The Ultimate Pitbull Training Guide

pitbull puppy training

Most people find pitbull training to be quite challenging.

This is because naturally, most people have the mentality that pit bulls are a very aggressive dog breed.

This might not entirely be the case. It all boils down to good pitbull training. A pitbull who is well trained can be a very friendly and faithful companion.

Make sure to train your pitbull well for him to turn out well-mannered and non-aggressive. This will help to eradicate this misconception about the pit bull breed.

Let me share with you a number of tips to help you in training your pitbull puppy:

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1. Encourage your pitbull to exercise

Physical exercise plays a very important role in nurturing a healthy dog.

Naturally, if your pit bull puppy is hyper active, you need to channel this energy into useful physical activities. This will reduce the chances of your pit bull puppy becoming aggressive.

Take him outdoors for long walks, if you have a back yard, you can go out and play fetch. Ensure you spend at least 2 hours outdoors in engaging physical activities.

A well exercised pitbull is a happy one. The dog park can also be a great place to take your furry friend for a walk.

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2. Create some space

After bringing your pit bull puppy home, you need to have some space prepared for them.

A crate can do well enough for them to sleep in or just rest when they are tired. This will keep your dog happy and he will be easy to train when in a good mood.

Just like other breeds, pitbulls also like to have their space that just belongs to them. A sleeping basket can also work well once you fill it with warm and cozy rugs.

3. Potty train your pit bull puppy

This is one aspect of training that you ought to take your pit bull puppy through early enough.

Being a puppy, he might feel the need to urinate often. You need to potty train your pitbull puppy because the last thing you want is for him to ease himself on your favorite rug.

You can establish a routine and have him stick to it. Take him to use the potty immediately he wakes up in the morning, after exercise, before meal time and in the evening just before bedtime.

Be consistent in potty training and you will realize that pit bulls are actually easy to train.

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4. Learn to be sensitive to his needs

Pitbulls also have moods like any other dog breed and even humans.

Make sure you are very keen and learn how to handle your dog when he seems to be upset or agitated. In case he starts to growl, bark or pace in circles, you will know that he is upset about something.

You need to look out for these signs so that you respond in the right way. The best thing to do is to know what makes your pitbull puppy calm again.

If he does not like being around new people you can move him away or keep him distracted with his favorite treat or engaged with his interactive dog toys until he is calm.

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5. Be his alpha

Establish dominance by showing your dog that you are his leader and that he should obey you.

Being an alpha is more of taking certain actions that your dog will immediately learn that you are his leader.

For instance, in trying to establish dominance over your pit bull, you need to lead him when he is on a leash and not the other way round. Most dog owners make the mistake of letting the dog run in front of them while they follow. That is wrong.

Make sure he understands some basic commands and give him treats when he follows them. Always enter a room or the house first before he does.

Show discontentment with bad behavior immediately. Once you have established dominance over your dog, training him will not be a difficult thing to do.

6. Always use positive reinforcement

This is actually the most important pitbull training tip that I will share with you.

Positive reinforcement works best when you want teach your dog a lesson. Most of us lose our tempers when our dogs do something wrong.

The minute you begin shouting at your pit bull puppy or even worse, smacking him, he will turn to be aggressive and will definitely not respect you as his leader.

Dogs just like kids, like to be treated and praised when they do something good.

Give him his favorite treat when he follows through your command, pat him on the back and give him praise. This will be motivation enough for him to remember to be obedient next time because he knows there is a treat in the offing.

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7. Be consistent in your training

There are times that your dog will get you off guard and you will be tempted to let him walk away scot free without learning that whatever he has done is bad.

Never give in to his cute looks and adorable eyes. Always be firm and consistent in your training. The minute you slack you will lose your alpha position and your dog will no longer respect or obey you as his leader.

Be firm but friendly. A fair leader always gives credit when it is due and points out where there is need for correction. The same should also apply when you are training your pitbull puppy.

8. Conduct some leash training on your puppy

It is not good for your puppy to follow you only when the leash is tight.

Train him to follow you even when the leash is loose and he has the freedom to move around. Training your pit bull puppy on a leash will give you an easy time when you are outdoors.

Dogs are generally curious and excited to be outdoors. Training him on a leash will help you to always have him under control.

9. Train him not to bite!

Pit bulls are naturally aggressive as a breed. When still a puppy, you might not see it as much of a problem if you spot him nipping or trying to bite people.

You need to curb this behavior before it gets out of hand. Once he is a fully grown dog, his biting might have dire consequences.

Give him a lot of chew toys that he can bite whenever he feels the urge. This will keep him at bay and distracted from trying to bite other people or yourself.

10. Socialize him when still young

Timing is everything when it comes to pitbull obedience training and socialization.

Introduce him to other dogs and make him to get used to strange faces that he has never seen before. You should socialize your pit bull puppy when still young if you want to have the best results.

The best place you can begin is a recreational area like your local dog park. However, ensure that he has been cleared by a vet and done all his vaccines before exposing him to other dogs.

Interacting with other dogs will help him learn how to behave around other dogs and people as well.

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11. Give high quality dog food

Can you imagine learning on an empty stomach? Ensure that your pitbull puppy is well fed before you take him through his training sessions.

Wet dog food is the most ideal because of its high nutritional value and moisture. Cheap dog food is always very inadequate when it comes to nutritional dog protein that every dog needs in order to grow healthy and strong.

Wet dog food and plenty of fresh water will also help your pit bull puppy stay hydrated and very alert during training. Good quality diet will also greatly reduce the chances of your pitbull dog getting sick.

12. Consider Doggy Dan the online Dog Training program

Advanced dog training is good for your pitbull puppy. Doggy Dan the online dog trainer has a useful program which will help you learn how to train your pit bull fast.

He is a skilled professional that has helped many other dog owners to successfully train their dogs to obey every command. Just in case you think that your dog has a stubborn behavior that will not go away, Doggy Dan has the solution for you.

There is a lot that you stand to gain once you enroll for this amazing program which I am sure that your pit bull puppy will thoroughly enjoy.

In conclusion, doggy dan the online dog trainer’s program will guide and help you with useful training tips that will definitely be useful in raising your pitbull puppy.

Make sure that you train him when he is still a puppy, socialize your dog with other dogs and humans as well.

Remember that positive reinforcement is the way to go if you want your pit bull puppy to always obey your commands.

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Passionate lover of dogs and proud owner of a friendly, mischievous and energetic golden retriever named Beethoven! I’m incredibly excited to share my experiences on how best to care for your beloved pet. The more we know, the happier we and our canine friends will be!

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