All About The Blue Heeler Beagle Mix (With Pictures)

Beagle Blue Heeler Mix

If you’re planning to get a dog, chances are you have some idea of the kind of dog that would suit your home and lifestyle.

With so many different dog breeds available, choosing one can be a challenging task.

But have you thought of getting a mixed breed dog?

In this complete guide, we’ll take a closer look at one crossbreed that is becoming more and more popular: The Blue Heeler Beagle Mix.

Check out some stunning Blue Heeler Beagle Mix pictures; learn more about this mixed breed dog and what it takes to create a healthy environment for your dog as well as yourself.

The Blue Heeler and the Beagle are both wonderful dogs on their own. So, a cross between the Blue Heeler and the Beagle would be a match made in heaven? Keep reading to find out!

Some Quick Facts About The Blue Heeler Beagle Mix

Breed Type:Crossbreed/Mixed Breed/Designer Dog/Hybrid Dog
Other Names:Beagle Cattle Dog Mix, Australian Cattle Dog Beagle Mix
Size:Medium-Sized Dog
Good Guard Dog:No
Good Watch Dog:Yes
Average Weight:20 to 45 Pounds
Average Height:13 to 20 Inches
Lifespan:10 to 15 years
Apartment Living:No, they are best suited to a large home with a fenced-in yard
Ideal for:Active Individuals, Active Families With Children Who Have Enough Time to Exercise & Train Them, Those Looking for a Watchdog, Experienced dog Owners, For Those Who Enjoy Outdoor Activities, Spacious Homes
Coat:Will most likely have a short, smooth, thick and dense coat
Coat colors:Mix of these colors (white, black, brown, Blue, tan, and red)
Suitable for first time owners:Not Recommended (they are great first-time dogs for active dog owners only, and those who have the patience and enough time to train and exercise them)
Trainability:Relatively Difficult To Train
Shedding:Moderate to High
Grooming Needs:Daily Brushing Is Required
Energy Levels:High
Exercise Needs:At least 60 minutes of exercise every day is required
Tolerance to being left alone:Should not be left alone for more than 6 hours
Feeding and Diet:3 to 4 cups of high quality dog food each day, divided into two or three meals
Maintenance:When it comes to grooming they are low maintenance dogs. However they have incredibly high levels of energy, requiring active training and exercise
Possible Health Issues:Obesity, Allergies, Epilepsy, Intervertebral Disc Disease, Hypothyroidism, Hip Dysplasia, Degenerative Myelopathy, Patellar Luxation, Eye Problems (Glaucoma, Central Progressive Retinal Atrophy), Deafness, Von Willebrand’s Disease
Temperament:Loyal, Energetic, Intelligent, Can Be Aggressive, Alert, Gentle, Stubborn, Affectionate, Bashful or Friendly, High Prey Drive, Playful, Outgoing, Fun-Loving, Loves To Be Busy
Cat Friendly:Not Recommended (Only If Raised Together and Properly Socialized)
Dog Friendly:Moderate, The Blue heeler Parent Known to be pushy and dominant with other dogs (Proper Socialization and Training is Required)
Kid Friendly:Yes, They are best suited for families with older children and they do need to be watched around smaller kids because of their natural herding instincts (Early Socialization Is Required)
Barking Tendencies:They may bark a lot especially if they take after the Beagle parent (can be controlled by proper training)
Price:$300 to $1000

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What Is a Blue Heeler Beagle Mix?

A Blue Heeler Beagle Mix is a cross between two popular dog breeds: The Blue Heeler and a Beagle.

Keep in mind that the Blue Heeler is also known as the Australian Cattle Dog. Therefore, the Blue Heeler Beagle Mix can also be referred to as the Beagle Cattle Dog Mix or Australian Cattle Dog Beagle Mix.

Taking a closer look at the characteristics of the Blue Heeler and the Beagle should give us a good idea of what to expect from Blue Heeler Beagle Mix temperament and behavior.

The History of the Blue Heeler Beagle Mix

As with almost any mixed breed dog, little is known about the origin of the Beagle Blue Heeler Mix.

It is uncertain whether they were developed for a particular purpose or if it was simply by accident. It is uncertain where they were originally bred and by who.

However, both the Blue Heeler and the Beagle have rich histories and well known personality traits.

Blue Heeler History

Again, note that this breed is also known as the Australian Cattle Dog. Aussies owe a debt of gratitude to everyone who was involved in the breeding process of the Australian Cattle Dog.

It is believed that, in 1844, a man named George Eliot was experimenting with Blue Merle Collie and Dingo crosses with the aim of creating a strong, working dog.

Cattle men began to buy these dogs as they were happy with their hardworking passion.

Two brothers, Harry and Jack Bagust, acquired some of these canines and began to improve them. They crossed a bitch with a lively Dalmatian. The mix was Blue speckle or red in color instead of the merle.

Blue Heelers are very alert, smart and hardworking dogs. They also have tons of energy and require plenty of exercises each day. They can be quite stubborn and will keep herding children, cats or other small animals if they aren’t socialized early.

Blue heeler Dog

The Beagle History

The history of the Beagle is shrouded in mystery. However, it’s widely believed that the Beagle was originally bred in England where it was commonly used to hunt small animals like rabbits.

Beagles are commonly used as hunting dogs even today.

Since they hunt as packs, they generally do well with other dogs. Nonetheless, they maintain a hunting instinct towards rabbits, cats and other small creatures. If you’re interested in getting a Beagle or a Beagle Mix, you’ll need to pay attention to this trait.

Beagles are sociable and friendly little dogs. They make excellent pets for families with children. Of course, early socialization is important, as with all other dogs.

beagle dogs

Blue Heeler Beagle Mix Appearance

So, what does a Beagle Blue Heeler Mix look like?

When it comes to general appearance, the Blue Heeler looks different from a Beagle. That means that you can get a wide range of looks in a Blue Heeler and Beagle Mix litter.

Some puppies would look more like the Beagle while others would look more like the Blue Heeler. However, most Australian Cattle Dog Beagle mixes have the Beagle body, but the coat of the Australian Cattle Dog.

Then again, puppies from the same litter might look different from others. However, it is safe to conclude that the physical characteristics from both parent breeds are present in their puppies.

Most Beagle Blue Heeler mixes have the pricked ears of the Cattle Dog or Blue Heeler. Since the Beagle has V-shaped ears, however, some puppies could acquire semi-pricked ears.

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Blue Heeler Beagle Mix Size, Height and Weight

So, how big will a Blue Heeler Beagle Mix get?

Both the Blue Heeler and the Beagle are medium sized dogs, so it’s safe to say that the Blue Heeler Beagle Mix will also be a medium-sized dog.

They could be as small as a female Beagle pup or as big as a male Australian Cattle Dog.

That said, Blue Heeler dogs have an average height of around 7 to 20 inches while Beagles can grow from 13 to 15 inches. Therefore, you should expect your Beagle Blue Heeler Mix dog to be anywhere between 13 and 20 inches tall.

When it comes to weight, the Blue Heeler could be anywhere between 35 and 45 pounds while the Beagle could reach 20 to 30 pounds.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that a full grown Blue Heeler Beagle Mix would be around 20 to 45 pounds.

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Coat and Coat Color

Beagles have short and thick coats. On the other hand, Blue Heeler dogs have a double coat – a dense undercoat and a shorter outer coat.

So, what does a Blue Heeler Beagle coat look like?

Again, the Beagle Blue Heeler coat will vary depending on which parent breed your pup takes after most. However, these designer dogs will most likely have a short, thick and dense coat.

Their coats will most likely need more grooming than other dogs and they might not be an ideal choice for people with allergies.

Coat colors will range from white, black, Blue, tan, and red. Generally, your designer dog will have a mix of these colors and might be either marked like his Beagle parent or speckled like his Blue Heeler parent.

Beagle Blue Heeler Mix Temperament and Personality

Generally, Blue Heeler and Beagle Mix dogs are very sweet and energetic dogs.

They also make great family pets and companions since they enjoy showing affection to their family and owners. Moreover, they love belly rubs and to be petted.

Besides forming strong bonds with other family members, these designer pups get along well with other dogs and pets, especially if they have been trained and socialized. While they can be feisty at times, they are not aggressive.

However, most of them have a tendency of nipping and biting heels thanks to the Blue Heeler side. Moreover, they can be quite shy and reserved.But for the opposite, the Beagle is a very friendly dog. Depending on which side your pup leans towards, he could either be bashful or friendly.

Beagle dogs tend to be very curious about everything that is happening in their surroundings. Your Blue Heeler Beagle mix will most likely love traveling and sniffing things and even humans and other animals.

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Do Blue Heeler Beagle Mix Dogs Do Well In Apartments?

The Beagle Blue Heeler cross is not the best apartment dog. These pups need plenty of exercises and a large space to run and play around. Moreover, they can also be quite vocal due to the Beagle’s DNA. This also means that they are not an ideal choice for apartment living.

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Are Blue Heeler Beagle Mixes Good for First Time Owners?

The Blue Heeler Beagle Mix might also not be an ideal choice of pet for first time dog owners since the breed is quite demanding when it comes to exercise and grooming. Also, dog training can be a daunting task if the Beagle parent is the dominant side.

Although it is impossible to predict the exact Beagle Heeler Mix traits due to the mixed parentage, many owners report that their pups have a herding instinct and might try to gather family members and children into a one space.

Are Blue Heeler Beagle Mixes Good with Cats and Other Pets?

An Australian Cattle Dog Beagle Mix may chase after cats in order to keep it with their pack.

Although these dogs are not necessarily aggressive toward cats and other small animals, a cat may not be comfortable being chased by a large animal with sharp teeth. Therefore, it’s important to socialize your mixed breed dog with cats and other pets.

If you have a cat or other dogs at home and are considering getting a Blue Heeler Beagle mix, a professional dog trainer can help you set boundaries for your pup.

Are Blue Heeler Beagle Mixes Good with Other Dogs?

The Blue heeler parent known to be aggressive, pushy and dominant toward other dogs, but with proper socialization, they should live harmoniously with each other.

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Training Your Beagle Blue Heeler Mix

Training a Blue Heeler Beagle Mix is extremely important and quite enjoyable for these smart dogs.

Start training your Blue Heeler Beagle Mix puppy at the earliest possible time.

For instance, once you adopt your Blue Heeler Beagle Mix, you can sign up for a puppy kindergarten class or a socialization class.

These kinds of courses will allow your pup to interact with other puppies in a safe and comfortable environment. This is very important for early and proper socialization.

If you acquire a full grown Beagle Blue Heeler Mix, you should consider enrolling them in a basic obedience class at the earliest possible time.

You may also want to hire a professional dog trainer, particularly if you want to work through behavioral problems such as biting, nipping and separation anxiety.

Just make sure to use positive, punishment free training methods. Avoid dog trainers that use cruel methods. Positive reinforcement training tactics are more effective and pleasurable for you and your furry friend.

Massive Change - 300 x 250

Exercise Needs

Exercise is also important for these high energy dogs. It is important for a healthy body. But how much exercise does a Blue Heeler Beagle Mix need?

These designer dogs will need daily exercises to help them maintain a healthy weight as they tend to gain weight fast. They have tons of energy and they need to burn it off.

If they don’t get enough exercises, they will spend this energy wreaking havoc around the home, including chewing your valuable possessions.

You should walk your dog for at least 60 minutes each day (two walks a day for a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes for each walk) or have them join you in your daily runs, jogs or walks. Not only do they offer companionship, but they also get the much-needed exercise.

The Blue Heeler Beagle mix needs at least 60 minutes or more of exercise each day to remain happy and healthy.

Moreover, you can take them to a nearby park so they can play and run around.

Playing with your dog is also recommended. These types of exercises will not only train your dog but also enhance their agility.

As intelligent pups, they also need interactive dog toys to help with mental stimulation.

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Grooming Requirements

So how should you groom a Blue Heeler Beagle Mix?

The good news is that these mixed breed dogs are quite easy to maintain.

You can groom them yourself by bathing them periodically. When not bathing your pooch, you can use grooming wipes for dogs to help keep their coat clean and smooth.

Brushing your dog’s coat should also be done daily. Take your dog to a professional dog groomer regularly to help keep their coat clean and healthy.

It’s also important to clean their ears regularly to avoid infections. Trim your pup’s nails if they get too long.

Don’t forget to brush their teeth a few times each week.

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Do Blue Heeler Beagle Mixes Shed?

Yes. Beagle Cattle Dog Mixes do shed a lot. If you suffer from allergies or are not a fan of pet hair, this might not be the best dog breed for you.

You can help keep the shedding to a minimum with regular brushing, vacuuming and bathing. Nonetheless, you might not be able to completely eradicate it.

Is the Blue Heeler Beagle mix Hypoallergenic?

No. The Beagle Blue Heeler Mix is not hypoallergenic. If you are allergic to dog fur, this mixed breed dog can aggravate allergic reactions.

If you want a hypoallergenic breed, you should consider another breed.

Feeding and Diet

Since Beagle Cattle Dog mixes are energetic pups, they need a healthy diet full of all the essential nutrients to help keep them healthy.

Generally, they need 3 to 4 cups of high quality dog food each day.

High quality dog food recommended by your vet is ideal. Provide plenty of clean and fresh water all the time, and your pet will always be hydrated.

Probiotics are also recommended to maintain your dog’s digestive health and prevent various health issues.

Experts also advice to add fish oil to your dog’s diet. Not only does it help make their coat look great, it also boosts their overall health.

Blue Heeler Beagle Mix Health Issues

Each breed is prone to its own set of health issues. Common health issues in Beagles include allergies, hypothyroidism and epilepsy.

Meanwhile, Blue Heelers are prone to eye problems, deafness, and hip dysplasia,

Keep in mind that these are the most common health problems, but that doesn’t mean that your puppy will certainly suffer from any of these problems.

It’s advisable to get your pup checked regularly for various health issues affecting the parent breeds.

Blue Heeler Beagle Mix Lifespan

With proper care and attention, your Blue Heeler and Beagle Mix should live from around 12 to 15 years.

Note that diet, exercise and regular vet visits can help your pet remain happy and healthy, thereby extending his life expectancy.

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Blue Heeler Beagle Mix Adoption

Raising a dog is a challenging task. If you would like to avoid all that hard work and you are keen to offer a forever home to an adult dog, you should consider adopting a Blue Heeler and Beagle Mix from an animal shelter or rescue center.

Although the Beagle Blue Heeler Mix is not the most common crossbreed, you might be lucky enough to find one in need of a loving home.

You can try searching nearby rescue or large dog adoption websites.

Adoption fees range from around $50 to $300, depending on the rescue. That would be much less than it would cost you to buy a Blue Heeler Beagle Mix from a reputable breeder.

Beagle Blue Heeler Mix Puppies for Sale and Price

The average cost of a Beagle Blue Heeler Mix for sale is anywhere between $300 and $ 1000. Generally, the more unique the coat is, the more expensive the pup will be.

This mixed breed is quite new, so finding a Beagle Heeler Mix for sale requires patience. You can ask around at nearby Beagle and Blue Heeler clubs and organizations where you can find some useful contacts.

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Also, browse around social media for information about Beagle Heeler mixes for sale.

A breeder should offer health guarantees on their puppies. If any breeder doesn’t do this, then you should look elsewhere.

The breeder you purchase your pup from should be honest and let you know of any medical issues in the parent dogs. That way, you can prepare for any potential problems and give your dog the best care possible.

Apart from the cost of buying a puppy, you want to factor in food costs, vet fees and pet products like the MidWest Folding Crate for Intermediate dogs and the Furhaven Orthopedic dog bed from reputable retailers like Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Blue Heeler Beagles Good With Kids?

Yes, If properly trained and socialized from an early age. However, they are best suited for families with older children. They also make great playmates for children who know how to treat a dog.

They do need to be watched around smaller kids as they have been known to try and herd them with their natural herding instincts.

Are Australian Cattle Beagle Mixes Protective?

The Blue Heeler Beagle is highly protective. They are alert and possess protective instincts that make them good watchdogs for adults and children alike. Since they are naturally friendly to people, however, they may not be the best choice for a guard dog. This is because the Beagle parent is friendly and social with strangers.

Are Blue Heeler Beagles Lazy?

No. If you’re interested in a lazy dog that would be happy to sleep all day long, then the Blue Heeler Beagle Mix is definitely not the right pet for you. Australian Cattle Beagle dogs are generally very active and they need to be well exercised every day.

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How Long Can a Blue Heeler Beagle Mix Be Left Alone?

While any dog can cope with being alone for a few hours, Australian Cattle Beagle Mix dogs should not be left alone for more than 4 to 6 hours.

Also, note that puppies shouldn’t stay alone for longer than 2 hours. 

What Is A Beagle Blue Heeler Mix Called?

The Beagle and Blue Heeler Mix is also called Beagle Cattle Dog or Australian Cattle Dog Beagle Mix.

Are Blue Heeler Beagle Mixes Hypoallergenic?

No. This mixed breed dog is not hypoallergenic. That makes it unsuitable for individuals and families with allergies.

How Long Do Blue Heeler Beagle Mixes Live?

This mix has a lifespan of around 12 to 15 years. Proper nutrition, regular exercise, and constant attention can help extend their lifespan.

Do Beagle Blue Heeler Mixes Bark A Lot?

If they take after the Beagle parent they may bark a lot. However, this can be controlled by proper training and socialization from an early age.

How Much Exercise Do Blue Heeler Beagle Mix Dogs Need?

Blue Heeler Beagle Mix dogs need at least 60 minutes of exercise every day to stay healthy and happy.

Are Blue Heeler Beagle Dogs High Maintenance?

No, both parent breeds are relatively low-maintenance dogs. These loyal and loving dogs will most likely have short-length coats, making them easy to maintain when it comes to grooming. However, They have incredibly high levels of energy, requiring active training and exercise

How Big Will A Blue Heeler Beagle Mix Get?

On average,The Blue Heeler Beagle Mix will grow to be a medium-sized pup weighing between 20 and 45 pounds and standing between 13 and 20 inches tall.

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What Are Some Negatives About Blue Heeler Beagles?

Although Blue Heeler Beagles are great with children, you should monitor them during playtime especially around small kids to avoid accidents.

Also, if you’re looking for a calm dog that will stay contentedly at home, then this may not be the best choice for you since they need a lot of exercises every day.

Another Things to consider:

  • They are prone to weight gain.
  • They require lots of attention and love.
  • Not ideal for senior citizens
  • They are generally not ideal for novice owners.
  • They can be stubborn.
  • They can be difficult to housebreak.
  • They are highly energetic and will require plenty of exercise every day.
  • They can also be quite vocal due to the Beagle’s DNA.
  • They are not the best dogs for homes with smaller pets.
  • They are not suitable for apartment dwellers.
  • Both parent breeds are social and they do not like being alone for extended periods of time.
  • Can be destructive when bored.

Can Blue Heeler Beagles be off-leash?

When taking a Beagle Blue Heeler Mix out for walks, they may display a high prey drive. Therefore, you need to keep them on leash. However, you can still eradicate this behavior with early and proper socialization.

Are Beagle Blue Heelers Good Family Pets?

Yes! With proper training and socialization in the right home environments Beagle Blue Heeler dogs make great family pets. They are intelligent, loyal and affectionate.

They are also active and energetic dogs that require adequate physical exercises and mental stimulation.

If left alone with nothing to do, a Blue Heeler Beagle Mix can become destructive. They enjoy chewing stuff and will not think about how you will react once you come back home.

If you need to leave them home alone, you should leave them with a variety of interactive dog toys for them to play with.

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Are Beagle Blue Heeler Mixes Hard To Train?

These dogs can be stubborn especially if they take after the beagle parent which makes them difficult to train and challenging breed for first time dog owners with no experience in dog training.

Do Blue Heeler Beagle Mixes Like To Cuddle?

Once they have enjoyed their daily exercises, Beagle Australian Cattle Mixes love cuddling and curling up near their owners.

Is A Beagle Cattle Dog Mix Right For You?

If you’re an experienced dog owner who knows how to manage energetic dogs who can be stubborn and independent, then a Beagle Corgi Mix can be an excellent choice for you.


If you need a happy go lucky friend with a lively, outgoing personality, then you should consider getting a Beagle Blue Heeler Mix.

These dogs make excellent family pets, but you need to have the time and dedication to train and exercise a Blue Heeler Beagle Mix.

Moreover, this mixed breed dog does shed, making them unsuitable for families with allergy sufferers.

Whether you’re looking to buy or just to provide proper care for your canine companion, we hope that this guide has given you all the information you need about the Blue Heeler Beagle Mix!

Good luck!

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