All About The Coonhound German Shepherd Mix (With Pictures)

Coonhound German Shepherd Mix

A Coonhound German Shepherd Mix is a designer dog that is a result of combining a German Shepherd and a Coonhound dog. These two adorable breeds combine to create a brand-new dog with a unique personality.

The German Shepherd Coonhound Mix is an active dog with tons of energy. These dogs are also very intelligent, friendly, and protective of their families.

But before you take a leap of faith and adopt one of these dogs, there are several things to keep in mind. Some of these factors you need to consider before getting a German shepherd and Coonhound mix puppy include their temperament, health issues, grooming demands, exercise needs, and their compatibility with other animals.

So let’s dive right in!

Some Quick Facts About The Coonhound German Shepherd Mix

Breed Type:Crossbreed/Mixed Breed
Size:Medium to Large-sized dog
Good Watch Dog:Yes
Good Guard Dog:Yes
Average Weight:50 to 80 pounds
Average Height:22 to 27 inches
Lifespan:10 to 14 Years
Apartment Living:No, they are best suited to a large home with a fenced-in yard
Ideal for:Experienced Dog Owners, Dedicated and Active Families with Plenty of Time to Exercise and Train Them, Spacious Homes
Coat:Double Coat, Either Fuzzy or Fine
Coat colors:Black, Tan, Red and Silver
Suitable for first time owners:No
Trainability:Moderate Difficulty
Shedding:Moderate to High
Grooming Needs:You Need to Brush Your Dog At Least Twice A Week To Minimize The Amount Of Pet Hair In Your House
Energy Levels:High
Exercise Needs:At least 90 minutes of exercise every day is required
Tolerance to being left alone:Low, should not be left alone for more than 6 to 8 hours
Feeding and Diet:2 to 3.5 cups of high quality dog food each day, divided into two or three meals
Maintenance:Moderate to High
Possible Health Issues:Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, Bloat, Cataracts, Dental Issues, Ear infection, Thyroid issues
Temperament:Energetic, Active, Intelligent, Loyal, Alert, Loving, Confident, Brave, Friendly, Affectionate, Protective, Can Be Stubborn, Strong Prey Drive
Cat Friendly:Low to Moderate, both parent dogs have a strong prey instinct and can be unpredictable (Early Socialization Is Must)
Dog Friendly:Yes, With Early Socialization
Kid Friendly:Yes (Early socialization is must + Adult supervision is necessary if you have smaller kids)
Barking Tendencies:Moderate to High (can be controlled by proper training)
Price:$500 to $2000

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Now let’s find out more about the Coonhound German Shepherd Mix:

The Origin and History of the German Shepherd Coonhound Mix

The history of this mix can be traced back to crossbreeding in different parts of the United States.

To understand the physical characteristics, personality traits, temperaments, and general care requirements of any mixed breed dog, we first need to learn more about the dog’s parent breeds.

So let’s look at the historical backgrounds of both the Coonhound and the German Shepherd.

Coonhound Breed History

If you have never kept a Coonhound dog or Coonhound Mix, here’s a quick summary of why dog owners love them so much.

Some dog lovers have even given the Coonhound dog the name ‘The Big Beagle’ – so you should get a good idea of what to expect from your mix.

There are six different Coonhound breeds recognized by the AKC. These are:

  • American English Coonhound
  • Black and Tan Coonhound
  • Bluetick Coonhound
  • Plott Hound
  • Redbone Coonhound
  • The Treeing Walker Coonhound.

Coonhound dog playing fetch
Five of the six officially recognized Coonhounds descended from English Foxhounds. The only exception is the Plott Hound, which can trace its lineage to selective breeding with German Hanover Hounds.

Coonhounds were developed to work with their masters to hunt raccoons (hence the name Coonhound).

German Shepherd Dog History

German Shepherds are extremely popular around the world. People love these loyal dogs since they make great family pets.

A relatively new breed of dog, the first GSD was developed in 1889 by a man named Max Von Stephanitz, who is recognized as the father of GSD dogs.

He bred these dogs mainly for shepherding purposes, but the modern-day German Shepherd has also served in many other roles, including aiding soldiers during World War I and World War II, delivering messages, as rescue dogs, and as guard dogs.

Happy German Shepherd Dog And Puppy

So What Does A Coonhound German Shepherd Mix Look Like?

The General Appearance of A German Coonhound Mix

The Coonhound German Shepherd Mix is a mixed breed of the German Shepherd and the Coonhound, so you can expect that your dog will inherit physical characteristics from both the parent breeds. This means that they will most likely look like both parent dogs.

Generally speaking, here are the main characteristics you should expect from a German Shepherd Coonhound Mix:

How Big Will A German Shepherd Coonhound Mix Get?

A full grown Coonhound and German Shepherd Mix will weigh anywhere between 45 and 80 pounds. They measure around 22 to 27 inches in height.

This means your German Coonhound Mix will be a medium to a large-sized dog. However, you need to keep in mind that their size can vary because there are different breeds of Coonhounds.

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Coat and Coat Colors

These dogs have a double coat, which keeps them warm during the cold winter days and also protects them against other creatures.

They may also have a fuzzy coat like their GSD parent or a fine coat like that of Black and Tan Coonhound. They come in black, tan, red, and silver coat colors.

Temperament & Personality Traits

German Shepherd Coonhound Mixes tend to be confident, brave, intelligent and loving dogs. Due to the German parent’s herding history, they are incredibly loyal and can excel as working dogs.

Another great thing about this mix is that they are very affectionate and protective of their families. However, they need a lot of exercise and firm leadership to prevent them from developing unwanted behavior.

Since the Coonhound parent has a history of being a hunting dog, you can expect your mix to have a strong prey drive.

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What Are the Best Characteristics of a Coonhound German Shepherd Mix?

Some of the best known traits of a German Shepherd Coonhound Mix include:

  • High levels of affection
  • Alertness
  • Friendliness
  • Highly intelligent
  • Courageous
  • Stubborn at times

Is The German Shepherd Coonhound Mix A Good Watch Dog?

If you’re searching for a healthy and energetic dog that also makes an excellent guard dog, then you should consider adopting a Coonhound German Shepherd Mix.

These working dogs can perform a wide range of tasks and are quite easy to train. They are also very loyal and make excellent family pets.

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Is the German Shepherd Coonhound Mix A Good Guard Dog?

One of the benefits of getting a German Shepherd Coonhound Mix is that they make great guard dogs, as well. This means you can trust them to protect your family and home from intruders.

Are German Shepherd Coonhounds Good With Kids?

Yes! These mixes get along well with children. However, you should teach small kids to respect any dog. As always, make sure to socialize your dog with children of all ages.

Are Coonhound German Shepherds Good With Other Dogs?

German Shepherd Coonhound Mixes also do well with other dogs because they are very friendly. However, you should introduce them to other dogs slowly and carefully.

Are Coonhound German Shepherds Good With Cats and Other Pets?

Both parent dogs are known to have high prey drive and are not considered the best cat-friendly breeds out there. This means that the German Shepherd Coonhound Mix can get along fine with cats and other pets only with early socialization and training.

Do Coonhound German Shepherd Dogs Do Well In Apartments?

The Coonhound German Shepherd Mix adapts easily to almost any living environment. However, you should think twice before getting this large-sized mix if you live in an apartment. This is because these designer dogs are not suitable for apartment living.

They require a lot of exercises, including daily walks.

Are Coonhound German Shepherds Good For First Time Owners?

Moreover, they are not suitable for first-time dog owners. This dog is ideal for experienced owners because they require ongoing training and some experience, which makes them a bad choice for first time owners.

If you decide to adopt a Coonhound German Shepherd Mix as your first dog, it’s imperative to work with a professional dog trainer to help prevent destructive or dangerous habits.

Exercise Needs

The German Shepherd Coonhound Mix is a high-energy dog that requires daily entertainment and physical activity. Daily walks and regular dog park visits can help your pup work off excess energy.

These dogs need at least 90 minutes or more of exercise each day to remain happy and healthy.

Remember, intelligent dogs like the Black and Tan Coonhound German Shepherd Mix require mental stimulation every day. So give your mix plenty of interactive dog toys to keep stimulating your dog mentally.

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The Coonhound German Shepherd Mix is intelligent, eager to please, and willing to work. So you want to provide them with mental stimulation, attention, and exercises.

However, dogs are different when it comes to training, so it’s recommended to start training your Coonhound Shepherd Cross straight away. Coonhound Shepherd puppies can learn how to behave poorly immediately you bring them home.

The most important part of training that your mixed breed dog will need is housetraining. As your puppy grows, start introducing other forms of training.

When training this puppy, use positive reinforcement to make the work easier for you. Also, be patient, consistent and use your due diligence when rewarding your dog.

As already mentioned, socialization will also be important. This will help make your dog confident and acceptable in different situations. You need to expose your Coonhound German Shepherd Mix to a variety of sounds and sights. That way, your dog will learn to differentiate what is acceptable and what is not.

Massive Change - 300 x 250

Do Coonhound German Shepherd Mix Shed A Lot?

Both the Coonhound and the German Shepherd shed a lot. Their offspring will be no different.

Grooming Needs

The Shepherd Coonhound Crossbreed is a low-maintenance dog. He will require weekly brushing and occasional bathing to maintain his appearance. Wiping them regularly with deodorizing wipes for dogs will help keep their coat shining.

Care should also be taken to check ears and eyes for any dirt or other issues. Finally, their nails should be trimmed anywhere from once every two weeks to once a month.

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Feeding and Diet

Feeding a Coonhound German Shepherd Mix is the same as with any other medium to large-sized dog. These dogs need a high-calorie diet to provide them with energy.

Your Coonhound Shepherd Cross should do well eating high quality dog food selected with your vet’s approval. The diet should be suitable for your dog’s age, health, and activity levels.

Feed your full-grown German Shepherd Coonhound Mix 2 to 3.5 cups of high-quality kibble every day, twice a day. Avoid overfeeding this hybrid dog as this might lead to obesity, particularly when older.

Also, add Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil and Probiotics to strengthen your dog’s bones and joints. Finally, remember to give your hybrid dog fresh water throughout the day to keep them hydrated.

German Shepherd Coonhound Mix Health Issues

A Coonhound German Shepherd Mix should be a large dog, so watch out for common health issues.

As with any mixed breed dog, this hybrid dog could inherit a variety of health problems from both parent dogs.

These include:

  • Bloat
  • Cataracts
  • Ear infection
  • Hip and Elbow dysplasia
  • Thyroid issues
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Lifespan: How Long Do Coonhound German Shepherd Mixes Live?

The average lifespan of a Coonhound German Shepherd Mix is 10 to 14 years.

With a healthy lifestyle, and a better daily routine, it’s possible to prolong the lifespan of your Coonhound Shepherd, as well. Make sure to feed them with nutritious food, and visit your veterinarian regularly to keep track of your dog’s health condition.

Finding a German Shepherd Coonhound Mix for Sale

You may be wondering, “Where can I find German Shepherd Coonhound Mix puppies for sale?”

You have two options:

Coonhound and German Shepherd Breeders

Look for reputable Coonhound and German breeders near you and ask them about the likelihood of finding this breed.

Since this is a relatively rare dog, you may need to travel for long before finding a good Coonhound and German Shepherd Mix breeder.

If you cannot find one, you should consider another German Shepherd Mix with similar traits to this hybrid dog.

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Rescue Centers

You can also check for this hybrid dog in an animal shelter or rescue center near you. However, as we’ve already mentioned, this dog breed is rare and you may need to travel for long before finding one.

How Much Does A German Shepherd Coonhound Mix Cost?

Coonhound German Shepherd Mix Puppy may not be as expensive as you may imagine.

The average German Shepherd Coonhound Mix price is around $500 to $2000. If you contact a breeder, the price will definitely be higher than going through a rescue center. The cost of adoption is usually lower.

As always, you will want to factor in the cost of pet products like the MidWest Folding Crate for large dogs and the Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Bed, among others. You also need to spend on their food, grooming, toys, and other pet supplies.

Frequently asked questions

Is A Coonhound German Shepherd Mix A Good Family Dog?

Yes, they are great family dogs and companions. They are friendly and loyal to their family. They also get along with children and pets.

Are Coonhound German Shepherd Mix Dogs High Maintenance?

These hybrid dogs are moderate to high-maintenance. They require minimal grooming despite the fact they shed a lot. However their exercise needs are quite high compared to other dog breeds.

Can Coonhound German Shepherd Mix Dogs Be Left Alone?

Yes. German shepherd Coonhound dogs can be left alone just like any other breed.

How Long Can a Coonhound German Shepherd Mix Be Left Alone?

These dogs can tolerate being alone for up to 4 to 8 hours. However, puppies shouldn’t stay alone for longer than an hour. These pups can develop separation anxiety and become destructive.

Are Coonhound German Shepherd Mixes Hypoallergenic?

No. These hybrid pups are not hypoallergenic, so they are not a good choice for individuals with allergies to pets.

Are Coonhound German Shepherd Mixes Protective?

Yes. Coonhound German Shepherd Mixes are protective of their families. They are loyal, brave, and confident, which makes them good watchdogs and guard dogs.

Do Coonhound German Shepherd Mixes Bark A Lot?

Yes! Your Coonhound German Shepherd Mix will most likely bark a lot. This is because of the German Shepherd’s influence.

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Are Coonhound German Shepherd Mixes Hard To Train?

These intelligent dogs are also eager to please, but they require a firm and consistent training approach. However, individual dogs are different. This means some puppies might be easier to teach than others.

Do Coonhound German Shepherd Mixes Like To Cuddle?

Yes! A Coonhound German Shepherd Mix is a very affectionate dog who is known to be sweet-natured and cuddly. However, all dogs have different personalities-so some may prefer their own space.

Are German Shepherd Coonhounds Aggressive?

While Coonhounds are non-aggressive dogs, German Shepherds may be aggressive to humans. However, proper training and socialization can help curb any aggressive behaviors.

What Are Some Negatives About German Shepherd Coonhounds?

Despite all the wonderful traits of the Coonhound German Shepherd Mix, adopting one also comes with a few drawbacks:

  • They need a lot of exercise
  • They don’t tolerate being left alone for far too long
  • They are prone to health issues such as hip dysplasia, epilepsy, bloat and dental issues.
  • They shed a lot
  • They need early socialization
  • They must be on leash
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Can German Shepherd Coonhounds Be Off Leash?

No! These dogs are very intelligent, but can also be stubborn. This means they need to be kept on leash so they don’t refuse to come when you beckon them. Keeping them on leash is essential for both your dog’s and your own safety.

Is A Coonhound German Shepherd Mix Right For You?

If you’re an experienced dog owner who knows how to manage energetic dogs who can be stubborn and independent, then a Coonhound German Shepherd Mix can be an excellent choice for you.

Other German Shepherd Mixes

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2. German Shepherd Mastiff Mix

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