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beagle corgi mix

Are Corgi Beagle Mix Pups Really Great Family Pets For New Owners?

In many ways, the Corgi and the Beagle are very different breeds of dog.

On one side you have the cute little Welsh herding dog with the red and white coat and happy expression. On the other you have one of the more popular hounds with its long tail and floppy ears.

It may sound as though a Corgi Beagle mix would be a strange hybrid. However, when these two parents come together, the result is a great looking pup with some interesting features and personality quirks.

In this guide to the Beagle Corgi cross we will look at some of the most important Beagle Corgi mix info that new owners need to understand.

We will start with the physical characteristics of this breed, including the type of coat that can be expected. We will then talk about general care needs and some of the key health issues that can affect this mix.

Next we will discuss the temperament of these dogs, any potential behavioural issues that may come about and training advice.

Finally, we will look at where to find Beagle Corgi mix puppies for sale or adoption.

Once you have all of this information, you should be able to make a better judgement on whether or not this hybrid is right for you.

What does a Beagle Corgi mix look like?

The Beagi is pup that is immediately attractive to new owners. There are people that had never heard of this hybrid that see images and instantly want to own one – or at least cuddle one.

The array of Beagle Corgi mix pictures show that looks can very between the breeds. Many take on the head shape of the Corgi and the body of the Beagle. In some cases, the markings shapes and features almost have a Jack Russell quality to them. At other times, the Beagle features will appear to be more prominent in the long tail and drooping ears, although these ears are erect in some pups.

corgi beagle mix beagiSource

Then there is the issue of the Corgi Beagle mix size. Neither the Beagle nor Corgi are particularly big dogs and both have fairly short legs with a stockier build.

So how big will a Beagle Corgi mix get?

These pups will retain this sort of stature, and most dogs will not grow that big. Having said that, there is some variation to be expected with the Beagle Corgi mix weight. This can be anywhere around 10-20 pounds, depending on the genetic make up.

The problem here is that excess weight is an issue, as well be discussed below, so you don’t want to assume that your pup is the correct weight when he isn’t. Regular vet checks should help with this.

What can new owners expect from the coat of the Corgi Beagle cross?

Generally speaking, you can expect to find a nice double coat with a thick short undercoat. There may also be some weatherproofing qualities from the Beagle side, but this is not guaranteed.

You will also find that Corgi Beagle mix puppies come in some great colors, with many keeping the black saddle of the Beagle and white belly of the Corgi. Others will keep a far amount of red and brown fur from the Corgi genes, with the trademark white marking on the muzzle.

As with all crossbred pups, you never know entirely what these individual dogs will look like. Also, while some pups in a little may immediately look cuter than others, looks are just one part of Beagi ownership.

These notes on the coat lead to further question about grooming a Corgi cross Beagle, as well as the risk of a Corgi Beagle mix shedding.

Do Beagle Corgi mix shed with this sort of coat and, if so, are they difficult to handle?

The good news here is that most owners only really experience pretty moderate shedding with this hybrid because of the double coat.

Brushing them every other day should be enough to deal with the issue as there are no large blow outs.

Bathing can also help but again, be aware that some pups may have that waterproofing to the coat.

corgi beagle mix careSource: dailypuppy

Important considerations for the care of a Beagle cross Corgi

These dogs are seen as an appealing prospect to many new owners because of all the reports about them being great in family homes. This is because of there loving, social nature, which we will discuss further later.

The question for most families is whether or not this dog really suits there home set-up and expectations.

There small size means that apartment dwelling is usually fine, and there are lot of positive reports about their approach with kids and other pets – although training is required first. The issue here is that new owners also need to be aware of the exercise needs of this hybrid.

The exercise needs of a Corgi and Beagle mix are stronger than many new owners may anticipate. The activity levels of this little dog are high for two very important reasons. On the one hand, you have the fact that the Beagle gets bored very easily. This part of the Beagi’s DNA will mean that it needs lot of mental stimulation and games. A round of fetch and playtime in the park always helps.

Secondly, Corgi’s have a strong tendency to overeat and this is often passed on to offspring, even in hybrid pups. A good regime with long walks should keep the fat off.

beagle corgi cross characteristicsSource

On the subject of overeating and exercise, let’s take a moment to discuss some important Beagle Corgi health problems

Another reason why this hybrid dog is so popular is that the Beagle Corgi mix lifespan is around 12 to 15 years.

This means that a healthy dog could be a part of the family for a very long time. However, don’t assume that your pup will be free of medical issues and certain to reach this age.

Clearly, obesity is one of the most important concerns with this cross breed. Those owners that don’t keep diet and exercise levels in check could easily find themselves dealing with an overweight pup.

This is even worse news for these little guys when you consider that they are also prone to back problem. You really don’t want them to be carrying any excessive weight around a vulnerable spine. On this note, try and restrict them from jumping too much and overexerting this area in plat.

Other risks to watch out for are allergies, epilepsy and some eye conditions. Beagle dwarfism is also mentioned by some sites because of the risk in parent pups. However, responsible breeders should have screened their parent dogs to prevent this.

What about the Corgi Beagle mix temperament? Are they fun, loving dogs to have around the family home?

The Beagle Corgi mix personality is an important part of owning these dogs, as their personality come out strong.

The good news is that if you are looking for a playful, social, fun-loving dog to play with in the park, this is a great option.

They are widely seen as social dogs. Both parent breeds are friendly and sociable in nature, and the cross breeding here pretty much ensures that you will get a pup that is a joy to have around.

Even though they have a reputation is being pretty alert and lively dogs, they are also fairly easy going too. This means that they are quite patient with the children in the family and able to form loyal bonds. Some owners will find that this personality and temperament means that they are good watch dogs and tracking dogs.

temperament of beagle corgi mixSource

Is there any risk of behavioural problems in Beagle Corgi mix puppies

The Corgi Beagle mix characteristics are strong, and there will be times when these dogs can be a little hard to handle.

They can be cautious with animals they don’t know, perhaps even chasing cats if they feel threatened.

Another instinctive trend is the desire to herd. This side of the Corgi may come out a little with this small, protective breed. This means there may be a tendency to herd children in the right direction, as though it were the dog’s job. This can be trained out of them easily enough.

A pup with strong Beagle genes that is left to become bored may end up being a little destructive, so just don’t allow him the opportunity.

There are also some prospective owners that have concerns about this dog howling, because Beagles do howl. It is possible for these dogs to inherit this trait, but it shouldn’t be a big issue if controlled early enough.

The Dog Solution

With all of this in mind, it important to look at ways of training a Corgi Beagle

Beagle Corgi mix dogs don’t have to be hard to train if you follow the right approach.

There is always the hope that crosses of these dogs will be easier to train than the parent pure-bred Beagle, as this breed can be tricky and a bit too lively. The Corgi genes can calm it down a little, but it all depends on the dog.

There is also the fact that this is known to be an intelligent breed. A strong regime of positive reinforcement is a must, but beware of overuse of treats because of that potential obesity issue. Key areas for training include that herding issue and they need strong socialisation training from an early age. This can help any Beagi pup that may be unsure of others.

If you have an issue that you really find yourself struggling with, there is online training help for Corgi Beagle mix puppies. Two of the best resources available are Doggy Dan the online dog trainer and the Secrets to Dog Training online program. These sites provide simple, step by step guides that anyone can use at home. There is a range of subjects with accessible solutions.

Massive Change - 300 x 250

After all of this, are you still keen to find a Beagle Corgi mix for sale?

If this cross breed still sounds like a must-have dog, it is time to start looking for a Beagle Corgi mix breeder.

As with all dog breeds and hybrids, it is important to find a breeder with a good reputation for happy, healthy pups. Visit them to get a better idea of the medical history of the parents, the personalities of the pups and other aspects to consider.

The Corgi Beagle mix price is around $200 to $600 depending on circumstances. Some may charge over the odds if they feel they can get away with it, but never assume that the cheapest is the best option either. Research and take your time.

Also remember that there are different answers to the question of what is a Beagle Corgi mix called. Here we have also referred to this pup as a Beagi, as this is the more common nickname. Other will call it a Corgeagle. This is important to know when contacting breeders for info on their Beagle Corgi mix dogs.

Alternatively, you could look for a Corgi Beagle mix for adoption.

Beagle Corgi mix puppies are cute and loveable and it is understandable if you would prefer to buy and raise a puppy. However, there are countless numbers of dogs in need of a home in shelters. These shelters are often full of mixed breeds that weren’t what buyers had expected, or simply unwanted litters. There could be the perfect Beagi there waiting for a good home.

What have we learned about the Beagle and Corgi mix?

It would appear that these dogs are every bit as cute and lovable as they appear in Corgi Beagle mix photos.

Their good nature and the way they fit into family homes makes them a good fit for a lot of owners.

There are some considerations with their diet and exercise, as well as some health issues, behavioural quirks and shedding risks, but the right owner should be able to handle the Corgi Beagle mix and have a great pet for years to come.

Pay attention to their exercise regime, understand their care needs, train them well and enjoy their company.

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