Dachshund Training: 10 Useful Tips to Properly Train a Dachshund Puppy

dachshund training tips

Training your Dachshund puppy doesn’t have to be a hard task. Generally, they are very affectionate dogs that really have big personalities.

A dachshund puppy is playful, energetic and very loyal to his owners. However, because they have been bred to be independent dogs, a Dachshund can be quite stubborn and very strong-willed.

Here are a few tips that will help you to be able to train your Dachshund puppy:

1. Conduct a bit of induction training for your Dachshund

First things first, you need to begin training your Dachshund puppy immediately you bring him home. Timing is everything when it comes to training your Dachshund puppy.

Let me assume that you have already chosen a name for your puppy and even prepared your family members in readiness for his arrival.

When you first bring your furry friend home, it feels exciting and you might want to give him a tour of the house. However, it will probably take your puppy a few days to get accustomed to the new environment.

As he is adapting to his new home, keep a close eye on him. Make sure that he doesn’t chew on the electric wire. In short, make sure that you make your home puppy proof.

training a dachshund

2. Begin training early

As I mentioned earlier, timing is everything when it comes to training your Dachshund puppy.

Begin training your canine friend when he is about 8-12 weeks old. At this age, he will be weaned and ready to take on your training classes. Make the training sessions short and fun.

Remember that at this age your puppy is probably very hyper and energetic. He is curious about almost everything around him. His concentration span is therefore not very long and that is why your sessions need to be short.

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3. Teach him the basics first

When training your Dachshund puppy, begin the training by teaching him the basics first.

Teach him how to respond to his name, let him learn the short and simple commands like “Come!” “Sit!” “Stop!” and others that you feel are necessary for him to learn. That will make it easier for you in the other training sessions when you begin teaching him more complex stuff.

4. How do you crate train your Dachshund puppy

Crate training your puppy is an important part of the whole training aspect.

First you need to get a crate that fits him. Alternatively, you can create a place in your home and put borders forming a “crate-like” space.

If you are buying a crate, a wire mesh crate should do well. Get one that fits your dog’s size too. Make the crate comfortable for your Dachshund to feel safe and cosy.

You can do this by putting some of his comfortable bedding and even his favorite dog toys so that he doesn’t get bored.

You might also consider putting the crate in a family room where he will be closer to people.

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5. Dachshund potty training

It is a popular view that Dachshunds are somewhat difficult to potty train.

However, if you are persistent and patient, you will eventually be able to convince your Dachshund puppy to use the potty whenever he feels the need to do so.

Begin by avoiding dog training pads or potty pads. The reason being they encourage your Dachshund to go to the bathroom in the house.

Start by putting your furry friend in a confined space like a crate. This is timely because we have already discussed on how to crate train your Dachshund puppy. It makes things much easier because most dogs don’t like going where they eat or sleep. Therefore your Dachshund is not likely to soil his crate.

Then set a schedule for him. Have a routine that you stick to daily. Let him know when he is to have his meals and also when he is supposed to go to the bathroom.

Give your puppy rewards like his favorite treats when he does so. Make it a routine to take your Dachshund puppy out every morning to empty his bladder.

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potty training a dachshund puppy

6. How to effectively socialize your dog

This is an essential part of training your Dachshund puppy. Dachshunds are naturally very social dogs. They enjoy being in the company of people, however, you need to socialize them early enough.

Teach your Dachshund how to socialize with small children and strangers. The best way you can do this is by taking them out to meet new people.

The dog park is a good place to start. However, before taking your Dachshund puppy to the dog park make sure that he has completed all his vaccines because this is a place he will meet all kinds of dogs and people. You don’t want him to come home with any illness.

The other way that you can start socializing him with other people is through play dates. You can arrange with your friends who also have dogs to have a play date and see how they interact with each other.

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7. How to train your Dachshund to stop digging

Dachshund puppies are very playful and tend to be very curious about their surroundings. This may explain their digging behavior.

If you notice that your canine friend likes to unearth sand every time he is playing out in the yard. It can be pretty annoying especially if you have just mowed your lawn.

You can train your puppy to dig in a specific area by marking out his digging space. This can easily be done with stones or sticks.

Every time he digs in the right spot make sure to reward him with a treat. You can also bury his favorite treat where you would like him to dig. This will encourage him to stick to that particular area and not unearth your entire yard.

training dachshund not to dig

8. How to train your Dachshund to walk on and off a leash

Invest in a good leash that perfectly fits your Dachshund puppy. Allow him to sniff and get to explore the leash before you begin using that particular harness.

Once your puppy is calm, you can then put him on a leash. If he becomes agitated, you can put the leash and harness down and wait until he is calmed down.

When walking your puppy on a leash, do not let him pull on it Establish your authority as his alpha. Dogs always need a leader and in this case you are his. Do not let your dog walk in front of you while on a leash, instead let him follow you.

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When teaching him to walk off the leash, make sure that you have a handful of treats. This is what is referred to as positive reinforcement. It works better and is more effective during training.

Avoid scolding and shouting at your dog. This will make him afraid of you and may even rebel. Teach your Dachshund puppy to heel. Let him walk beside you with or without a leash.

9. How to teach your Dachshund not to bark

While barking may be a natural thing for dogs to do, it can be pretty annoying to humans.

However, your Dachshund puppy may be barking for several reasons. It could be seeking attention from you, your dog may bark to warn you of something, it could be responding to another dog or simply out of anxiety or excitement.

Whatever the reason is, you need to identify what triggered the barking in the first place. Your Dachshund could be trying to warn you of lurking danger.

When you want to train your dog to stop barking, you can start by teaching him a consistent command like “NO BARKING!” or “STOP!”.

Use a deep toned voice that is also firm to get his attention. Command him while standing and look at him straight in the eye. If he stops barking after you have issued your command make sure to reward him with a treat.

train your dachshund not to bark

When you are trying to correct the barking, remember to keep yourself calm and collected. Your Dachshund puppy is likely going to always mirror your energy.

It is therefore very important for you to stay calm when trying to get him to stop barking even though you might feel angry or frustrated.

After he stops barking, take him away from whatever triggered the barking. Do not however try to reinforce his barking with positive actions. Don’t show him acts of affection or try to pamper him when he is barking uncontrollably.

His barking could be a behavior which you personally encouraged him to do unintentionally.

Perhaps there were instances where he barks for you to open the door and you let him out, or he barks for a treat and you hand it to him. In the long run, he gets used to barking so that he can get his way done. This shouldn’t be the case.

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If your dog is barking mainly due to separation anxiety, which often happens, you can get a professional dog trainer to assist you. Please do understand that you will not be able to totally stop your Dachshund from barking, but you can control it.

If his barking has already become a habit that is hard to go away, don’t expect it to cease overnight.

Get the assistance of a professional dog trainer to help you get him under control.

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10. General Dachshund care and maintenance

You need to maintain and take good care of your Dachshund puppy.

This includes helping your furry friend to maintain healthy weight, grooming and training them to grow in good manners.

First, you need to protect your Dachshund’s back. Just like all other small breeds, they are at a risk of developing intervertebral disc disease.

dachshund puppy playing

Feed your puppy healthy dog food to help him maintain a healthy weight. How do you tell the right weight for your Dachshund puppy?

Stand over him and look down, if you can see his ribs, he is probably too thin. If you can’t see his ribs but you can feel them, he has healthy weight.

However if you can’t see or feel his ribs, he is probably overweight and something needs to be done. If this is the case, reduce his calorie intake and also give him treats in moderation.

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Have a physical training session for your Dachshund puppy. You can set aside 30 minutes to 1 hour every day and take him out to play or for a long walk.

Swimming is also a good sport on a hot day. Remember to carry plenty of fresh water for your dog.

Wash your puppy at least once a week with dog shampoo and warm water. This will help you to keep fleas at bay.

Brush his coat gently to remove any tangled and weak hair. Start by using a wide comb to remove any tangled hair before you move to a brush. Give your dog a treat and some praise as you do so. He will associate brushing with a yummy treat and will willingly let you do so next time.

Keep your dog’s nails neat by trimming using a special nail clipper meant for dogs. If your dog is not used to it, you can help him get used to it by gently touching his nails and petting him as you do so.

When clipping his nails, make sure that you do not do it too deep till you clip his skin. It can be painful and he might be wary of you clipping hi nails next time.

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In conclusion, Dachshund training should not frustrate you. You only need to be consistent in your training.

Make sure to establish a routine for training. Keep the training sessions short and fun. Use positive reinforcement to encourage good behavior and ignore bad behavior.

Teach your Dachshund simple commands, train him too use the potty and also keep his barking under control.

Timing is everything. Start training your Dachshund when he is still young. Also consider hiring the services of a professional dog trainer to help you train your Dachshund.

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