Miniature Husky – Is This Mini Husky The Perfect Choice For You?

Mini Husky

Meet the small but mighty Miniature Husky!

These cute dogs pack a lot of personality into a small package. They are mischievous, active, playful and affectionate little dogs.

If you love the Siberian Husky but wish you could handle his energy levels, then the Miniature Husky is a good match for you. They have the same personality in a small package.

Read our comprehensive owner’s guide to view pictures and learn everything there’s to know about the Miniature Siberian Husky.

What Is a Miniature Husky (Breed Profile)

The Miniature Husky, also known as the Mini Husky, is simply a Siberian Husky that has been bred to produce a dog that is smaller than the standard size.

These dogs are very similar to the standard Siberian Huskies except for their size. They have all the physical characteristics and personality traits of the parent breed but come in a smaller package.

? According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Mini Husky is not a different breed to the full-sized Siberian Husky. Instead, the AKC considers it to be a size variation.

The Origin of Mini Huskies

A breeder called Bree Normandin is credited with creating the Miniature Husky. Her goal was to achieve a smaller version of the full-scale Siberian Husky for dog lovers who like the Siberian Husky but cannot handle their large size.

In the breeding process, she used Siberian Huskies that were relatively smaller. She bred the first Miniature Husky in the 1990s. The same process is used today to produce Mini Huskies.

To gain a better understanding of where the Miniature Siberian Husky comes from, let’s take a closer look at the origin of the parent breed: the Siberian Husky.

miniature husky puppy

The History of the Siberian Husky Breed

Siberian Huskies were developed as sled dogs by the Chuckchi people of Eastern Siberia.

The Siberian Husky made its way to the United States some 12,000 years ago. These dogs were brought to Nome, Alaska in the 1900’s for sled-dog racing.

On February 3, 1925, a team of Siberian Huskies were used to transport diphtheria antitoxin from Nenana to Nome, Alaska, some 600 miles away and in the process, saving the small town from the incipient epidemic.

husky dog origin

The Siberian Husky was officially recognized as a unique breed by the AKC in 1930.

Today, these dogs are known to be mischievous yet gentle, and lively yet sweet and fun.

Siberian Huskies have even made a name for themselves in Hollywood, as they have starred in several films as snow dogs and sled dogs.

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The General Appearance of the Mini Husky

The Miniature Husky dog has the same physical characteristics as the full-size Siberian Husky.

The small Husky also has a wolf-like appearance with a thick, fluffy coat and beautiful, almond-shaped eyes that add to his alert expression.

Fluffy Coats:

Like the parent breed, the Miniature Huskies have thick and dense double coats to protect them from extreme weather conditions.

These fluffy coats come in various colors, including white, black, red, gray, copper and platinum.

Piercing Eyes:

The eyes are the Mini Siberian Husky’s most striking feature. These dogs have expressive eyes that can be either brown or blue.

And did you know Siberian Huskies can change eye color? Or have bi-colored eyes? This condition is called heterochromia, often referred to as bi-eyed or bi-colored.


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That’s right! The Miniature Husky puppy you bring home might have different colored eyes. When choosing your puppy, the breeder will most likely tell you this.

? Between five and eight weeks of age, the eyes of your Miniature Husky puppy might change color from blue to brown. According to the AKC, it is perfectly normal for the eyes of the Siberian Husky to be blue, brown or bi-colored.

How Big Do Miniature Huskies Get?

The size, height and weight of Miniature Siberian Huskies vary greatly based on the practices of specific breeders. However, they should all be smaller versions of the Siberian Husky.


Full grown Siberian Huskies that fall between the 12 to 16 inch range can be considered to be Mini Huskies. The thing is, they should be half the size of the ordinary Siberian Husky.

Males tend to weigh more than females. The male Mini Husky weighs around 18 to 35 pounds while the female Husky should weigh anywhere between 15 and 30 pounds.

Except for the size difference, Mini Huskies are similar to regular Siberian Huskies (when it comes to temperament, behavior, eating habits, and lifespan)


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Mini Husky Behavior and Temperament

The Mini Husky has all of the best personality traits of the Siberian Husky.

The following qualities define a Mini Husky:


Mini Huskies are very intelligent and affectionate dogs. They love spending quality time with their owner and family.

If properly trained and socialized, Miniature Huskies have the potential to be great companion dogs since they are loyal and affectionate.


Siberian Huskies fall under the working dog group and they are still used as sled dogs in some parts of the United States today.

While the Miniature Husky will probably need more manpower to excel in this role, they are still very lively and energetic.

This breed is known to be very energetic and requires proper and regular physical and mental exercises.

? If Miniature Huskies do not get enough exercises, they are likely to get bored, leading to behavioral issues such as digging, chewing and incessant barking or howling.

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Mini Huskies are known for their gentle personality. They are calm and friendly with people. They also get along well with children and family members.


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Not aggressive:

Mini Huskies are not aggressive. They generally keep their cool and do not bark excessively.

It is important to note here that Huskies typically howl like their wolf cousins. So there’s no need to worry if you find your dog howling instead of barking.

However, you may want to spend time training your Mini Husky to stop him from howling and becoming a neighborhood problem.

Behavior with Children and Other Pets:

Mini Huskies are excellent with children. However, they may develop a habit of chasing small-sized pets like cats and howling at strangers.

With proper training, they can also get along well with cats and other pets. Socializing your Miniature Husky and cats or other pets from a young age is also recommended.

Ideal Living Environment for a Mini Husky

These dogs do not need a big house to live in. This is because they don’t require a large space for playing and running. They can meet their exercise needs in a small home as well.

Since Miniature Huskies have a dense coat, they can live in cold climates. Their double coat keeps them cozy and warm in cold weather.

But can a Mini Husky live in hot weather?

Yes! Miniature Huskies can live in warmer climates, but they need to be hydrated at all times.

Provided these dogs have enough water, shelter and shade, they should do just fine in hot climates.

Trimming their coat is not a good way to keep these pups cool and comfortable in warmer climates since their coat is also meant to protect them from the sun’s rays.How big is a Mini Husky full grown?[thrive_text_block color=”note” headline=””]ALSO READ: All About the Miniature English Bulldog [/thrive_text_block]


Like the ordinary Siberian Husky, the Mini Husky is a very intelligent dog, but he can also be quite stubborn.

Being not the most obedient dog out there, housetraining can be challenging for you and your Miniature Husky puppy. At times they may decide not to obey your commands. Therefore, Siberian Huskies should be trained at a young age to curb their stubbornness.

The Miniature Husky also tends to have a relatively short attention span. Their mind seems to wander off if training sessions are too long or if you make him do too many activities. Therefore, training sessions for your Mini Husky puppy should be short and interesting.

Massive Change - 300 x 250

Additionally, your Miniature Husky dog should consider you the pack leader.

Dogs are naturally pack animals and if your Mini Husky doesn’t see you as the pack leader, he will assume that role and will do pretty much whatever he likes. Therefore, you need to be firm and assertive from the word go.

Positive reinforcement like treats and praise will also help you achieve the desired results when training your Mini Husky, so use plenty of these to get your dog interested in obeying you.

As with other dogs, training a Mini Husky also requires consistency and patience. Training isn’t an instant solution so don’t expect overnight results.

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Mini Husky Exercise Needs

Despite being small in size, the Mini Husky is far from being a couch potato. Add this to the breed’s high intelligence levels and your Mini Husky will require both physical and mental stimulation in the form of both exercise and play.

Don’t be fooled by his size, the Mini Husky has tons of energy just like a standard Siberian Husky. Therefore, they still require enough exercises to remain healthy and happy.

However, as this breed is much smaller than the full-scale Husky, they can do well in a small space. In fact, they can do fine without a big yard at home.


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The Mini Husky needs around 120 minutes of play and exercise each day.

Make sure to develop a proper routine whereby you can jog or run with your dog in the morning and in the afternoon. Running or jogging with your dog will allow them to expend any excess energy.

Leash training before runs or walks is necessary. Allow your pup to wear his leash at home. This will let him get used to having the leash on and make the run and walk sessions more enjoyable for both of you and your pooch.

? Huskies are also known to be escape artists. Remember Siberian Huskies were bred to run throughout the day pulling a sled over long distances. This means that they may run away if they are not properly trained or if they are not kept in a fenced-in yard.

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Grooming Requirements

The Mini Husky tends to shed throughout the year, but his shedding is heaviest in the spring.

Due to his heavy seasonal shedding, the Mini Husky is not considered to be hypoallergenic, so if allergic reactions are a concern this is not the right dog for you.


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In order to reduce the shedding, it is best to invest in a quality brush for using on your Miniature Husky once or twice per week as well as a good vacuum to tackle pet hair.

? Failure to brush your dog frequently will result in more shedding. Consequently, pet hair will end up spreading everywhere in your house and their coat can become tangled and painful for the dog.

Fortunately, the Miniature Husky tends to be a very clean dog who does not like getting dirty. Therefore, he will require bathing just once a month unless he rolls in the dirt and gets all muddy. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to invest in deodorizing wipes for dogs to keep your pet clean and fresh between baths.

These dogs have strong nails that require regular trimming with a nail clipper to prevent overgrowth, cracking and splitting. Also, the ears should be cleaned and checked regularly to avoid wax buildup, which can lead to ear infection.

Finally, remember to brush your dog’s teeth regularly to avoid dental problems as they grow.

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Feeding Information

Mini Huskies require all the vital nutrients necessary for their growth and development. Despite being a smaller breed, the Mini Husky will not do well on diets specifically formulated for small dogs.

While they are small in size, they are genetically similar to the standard Siberian Huskies. This means they are active and energetic dogs.

Therefore, these dogs require high quality dog food that is formulated for active and energetic canines. Fortunately, Miniature Huskies tend to be conscious about their food habits so overfeeding will not be a problem.


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For the first few months, your small Husky needs to be fed at least three times per day. These little canines need a lot of protein for proper muscle development. At this time, you need to use an automatic dog feeder to keep your dog on a proper feeding schedule.

For adults, you can reduce the meal frequency to two meals per day. Make sure your Mini Husky eats at least two hours before physical exercises and 30 minutes after exercises to ensure proper digestion.

For good health and immunity, be sure to select the best food brand for your furry friend.

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Life Expectancy

Your Mini Husky, provided he is loved, taken care of and fed a proper diet, should live about 12 to 14 years on the average.

Mini Husky Health Problems

Since the Mini Huskies are genetically similar to the regular Siberian Huskies, the health issues should be the same in both of the breed variations.

As with all canines, it is important to learn more about the health problems that affect Siberian Huskies since some of the conditions can be serious and expensive to treat.

If you are considering adopting a Mini Husky, find out more about their health conditions so you can make an informed decision.

The most common health problems in the Miniature Husky dogs include progressive retinal atrophy, laryngeal paralysis, glaucoma and seizures.

When choosing your Miniature Husky puppy , make that your breeder produces the health records of the parents as well as the puppy. From those records, you can predict your pup’s health and wellbeing in the future.

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How Much Does a Mini Husky Cost?

The Miniature Husky price depends on the breeder, location and the puppy’s health.

The price of a Miniature Husky for sale ranges from around 600$ to 3000$.

Finding a Healthy Miniature Husky Puppies for Sale

Due to their increasing popularity, these pups have become a favorite of backyard breeders.

Therefore, finding a responsible Mini Husky breeder is very important if you want to take home a puppy that is healthy and free of genetic conditions.

A good breeder will also educate you about the breed and give you helpful tips on how to take proper care of your puppy. Do not purchase your puppy from a breeder who does not have enough knowledge of the breed.


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When buying a puppy, a reliable breeder should be able to produce health certificates that rules out any genetic disorders. Ideally, you should also use the Embark Dog DNA Test to rule out any conditions.

Always request to see the puppy with the mother and ensure they are comfortable in their environment.

On the other hand, you may want to adopt a Mini Husky. There are many reputable shelters and rescue organizations across the state. So look around and see if you can find a Miniature Husky puppy or mature dog available for adoption.

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Is the Mini Husky right for you?

Mischievous yet gentle, and lively yet sweet, these dogs will fit perfectly into the right household.

Their smaller size makes these dogs more manageable than their bigger cousins and ensures they are more adaptable to smaller homes if space is a concern.

All your Mini Husky really needs is your time, attention and love, so make sure your pet gets lots of all three… and be prepared for your life to change forever!


Passionate lover of dogs and proud owner of a friendly, mischievous and energetic golden retriever named Beethoven! I’m incredibly excited to share my experiences on how best to care for your beloved pet. The more we know, the happier we and our canine friends will be!

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