can Husky Mastiff Mix Be off Leash?

Neither the Siberian Husky nor the Tibetan Mastiff can be trusted off leash. So don’t leave your Husky Mastiff Mix off leash since he might not respond to recall.

What Are Some Negatives About Husky Mastiff Mixes?

  • They have stubborn natures
  • They can be independent, which makes training a challenging process
  • They have significant exercise demands
  • They bark a lot
  • They shed regularly
  • They are prone to certain health problems

Is A Husky Mastiff Mix Right for You?

So, is the Tibetan Mastiff Husky Mix the right pet for you? Well, the answer to this question will depend on whether you can provide everything this delightful dog needs.

If you have the time and resources to provide this dog with the exercise he requires, the high-quality food, and vet care he needs, then this mix might be a great option for you.

Keep in mind that the Bullsky is best for experienced dog owners. They make excellent companions and pets for the right person or family!

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