All About The Rottweiler Husky Mix (Rottsky) With Pictures

Husky Rottweiler mix dog

The idea of a Rottweiler Husky mix is something that many dog owners may struggle to get their heads around.

Both of these pure breeds are very different dogs with different purposes and personalities.

We have a muscular, short-coated working dog that is often used for guarding property or other purposes within military or policing roles. Then we have the fluffy-coated dogs from Siberia that work in packs in the cold climate of Siberia pulling sleds.

So why mix the two together? What is it about Husky Rottweiler mix puppies that makes them so adorable? What kind of super dog do you get? Or, is the opposite true.

Is it actually a pretty bad idea to get a Rottweiler mixed with Husky? Do these dogs create some oddball hybrids with clear behavioral and health issues?

In this guide to the Husky Rottweiler mix, we will attempt to answer these questions to find out if there is a loveable, cute family pet in this mix or not.

This means providing you with vital Siberian Husky Rottweiler mix information on key areas.

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We will start with the physical Rottweiler Husky mix traits to help you see precisely what you might get in terms of looks and size. We will also look at important care needs, such as grooming, diet, exercise and health care.

Then there are the risks of behavioral problems and training issues via their personalities. Then we will look at different ways of getting these dogs.

With all of this in consideration, you can get a better idea of whether or not this is the dog for you.

Some Quick Facts About the Husky Rottweiler Mix

Breed Type:Crossbreed/Mixed Breed
Other Names:Rottsky, Husky Rottie mix
Size:Medium to Large-sized dog
Average Weight:50 to 100 pounds (some dogs can weigh up to 135 pounds)
Average Height:20 to 26 inches
Lifespan:10 to 14 years
Apartment Living:No
Ideal for:For Active Individuals and Families with Children, Spacious Homes, Experienced Dog Owners
Coat:Medium Length Coat, Normal Density, Straight and Smooth
Coat colors:Black and Tan, White, Fully black, Red, Gray, Sable, Cream, Brown
Suitable for first time owners:No
Trainability:Moderate Difficulty
Shedding:Moderate to High
Grooming Needs:Should be brushed at least one or two times each week. During the high shedding seasons (spring and fall), daily brushing is required
Energy Levels:High
Exercise Needs:At least 60 to 90 minutes of exercise every day is required
Tolerance to being left alone:Low, should not be left alone for more than 4 to 6 hours
Feeding and Diet:2.5 to 3 cups of high quality dog food each day, divided into two or three meals
Possible Health Issues:Hip and Elbow dysplasia, Osteosarcoma, Osteochondritis dissecans, Cataracts, Bloat, Progressive retinal atrophy
Temperament:Intelligent, Stubborn, Protective, Alert, Outgoing, High Prey drive, Playful, Affectionate, Active, Loyal
Cat Friendly:No, They have a high prey drive and are not recommended for families with cats
Dog Friendly:Yes, But Proper Socialization Is Recommended
Kid Friendly:Yes, with early socialization (Should be supervised when playing with small kids)
Barking Tendencies:Minimal
Price:$500 to  $1,000

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What is a Rottweiler Husky Mix Called?

Unlike some hybrid dogs, where there seem to be lots of different names attached, Husky Rottweiler mix names are pretty straightforward, so there should be little confusion when contacting breeders for further information.

In this guide, we will mostly be using the terms Rottweiler Husky or Rottsky.

There are many breeders and owners that will refer to this dog by this shortened name for ease. It’s a cute combination of the two. Others may come up with other options (none of which roll off the tongue so easily) or alternative spellings.

Either way, make sure that sellers are offering the right mix when enquiring.

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The Origin of the Rottweiler Husky Mix

As we’ve already mentioned, the Rottsky is a cross between a purebred Rottweiler and a purebred Husky, two of the most popular breeds of working dogs.

This mix is relatively new and doesn’t have a long history.

To understand where the Rottsky comes from, let’s take a brief look at the histories of both parent breeds.

The History of the Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is an ancient dog breed. This breed existed in Rome around 75 AD. At the time, these dogs were known as Roman Drover Dogs and their main job was to herd cattle.

Later, Drover Dogs would be used to pull large quantities of meat on carts as they accompanied the Roman soldiers on their missions across Europe. They were developed to be strong and resilient.

The dogs eventually made their way to a German town called Rottweil, where they are more commonly believed to have come from. Here, they were used for military work, and as guard dogs. They were tasked with helping and protecting the German army.

Eventually, the breed was introduced to the United States where they became popular as family pets and police dogs.

Rotties are currently among the most popular dog breeds in America.

Rottweiler dog sitting on green grass

The History of the Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky breed of dog traces its history back to the Chukchi people of eastern Siberia where they were bred for sledding. Siberian Huskies descended from Spitz-like snow dogs.

These dogs later made their way to Alaska, America where they were used as sled dogs from around 1908. They quickly gained popularity as working dogs, and in 1930, they were recognized by the AKC.

Today, Huskies can be found in different parts of the world. When it comes to personality, Huskies make loyal, intelligent, and loving dogs.

They are also very adorable dogs. Their coats come in a variety of beautiful colors such as agouti, black, white, red, gray, copper, and sable.

Many members of the Husky breed have striking blue eyes. However, Heterochromia (two different colored eyes) is also possible within the breed.

two Siberian husky dogs

So what does a Husky Rottweiler Mix look like? Will your puppy be more of a Husky or more of a Rottie? Will he inherit equal characteristics from each purebred parent?

Read on to learn more about the general appearance of a Husky and Rottweiler Mix, including its size, height and weight.

What Does A Rottweiler Husky Mix Look Like?

If you look at Rottweiler Husky mix pictures online, it should give you a good indication of what to look out for with these dogs.

Unlike some of the other mix breeds that are out there, there are a number of shared traits among pups and adult dogs. The more dominant gene seem to shine through to create a pet with distinct, handsome features.

First of all, you will notice that many of these puppies will have partially dropped ears and a Rottie-shaped head, although the muzzle does tend to be a little longer, like that of the Husky.

The eyes are also most often inherited from the Husky parent too.

This can mean that many owners end up with a puppy that looks like a fluffier Rottweiler with piercing blue eye.

It is no wonder that many see this as a cuter version of a pure bred Rottie.

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On the subject of those eyes, you may also find that your Rottsky pup has heterochromia.

Don’t worry, this isn’t some dangerous disease. It simply means that their eyes are different colors – one brown and one blue. This is again from the husky side and is either a defect or an attractive trait, depending on your personal preference.

How Big Do Husky Rottweiler Mix Get?

While it is easy to get caught up in those beautiful eyes and the cute bundle of fluff that is a puppy Rottsky have, we can’t overlook the biggest concern here: the size.

Huskies aren’t the smallest dogs to begin with. When you add in the large, muscular Rottweiler. there are sure to be questions over the weight and size of a full grown Rottsky dog.

The Rottweiler Husky mix size is fair in terms of height, they are not the tallest dogs in the world but still require their space.

They tend to reach between 21 and 26 inches. As for the Rottweiler Husky mix weight, there is a greater margin here. They tend to weigh somewhere between 50 and 100 pounds. It all depends on the genetics of the dog and muscle mass.

Some will have the heavier build of the Rottweiler and others the leaner look of the Husky.

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Coat and Coat Colors

There are also some clear Rottweiler Husky mix characteristics in the fur and coat colors with this breed.

The coat of these pups is usually more similar to the Husky’s, as it is slightly longer than the Rottweiler’s and much denser.

The color will vary. Even though a large number of photos online show a black and tan dog with similar marking to a Rottweiler, there are also dogs that are white, fully black, red or gray.

This then raises questions over grooming and Rottweiler Husky mix shedding, especially for those that know just how bad Huskies are at shedding their fur.

Grooming and Shedding

Huskies are moderate shedders throughout the year because of that dense coat, while Rotties tend to shed more seasonally.

As a result, you are unlikely to avoid the shedding issue with these pups. The inherited thick coat will produce a lot of dead hair to keep track off.

Regular brushing (once or twice per week) will help reduce shedding and control the hair lying around the house. However, During the shedding season, you should brush him daily to help minimize shedding.

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Apart from coat grooming, it’s important to check and clean your puppy’s ears regularly to prevent infection.

It’s also advisable to bathe them every two months or when your dog gets dirty. If you bathe them more frequently, you risk depleting their natural skin oils. Try to use deodorizing wipes for dogs regularly to prevent unpleasant odors.

Their nails also need to be trimmed at least once a month to prevent splitting, cracking and further discomfort.

Last but not least, brush your dog’s teeth regularly to prevent dental issues.

Exercise Needs

The right diet and exercise schedule is important with these dogs.

Both of the parent breeds here are active dogs, requiring plenty of exercise each day and time dedicated to game of fetch and other physical activities. This means that the same is true for their offspring.

Your Rottweiler Husky Mix will need around 60 to 90 minutes of daily exercise to remain happy and healthy. Make sure to divide their daily exercise into two equal sessions. These dogs also make great companions on runs or hikes.

Rottskies are also known to be escape artists, especially when bored. So they need to be kept in a fenced in yard that gives them space to exercise and move around.

If you’re unable to commit to this level of exercise, then it’s strongly recommended to consider a different breed altogether.

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This need for regular exercise, and the size of the dog, mean that they need to have the right home environment.

Apartment living is not advised here, even if you have a large park nearby. A larger home with a backyard is preferable. 

Being intelligent and playful, your Rottsky also needs mental stimulation in the form of interactive dog toys.

By keeping your Rottsky properly exercised, you’ll end up with a sweet, loving and affectionate dog.

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Feeding and Diet

You should feed your Rottsky 2.5 to 3 cups of high quality dog food each day, ideally divided into two or three meals.

Due to the high energy levels of these dogs, you should invest in food brands that are formulated for working dogs or high energy dogs.

Such foods are high in protein, which is essential for all canines. It’s particularly important for young puppies since it helps with muscle development. Protein is also essential for working dogs like the Rottsky since it helps to maintain muscles.

You should also consider adding probiotics and wild Alaskan salmon oil to your dog’s food because they have numerous health benefits.

For example, wild Alaskan salmon oil contains numerous compounds that provide anti-inflammatory benefits to improve skin, heart and brain health. It’s also packed with Omega fatty acids that are essential for healthy joints, cognitive function and good vision in canines.

Your active Husky Rottie Mix will also need constant access to fresh water every day to ensure he doesn’t suffer from dehydration.

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Health Issues and Lifespan

The good news with this hybrid is that there are no major medical concerns to deal with.

Many of the major problems of the parent breeds seem to be watered down by mixing the genes.

As a result, there are many owners that can enjoy Rottweiler Husky mix lifespan of between 10 and 14 years and few issues in that time.

However, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t the potential for some ill health.

Husky Rottweiler health issues to watch out for include bloat, hip and elbow dysplasia, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Osteosarcoma, osteochondritis dissecans and Cataracts.

When you find your new Rottsky puppy, make sure that the breeder release the medical information for the parents to understand any risks more clearly.

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Husky Rottweiler Mix Temperament

The Husky Rottweiler mix personality is pretty good when these dogs are handled correctly from a young age.

With the right care and family life, they can be great family pets and even helpful guard dogs. With the wrong treatment, they can be difficult to live with.

Rottweiler Husky mix puppies need to be supervised around very young children to ensure there is respect and a strong bond. Most of these pups will turn to be loyal, social, and loving.

The active nature can make them playful and fun to be around and this loyalty and alertness makes them protective of their pack.

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Unfortunately, there are elements to Husky Rottweiler mix behavior that could lead to some problems down the line.

When you have a Rottweiler mix with Husky, there is the potential for a stubborn, independent streak. This can make them hard to control if not trained well from an early age.

There are also concerns with primal traits in Huskies where they like to chase livestock and have the potential for aggression. Mixes can see these genes bred out a little.

The other issue with this independent streak, and their curious nature, is that they may wander or test boundaries.

Be sure to provide a strong fence in the yard, just in case they want to investigate a noise or smell.

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Rottsky Training

The Rottsky is very intelligent, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they are easy to train.

If you don’t have prior experience handling independent dogs, we recommend hiring a professional dog trainer. Otherwise, housetraining may be an overwhelming task.

The truth is that housetraining should be started during puppyhood. They also require persistence and patience. So, you need to take a firm and consistent approach that makes him see you as the leader.

One thing that’s very important during training is that everyone in the family should be involved, including children.

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Teach him the basic commands like “COME!” “STOP!” “SIT!”. Try teaching him his name as well. If you haven’t picked a name for your Rottsky yet, I would advise that you pick one that is short and easy for him to remember and identify with.

During training, it’s important to teach them one command at a time until they master it. Never give up on any command. Otherwise, they might see themselves as the pack leader. Both Huskies and Rottweilers have the potential to be stubborn, so you need to be firm but kind.

Socializing your Rottweiler Husky Mix is also an essential part of training. This will help your puppy to get used to different people, places and situations.

Your pup should not become scared where he sees strange things. You should also allow him to meet different animals during those daily walks. Proper socialization will allow him to learn good manners when he meets people and other animals.

Have a routine planned out for your dog. It gives him some sense of security knowing that his day is well planned out for him. He sure knows perhaps that when he wakes up, he needs to go to release himself in the potty. He knows his training sessions, his exercise periods and so on.

Despite being quick learners, they are also quick to develop bad habits, so be sure to keep an eye on them. Use lots of positive reinforcements during training, such as praise, treats and gifts.

Anyone that struggles with the training of these dogs can turn to Doggy Dan the Online Dog trainer for accessible guides on all kinds of issues.

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Behavior With Cats and Other Pets

The Siberian Husky parent has a strong prey drive.

Therefore, you should not leave these dogs unsupervised around cats and other small pets such as hamsters and guinea pigs. They usually need training and socialization. An early and gradual introduction will help your dog to get along well with cats and other household pets.

Finding Husky Rottweiler Mix for Sale

So you have read this article and have fallen in love with the Rottweiler Husky cross.

Make sure to buy your Rottsky puppy from a reputable breeder. Responsible breeders have both the parent dogs and the puppies health-tested and kept in good condition.

You should request to meet the parent dogs and their puppies. If a breeder doesn’t allow you to do this, look elsewhere.

Avoid buying a puppy from a pet store or puppy mill. These commercial premises exist to maximize income by producing large numbers of unhealthy puppies so avoid them at all costs.

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How Much Does a Rottsky Puppy Cost?

As with all hybrid dogs, prices can vary from breeder to breeder.

Their price is usually anywhere between $500 and $1,000. Some breeders may even sell them for as much as $2500.

There will be some that are selling because their dogs bred and they want their pups to go to a good home. There will be other Rottweiler Husky mix breeders in it for the profit.

Make sure that wherever you go, the dogs are happy, healthy and come from a good home. This means talking to the current owners and looking at the parent dogs. If you can see clear issues with the parents, this could be passed on to the pups.

Apart from the cost of buying a puppy, you want to factor in food costs, vet fees and pet products like the MidWest Folding Crate for Large dogs and the Furhaven Orthopedic dog bed from reputable retailers like Amazon.

Finding Rottweiler Husky Mix for Adoption

Rottweiler Husky mix adoption is a great idea for anyone that is keen to rescue an adult dog and doesn’t want the hassle of rearing a puppy.

Shelters are always full of mismatched mixed breeds. Owners are often unaware of precisely what they have, and pass dogs on when they can’t handle them.

Some may be the result of an unexpected pregnancy between two amorous neighbour dogs.

Either way, shelters have lots of dogs in need of a home. Ask around for a Rottweiler Siberian Husky mix and see who may be waiting for you.

There is the risk of behavioral problems if the dog wasn’t trained well, but this is part of the adventure of adoption.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Rottweiler Husky Mix Dogs Be Left Alone?

No. These dogs do not tolerate being left alone for long hours – 4 to 6 hours is the maximum. As with most breeds, these mixes can become bored if left alone for too long. They need to get plenty of attention from their owners and family.

Are Rottweiler Husky mixes High Maintenance?

Yes, Their exercise and grooming needs are high. Also if left alone for too long they can become mischievous and destructive.

Another thing to keep in mind is that they are not easy to train. We don’t recommend this breed for first-time dog owners with no experience in dog training.

Are Rottskies Good for Apartment Living?

Since the Rottsky is an active and playful canine, he is best suited to living in a home with a spacious backyard. These pups need a large space to play and run around.

They usually do well in comfortable, fenced-in spaces, so an apartment may be too small for these pups to play and have fun while you’re away from home.

If you want a dog that is ideal for apartment living, you should consider smaller mixes, such as the Yoranian, Yorkillon, Cock-A-Tzu, Affenpug, or Bossi-Poo.

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Are Rottskies Hypoallergenic?

No, Rottskies are not hypoallergenic, they have moderate to high shedding tendencies which are common with both parent breeds.

Are Rottweiler Husky Mixes Good With Kids?

Yes, Rottskies are good with young children provided they are well socialized during their puppyhood. Adult supervision may be necessary when it comes to smaller kids.

Are Rottweiler Huskies Lazy?

No. If you’re interested in a lazy dog that would be happy to sleep all day long, then the Rottweiler Husky Mix is definitely not the right pet for you. Rottsky dogs are generally very active and they need to be well exercised every day.

Are Rottweiler Huskies Smart?

Yes. Both Rotties and Huskies are smart dogs. Their offspring, the Rottsky, should be super intelligent as well.

Are Rottweiler Huskies Stubborn?

Yes. The Rottweiler Husky Mix is an active dog with a working background. They are also clever and stubborn so they need a firm owner who they will respect.

Are Rottskies Hard to Train?

Rottweiler Husky mixes are known to be stubborn, independent, and strong-willed which makes them difficult to train and challenging breed for first-time dog owners with no experience in dog training.

Are Husky Rottweiler Mixes Good for First Time Owners?

No. Both parent breeds are not good for novice owners because of their stubborn personality. They are also independent thinkers, so training may be difficult.

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Is the Rottweiler Husky Mix Right For You?

Clearly there is a lot to consider about Rottweiler Husky ownership.

There are some very sweet Rottsky puppies out there that can turn into handsome dogs with great personalities, but the size, activity needs and potential behavioral problems mean they can be a handful.

Hopefully this Husky Rottweiler mix info has shown both the positive and negative side of owning these dogs in an equal light.

We don’t want you to be put off by the negative aspects, but we don’t want to pretend that they are perfect either. Like all hybrids, there are strange quirks and challenges.

Those that can embrace them, train them well and provide the perfect, loving home will enjoy the love and loyalty of these impressive pups.

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