All About The Vizsla Beagle Mix (With Pictures)

Vizsla Beagle Mix

The Vizsla Beagle Mix is a crossbreed that is a result of combining the Beagle and the Hungarian Vizsla. The resulting mixed breed should be an excellent hunter. The Mix also makes a great family pet because of its sweet and pleasant personality.

The Vizsla Beagle Mix makes a great companion for any active individual or family that enjoys spending time outdoors.

This makes them an interesting mixed breed. They have some unique traits that make them one of the most loved designer dogs in America.

If you are considering getting a Vizsla Beagle Mix, keep reading! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss their history, temperament, exercise needs, feeding, and more!

Some Quick Facts About The Vizsla Beagle Mix

Breed Type:Crossbreed/Mixed Breed/Designer Dog/Hybrid Dog
Size:Medium-Sized Dog
Good Guard Dog:No
Good Watch Dog:Yes
Average Weight:18 to 65 Pounds
Average Height:13 to 24 Inches
Lifespan:About 10 to 15 Years on Average
Apartment Living:No, they are best suited to a large home with a fenced-in yard
Ideal for:Active Individuals, Active Families With Children Who Have Enough Time to Exercise & Train Them, Those Looking for a Watchdog, Experienced dog Owners, For Those Who Enjoy Outdoor Activities, Spacious Homes, Hunters
Coat:Short coat, shiny, and thick
Coat colors:Gold-Oxide or Rust-Red
Suitable for first time owners:It depends (they are great first-time dogs for active dog owners only)
Trainability:Moderate Difficulty
Grooming Needs:Brushing should only be done twice a week
Energy Levels:High
Exercise Needs:At least 60 minutes of exercise every day is required
Tolerance to being left alone:Should not be left alone for more than 6 hours
Feeding and Diet:1.5 to 2 cups of high quality dog food each day, divided into two or three meals
Maintenance:When it comes to grooming they are low maintenance dogs. However they have incredibly high levels of energy, requiring active training and exercise
Possible Health Issues:Hip and Elbow dysplasia, Eye problems, Allergies, Epilepsy, Cardiac problems, and Von Willebrand’s disease, among others
Temperament:Affectionate, Energetic, Alert, Protective, Intelligent, Outgoing, Loyal, Friendly, Protective, Family-Oriented, Playful, and Fun-Loving
Cat Friendly:Only If Raised Together and Properly Socialized. (Both parent breeds have strong prey drive and hunting background)
Dog Friendly:Yes, (Early Socialization Is Required)
Kid Friendly:Yes (Early Socialization Is Required)
Barking Tendencies:They may bark a lot especially if they take after the Beagle parent (can be controlled by proper training)
Price:Under $1000

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The Origin of the Vizsla Beagle Mix

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly where and when the first Vizsla Beagle Mix was developed. What we can do is to study the individual histories of the Vizsla and the Beagle.

Vizsla History

First of all, the Vizsla originated from Hungary. These dogs have a hunting background and lived among the Magyar people.

During the tenth century, the Hungarian royalty adopted the breed. After World War I, the breed was on the brink of extinction.
Fortunately, the breed managed to survive thanks to the dedication of Vizsla lovers.

Vizsla Dog History

Beagle History

The Beagle is an ancient dog breed that originated from hunting dogs from Greece. The present-day Beagle was refined by the Beagle Kennel, which was established in Essex in the 1830s. The breed made its way to the United States in 1840.

Over time, Beagles began to feature in various shows, but this was canceled following the onset of the First World War. After the First World War, the popularity of these dogs dropped, but thanks to the concerted efforts of breeders, the breed became popular again at the start of the Second World War.

Purebred Beagle Dog

Now that you know where the Vizsla Beagle Mix came from, let’s answer the frequently asked question, “What does a Vizsla Beagle Mix look like?”

The General Appearance of the Beagle Vizsla Mix

Looks-wise, the Beagle Vizsla Mix will most likely look like a purebred Vizsla with the Beagle’s face.

As the Beagle Vizsla pictures show, these canines have a long tail, an elongated head, and large floppy ears.

They have a deep chest and a straight back. They also have a black nose and large, rounded eyes that are amber or brown in color.

How Big Will A Vizsla Beagle Mix Get?

The Vizsla Beagle is a medium-sized dog weighing around 18 to 65 pounds. Their height lies somewhere between 13 and 24 inches on average.

Coat and Coat Colors

The coat of the Vizsla Beagle resembles that of a purebred Vizsla. It should be short, shiny, and thick with a color bordering between gold-oxide and rust-red.

Depending on the prominent characteristics, the Beagle Vizsla may also have white spots on the chest, tail, neck, and toes.

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Beagle Vizsla Mix Temperament & Personality

The Vizsla Beagle is an intelligent dog that enjoys pleasing its owners. They are affectionate, loving, and loyal dogs who enjoy staying near their owners.

They love being near their family members and get along nicely well with children. However, they don’t do well with smaller animals like cats because of their strong prey drive and hunting background.

Vizsla Beagles are intelligent and hardworking. They love running around and playing dog games. They are eager to please and will do everything to learn new tricks or commands.

Are Vizsla Beagle Mixes Protective?

The Vizsla Beagle is highly protective. They are alert and possess protective instincts that make them good watchdogs for adults and children alike. Since they are naturally friendly to people, however, they may not be the best choice for a guard dog. This is because the Beagle parent is friendly and social with strangers.

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Are Vizsla Beagles Good With Kids?

As mentioned earlier, Vizsla Beagles are excellent family dogs. They are typically calm and loving towards kids. They also make great playmates for children who know how to treat a dog.

Are Vizsla Beagles Good With Cats And Other Pets?

Vizsla Beagles are great with other dogs and animals if they have been introduced to each other at an early stage. However, they have a strong prey drive, so you should monitor them when they are around cats and other smaller pets.

Are Vizsla Beagle Mixes Good with Other Dogs?

Yes. They are typically good with other dogs if they have been socialized well.

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Are Vizsla Beagle Mixes Good For First Time Owners?

Vizsla Beagle Mixes can make great companions for first-time dog owners provided they can exercise them properly. This dog is ideal for active owners who enjoy spending a lot of their time outdoors.

Do Vizsla Beagle Mix Dogs Do Well In Apartments?

The Hungarian Vizsla Beagle Mix is a popular designer dog for active families and Individuals. This mix thrives in homes with plenty of space to play and run around. This makes them a poor choice for apartment living.

Vizsla Beagle Mix Exercise Needs

Both parent breeds are energetic and require a lot of exercises every day. It’s important to provide them with at least two exercise sessions every day because that will stimulate them mentally and physically.

Vizsla Beagles enjoy playing games and going on walks for several hours every day.

The Vizsla Beagle mix needs at least 60 minutes or more of exercise each day to remain happy and healthy.

These dogs also love to play with interactive dogs toys to stay happy and mentally healthy. Playing with toys is a great way to ensure they are mentally stimulated and can help keep your pup out of trouble.

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Vizsla Beagle Mix Training Tips

In addition to vigorous exercise, these high-energy dogs also need proper training. These pups are easy to train and respond best to reward-based methods.

When training your Vizsla Beagle, it’s recommended to start training early. Remember, Vizsla Beagles can be willful, so housetraining should also be done as soon as possible. Also, make sure your dog views you as the pack leader to prevent stubborn behavior.

Training a Beagle Vizsla Mix will require consistency and patience. Although these canines are intelligent, they can also get bored easily.

Positive reinforcement is a great way to teach your puppy new tricks and commands. That includes rewarding your pup with praise and treats once they get things right.

Socialization is imperative, particularly if there are other household pets at home. This will make your dog more confident in different places and situations.
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Do Vizsla Beagle Mix Shed A Lot?

No. The Vizsla Beagle Mix sheds moderately. They will most probably blow their coat a few times every year.

Vizsla Beagle Mix Grooming

This dog does not shed a lot. That means they don’t require a lot of attention when it comes to grooming because their coat is short and smooth. Brushing should only be done twice a week.

These canines should also only be bathed now and then or when it is necessary since they do not pick up dirt quickly and do not produce odor easily.

You can also get your Vizsla Beagle looking spotless and smelling fresh by using premier-quality deodorizing wipes for dogs. These wipes for dogs will safely get rid of any dirt or pet odors in no time, leaving your dog smelling fresh.

Besides brushing your dog’s coat, you also need to trim their nails and clean their ears regularly.

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Feeding and Diet

Another important thing is diet. Your dog must eat high-quality dog food rich in vitamins and all the other essential nutrients.

Avoid feeding your Vizsla Beagle Mix excess amounts of dog food to prevent weight gain.

A Vizsla Beagle Mix puppy should be fed around 4 times a day. When fully grown, he should eat two meals per day.

The amount of dog food that a dog requires varies depending on his age, size, and activity level.

Probiotics and wild Alaskan salmon oil should be included because this mix is prone to joint issues.

Also, give your mix plenty of fresh water every day to ensure proper hydration.

Vizsla Beagle Life Expectancy

The Beagle Vizsla has an average lifespan of around 10 to 15 years. If you provide your dog with proper exercise and nutrition, you can expect them to live long.

Vizsla Beagle Mix Health Issues

Dog of all breeds can acquire genetic health problems. Apart from the common health issues that affect both parent breeds, Vizsla Beagles can inherit health issues such as hip dysplasia, eye problems, allergies, epilepsy, cardiac problems, and von Willebrand’s disease, among others.

To avoid these issues, the best thing is to buy your Vizsla Beagle Mix puppy from a respectable breeder who offers health guarantees.

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Finding a Vizsla Beagle Mix for Sale

Vizsla Beagle Mix breeders are quite difficult to find, so you may have to wait to find one. Don’t rush into buying a puppy from the first litter of Vizsla Beagle Mix puppies you find. Health screening is imperative.

Your Vizsla Beagle breeder should show that they are producing healthy puppies; not with the sole aim of making money. The puppy’s mom should be loving and loyal to the owner whether you’re looking for a working companion or a family pet.

Many Vizsla Beagle Mixes are produced for working purposes, so if you’re looking for a family pet, be sure to talk to the breeder about their living conditions and energy levels.

How Much Does A Vizsla Beagle Mix Cost?

The Vizsla Beagle Mix price is typically lower than that of other mixed breed dogs out there because they are not so popular.

You can get your new Beagle Vizsla Mix puppy for as little as $1,000. They are more affordable than purebred Beagles or purebred Vizslas but they have almost the same personality traits.

Apart from the cost of buying a puppy, you need to factor in the cost of pet products. These include a dog bed and a crate.

For dog breeds that are prone to hip dysplasia like the Vizsla Beagle Mix, get a comfortable dog bed for your new pet. For example, the Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Bed is perfect for your Vizsla Beagle pup because he needs extra support during rest or sleep.

To give your dog his own safe and comfortable place, consider getting a quality pet product like the MidWest Folding Crate for Intermediate Dogs.

Vizsla Beagle Mix Rescue

You may be lucky to find a Vizsla Beagle Mix for adoption by visiting animal shelters and rescues. Remember, most of the animals at rescues are show stock or retired stock. So make sure to talk to the facility about the dog’s exercise and training needs.

Giving a dog in need a new loving home is an amazing and satisfying thing for any dog lover to do.

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Related Questions

Is A Vizsla Beagle Mix A Good Family Dog?

Yes. This is a wonderful designer dog for active families with children and other pets since both parent breeds get along fine with kids and other pets.

Are Vizsla Beagle Mix Dogs High Maintenance?

No. Vizsla Beagle Mixes are healthy dogs with short coats. This means they don’t require expensive or complicated trips to a vet or professional dog groomer. Despite being low-maintenance, these dogs need to be fed and exercised daily.

Can Vizsla Beagle Mix Dogs Be Left Alone?

No. The Vizsla Beagle Mix can develop issues such as separation anxiety and destructive behavior if you leave them alone for an extended period.

How Long Can a Vizsla Beagle Mix Be Left Alone?

While any dog can cope with being alone for a few hours, Vizsla Beagle Mix dogs should not be left alone for more than 4 to 6 hours.

Are Vizsla Beagle Mixes Hypoallergenic?

No. This mixed breed dog is not hypoallergenic. That makes it unsuitable for individuals and families with allergies.

How Long Do Vizsla Beagle Mixes Live?

This mix has a lifespan of around 10 to 15 years. Proper nutrition, regular exercise, and constant attention can help extend their lifespan.

Do Vizsla Beagle Mixes Bark A Lot?

While Vizsla Beagle Mixes make great watchdogs, they don’t bark a lot.

Is A Vizsla Beagle Mix Right For You?

If you’re looking for a dog breed that is intelligent, energetic, and eager to please, then the Beagle Vizsla Mix may be right for you and your family.

Are Vizsla Beagle Mixes Hard To Train?

No. Their intelligence, loyalty, and love to please make them easy to train.

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Do Vizsla Beagle Mixes Like To Cuddle?

Yes, that’s right. Vizsla Beagle Mixes love to cuddle and being around their people.

Are Vizsla Beagles Aggressive?

No, not at all. Vizsla Beagles are social creatures that enjoy being around humans or their owners. They also get along with other dogs and animals, especially with early socialization.

What are some negatives about Vizsla Beagles?

Although Vizsla Beagles are great with children, you should monitor them during playtime to avoid accidents.

Also, if you’re looking for a calm dog that will stay contentedly at home, then this may not be the best choice for you since they need a lot of exercises every day.

Can Vizsla Beagles be off-leash?

When going out for walks with your Vizsla Beagle, you may notice that they have a natural prey drive. That means you need to keep your dog on leash during walks.


Whether you want a fun-loving family pet or a hunting companion, the intriguing Vizsla Beagle Mix can be a good choice for you. They enjoy the outdoors the most and would be awesome hiking or running companions.

These loving and loyal dogs fit in different environments including homes with or without children and other pets.

Other Beagle Mixes

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